Tenchu: Stealth Assassins – Chapter 10

Story Adapted by & Screenplay by : Jameal Jordon & Sharome Jordon


[*once again, level 9 music is played*] With ‘Izayoi’ in hand, Rikimaru wades ankle deep in dark murky sewer water that flows under the castle & tower. He hear a noise, the footsteps of someone else wading near him. He quickly moves towards a wall & silently slides against it. He gets closer to an edge. He looks out & finds a grappler claw-weilding masked ninja pacing about. The ninja moves about in a back & forth fashion. Rikimaru pulls out a smoke bomb, from his hidden pouch. He throws it against a wall near the ninja. The smoke bomb begins to fume smoke as it bounces against the wall & lands in sewer water with a moderate splash. The ninja turns around but also involuntarily inhales the smoke. He bends over coughing hard & rapid. Rikimaru takes this time to leap over croutch & upward strike the ninja from his crotch up to his shoulder. The ninja flies backward from the strong killing blow. The smoke bomb empties & the ninja lies in the sewer water lifelessly. Rikimaru walks on further seeing a trail that leads up a steep ramp, a secret entrance into the castle tower. Meanwhile


Ayame is climbing a tall wall that leads over to the main tower. She finally reaches the top. She croutches & looks down at a masked ninja. The ninja is facing the wall. It is only about 9 feet or less downward to his position.

AYAME : Almost too easy.

Ayame leaps into the air & moonsaults. She twists her body & lands on the masked ninja’s neck & shoulders. The ninja struggles & tries to adjust to the new amount of weight on his neck. Ayame holds tight, wrapping her legs around his neck & head. She twists her body, making the ninja fall backwards. Ayame is floored, but her legs are still wrapped around her opponent’s neck & head. She twists her hips & legs snapping the ninja’s neck with a vengeance. A loud crack snap can be heard as the neck is broken. Ayame gets up & looks to the tall tower.

AYAME : The tower. (runs towards the tower)


Ayame enters the tower. She quietly slides against walls like Rikimaru. She looks carefully around corners & sees no one. As she looks around she sees the steps leading up to the top of the tower. A walkway is near, she looks around into another room. A masked ninja is standing with his back turned to her, obviously supposed to be guarding the room. Ayame squints her eyes & runs at break neck speed shoving a single kuni blade into the back of the masked ninja’s neck. The blade goes right thru & she uses all her might to push the impaled ninja right to the ground, head first. She croutches as the ninja falls to make sure the blade doesn’t come out until the ninja is dead. When the body is lifeless she slowly pulls out her kuni. She hears something as she is pulling out the blade.
Rikimaru is behind her in the doorway. She gets up & to meet him.

RIKIMARU (arms folded) : I maybe wrong but it almost seemed as if you enjoyed that.

AYAME : I did. (walking past him)

Rikimaru & Ayame climb the steep walkway up to the top of the tower. The tower winds upward & they quickly ascend to the next top level. Three masked ninja greet them as they try to reach the top of the tower. The first a sword weilder, the second a grappler claw weilder & finall the third carrying a pair of sais. [*fight sequence, battle music*] Rikimaru takes on two of the ninja, while Ayame does battle with the sai-weilding female ninja. Ayame quickly over powers her opponent, finally ending the battle with a strong kick to her opponents stomach, making her bend over in pain, Ayame croutches in & jumps up striking her with one kuni blade & then microseconds later the other kuni as she is coming down. Her opponent cries out in pain, bleeding then dying. Ayame looks to Rikimaru fending off his two opponents. Ayame pulls out her grappling hook & grapples the claw-weiler. As the claw weilder is trying to get his claws free, Rikimaru takes this time change stance, (to his Tenchu 2 form) close in & deliver the final reverse sword 3 hit combo blows to the sword-bearing ninja. The sword-weilder crumples to the floor as his blood rains over the floor under & near him. Ayame releases her grappling hook from the claw ninja. She smiles to Rikimaru & races up towards the top of the tower. Rikimaru faces off with the last ninja.


Ayame exits to the top of the tower. She is quick to look around everywhere but from behind. She then turns her back, but finds no one. She then turns back around to find Onikage standing there. He decks her with one extremely strong punch to her gut

ONIKAGE : You get the prize, bitch!!! ( then slaps with a backhand to Ayame’s face. Onikage finally uses a standing jump kick to knock her to the roof )

Ayame’s momentum keeps her rolling till she falls off the roof. Ayame is stunned but finds herself falling fast downward. A second rooftop is below, Ayame can see it out of the corner of her eyes. As she misses it she stabs her kuni dead into the tile of the second rooftop, halting her rapid descent. She holds on tight to her beloved kuni & then looks downward.

AYAME (pulling herself up) : My face burns with crimson fire.(rubbing her face, feels blood dripping from her nose) My face is a tangled mess. But at last my heart is clear. (looking up) The moon will not brighten this long night.


Meanwhile Rikimaru’s battle is ending with the last ninja. The masked ninja is tired & he tries on final desperate & lunges at Rikimaru. The battle forged Rikimaru simply dodges the attack & as the claw ninja falls to the ground, Rikimaru calmly stabs him in his spine. Rikimaru then twists his sword, the masked ninja stops moving. Rikimaru looks up towards the top of the tower. Rikimaru ascends to the top level, slowly & warily.


Onikage is standing near the roof. He is clutching a sword in one hand. He turns around to see Rikimaru.

ONIKAGE : You have done well to get here. Lord Mei-Oh would be impressed.

RIKIMARU : So Onikage, Your Lord Mei-Oh is behind this?

ONIKAGE :What does it matter? Your Lord Gohda’s castle would have been breached by now & you will die here!

[*fight sequence, Onikage’s fight music*] Onikage throws his sword at Rikimaru. Rikimaru was caught off guard & tries to use ‘Izayoi’ to counter the attack. But Onikage’s strength was too great & ‘Izayoi’ is knocked out of Rikimaru’s hand. Both swords fly in opposite direction but eventually stab into rooftop tile aways away. Onikage races over to begin a hand-to-hand combat fight. Sometime during the fight Ayame zips up on her grappling hook line & stands on the roof. She looks on as Rikimaru & Onikage fight it out. Onikage’s demon like strength begins to overpower Rikimaru as his blows deal out more damage & power. Rikimaru kneels down as he is out of breath. Onikage walks over to his sword & pulls it out of the tile.

ONIKAGE : Nothing has changed. You are as weak as you were years ago.

Ayame looks in front of her. ‘Izayoi’ is blade first into the tile. She pulls it out from the tile.


Rikimaru looks over to Ayame. She throws him ‘Izayoi’ as soon as his glance looks upon her. Within an instance he grasps ‘Izayoi’ once more. Rikimaru stands. He holds his sword tight & charges at Onikage, a quick sword battle & Rikimaru cross-slashes left then right. Onikage is mortally wounded & he drops his sword. Onikage begins to softly glow red as he falls to the ground. And disappears into a black mist.

RIKIMARU : What?? He’s gone!

AYAME : Huh?? How did he

RIKIMARU : He is beyond human.

AYAME : Hmm If he was Suzaku of the Burning Dawn maybe now he’ll stay dead. (looks to Rikimaru) Well, what now?

RIKIMARU : He said that Mei-Oh by now would have breached Lord Gohda’s castle. I don’t think he was bluffing. We must move quickly. (runs back into the tower)

AYAME : Damn it! (finally notices Rikimaru has left) Hey!!

Rikimaru & Ayame leave the deserted grounds of Gohda’s second castle. It seems as they leave the other ninja that might have been with Onikage’s raiding party have all left the grounds.

RIKIMARU (as they are running) : We need to go back to the village, NOW!


Ayame & Rikimaru ran quickly under the cover of night. They are now inside Rikimaru’s home.

RIKIMARU (putting many items into his & Ayame’s bags [shuriken, smoke bombs, grenades] : I fear we may do battle with Lord Mei-Oh himself. (picks up his armor wrapped in as ball, he unwraps the ball of armor into its wearable form)

Ayame has her armor in hand. She hits it with one powerful blow. The armor unwraps by itself.


It begins to snow as Rikimaru steps out wearing his grey & black armor. Ayame steps out wearing her magenta sexy armor. Horses are nearby & they ride out of the village at top gallop back to Lord Gohda’s main castle.


As Rikimaru & Ayame enter the grounds, they see the rampant destruction. Signs that Onikage was not lying & that his master Lord Mei-Oh had personally visited Gohda.


As they enter the castle & get closer to the throne room they pass men carrying dead guards & other victims of Lord Mei-Oh’s power. They see a shaken Lord Gohda, a bandaged Sekiya conversing together. They notice Rikimaru & Ayame entering the throne room. Sekiya walks over to talk to Rikimaru & Ayame, Lord Gohda looks tries to drink some tea, but looks worried & distraught. Setsuro is not present.

RIKIMARU : What has happened?

SEKIYA : While you were out chasing Onikage, Mei-Oh the self-proclaimed King of Hell kidnapped Kiku.

AYAME : What???! No!! That monster kidnapped Kiku. Then that means

RIKIMARU (finishes for Ayame) : Onikage taking over the other castle was nothing more than a diversion to keep us away while his master steals the most precious thing to Lord Gohda.

SEKIYA : It seems so.

LORD GOHDA (standing up) : Rikimaru!!! You must destroy Mei-Oh, before it is too late! He has Kiku, that means he could have anything he wants from me. I want my daughter back. And I will fight for her.

Setsuro enters from a side entrance now wearing the late Motohide’s black & gold armor. His sword by his side & clutching his kurikama.

SETSURO : My lord, I couldn’t have said it better. Mei-Oh may ask you to give up your lands & army to his rule. Then he could simply destroy you. We must all be willing to fight him tonight! Nothing else matters. As general I will lead your army to victory over his men.

SEKIYA (sees the note that apparently everyone has not noticed, pulling it from the wall) : My lord, it seems that he is asking for the worst.

LORD GOHDA : What???

SEKIYA (paraphrasing from the note) : He has asked for your unconditional surrender to his superior forces. And that you give up everything. All of your titles, lands, property & army to him. Mei-Oh-lord & master of hell. He then may spare our lives if we act quickly. There is a map here to show where to lead our surrendering forces. But we still don’t know exactly where Mei-Oh will be holding Kiku. I am sorry my lord.

SETSURO (looks to the map) : I do. I know that area. (turns to Gohda) May I talk with you in private, my lord?

LORD GOHDA : Very well, then.

Setsuro & Lord Gohda are walking together.

SETSURO : My lord. I did not want to reveal a family shame. But I know that my mother, who was a ninja worked for Lord Mei-Oh. The golden haired ninja who took Kiku, is my older sister. I know where Kiku maybe held.

LORD GOHDA : Where???!

SETSURO : A stronghold hideout not far from the location given on the map. I heard it has underground tunnels & is dangerous. An army may give away our position, but ninjas may do the trick. It will be dangerous, but I know that Rikimaru & Ayame can slip in & out to get Kiku, while I lead your forces against his army.

LORD GOHDA : Very well then. We leave immediately.

SETSURO : Yes my lord.

Gohda & Setsuro walk back to the group. Setsuro begins to describe where Rikimaru & Ayame should go to get Kiku.

SETSURO (has the map & explains where Rikimaru & Ayame should go) : Alright, is it a plan?

SEKIYA : Yes it is.

LORD GOHDA : We ride out within the hour.


A grassy plains field, now covered in snow. A deep, curving valley is in the middle. Mei-Oh’s forces are gathered here awaiting the surrender of Lord Gohda’s men. Demonic soldiers in strange armor. They grasp weapons tightly & are silent. Demon archers, naginata soldiers, swordsmen, quarterstaff weilders & halberd bearers, ronin & ninjas all wait, but they do not have to wait long. Lord Gohda’s forces approach the other side. Archers, swordsmen, samurai, ashigaru, & soldiers approach on foot. The nobles are on horseback. Lord Gohda, Sekiya, & General Setsuro ride on horseback.

LORD GOHDA (on horseback trotting slowly) : I hope Rikimaru & Ayame are able to get Kiku. I will do anything to get her back.

SEKIYA (beside Gohda trotting) : Do not fret, my lord. I have total confidence in their abilities. They will give their lives to make sure your daughter returns.

SETSURO : Hmm I am afraid if it may come to that.

Lord Gohda, Sekiya & Setsuro stop. A boy in armor greets them, it is the same familiar grandson of Sekiya.

BOY : We are ready my lord. I am willing to fight as well. General the troops are ready to advance towards the enemy.

LORD GOHDA : We will wait.

SETSURO (looking on) : My lord we won’t have to wait for long.

SEKIYA (looking to Setsuro) : What makes you say that?

SETSURO : Something is happening. (as he looks on Sersuro’s POV) I can see Onikage with the Mei-Oh’s soldiers.

Onikage is walking towards the front of the battlefield. He simply raises his hand up high & lowers it at Gohda & his men. Onikage leaps off to the rear of the army & disappears.

SETSURO : Damn!! That coward isn’t even coming to fight!

BOY : Uh,General? I don’t think you should worry yourself about a single man.

LORD GOHDA : Why is that?

BOY : Because they’re will be more than enough to keep us all occupied, HERE THEY COME!!!!

The demon soldiers charge forward & into the valley. They are coming quickly & are making their way towards Gohda’s soldiers.

SETSURO (charging towards the demon soldiers) : BANZAI!!!!!!


[*level 10 music plays*] It is the early morning, sometime after 12 am. Maybe closer to 4 am. The snowfall has increased & so turned the earth from once a lush green, into virgin white snow. A long flight of ancient stone steps leads towards the stronghold. Rikimaru & Ayame quickly walk up the long stairs. The cold wind & low temperatures can be seen as they breathe in & out. After a long way upward, the stairs level off. They stop as they hear noises from unknown forces ahead. Bare trees lines the next set of stairs leading up. They ascend further & the stairs level off. Columns & statues can be seen now on both sides of the stairway. They walk across a bridge. A cold, icy river flows under it the bridge. Rikimaru & Ayame spy a demon soldier pacing about the area. Rikimaru moves on one side of the columns while Ayame does the same on the other. As the demon soldier is now behind them, Rikimaru & Ayame move backwards behind him & strike with silence cutting the demon soldier in his back & head. The soldier falls & the duo moves further along. They soon spy another guard with a halberd in his hands also pacing about. Rikimaru powerfully leaps & flips forward & as the guard turns around Rikimaru cuts him from head to crotch, streamlining him to his certain death. A pair of closed doors can be seen, Ayame opens them & enters the closed courtyard.


Rikimaru & Ayame slowly enter the courtyard. Two massive large stone pillars can be seen rising high into the low clouds & dense fog, apparently from the snowfall. They move slowly forward & see a lone figure with a demon soldier by her side. It is Ai, she wields a pair of steel fans. She looks to Ayame. The demon soldier is an archer. Rikimaru & Ayame move closer in.

AYAME : Keep out of our way & you won’t get hurt. Your Lord Mei-Oh will pay for kidnapping the princess.

AI : We will see about that. Besides it was me who kidnapped her anyways. What do you think about that?

Ayame walks forward towards Ai, she holds her kuni tight in hand.

RIKIMARU : Ayame? Where are you going?

AYAME : Can’t chat now, Rik. (squints her eyes at Ai) Girl talk.

Ayame charges at Ai at full speed. [*fight sequence*] Rikimaru looks to the archer who is watching Ai & Ayame fight. Rikimaru takes this time to run over & jump kick the demon archer. Rikimaru instantly kneels splits down & stabs the demon soldier in the head. Rikimaru twists ‘Izayoi’ making sure the demon is dead. He looks to the only way to go, a pair of stone doors. Rikimaru walks forward & enters. As the doors close behind him, he looks on to find a red shrine.


The doors to the shrine burst open with a super gust of wind. Onikage flips out from them, landing with sword in hand infront of Rikimaru.

ONIKAGE : I see you have come to meet your fate.

RIKIMARU : Onikage, so you’ve returned. This time you won’t come back.

ONIKAGE : Ha,ha! You can not beat me whem I try.

RIKIMARU (holds a pose with ‘Izayoi’) : We’ll find out!!!

[*fight sequence, Onikage’s fight music*] Meanwhile Ai & Ayame are practically beating each other blow for blow. Ai is as quick as Ayame. Both practically equal.
Rikimaru & Onikage begin their sword fight. Onikage mixing it up with a lot of kicks & sword slashes. Rikimaru using mostly his sword to attack Onikage. Meanwhile Ai & Ayame battle it out sai-to-kuni, sai-to-kuni.

AI : I know that my brother loves you. Though frankly, I can’t see why. I always knew he had poor taste in women!!!

AYAME : And I always knew that you were a bitch!!

Ai & Ayame continue to battle while Onikage puts everything he has into the battle. Finally Onikage moves the wrong way & Rikimaru cuts his sword in 2 with ‘Izayoi’. Onikage is now worried & begins using a barrage of fancy kicks. Ai is now worn, as is Ayame.

AI : You know what? I always knew that little princess was good for nothing. She hits like a girl.

Ayame uses her burst of anger & energy to punch & slash Ai. Then finally stabs & impales her through the chest with her kuni.

AYAME : Kiku hits like a girl, huh? Well so do I. (punches Ai knocking her to the ground)

Ayame gets on top of Ai, holding the impaled kuni daggers into her chest. Ai screams in pain.

AYAME : Shut up! I want you to know something?

Ai listens attentively.

AYAME : I want you to die with the knowledge that I am better than you. Now (pauses & then yells) Hurry up & die!!!

Ai does just that, her blood flows from the impaled blows dealt. Ayame slowly pulls her kuni from Ai’s chest. Ayame hears action & fighting. She walks as fast as she can, even though tired she makes her way to where Rikimaru & Onikage are fighting.

AYAME : How many lives does he have?

Rikimaru & Onikage are still relentlessly fighting. Onikage begins another onslaught of kicks to Rikiamaru, but as Onikage tries to use his double air kick attack, Rikimaru goes in lows & uses a rising blade slash to strike Onikage from his crotch to his chest. Onikage flies backwards landing on the steps that lead inside to the hideout. He is bleeding badly. Rikimaru holds a defensive position.

ONIKAGE : Stop. You have won. Your Princess Kiku is held below, guarded by Lord Mei-Oh himself. I’ll see you, in Hell (dies)

RIKIMARU : I killed you, Onikage. Your master Mei-Oh is next.



The battle rages on, as Gohda’s men hold ground against their demon opponents. Lord Gohda & Sekiya fight back-to-back striking & killing demons soldiers that come their way. Setsuro & others are in an all out battle for their lives slaying demon soldier after demon soldier. The demon soldiers kill many of Gohda’s men, but Gohda’s men seemingly stronger in will than in numbers turn the tide for a slim victory over Mei-Oh’s demons.


Rikimaru regains his breath & with Ayame enter the room where Onikage flipped. They look on to see a large stone blocking the entrance to the hideout. Rikimaru goes to his pouch & pulls out all of his grenades. He looks to Ayame, & she walks out. Rikimaru throws all of the grenades at the large stone blocking the path & runs out, closing the doors behind him. Seconds later the doors blow away & the stone now blown up from the large explosion. Rikimaru & Ayame were behind the stairs & now come out to quickly enter the hideout. They drop down into the hole provided & enter the underground lair of Mei-Oh.


Rikimaru & Ayame race down a sloping trail that leads to a lava trail & then soon an underground lava lake. They quickly kill anything & everything inside from demonic cultists to demon bodyguards the sole protectors of Lord Mei-Oh. They leap over the last lava obstacle, a pool of lava to find a seal that leads downward. They look to each other to find Kiku screaming for Ayame & Rikimaru. Rikimaru tries to move the seal.

KIKU (voice can be heard screaming) : AYAME!!! RIKIMARU!!!!


Back to the battlegrounds. The number of demon soldiers has dwindled. Lord Gohda’s men have edged out a victory. Setsuro, Gohda & Sekiya along with the other samurai & soldiers slay the last of the demon soldiers. The remains of Gohda’s men walk around in the wake of dead men.

SETSURO (looking to the dead men) : War is hell.


Rikimaru has succeeded in opening the seal to Lord Mei-Oh’s hiding place. They latch their grappling hooks to the top overhead of the seal & slide down the ropes towards the dark, dank bottom of the lair. Lord Mei-Oh holding his sword looks at the intruders to his lair. They step foot onto the bottom.


Mei-Oh’s room is the zenith of darkness. A glowing, bright green energy portal is behind Mei-Oh. Another small dark room that is shrouded can be seen if you look hard enough. The floor itself is a cage, under which is a pool of lava. Shiva statues are on both sides of the portal. Lord Mei-Oh holds his sword high.

ORD Mei-Oh : So You killed Onikage. Who would have thought it possible?

AYAME : Mei-Oh shut up & tell me where Kiku is!!!

LORD Mei-Oh : Do not think about the girl. Concentrate on saving your own skin..

RIKIMARU : Demon! (unsheathing) You slay countless lives to further your own vicious schemes!!! You kidnap people, a thief is what you are! (holding ‘Izayoi’ towards him) King of Hell! I have a present for you, it is my lord’s Tenchu (charging towards Mei-Oh) The heaven’s well-deserved punishment!!

[*fight sequence, last battle music, Mei-Oh’s battle music*]

Rikimaru & Ayame fight Lord Mei-Oh. A powerful battle erupts. Meanwhile. Lord Gohda, Sekiya, Setsuro, the boy & the remaining soldiers quickly head towards the stronghold. Rikimaru distracts Mei-Oh while Ayame releases Kiku from a small jail inside the room. She sets a single grenade near the lock. Kiku ducks away & the door is soon broken. Rikimaru dodges Mei-Oh’s green acid attack, but is shocked by the lightning power. Ayame looks on seeing Rikimaru is hurt, she dashes over & pounces on Mei-Oh’s back shoving her kuni dead into his back, but that does not work completely. He removes the kuni from his back While he was distracted by Ayame, Rikimaru has gotten up & begins his assault on Mei-Oh slashing him from the front. Mei-Oh tries to use his invisible charge slash attack but is stopped by Ayame who leaps on him once more to put 2 grenades down the back of his robes. She leaps away in time, as the explosion blows away much of his body. Rikimaru takes this time to slice thru Mei-Oh’s sword & slash deep into Mei-Oh’s chest & neck. Mei-Oh floats in pain backward He is mortally wounded. Ayame continues on by throwing super-shuriken into Mei-Oh.

LORD Mei-Oh : NO!!!! THIS CAN NOT BE!!! A MERE HUMAN!! (flies into the portal & disappears)

AYAME : Good riddance & don’t come back.!

RIKIMARU : All of Lord Gohda’s enemies, die by this blade. (while saying the line does a full spin, slashes the air & then extends his right arm holding ‘Izayoi’ downward.)

Kiku walks from the jail, she runs to Ayame.

KIKU : Ayame!!!

AYAME : Princess!!!

KIKU : You both saved me, but I was scared!!!

Suddenly the lair begins to collapse on itself. [the scene changes from color to Black & White]

RIKIMARU : This doesn’t look good.

The lair begins to rain rocks. Rikimaru holding Kiku & Ayame bounce from wall to wall as the lair tumble down. The floor that was under the at the bottom cracks from the weight & falls into the lava. Rikimaru & Ayame finally reach their grappling ropes & climb up them quickly. They run fast, but run into a boulder blocking a wall.

AYAME : What?? We’re trapped!!

Rikimaru puts Kiku down & walks over to the boulder. He takes off his sword & begins to lift the boulder. He strains to lift the boulder & motions Kiku & Ayame to go thru the passage.


Kiku moves thru reluctantly leaving Rikimaru behind. As Ayame passes she looks to Rikimaru.

RIKIMARU : Ayame, take my sword.

Ayame reluctantly takes the sword with her, strapping it to her as Rikimaru does. As she meets up with Kiku, she picks her up & the rocks begin to fall faster. The boulder Rikimaru held falls, as more pile up behind them. Kiku calls out.


Ayame sprints to get out of the hideout, light can be seen as daylight is coming. Ayame leaps out high from what once was the red shrine. She lands holding Kiku. She sets Kiku down. Ayame & Kiku are startled to find Lord Gohda, Setsuo & Sekiya amongst the Gohda army. Kiku runs to her father.

KIKU (hugs her father) : Father!!!

Setsuro looks to Ayame. She is now clutching the sword, tears swelling up in her eyes. She looks to Setsuro, smiling a false smile. With the snow now ankle deep, Ayame plunges the sword, sheathed blade first into the snow. Daybreak finally comes in the land of the rising sun. All look on towards the sun as the gleams. [shot pans to the sword-‘Izayoi’]

RIKIMARU (voice-over) : Bright & cold, the flash of steel. Alone I roam over desolate fields. My sword, I need no longer. The evening wind will carry me home.

All are looking to the sun, with mixed feelings held by all.

[*credits roll over the end theme*]