Making Of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven Videos

Some years ago the Japanese Greatest Hits version of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven featured a making of video. It features interviews with the developers at K2, producer at Activision Japan and the soundtrack composer. Reimaru was so kind to translate it from Japanese to English for us.

Because the entire video is too long for YouTube, I had to split it into two parts. Part 1 is at the top and part 2 at the bottom.

2 thoughts on “Making Of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven Videos

  1. Thanks for that video. It is really interesting.

    I’d like to know why they decided to make alternative stories to each main character, even put main characters in the same story, like Tenchu 2…and they don’t explain anything about this.

    But I’m glad to know the experiences and opinions of the team that created WOH

    • They probably did not think about putting seperate storylines for each character (Having their own mission environments, etc. Doing their part on getting rid of Tenrai). It probably would have taken a little more time if they wanted for each of the characters to have their own missions with not the same environments. It could also be that they want the player to have their own interpretation of who did what within the main plot.

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