Complete all 8 sections of the trainings mode to unlock the Ninja Rebirth item. The good news for experienced Tenchu players who don’t want to waste their time with training is, the training counts also as completed if you load every training section and cancel it then with START.

Tenchu: Kurenai Training Menu

Character Selection
Rin is he default character. To use Ayame hold L1 when selecting "Trainings Mode" from the start menu. More detailed scroll until you have reached "Trainings Mode". Hold L1 and press circle to load the training. Release L1.

Basic Controls
The basic movements such as running (L3), jumping (X), … are explained.

Advanced Movements
More advanced techniques such as stealth (R1), strafing (R2), … are explained.Notice the 2 red arrows pointing down on holes in the wall. Go to one hole and press R1, the character crouches. Hold R1 as you navigate you character through the hole and crawl through a narrow path to the 2nd hole.

Shuriken Training
Practise to aim and throw items.Select the shuriken in your inventory (use L2 to scroll through the inventory). Press and hold triangle to aim a shuriken at the target in front of you. A red target sight appears. Navigate the target sight with L3 until it is perfectly over the red circle on the target in front of you. Let go of triangle to throw the shuriken. If you hit the center of the target (red circle) a writing on the screen will notify you. Once all shuriken have been throw go to the target to pick them up and train some more if needed.Most other items in Tenchu: Kurenai are used exactly the same way as just trained.

Stealth Kills
There are 6 enemies located in the room. They won’t notice you, so you can easily take them out one after another by pressing square.Practise to perform perfect timed stealth kills (press square when the lamp at your Ki-Meter shines brightest). If the stealth kill has been timed perfectly a circle consisting of the 9 Kuji will show up rotate around the Ki-Meter. If you can’t time the stealth kill perfectly there is a 2nd chance. During the stealth kill, when the deadly strike is performed, the lamp at your Ki-Meter flashes again. Right at that moment press square again and you will be rewarded with a longer stealth kill animations.When 2 guards are standing close together perform a double stealth kill on them. Simply move or jump between the 2 and press square. Double steath kills can also be timed perfectly. There are 2 double stealth kills per character (stand between the 2 enemies or jump between the 2 enemies when performing the stealth kill).

Don’t worry you can’t die here. Enemies deal no damage. When an enemy dies he will be replaced after a couple of seconds. Practise throws (press circle when an enemy blocks or is inattentively), general fighting moves (all connected to square). Read the controls section for standard fighting combos. Special moves can’t be performed.

Camera Controls
To look around hold L1 and move L3. The cameras position can be adjusted by holding L1 and pushing R3 to the left and right.

To walk silently in water hold R2 as you move or crouch (R1 + direction). Water can be entered silently by crawling into it (R1 + direction). Use L3 to swim through the water. The water phantom technique can be performed by pressing R1 while in water. The character stays close under the water surface and breathes through a bamboo pipe. A small leaf flies up and down with the characters breathing. To get out of the water perform a double jump (XX+direction)

Map usage (SELECT), carrying bodies (R1+circle), etc is explained. Move over on of the corpses and press R1+circle to lift him on your shoulder. Hold R1+circle as you move through the room. Let go of R1+circle to drop the corpse.