The Return of an Assassin – Chapter 4

Written by Jason E. Turner

Ayame waited patiently for her new teacher. The Black Dragon.

She was gazing into the night sky with eyes gleaming.

“Well, I guess I should train. Why not? I need to be ready for the Dragon’s tricky moves.”

With blades drawn, she started to go through the motions. Riposte, parry, attack. She leaped to a tree and backflipped off the front. With a thud, she landed on the soft earth.

“Good technique, good movement. Good, Ayame.”

She heard footsteps coming behind her.

“Listen Dragon, I have to-“

The Black Dragon The Dragon was there, but was behind a man holding a bamboo pole with two buckets of water on his shoulders.
He had stark white hair peppered with gray strands all around. His had hard features. Sinewy, tall and eyes that looked at her with anxiety.
One of his eyes had a scar on it. A scar received by a traitor years ago. He walked to her.
The Dragon stepped forward.

“Meet MY master, Ayame.”

Ayame was limp.


As she faded from conciousness, she heard his voice.

“We have a lot of catching up to do.”