Who wins?

Written by Dana.

Rikimaru flipped over Ayame for about the hundredth time when she tried to fly punch him.


she scolded . Every once in a while they spar for the fun of it , but it’s really a game . Rikimaru landed on his feet and got back into his fighting stance thinking (Fine then . I’ll attack you . ) . Then he tried roundhousing her but only succeeded in getting tripped .

“Your pretty cocky Ayame.”

He commented while getting up .

“Speak for yourself.”

She responded . The kicks and punches went on for about 20 more minutes , and neither one was scathed . Until Ayame tackled Rikimaru and both rolled down a hill . Both chests heaved in union from exhaustion , yet Rikimaru ended up on top of Ayame .


She muttered . Rikimaru smirked and kissed her on
the lips . Ayame’s blushed while he got off of her .

“So… Umm… Who wins?”

She asked . He shrugged his shoulders
smiled and started to walk home.