Best of Fan Art Gallery

I have started work on a Best of Fan Art Gallery, something to enjoy until the Fan Art section is full restored. So far I have only added 10 pictures to the gallery, but there were way more excellent pieces submitted by our artists submitted. I will add more as I go through my archives. If you have any art requests let me know. Out of the first 10, which ones do you like best? They are all so good, I can’t make up my mind.

goe has written an article about Tenchu: Time of the Assassins. Check it out here.

Shadow Assassin has started to work on the Tenchu: Shadow Assassins walkthroughs, with the first two missions being online.


5 thoughts on “Best of Fan Art Gallery

  1. Good thing you are able to restore the fanart gallery as well ^^. If you are missing some of the pictures, I am willing to e-mail what I have to you, Selenia.

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