Shadow of a Woman

Written by Daisy Perry.


For many centuries, the woman represented the shadow or the representation of the yin, which meant cold, dark, and black. The shadow was mainly the blemish of a woman her counterpart gave the impression of her successor to be cruel and dark no matter how beautiful she may appear to be. Ayame realized this flaw; her beauty was always set aside for the shadow that lurked within her offended by this evil fault, Ayame joined the ninja there she would only emerge at night and hide from the outside world at sunlight. She then soon came to an understanding,

“The only thing that keeps me
alive on my missions is my fault, my most evil and dangerous flaw; my shadow!”

By realizing this, Ayame began to use her evil power as an assessment to keep her living and the missions taking care

Edo, Japan
Year 1577
Place Minato-ward (mainly a residential neighborhood)
Date October 23rd
Time Evening
Weather Brisk
Activity Calm and Quiet

Now let’s begin………………
The night is calm a light breeze severs through the cold air, the tension can be cut with a knife, the pale white moon sits above a violet/navy sky, the trees lay still, the ground hard from the previous freeze, and the emptiness is overwhelming the people are inside with their children, merchants closed their shops in preparation for the next day, dogs are bundled in a warm spot near the embankment. What was once a noisy town of activity is now a ghost town good for the ninja and good for the shadow? Ayame is poised and ready her only guide is the shadow of others, the flaw that ultimately leads to their demise, as she crept through the cracks of the Minato-ward, she spots her first target; one of the enemy of her fellow ninja clan, she dashes onward, the prey stands tall looking for anything suspicious in his territory, he walks toward the right, which Ayame is on the left, she dashed behind him following the shadow of fear and darkness, she whips her sword or her Rekimaru, a sword which is almost like a large steak knife and holds the enemy in a choke hold and with her right hand, which contains the sword slashes his throat with such force that his head is decapitated. The crimson blood splashes around the canvas, Ayame’s clothes stained with the blood of the enemy, her shadow once again remains loyal in her mission, but the task isn’t over just yet, the compound in the heart of the city is where the action takes place, realizing that he was just a guard, Ayame then moves in for the kill, the next target is a female ninja who is on the roof overlooking the perimeter, Ayame jumps on the left side of the roof and runs toward the surprised ninja, she grabs the enemy and does a cross over and stabs the female ninja in the abdomen, the groans and the spitting of blood amused Ayame the wound was so deep, that the tip of the knife was emerged from the enemy’s back revealing the blood as the prone lifeless body drops and rolls over into a wagon behind the building. This brought the attention of another guard who was killed just before he even notice anything, Ayame now moves into the compound, which has barely any guards because their mainly guarding the compound from the outside she kills the remaining guard and enters without a scratch the true enemy is Masuru Taijima who was a former ninja before he killed the original sensei enraged, Ayame lounged before Taijima and slashes him in the throat, Taijima drops to his knees and vomited blood from his mouth and then his upper torso falls to the hard floor in the warehouse compound. Her mission is complete and the fallen shadows disappear for one day they will appear only in stories and legend, Ayame’s shadow has proven her loyalty to her successor and they can now return to the base where the pale moon rest and sunlight begins to perform its duties another job accomplished awaits a new challenge at nightfall.

Edo, Japan
Year 1577
Place The ninja base
Date October 24th
Time Morning
Weather Brisk
Activity Training and listening to the master

Ayame’s mission is rated outstanding; the master Hino Hideki is a man of 52 years and is a dedicated grand master of the ninja and his works is always prompt and on time, he developed this ninja clan to eliminate enemies, in which will try to assassinate the emperor of Japan and his family, Hino was put in charge to protect the emperor and his family as well as the servants and counselors. Hino devoted his time to protect his successor by training ninjas and instructing missions to his elite force of ninjas, his father Naoyuki Hideki was killed by a former elite ninja in whom Ayame killed the night before. His teachings with Ayame have enabled her to execute her moves and ability to almost perfect and his other elite Kyoko Minamino as well.

“You missions has been nothing but perfect, your timing is excellent along with your courage to defend the emperor and his family”,

said Hino as he congratulates Ayame for her effort and success in her
mission. Ayame walks toward the brook and watches her reflection through the clear waters in which she notice something,

“My shadow isn’t amongst me”

her shadow disappeared along the ripples of the

“This can’t be, a shadow of a woman always must be loyal to her successor”

as Ayame examines this event, Kyoko walks by and stated,

“The reason your shadow is gone is because of the spirit of
you body at daylight its resting preparing herself for the night the water conceals her in its bosom and locks it tightly until the first star has risen, then it will release her and she will now be
in your side to carry out Sensei Hideki’s work”

“I understand now, I was once afraid of this shadow, I could never find love because my beauty was always set aside for my counterpart that’s why I
joined the ninja to find out if my shadow was evil or just my counterpart in success I realized that my shadow was my being and I must accept that in my every day activities”

Edo, Japan
Year 1577
Place Bizenya’s home
Date October 25th
Time Night
Activity Guards and their dogs patrolling the perimeter, archers standing besides trees, and geisha girls walking around

This is Ayame’s biggest task; she must first kill Bizenya, find the missing geisha, and kill Haru Tokuda, Bizenya’s must trusted bodyguard and financial planner. The snow is about 10 inches deep, the cold air hardens the ground like rock the white moon sits atop gray clouds passing by, Ayame follows the clouds and spots a group of guards conversing with each other and seems to be at the same time picking on a newly young guard who’s afraid of guarding the perimeter,

“How can you serve master Bizenya when you’re scared to guard the area around you?”

“I’m so afraid, I just started you know”

“Bastard! You’re not capable of serving the master well”

as the guards left, Ayame goes for the kill, but is stopped when the guard who was yelling insults to the new guard yanks him and insists that
he will take his place. Now it was time for the kill, she leaps forward and jumps on the guards back wrapping her legs around his neck she then proceeds to do a frankensteiner, in which she pop the
guards head off, the blood gushing out was so amusing to Ayame, she loved the smell of blood and flesh of her enemy, next she spots Bizenya dragging a female geisha into his quarters,

“Is that the
missing geisha?”

Ayame thinks to herself as she follows his steps on the way she kills another guard by stabbing him in the back of the neck.
As the task grew longer, Ayame kills and kills as many guards as she can without harming any innocent people, but now she has to kill two for they saw her execute an archer,

“I don’t want to kill
them, but if I don’t they’ll tell Bizenya and I’m so dead”

so she runs for the first geisha who was wearing a green kimono with flowers the woman stood inattentively as Ayame jumped behind her and as
the geisha screamed, Ayame cut her vocals short by slashing her throat, the flesh and blood gored and steamed as her body slumped to the hard snowed ground which was once a white powder is now a
crimson spread. Ayame hears voices and follows them, she spots Haru talking to a archer who informed him that 11 guards have been killed,

“I must eliminate that innocent”

, she creeps through and
spots him, an water boy carrying water for his master, she runs towards him, seconds later the buckets drop as the sling of the sword neatly cuts the man’s head off she looks as the facial expression
describes fear, shock, and surprise.

“There you are ninja, the one who’s been eliminating master Bizenya’s guards as he looks at the newly corpse, and servants you’re one excellent assassin, but
after tonight, you wish you didn’t kill these people”

Ayame grins as her beautiful features are finally revealed to Haru,

“You beauty entices me, but beauty is only skin deep”

she grins again and

“Thank you, but you’re rude and you must die by the code of the Azuma ninja”

Ayame makes ready for her battle,

“Your tough, but lets see if you’re really as sharp as your tongue, bring her out!”

Ayame looks to not only see the missing geisha, but to find out that it was princess Kiku, master Gohda’s only daughter,

“That’s no geisha!”

“You damn right she isn’t such a beautiful young lady isn’t
she, but not that striking enough to die!”

Haru’s long sword was right on Kiku’s neck as Kiku cried, Ayame’s anger was unleashed.

“If you come on step further, this bitch dies and it’ll be all on

“Why kill her you want me so I’m here”

“Good girl, so let’s begin”

the fight was on, slash after slash, Ayame’s shadow was behind her 100%, it never defied her only carried out the mission
along with her successor as Kyoko mentioned the shadow was engulfed by water at day, but released at night to tangle with her successor. Ayame caught Haru off guard and slashed him in the chest, his
blood poured as he knocks Ayame with a hard right hand sending Ayame into a back flip, she wiped the blood off and kept going,

“Eager to kill me Ayame too bad you won’t and Kiku dies”

this enraged
Kiku as she elbows one of the guards and steals the sword of Bizenya,

“Kiku, what the fuck are you doing!”

Yells Ayame as she slashes Haru yet again, but this time in the back Haru then kicks and
slashes Ayame in the back,

“Top that bitch!”

“Oh I will, I promise you pretty boy you won’t forget this night”

the battle continued now Bizenya joins the fight, but Kiku catches him off, with a slash
Bizenya is hit in the eye and is yelling like the skinny bitch he his,

“You little brat, I will kill you!”

“Kiku stay out of this fight, you get killed!”

Ayame yells to her, but she doesn’t listen,

“No, I will fight alongside with you”

Bizenya then punches Kiku right in the mouth, her shadow knocked further then she is,

“Now die you dirty little brat!”

Bizenya raises his sword smeared with his
blood, his eye bleeding along with the left side of his face, Ayame kicks Haru and cuts off Bizenya off the pass,

“I don’t think so asshole!”

Ayame stabs Bizenya in the heart and stares him directly
in the eye as he looks into hers, his eyes rolled in his head and he coughs blood,

“Know your time has come and pass Bizenya your crime will never go unpunished!”

Bizenya lies on the ground with blood
spreading on the fresh powdered snow and dies.

“Master no!”

Haru yelled out it was now Ayame’s turn to end Haru’s talk, she jumps and slashes Haru’s mouth from ear to ear making blood burst and
staining Ayame’s outfit,

“Your talk is cheap maybe now you’ll shut up for sure”

“Kiku are you alright?”

Kiku rises as her mouth is swollen from that attack from Bizenya,

“I’m alright”

“Well then,
let’s go home”

Edo, Japan
Year 1577
Place Master Gohda’s Castle
Date October 26th
Time Morning
Weather Sunny and cold
Activity Activity Gohda is walking around in hopes that Ayame and Kiku return safely


Kiku runs to her father as he embraces his daughter,

“You’re safe finally peace can reign on the home again”

, Ayame smiles as she stood there waiting for orders from her master

, “A job well
done, but you’re pretty beaten up Ayame”

“Its nothing”

Ayame grabs her side which is still bruised from Haru’s kick.

“Any evidence on Bizenya and Haru?”

“No my lord, the evidence was destroyed before
I gotten there, both are dead”

“Well Bizenya and Haru met their demise, thank you again for a job well done”

“Any time my lord”

Ayame leaves as the father and daughter embraces.

At the Ninja Base

“My shadow has prove valiant once again, it has remained loyal all this time, I thank you shadow”

Ayame lays in her quarter and looks at the sea blue sky filled with the shine of the sun,

“She must be
happy today”

(Japanese sun goddess)

“I have never seen her shine so bright like this, my blood has stained the enemy innocents had to die for the right case, I’ve done the right thing and my shadow
remained steadfast”

the bruised Ayame stands up and looks towards the forest beyond Edo, she still is searching for her friend, her sparring partner,

“My Rikimaru, please return to me”

The End


Our shadow follows us throughout life, the more we use it, the more it becomes a value to us, Ayame realizes that when she carries out her mission, Hino Hideki taught her the real meaning of the shadow and Kyoko enforce this teachings in depth explanation. A shadow isn’t just a black clone of us, but maybe the dark side, a demon who follows us until the time arrives, but we must know that the shadow itself has a place in life. The yin and yang are our counterparts, women are the wounds of the earth and the shadow is the counterpart to success.

As I look towards her, she follows me everywhere,
I try to avoid her, but the power is unbearable,
I can’t get away her force is dragging me in,
There’s no way out, no corner to hide for she is standing behind me,
Help! She is moving close,
Oh no! I’m engulfed in flames and darkness,
Is this my shadow of success?
Or my demon force.

My tears are longing for your return,
I want you to hold me and be with me,
My heart aches to have you near,
The longer the wait, the more my spirit breaks,
Until it shatters like glass,
My sword can taste your blood near,
It’s boiling to have you here,
So please return to me,
Return to me my sweet Rikimaru,