Tenchu: Stealth Assassins – Chapter 3

Story Adapted by & Screenplay by : Jameal Jordon & Sharome Jordon


Meanwhile Rikimaru & Setsuro gallop across the land looking for possible enemy encampments. No words are exchanged just the gallop of the steed, the gusts of wind as they race thru the night searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.


[*the stage 1 music from Tenchu is played here*]
Ayame uses her grappling hook, & launches herself the main side wall that will eventually lead to rooftops. She isn’t spotted & looks down to see Echigoya’s personal bodyguard. A young samurai (22-25) dressed in a dark pink & blue samurai robes he possess great dexterity & skill.
AYAME : Who’s this??
She sees him practice upon a pel late that night, with one swift motion he unsheathes his sword, then striking the pel & cutting it in 2 halves finally to re-sheathing his blade. She’s raises a single shuriken & was about to throw it into a vital area upon the practicing samurai but holds off when a girl comes up to speak to him. He begins some small talk to the pretty young girl. The samurai then walks off with her leaving the training area.

AYAME : Oh Just another victim I will get him soon enough. Hmm (looking around at all the guards) there are so many here Heh, it’s a shame that a little girl has to kill all of the big, bad samurai. (smirks to the camera)
She then moves on to a more disclosed spot on the compound to begin the punishment of Echigoya with first limiting his protection. She looks down from a roof & sees a lazy guard, almost asleep his spear the only thing balancing him, holding him up from falling to the ground.

SPEAR GUARD (yawns) : I’m so sleepy I wish I could go to sleep now These double shifts are killer. (becomes even more sleepy after he yawns)
Ayame silently moonsaults to the ground, & double strikes the sleepy guard in the gut with both kuni.
AYAME : Don’t work so hard then (while holding the blades in)
She holds the kuni blades in then quickly pulls out her blades, his blood spews & he falls to the ground, dropping his spear & with his dying breath attempts to call out, but cannot he has gotten his wish with a devilish twist, asleep forever.
AYAME : Sleep my little fool (smirks at the dead guard, then re-sheathes her daggers, then putting her hands upon her hips) who says you don’t get what you wish for?

Ayame silently looks for another victim. Then she uses her grappling hook to zip to another rooftop in the compound. She spies a jittery archer who has too much paranoia for his own good.

JITTERY ARCHER : He He Hello??? Who’s out there? (loads his bow with an arrow & begins aiming around)

He keeps calling out to things in the night. She looks down at him & has something planned for him. She throws the ‘Rikimarukochan’ shadow decoy to a position in front of him. It unfolds & turns into what seems to be a ninja from afar.

JITTERY ARCHER : AHHH! It’s a ninja!!!! (begins firing arrows at the decoy)
AYAME leaps down onto his head, her legs fold around the base of his neck & shoulders area. Ayame pulls out her kuni & stabs him dead into the middle of his neck between her legs. The archer yells & chokes on his own blood, but his first call out to the decoy brings others around. They get closer so she runs by a row of huts & hides between them there. The other guards run to see the archer lie in a pool of his own blood, dead & the shadow decoy. The samurai bodyguard comes up to see the dead archer. From the scene he looks at the way the archer was killed, & the decoy.

SAMURAI (Hanbe)(growls) : There is a ninja in our midst. Tighten up security immediately!!! I need to go tell master Echigoya.(He begins to run off to where Echigoya is)
Ayame decides to put on the ‘Hensin’ chameleon clothing to get closer so she can find Echigoya & she is now dressed as one of the girls & leaves the confines of the alleyway of the huts & walks around the compound casually. She sees the samurai run off & she follows behind him. She sees where he has gone but is soon stopped by a sword guard. His sword is sheathed & he looks at her hungrily. She puts her hands behind her, reaching for her kuni, but decides to reach for something more non-lethal so she will go unnoticed. She finds the ‘Nemurigusuri’ sleeping potion shall do nicely & smirks when her hand grasps the bottle fully behind her dress. She now awaits to get into position to use it.
SWORDSMAN (looking her up & down) : Hey I haven’t seen you around here before. You’re new, aren’t you???. (he gets close & rubs her face)
AYAME (smiles very pretty) : I sure am. This is my first day on the job. (she gets closer & closer to him with a tight grip on the bottle of sleeping potion)
She then reaches out & pulls on the swordsman chin, his hands are by his side, he is intoxicated by her beauty she then smacks him with the bottle of ‘Nemurigusuri’, it breaks & she pulls back as the essence from inside the bottle puts him to sleep immediately. The swordsman falls over to the ground like a sack of wet noodles.
AYAME : And my last day on the job too, buddy.
Ayame soon follows where the samurai went to & sees him & an old man hoarding young pretty women into a large building that can only be the home of Echigoya, & so with that the old man must be Echigoya, the merchant. He is an old man now after many years in his business, he is a lewd & sex hungry man who now only has the best women in Japan to share his bed with. Night after night new women pass thru his bed chambers & he uses them like a toy. He then passes them to his men when he has had enough fun with them. He believes women are beneath them, not even worth marrying. She notices that he carries a pistol by his side as well.The young samurai stands by the door & Echigoya touches & feels upon the young women, lewdly as they enter his home. Ayame walks behind the line of young women, then looks to the ground as she enters to the back of the line of women proceeding to enter Echigoya’s home. The Samurai follows right behind her & closes the sliding rice paper door.


ECHIGOYA (walks around eyeing the ladies pinching them in certain areas to amuse himself as he pleases for now) : I am Echigoya, & tonight I own you. I own your bodies, your mind, your soul. You will pleasure me & I will enjoy it, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I will choose from the best of the best tonight & work my way to the bottom. Heh, heh. , Hanbe!
Hanbe : Yes, sire. I am here to serve you as always.
ECHIGOYA : Good then. I feel frisky tonight, so two lovely ladies shall accompany me to my bed chamber & pleasure me until the sun comes up. (Walks over & chooses a young girl wearing a red dress & then chooses Ayame) Hanbe Escort the other ladies back to their rooms & choose one for yourself tonight as well, I feel .generous.
Hanbe (looking to the pretty ladies & he bows over & over again to Echigoya) : Thank you, sire!!! Thank you so very much!!!! (Escorts the other women out of his house) Sire, I shall be next door if any trouble arises. Call out if you need me at anytime. (leaves the house)
ECHIGOYA :Heh Well ladies, with my elite guard & security we shall be safe from the ninja that is lurking out here tonight. He doesn’t stand a chance against my samurai & my guards!!! Hee,hee,hee Tomorrow I will get even more guard maybe hire a ninja of my own so that no one will ever touch me, I am untouchable (walks over to girl in the red dress) I will start with you my pretty .(begins to shake his hips towards her, thrusting his pelvis to her) Heh, heh!!! LET’S PARTY!!!!(shakes his hips faster) Do you want that? (thrusting his pelvis, still) C’mon, C’MON!!!!!
PRETTY GIRL : NOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (runs off from from Echigoya)
Ayame takes this time since Echigoya is distracted. She spins & rips the chameleon decoy clothing, the shards fly everywhere, a piece hits Echigoya in the face.
ECHIGOYA (with the fabric still on his face, blocking his view, but looking in the direction of Ayame) : Ha, ha!! I knew you were special, more refined, its all about the craft these days!!!! (pulls the fabric off his head, seeing that she is not naked but is armed & is dressed in black, he takes a step back, pulling out his pistol) What, who are you?
AYAME : You’ve been a bad boy, Echigoya. Its payback time!!!!!!
ECHIGOYA : Somebody help!!!!!! Get her, GET HER!!!!!!
Hanbe rushes in hearing the actions unfold, since he was next door. He pulls back on his robe as he was preparing himself to ravish a pretty lady in his room. Echigoya makes a run for the door & bumps in to Hanbe. Echigoya slides out & flees to a location somewhere on his huge compound.
Hanbe : Heh (grabbing the handle of his sword) It looks like you chose the wrong party to crash
AYAME (pulls out her kuni) : I’ve come for Echigoya .But it looks like I have to deal with you first.
[*fight sequence*][*boss fighting music played here*] Ayame & the samurai face off & fight blade to blade. But Ayame uses her superior speed & dexterity to out wit the overconfident samurai. He is struck into his gut & killed by Ayame. (*Ayame uses her custom six-hit combo to finish Hanbe)
Hanbe (falls to the ground) : Oooohhhhhh, Blarrrggggggghhh
AYAME (re-sheathing her kuni): Now where did that old leacherous goat go & hide himself???
PRETTY GIRL : Yay!!! ( claps at Ayame’s victory & then walks over & kicks Hanbe’s lifeless body) YAY!!!!
Ayame then looks around she hears guards coming the hefty foot stomping of rushing soldiers. There doesn’t seem to be another way out. But as they come closer she looks up & spies a square looking entrance in the ceiling that leads to a security exit. She looks to the other girl, she knows that she would be killed, if not more if they think she killed the samurai.
AYAME : C’mon!!! We’ve got to get out of here!!!!!
The young girl rushes over & she holds on to Ayame tight, but Ayame pulls out her grappling hook, launches it & zips straight up into the top ceiling. As they look around in the darkened ceiling they can see a sleeping guard on the floor. They pretty girl eases past him. But Ayame walks to him & kicks him in the face, knocking him out.


PRETTY GIRL (looking puzzled) : What are you going to do with him???
AYAME : Something rather stupid. Help me here
The ladies use their own brand of girl power & lift up the sleeping guard & hoist him up. Ayame then puts a grenade down his pants & straps another into his shirt. They position him over the hole again. Several guards break down the door & enter. They see the samurai laying dead in a pool of his own cold blood.. And mob-like they enter the room, standing below the square hole.
FIRST GUARD : Hey!! Where did they go???
SECOND GUARD (sarcastic tone) : Maybe they used black magic & disappeared into a puff of smoke.
THIRD GUARD (looks away from the other two guards) : Idiots There is no such thing as magic, you fools. You’ve obviously just drinking too much!!!
Ayame & the girl with no name drop the knocked out, grenade wearing guard onto the dumb, unsuspecting guards. The girls run out thru an opening in the roof. After a moment the body explodes sending all of the guards flying, 2 guards are still barely alive, guess who
FIRST GUARD (from under the rubble of the explosion) : SEE??? I TOLD YOU THERE WAS MAGIC!!!!
SECOND GUARD (also under the rubble) : Shut up


It is a moonlit night, & Ayame looks on to find Echigoya, punish him & get out of here. Her temporary partner, looks on & smiles happily. Ayame leads her to the lowest part of the roof & helps her down. But decides to ask her a question to her find the weasel Echigoya.
AYAME : I must find Echigoya. Do you know where could he be?
PRETTY GIRL (looks to the ground) : HMMMMMMMMMMMM .Well I heard whenever he feels bad he walks over to where his supply of money is stashed, over there! (she points to the direction)
AYAME (waves): Thanks! Hey you’re not just another pretty face!!!! (dashes over to the money area)
PRETTY GIRL (loves the comment & waves to Ayame as she disappears into the night) : HEY THANKS!! SHINOBI LADY!!! (smiles happily)
Ayame looks around in the darkness. A rather slow Echigoya is being escorted by 2 swordsmen guards.They are running behind him & he enters a large building with the swordsmen standing guard. She gets closer & hears Echigoya speak to the guards.
ECHIGOYA :The ninja’s a woman!!!!! And she’s trying to kill me!!! You must protect me with your swords & your lives!!!!
BOTH SWORDSMEN : YES! ECHIGOYA! (they bow to Echigoya)
Ayame gets even closer & unnoticed throws both smoke bombs at their position. The large amount of smoke blinds them & they begin to cough loudly & hunch over as they try to breath. But they have yet to see that their desperate breaths shall be their last. Ayame forward flips to the ground. They swordsmen have dropped their weapons in the smoke somewhere & cannot see to get them as they cough more & more.
AYAME : You’re protecting that criminal Echigoya!!! (points her blades at the swordsmen)
FIRST SWORDSMAN : We’re only doing our job!! You can’t hate us for that!!!!!(cowers & tries to breath under the smoke)
SECOND SWORDSMAN : You’re not going to kill us are you???? (coughs) We were only doing our jobs, miss!!!
AYAME (strikes them both in the stomach) : AND WHY NOT??? YOU SAID YOU’D PROTECT ECHIGOYA WITH YOU’RE LIVES!!!! (she shoves the kuni blades harder into their guts & then twists them, finally pulling them out when she is satisfied they have suffered enough pain before they die, she spits on them) And that was the job you were being paid to do. I don’t hate you (smirks & walks into the hut where Echigoya is)


The hut is filled with boxes of money ,you can see Echigoya hugging some of it, trying to comfort himself as he does. He sees Ayame enter the hut, & a look of worry washes over his old & worn grimace. He knows his time has come, he went too far & this is his eternal punishment..death at the hands of a skilled woman.
ECHIGOYA : What can I do to get you to go away???? (throws some money ay her) Take it!!! Take it all I want to live!!! I have no children, or family I want to live to make one for myself, you can understand that, right??? You’re a woman, you’d like to live to see a family one day right??? Then please let me live I shall even consider stopping my ways!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
AYAME : Money it has no meaning to me. But I’m going to tell you something I’ve heard but I’m not sure if its fact or not I’ve never stayed around someone I’ve killed to find out if it was true or not.
ECHIGOYA (holding on to his money) : And what is that?
AYAME : That when you die you’re bowels make one final movement releasing filth one more time into this world as your life ebbs away forever. The only thing you’ll need that money for is to wipe your ass when you get to HELL!!!!
ECHIGOYA : NO! NO! GET AWAY! SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!!(backing away to the wall inside the hut)
AYAME : It’s just you & me now!!!!!!! (charges towards Echigoya)
[*boss fighting music played here*]She cuts him into ribbons & then with one final blow he falls still holding onto his money. As his blood pools on the floor & he dies.
ECHIGOYA : My MONEYYYYYY!!!!! My moneyyyyyyyy blarrgghhh.
AYAME : Money??? You won’t need it where you’re going. Ugghhh!! Your greed sickens me I hope your death is a lesson to others (she leaves the hut & the compound)


Rikimaru & Setsuro do finally find the needle. And now are spying on them in a bamboo forest as they sees many men guarding the camp, ninja, soldiers, ronin, & mercenaries. With his forces low because of the annihilation of a bridage, it would be a horrible nightmare if these unknown outlaws attack Lord Gohda this very night. Rikimaru & Setsuro watch attentively, silently from a dark, secluded location from behind a large & important looking tent, they soon spy a blonde haired ninja entering the tent abruptly & speaking loudly to man in worn but expensive looking armor, he appears to be a ronin. She hands him an important looking scroll. They can see the outlines of shadows behind the white tent.


AI (handing him the scroll): These are the specific orders of my lord. Follow them to the letter, ronin. Let no one see it, Bronzo!
(RONIN) BRONZO (taking the scroll, snatching it from her hands) : Grrrr I will follow these plans & I will guard them with my life, mistress Ai.( studies the plans, then places them under his armor)


SETSURO : Heh imagine that, he puts important notes under his armor, too .
RIKIMARU : (shakes his head) I guess that completely throws out the theory that great minds think alike then.
SETSURO (shoots a dirty look at Rikimaru) : Rik we need those plans, the fate of our lord depends on our success tonight.
RIKIMARU (stunned at the shortening of his name his words softly are spoken as Setsuro still speaks on): Rik?????
SETSURO : Life comes down to a few defining moments, either we win or we lose. Simple as that, I believe this is one of those moments, so (serious manner) It’s now or never .
RIKIMARU : We don’t even have a plan of attack or execution. What are we going to do just ambush him & hope for the best? That is not how a ninja works.
SETSURO : Heh (thumbing himself) good thing I am not a ninja then. Because I am going to do just that, when she leaves I’m going to get those plans, all I have to do is be patient.