Emerging Past – Chapter 4

Written by Dana

Rikimaru was on his way to the gate where he was to meet Ayame, when he felt the earthquake. Thinking that more soldiers had arrived from out-world, he was about to go to the direction of the quake, when a ninja with a yellow vest block his path.

“You aren’t going anywhere, boy.”

the ninja informed him, getting into a fighting stance.
Accepting his challenge, the Azuma ninja also got into a fighting stance. The newcomer smiled behind his mask and thought

(This should be fun.)

as Rikimaru charged him. Before he could attack, the yellow clothed ninja dodged him and kicked the silver-haired ninja in the head. After Rikimaru recovered he, punched him in the face, moonsaulted over the other ninja, and was about to break his neck when the stranger teleported.
After appearing about 6 feet in front of him he said,

“You are more skilled than I predicted you were….”

Then he put his hand in front of him and a head of something that resembled a snake appeared from his palm.

“But let’s see if you can dodge this! Get over here!”

He said after the snake-like chain flew out of his hand about to snag Rikimaru. Catching the chain easily, he grinned evilly and sent an ice pulse through the chain, which caused the other ninja’s internal organs to freeze solid and explode. Then he pulled the chain towards him, began to kick the half-dead ninja senseless until he exploded and then walked away as if nothing happened.

Meanwhile in the forest near the village…..

A man dressed in black with brown tousled hair, paced in front of 12 other soldiers as they were loading guns, and checking their tasers. The man stopped pacing and barked,

“Soldiers attention!”

Then after all 12 men stood their grounds, he asked them if they knew what their mission and objection was, and then gave them a word of warning.

“You need to use caution on this mission. The object you are to exterminate may look harmless, but she is very deadly. So don’t underestimate her. But remember to bring the body back to the base….. is that clear?”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

The soldiers replied.

“Good, now move out.”

The commander ordered.
Then the soldiers moved out to the Manji village, to their forsaken target.