Bijin Kage – Chapter 2

Written by Kage Karasu

Chapter 2 : Vibrant Crimson

Natsumi awoke with a start with her two knives in hand because she felt a strange aura about, she picked up her multiple shuriken. It was extremely eery and quiet even for a ninja village. She reluctantly stepped outside nobody was there. Natsumi was still in her kimono as a pair of sai came crashing to the ground, she front flipped out of harms way.

” You should give yourself credit nobody has ever dodged that attack. You’re pretty good for an apprentice ninja.”

A female ninja stood before her, she was clothed in a tight leather tank top with straps across her collar bone. A sea blue bow tied to her short cropped hair. Her eyes were an odd shiny green that glimmered in the sun like semiprecious stones, and her hair a glamorous silver, with blonde streaks. She was masculine and looked like she was in her forties.

” Hah, you probably can’t even dirty over my feet, you silver haired oddball.”

Natsumi said with sass. It felt like Natsumi knew her but how? Natsumi pulled out her multiple shuriken from her back, and tossed them with daunting speed. Natsumi watched in awe as her sai moved in dynamic motions and the shuriken dropped to the ground as sparks flew in an array of colors. Natsumi and the female ninja stood in a pose as they stared each other down. The female ninja suddenly gripped her arm, as her scarlet blood dripped onto the lime colored grass. Natsumi laughed and smirked. The ninja spoke and said ,

” Well done you skinny thug, but next you won’t be so lucky, “

” Who are you anyway, “

Natsumi said. The ninja responded with,

” I’m Ginko the Kurakagi Karasu leader of the Silver Fang Clan.”

Natsumi gasped and cupped her hands around her plump lips.

” Takuya said you were los…, “

Natsumi was interrupted abruptly by Ginko.

“Hah, Takuya is always saying things, you shouldn’t always be so trusting that’s your first lesson from me as a ninja. The reason I say this is because I loved Takuya, we even had a child for goodness sakes. His name was Gicchi, Takuya said we would always be together,”

Ginko wiped a tear from her green eyes ,

” But one day I found him kissing another woman, he tried to explain but I wasn’t havin’ it. Until this day I have been trying to kill him for his acts on his own will, “

I will come back to have you and your pitiful villagers heads. Prepare yourself apprentice ninja.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.”

, she said as she flipped out of site into the lush yellow bamboo.

Natsumi was still staring in astonishment. She ran swiftly into where Takuya resigned. Takuya was staring outside into the sun, while Gicchi practiced sword training making dynamic motions as it whistled through the air. “

Takuya I just saw Ginko, why didn’t you tell me she was your wife.”

” It was my families matters and you aren’t one of them.”

” Well don’t give me attitude because you can’t keep your wife in line.”

The next thing Natsumi knew a long shiny ninja sword was being held up to her throat, Gicchi was holding it. “

Don’t you ever speak in that tone of voice to my father again .”

Takuya stopped Gicchi from going any further.

” Gicchi you need not fend for me , it was my course of actions that made Natsumi act in such a way. “

” I’m sorry too Takuya please forgive me for my actions towards you.”

Natsumi said in a very respectful tone.

” It is quite alright you see, that woman that Ginko saw me kissing, that woman seduced me I couldn’t help it. With her it’s kill quickly or die quickly that’s her motto. But anyway I need you both to assassinate Emegawa Hidimechi. He has been selling contra-ban all across Japan’s eastern border here’s a map for you, and Natsumi there are two things. One, take out a female civilian without lethal means either by using smoke bombs or sleeping antidotes or knock her unconscious. Do what you must, and secondly bring your Tessen ( a fan sometimes packed with spikes on the tips of the fan) to disguise yourself as a civilian. Now go do the task at hand.”

Gicchi and Natsumi knelt before Takuya and with respect said

” Yes sir.”

They darted off into the vivid colored afternoon. They made it to the village just as the sun fell. The village seemed to be brimming with energy geishas danced and sang as they were unwillingly pulled into the houses, samurai drank sake wildly as they yelled and cheered for no apparent reason, while dogs panted their tongues out. Natsumi had begun to sweat as if there was no tomorrow. This wouldn’t be good the dogs could trail her more easily, Natsumi detested killing animals but she would have to this night . But at least they could enjoy the sites the sakura ( cherry blossoms) blowed softly in the composed wind, and the serene lake glimmered in the light of the stars. She took out her shruiken and shot it at a pooch nearby, it fell dead to the ground, she found and killed every dog that she could possibly find. Natsumi sprinted as fast as she could across the tiled rooftops , and found a female civillian. She was walking with her fists clenched through a dark alley. “

Why that man I just want to pounce on him and strangle him until his head pops off of his womanly shoulders , “

said the woman. Natsumi leapt down off the roof and she made sort of a ridge hand and brought it down to the womans neck the woman fell unconcious. Natsumi stripped her of her kimono and put it on her body it fit her perfectly , she put her gear in a large leather knapsack she had brought along her knives still on her back.

” Sorry, “

said Natsumi . Natsumi dragged the body into a small food storage room. She ran outside into the moonlight, she proudly walked past guards but two dogs followed her, she had begun to panic. Natsumi zipped into a very shadowed dark alley. The dogs were still hot on her trail beginning to growl getting faster with every step , she sprinted around a corner. From the rooftops above the dogs she pulled out her shuriken and tossed them at the canines the pooches dropped dead. She leapt down from the roof and threw over a wall. She could feel something coming closer,. it was a guard looking for more than a traditional song and dance.

” Geisha, I have a surprise for you., “

the guard said as he pulled Natsumi into a very confined room. He gripped Natsumi’s masculine arm, while he was dragging her to a corner Natsumi knicked him with her fukiya.

” Hmmm, the mosquito are rough tonight….uuugh, “

the guard dropped dead. She hid the body behind a box.

” Hurry up and die, you disgusting perv.”

She ran out of the room and hid against a wall, she was still wondering where Emegawa was, suddenly she saw a man with a gray beard surrounded by guards, he was holding up a blood drenched head.

” There’s a ninja in our presence be on your best guard, and make sure your head is still attached to your shoulders .”

Emegawa threw the head to the guard fear and shock still in it’s eyes.

” Oh no Gicchi’s in trouble but I have to take care of Emegawa first.”

She leapt out from the shadows knives at the ready, he was sipping tea on a tatami. She ran at Emegawa and brought her knives down to his neck. The next thing she knew a long katana deflected her attack, she was pushed back. Emegawa tackled her to the ground, he was about to bring his sword down when Natsumi noticed his face, she gasped and held out her hand.

” STOP, it’s me father your daughter.”

Emegawa stopped right at her chest, an astonished look rose upon his face Emegawa gently pulled down her mask

“Oh my god my daughter I’m sorry for leaving you like that.”

“Father where were you. You knew where the village was why didn’t you visit me, and where’s mother ? “

said Natsumi. Emegawa held a state of remorse “

I’m sorry to tell you but the whole castle was taken over and everyone was mercilessly massacred, but luckily after Takuya left with you we managed to escape. One day while we were walking through the forest I fell unconscious and your mother disappeared. I felt so, so helpless. It felt like the world was going to crumble beneath my feet, and the only.thing that kept my mind off the harsh realities off this world was crime Without you and your mother my life wasn’t worth living .”

“I love you father, I just wanted you to know that.”

They both hugged each other and exchanged kisses.

” Natsumi watch out ,”

Emegawa pushes Natsumi aside and his sword clashes with Gicchi’s an excellent display of swordplay takes place.


” Gicchi that’s my father, father that”s Gicchi.”

They stopped their onslaught of attacks. “

Oh, so you’ve got a boyfriend he, he, he, he, “

said Emegawa


Natsumi responded.

” Nice to meet you sir, “

Gicchi said with great astonishment.