Emerging Past – Chapter 3

Written by Dana

After killing the last guard on the north side of the village, Ayame started to head back to the fence where she and Rikimaru was to meet at. But as she walked past a house she heard a strange banging noise. Curious, the ninja went in the house to find the source of the noise. Ayame opened the door slowly keeping her swords drawn, and saw that it was coming from the closet. Upon opening the closet, she was knocked down by a silver half cat / half human hybrid. The female ninja got up quickly only to be charged and nearly killed by the demon monster’s claws. As it was running to strike again, Ayame moonsaulted over the demon and punched it in the base of it’s neck. Falling on it’s knees the hybrid started to scream, loudly!
Ayame smiled and said,

“Well if you didn’t attack me, maybe I would not have attacked you.”

Insulted by the ninja’s smart-mouthed comment, the hybrid got up and walked towards her. As it grabbed her wrist she spun her in the air, jumping up after her the demon batted her to the ground. When the demon landed on the ground near Ayame’s barely conscience body, it’s claws began to change back to human hands and after a few moments the former hybrid changed back into her apparent human self. Seizing the opportunity, the battered ninja jumped up and was about to punch the demon in the face, but the attack was blocked. The battle has about to rage again until a small earthquake stopped them.
Ayame, a little startled, thought (What the was that?). The hybrid demon sprinted outside and started to run towards the main house of the village.

“Hey come back here!”

The ninja called after the girl but she was long gone.
Ayame shook her head as she started to continue towards the meeting place.