Bijin Kage – Chapter 1

Written by Kage Karasu

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The night was soothing, this night all was peaceful , in the castle of a lord a small girl cried relentlessly, her tears almost making a pool on her kimono. Outside a group of samurai marched into a heavily fortified castle. The lord sheathed his sword, but was too afraid to take a step out of his rice constructed door. The rich japanese family huddled in a corner in fear while screams of death and terror rang outside. The fear deeply engraved in their hearts made them want to collapse in fear. The rain plinked against the slimy mud, the wind whipped, at the bamboo, . Their fear began to worsen as footsteps, could be heard outside their quarters. Their hearts stuck in their throats, their eyes opened wide hoping the person to be an ally. The rice door slid open silently but swiftly. A man clad in black walked in and wrapped his arms around the baby girl. A sword tied to his shinobi shozoku (japanese ninja garment). The father nodded his head as if to assure something. The mother kissed her baby girl, and the father hugged his child. The man stepped on the rim of the window, with a grappling hook in hand( or kaginawa). And crossed to the next tiled roof. He passed through the darkness with ease, leaving behind not a trace, the girl whatched as the castle was breached. The girls name was Natsumi , her father had told her about these silent saviors, they were called ninjas. But she had never seen them before. This was the last Natsumi saw of her parents . It had been 17 years since Natsumi had last seen her parents, she was at the tender age of six when she had last seen them. She was now 23, with eyes that shined like semiprecious stones in the color of green just like her mother, and hair of a deep chocolate, she was light skinned and always retained a warm comforting face. That dreadful day was still fresh in her mind , haunting her every day. The pounding rain, the immense fear, the screams of death. She had been raised by Takuya, and she had grown to know him as her father figure. But she held an extrodinary power she was an Kurakagi Suzume. She was a ninja, and had been trained in the secret art of Ninjitsu. (The art of stealth) She lived in the secluded woods, where the samurai society would never notice them . However Takuya had a son, to pass on his legacy who’s name was Gicchi, she fell head over heels for him when she first layed her eyes on him. His skin was of a deep tan, his hair a valiant black, and his muscles rippled the seas waves He was an avid ninja , that had done many missions before. This is the tale of a world of darkness ,peril , love, and death .As we follow the trials and tribulabulations of Natsumi. Let’s begin the story now.

Natsumi was stationed in her quarters , the crickets chirped loudly tonight , and the fireflys shown up beautifully against the ink black darkness. Natsumi was meditating and breathing slowly in her room, her mind racing . Outside a shadow loomed along the exterior of her rice paper door. The shadow came inside , without making a sound. It was Gicchi.

” We need to go spar for a little while, my father told us so.”

” Alright.”

Natsumi responded sweetly.
She picked up her shuriken( ninja throwing star), and adjusted her wooden daggers behind her back, she did not own real knives just yet. When she turned around Gicchi had departed . She left the room and met up with Gicchi in a bamboo clearing, the moon shown against his charcoal colored hair.

” Let’s begin,”

Gicchi said. His piercing eyes slashing her soul like a butchers knife, she pulled herself together Gicchi pulled out his bokken a wooden sword used for sparring, and so did Natsumi. Natsumi threw a shuriken with fierce accuracy at Gicchi’s arm, he swung his sword in a circular motion. It deflected off of his bokken . He sprinted toward Natsumi and punched she used her left leg to kick his heavyset arm aside , and used her right arm to send him flying. While in the air he regained himself and backflipped only to land on his back.

” Very good Natsumi, let’s see if you can defend against this.”

Gicchi ran towards Natsumi and faked a kick and hit her abdomen. She coughed up some blood, Natsumi swiped her blood away. The warm spring air made her pant relentlessly, they fought on all through the night long. Until the sun started to slowly creep over the horizon line. They left and went back to their quarters. The morning brought out the sparrows . She fell victim to their sweet sounding lullaby , and dozed off. A couple hours later when she awoke Takuya was grasping her knapsnack. Gicchi was leaning against her wall, looking into the blinding afternoon sun. ” Konnichi wa . ” said Takuya.

” I need both of you Gicchi, and yourself to infiltrate, a bandits camp, it is dotted with enemies, I think you’d better bring along your fukiya ( a fukiya is a poison dart that was sometimes used to breathe underwater for long periods of time) for quick deaths. “

They gestured a bow and Takuya handed Natsumi a pair of her own knives. They glinted in the afternoon sun, Natsumi smiled and was near crying.

” Oh, thank you Takuya, I will cherish these forever , now I get to kill people yes !”

Takuya retained an astonished look upon his scarred face.

” Those pair of knives belonged to the greatest kuinochi in the Kurakagi Suzume clan, her name was the Kurakagi Kurasu ( Darkness Crow). She disappeared over the past few years. But anyway now your are grasping the Knives of Destiny. ”

Natsumi felt a surge of power come over her hand. Gicchi spoke and said

” Natsumi get your stuff”

As Natsumi put her stuff in her small knapsack she responded with,

” I’m ready, for anything,. as she adjusted the knives of destiny on her back.”

Natsumi ventured through the thick greenery , the light of the moon spilled through the bamboo, this evening was calm. Crickets sang their song beautifully tonight. They haulted at a large encampment, the air was hot and sticky and there was not too much activity. Patrol dogs paced back and forth, while some slumbered deep into the night. Horses were hitcfhed securley to wooden planks, they neighed softly as the wind sifted through their thick manes. The guards were lazy and some of them balanced on the blunt wooden end of their spears, this job would be an easy one, perfect for Natsumi’s first mission. Natsumi slid down a slope of mud, once at the bottom , she peered around a thick thorny bush, a freelance guard walked as if the night was was safe through the darkness, holding a spear tightly in hand , Natsumi adjusted her knives so she would be ready for the kill. As he turned his back toward her and starting pacing forward, she rushed him, her hand gripped tightly around his mouth, her nails deeply imbedded into his cheekbone, She uses her remaining hand to stab him in his stomach blood oozes from the spot he was cut. In seconds he layed in a pool of his own crimson esscence, she smirks with evil intentions as his brown eyes roll into the back of his bald head. She can hear the pitiful cries of the dieing bandits, she creeps up to a relativily small hut, she peers around the corner it is hard to see through the coal black night but she manages to spot a female guard, she grasps a beautiful pair of sai, embroidered with a green dragon. She seems more alert and paranoid. Freguently she stops but continues pacing, Natsumi climbs onto the the tall hut with her ashiko ( ninja climbing claws). She put them back in her small knapsack, and leapt down, on the way down she wrapped her thighs around the womans head, Natsumi squeezes them tight , the female guard gasps for but is suffocated, her thin body slumping to the cold hard ground, she pilfered her sai, and spotted a passing guard. His eye was caught when he saw the dead woman. He shifts his weight on both of his legs constantly, he puts away his short sword reluctantly. As soon as he put it in his scabbard, Natsumi watched in horror as his head rolled off of his broad shoulders, the blood spurting out of his neck like a fountain. Gicchi loomed over the body for a moment, he spotted Natsumi and sprinted over. Natsumi we need to get over to that large tent right down this path. Their leaders name is Fuji Miko. Natsumi listened intentively to Gicchi and under the cloak okf darkness sprinted off into the night. Gicchi was awed byNatsumi’s deep beauty, grace , her smooth skin, and brown hair, Gicchi was beginning to love her. They reached the large tent , candles were lit dimly in the wake of the evening. Inside there was a whole world of corridors, and tunnels. They heard footsteps nearby, the duo peer around either corner they see nothing. The culprate is in front of them, moving down a dark hallway at a leisure pace. Natsumi swiftly pulls her fukiya out of her knapscack , and shot it, it hits it’s target dead in the middle of his forehead He falls backward, as the poison passes through his body as quickly as the wind. They decide to split paths to cover ground easier, and much quicker. She finally made it down the dark hallways, and into the room where Fuji Miko sat and looked out into the stars.

” Miko this is your day of reckoning you bald idiot.”

Miko was bald but tall and slim, he wore ragged cloth and held a long katana, probobaly stolen from warriors defeated. Natsumi unscheathed her two knives of destiny, and Miko drew his katana. She watched as the sword glimmered from the moonlight, as it was pulled out of its scabbard.

“Let the battle commence , “

said Natsumi. She ran with blistering speed towards Miko and managed to kick him in the face. He was very skilled for a bandit, and his attacks were slow but efficient. Natsumi’s master agility allowed her to slip inside of his attacks, she away at him, and she moonsaulted over him.

” Goodbye, and good riddance. “

She jumped up and unleashed a mighty kick to the back of Miko’s skull. His neck snapped because of the force behind the kick. He died in an instant. Gicchi was watching the whole confrontation. She wasn’t listening to him and what he just said she was thinking about how he could have helped her.

” Sooo, all that time yoiu couldv’e been helping me while I was about to be minced, why I oughta!”

“This was your first mission and I wanted to see how well you were doing . Well now you know let’s get back, “

” Sheesh what a long night”

She returned back at 4:00 in the morning. Takuya congratulated Natsumi on her first successful mission. She bathed in her village. The soothing onsana (hot spring) made her aching body feel as though it were in heaven. She got out later in an hour, and slept.