The Black Lotus – Part 1

Written by Walter Nwaokolo

Note that this story takes place shortly AFTER the events of Tenchu 2.

The Samurai castle was laden with guards at different posts around the castle each on the alert for a surprise attack from the enemy, but deep in the shadows emerges a new enemy, more darker, silent, and deadlier. Shogun Himura Takauji, a wicked middle aged Samurai, sipped his tea in his quiet study when his sliding door opened and one of his top generals came in.


We have mounted all the horses and supplies sir, all the men are ready for the attack on Lord Gohda’s province.


Good Work, General I want you to give them 5 more hours of sleep and rest before we prepare for the attack.



The General walked out the Shogun’s study closing the sliding door as he left. Shogun Himura went back to drinking his tea when he made out the figure of a young man through the rice paper of his sliding door.


Who goes there? General?

The sliding door opened and a young Ninja appeared before Shogun Himura. He wore a green shinobi shozoku with that covered his whole body except for his sleeves, which were cut, he had face-mask that covered his mouth and had short gray hair, and he had a scar running up his right eye.

(HIMURA TAKAUJI): (*gasps*)

Who who are you? Guards! Guards!


Shut your mouth, shogun. Your guards are dead as you will be too. I have been sent by Lord Gohda to punish you, Himura Takauji.”


Gohda? You are a a


Azuma Ninja? Yes I am, I am Rikimaru of the Azuma Ninja and you Himura Takauji have brought great shame upon yourself, Lord Gohda thought you were his ally and yet you were going to betray him by invading his provinces, have you no honor, shogun?

Shogun Himura growled, he slowly reached for his sword that was sheathed on his right side. (HIMURA TAKAUJI):

How dare you, you little insolent boy! Do you think I will let you kill ME!!!

Shogun Himura pulled out his sword and launched at Rikimaru. It seemed like barely two seconds before blood splattered on the wall, the Shogun slumped and fell to the feet of Rikimaru, a long bloody gash cut down his face, Rikimaru held his Ninja-to in hand with the stain of blood and bits of flesh on the blade.


At least now you will cause no more harm to yourself or to others, I hope your death will be a lesson to others.

Another Ninja, this time it was a young girl, walked into the study, she wielded two twin Kodachi in her hands that were stained with blood. (AYAME):

We’ve taken out all the guards and most of the soldiers, Lord Gohda’s army will be able to deal with the rest of them in the morning.

Ayame looks over to the body of Shogun Himura, that was lying in a pool of his own blood.(RIKIMARU):

Come, let us report back to Lord Gohda, I’m sure heíll be waiting for our arrival.

Hours later at Gohda Castle in the morning.


I am pleased to see your safe arrival back to the castle and of your success in the mission, who would of thought Himura would try to do such a thing.


It is our pleasure to serve you, my lord. Especially while your giving Ayame and me shelter while the Ninja Village is being restored.

Lord Gohda nods and Rikimaru and Ayame bow before Lord Gohda and retreat to the new training grounds in the forest that had been made for them. All seems peaceful but the impact of the Burning Dawn still remained in the mind of Rikimaru, who was having a hard time coping with the peace.


You okay, Riki?


Huh oh yeah, im fine.


I still miss him too you know, Master Shuinsai.


I donít want to talk about it right now, a Ninja must always put his feelings behind him and remain focused on the path of life.

(AYAME): (*sighs*)

I’ll go to the acrobatics course.


Iím going to try to meditate for a while.

Rikimaru decided on choosing the nearby bamboo forest as to where he will meditate. He concentrated his mind to try to escape himself but his mind was rattled with too many thoughts that his concentration broke.


Looks like I’ll be having to go to the weapons course after all.

Just then Rikimaru felt a strange ki around him, instantly he pulled out his Ninja-to and poised himself in battle stance at the ready.


Who is out there!??! Show yourself, perpetrator!”

Rikimaru looked around the bamboo forest, cautiously looking out for any movement in the area, all was eerily quiet and still, until THWACK!!!! A kick to the back of Rikimaruís head had sent him hurling into the semi-muddy earth, dazed and nearly knocked unconscious Rikimaru tried desperately to pick himself up, but a foot pushed him back down and held him that way. Rikimaru heard a feminine voice speak to him.


Surprised, arenít you Azuma Ninja? I bet you wondering who is talking to you right now, huh? All I’ll tell you is that I’m here to avenge Shogun Himura Takauji with Gohda Matsunoshinís head and very much like you I am a Ninja, so go warn your friends and tell your Lord Gohda to watch out for the blade of the Black Lotus

Rikimaru could feel the pressure relieve off his back as the unknown perpetrator dashed off, Rikimaru groaned as he picked himself up there had been no trace left to where the perpetrator had came or left, not even a solid footprint.


Looks like I have some bad news to tell to Lord Gohda