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Rin wants to see you on YouTube You might have already seen the ‘YouTube‘ link at the top?! Well, this is because I signed us up 🙂 In the old times we used to host all videos ourselves, which produced quite a lot of download traffic and was very expensive. So this time we are doing it the smart way and host all movies on YouTube for free. A lot of the videos are by nowadays standards ‘low resolution’, so for now I have chosen only a few movies to upload. Movies that I think should be conserved for the time to come, as they have not been uploaded to YouTube yet. Truth be told this is a little difficult to verify as there are a lot of Tenchu videos on YouTube. I will add more movies of interest as I go through my archives or stumble upon them on the internet.

If you have movie or playlist suggestions for our YouTube channel let me know. Either get in touch on YouTube, comment here or email me selenia (at) tenchu . de

The channel name is TenchuCheckpointTV. TenchuCheckpoint was already taken by someone else, though it does not seem to be in use at all. If by any chance you took that channel name, consider signing it over to us please.

2 thoughts on “Tenchu Checkpoint on YouTube

  1. It is understandable to use YouTube for hosting videos relating to Tenchu. Though yes, there are a lot of videos for Tenchu so it makes it tedious for others to find them for whatever reason. You could try to set up a few playlists. Like one for Trailers, openings, making of’s, etc. I think that playlists are extremely easy to find within 1-2 searches. Thing is, the title of the playlist would have to contain Tenchu’s name in it for it to be found easily. I would take that username, TenchuCheckpoint myself and sign it over to you guys, however for some reason I guess YT partners are able to get the account. I’m not sure if they pay for it though. But, considering that getting money from the views as a youtube partner for Tenchu videos could get the channel suspended or something worse along those lines.

    • I like the idea with the playlists. As you said there are a lot of Tenchu videos and a lot of duplicate ones. So preferably this is a task for a couple of people, as we would need to make sure the pick the videos with the best quality. Anyone willing to help with this?

      Are you saying you own the channel name TenchuCheckpoint?

      I am not going to put adds in the videos, as the copyright situation with these things is not very clear.

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