Emerging Past – Chapter 2

Written by Dana

Meanwhile in the Kidomutsu Forest….
Ayame was going home after a long walk when she heard screams from a nearby village. She decided to go the investigate and when she got to the village she gasped.

“Oh no ! That’s Yoshimutsu’s village, I better go help! “

Yet before she could even throw her grappling hook to get to the other side of the fence she noticed an archer. Pulling out a loose she realized her mistake. Her pants was stuck on the wood, and a guard was slowly approaching her.

“I am so dead….”

Ayame muttered as the guard kept a steady pace towards her. She tried to reach into her pocket with no avail, because of the board blocking her hand. She reluctantly charged up her pyrokenetic energy and was about to set him on fire, until a shadow quickly darted across the approaching guard. As the guard slumped to the ground dead, the figure flew down up to the tower, killed the archer, and then jumped down to face her. The young female ninja closed her eyes tightly and curled in a ball, figuring that she was going to die, until she heard a familiar voice.

“What are you doing here, Ayame?”

The person asked her.
Ayame’s eyes were wide, and fill of tears when she opened them.

“Rikimaru! Your alive! You had me so worried… I- I thought you had- died!”

She exclaimed as she jumped foreword and hugged him. After he hugged her back and got out of each others embrace Rikimaru smiled at her and said “

You still didn’t tell me you’re doing here.”

She smiled back and replied

“I’ll tell you later, but…. can you give me a hand?”

He shook his head, teleported to the outside of the fence, took one of her swords and cut the pants leg, before teleporting back to where she was. After Ayame thanked him, Rikimaru told her his plan. They were to split up, take out all the guard in the village, and meet back at the main gate in three hours. She nodded and the two ninja went their separate ways, but both were unknown of the danger that would soon await them.