Emerging Past – Chapter 1

Written by Dana

(A mix of Mortal Kombat, Tekken Tag,Galarians, and Tenchu all rights reserved)

The dream haunted him again. Rikimaru’s father ,Shang Tsung, was attempting to make his power of sorcery to resurface, just because he “accidently” used them to defend himself.

“Come on you weakling. Hell, you almost froze me to death a week ago, so use them!”

His words rang in his head.

“B-But dad I can’t control it half the time. Please can we just go home?!”

The young boy pleaded.
The next thing he knew the wind was knocked out of him, and he was throwing up.

“Tears will get you nowhere.”

Shang growled cruelly as he picked Rikimaru by his ripped shirt.

“It sure didn’t get your mother anywhere…. and she’s dead.”

The child’s anger suddenly got out of hand at these words, and his eyes turned a stone grayish color. Shang immediately regretted his words as the young silver-haired child turned into a grey raptor and began to slash trees, animals, and eventually got to him in a rageful fury…. and Shang’s screams could be heard throughout the forest.

Rikimaru woke with a start in a small house.

“Where am I? And how did I get here?”

He thought. He remembered when the cave collapsed, and passing out….but if someone did find him he would have sensed the person, right?

“You are an my house, and I sensed your telepathic waves so that should be saying something.”

Someone told him telepathically.

“Who are you?”

He asked out loud feeling uneasy.

“That you will find out later. Get some rest and I will see you in the morning.”

A young women’s voice said from the dark doorway. The women had a point. Though unconscience for over three hours, Rikimaru was tired.

Two hours later. A small young women, with silver hair that went to her waist and large green eyes who looked to be about 19, came into the room while Rikimaru slept.
She smiled and said,

“I will see you in the morning my dear older brother ….”

A strange women with silver hair walked into the room where Rikimaru slept.

“Well I better wake him up before my brother goes into a coma….”

She muttered looking at him. She held his hand and started to channel her chi into his body.

“Rikimaru. Please wake up.”

She said telepathically. After a few minutes he stirred and sat up.
The women smiled and said in sign language

“I was wondering when you would get up.”

Rikimaru rolled his eyes and responded,

“Well I woke up anyway. Who are you, and how do you know me?”

“My name’s Tigerlily of the Manji Ninja. I know you because you are my brother.”

She answered while sitting down on the bed.

“But Yoshimitsu told me you died after the village was attacked by tengu (crow demons). Or was that an illusion?

” He asked.
Before she could respond, the smell of smoke filled the air. Tigerlily ran to the door and looked out the keyhole to see what was going on and saw ninja attacking the villagers.

“Oh gods who are they?”

She whispered. Reading her mind, Rikimaru got up and dragged her to the closet.

“I don’t think hiding in a closet is a good idea.”

She told him. “

I don’t think this is open for discussion.”

He said while closing the door.
Just then, a ninja knocked down the door and Rikimaru hung on the celing.

“Nobody in here.”

The ninja muttered as Rikimaru came down to break his neck.

“It’s going to be a long night”

He muttered.