No Title

Written by Chris M. Carter

“Rain has begun to fall, the skies cry for the actions planned tonight, for the heavens know I am out to destroy, the fate of many rest on this night, Nnn… I can feel it, what happens tonight will be worth all the waiting, I feel it comes soon…”

The raspy voice murmured into the night. The moving purple tint of the soldiers of that waste of a leader, the ninja’s skilled feet perched him out of view from all that would look, and as he witnessed, that was none. Glancing to the skies above he let loose a silent snarl, growling to the heavens from his Earthly perch .

” Oh, that Kagami…. I’d love to sully her world, to bad she isn’t what she says to be …”

He whispered to himself, perhaps he was talking to himself … or someone else?…
Those skilled ears picked up the tearing of flesh, he turned, his darkened sleeve sweeping a bit a murk off the tree trunk, eyes narrowing from behind that wooden mask, watching the figure he would later come to know as “Azuma Rikimaru”, eyes tracing his odd gray hair, yet this ninja was clearly young, he looked as he had no remorse for killing.

“Yess… I think I have found something to occupy me….”

, he watched the boy ninja drop from the Soldier’s nest, he observed the actions, the way that the boy would sneak up onto them, kill them and drag their bodies to an unworthy place to die. He watched the boy run right under him, towards the right side of the fence around the General’s ‘Office’, he watched each of the soldier’s vitae spilled over the ground, licking his unnaturally blackened lips he sank into a crouch, the next time the boy circled the fence to the entrance he was going to strike, and there came the young ninja, spinning he threw his arms out, a Judei-na[Knife/Dagger with a needle point] as it tore the wet ground he was already airborne, still spinning he came to land right in-front of the boy …

” I am Suzaku. The Red Sparrow, You may not pass beyond this —“

He was interrupted

” What’s your rush hero?…, stay and play “

He quickly chimed in, dashing to the side of the boy he leaned, his elbow out, to his surprise the boy had put up a waiting defense, the sound of air getting slashed was heard directly beside his ear, simply tilting his head the Katana impaled air,

“He’s good….”

Onikage thought to himself, with a sadistic grin under that wooden-hue mask he swiftly brought his ninja-to right across the Young ninja’s arm, the clank of steel heard as the boy again had his defenses ready, a bit angry he growled, sending a swift slap kick into the young ninja’s face, soggy tabi smacked hard against skin, the imprint of mud on his face as he nearly fell back with a baritone cry. Swiftly turning on his heel he attempted to bring his ninja-toacross the exposed and armor-less gut of Rikimaru, slowing his blade in enough time for the boy to put out some defense, the clank of steel heard once more as the boy attempted to jump, with a dry snarl the ninja-to of Onikage met his chest, the noise of cloth being torn as he sliced into the stomach, with a wet thump the young ninja landed behind him. Attempting to swing his Katana back Onikage felt the blade rush against his skin, metal becoming warm from friction made blood spill, he dashed to the side, leaping back be tried to stab the boy with the end of his ninja-to, Rikimaru’s double-hand hold on his Katana derailed the stab. Sending his Katana towards Onikage, the sound of the air was the only thing heard, Onikage’s quick roundhouse met Rikimaru’s defenseless skull, sending the ninja forward, onto his feet he crouched only a moment, leaping back just in time to see Onikage’s ninja-to impale dirt, mud and rain flew everywhere, Onikage’s ungodly strength sent the debris of the storm everywhere. The young ninja landed on his feet, a moment of silence in the rain as Onikage’s ninja-to remained in the puddle, Rikimaru’s eyes wide and locked onto Onikage, blood seeping from both of them, forming into the puddles, after an odd silence befell the scene. Rikimaru’s hand formed a front fist, a Shuriken coming into view, Onikage’s hand was like lightning, snatching up the blade in a single swipe, throwing it right back to the young ninja, who dashed to the side, down the hill. Onikage followed him, dashing to the side also, their bodies facing each other, Onikage’s raven locks blowing in the wind, wet and soaked, fiercely yet attractive features hidden behind that mask where constricted, a fanged snarl grin crossing his lips, those dark robes being blown wildly about by the wind. Seeing they where coming to a draw back, Onikage quickly put out his foot, all the momentum transferring into it as he dashed forward, Rikimaru’s katana’s end coming toward him, the clash of metal lit the darkened woods, the two razor-sharp blades meeting at every angle possible, sparks began to fly now …
In the silence a slice crossed Onikage’s ninja-to, a bit of hot metal flying off into his chest, burning the near flawless skin, a growl emitted into the thundering night, as he dashed back towards the hill, having his mission accomplished he gave a leap, coming over a wooden shield plank he landed in the spot he had thrown his judei-na, snatching it just in time to hear the rain’s fall interrupted by Rikimaru’s feet. He didn’t even turn, he could now hear the sounds of the camp, swords clashed, almost reveling in a possible death he made his way from the young ninja’s view, muttering something he would say again in a few years he came into the shadows, sword still in hand as he licked the blood and sinew off it, following the sword clanks he witnessed the climatic battle of Kagami and someone he would later come to know as Seiryu …