Emerging Past – Chapter 5

Written by Dana

A tall skinny man with black hair,black overalls, and one eye that was blue and the other brown teleported in front of the troop of armed soldiers and said,

“What do you think your doing? Mother wants the girl back alive. “

The Commanding officer stammered nervously,

“W-We were given orders to kill the subject APS 6.93 and bring her b-back to Michelanglo Hospital by Dr. L-Lem-“

“And who are you supposed to be following orders from, huh? Lem or Mother, you worthless piece of shit?!”

The man raged.

“Dorothy, sir but-“

His words were suddenly cut short by a full telekinesis attack by the enraged man.He suddenly smiled and asked,

“Who wants to be next?”

. Silence.

“I thought not. Now go back to the base and get ready to leave… I will get back our sister in no time.”

As the soldiers ran (literally) towards the base the man heard in his mind

Now Birdman, was that really necessary?

Birdman answered

But my dear mother I did what you asked, and now I will carry out the orders that those incompetent trigger-happy humans couldn’t.

Well, do not underestimate your sister 6.93, she can be a handful to capture.


I will keep that in mind mother, thank you for your concern.

With that note, he teleported to he Manji village to find the girl.

Manji Village:

Tigerlily looked at her master’s dead, mutilated body with sad eyes, almost brimming over with tears.

“No…. Yoshi-san.”

She whimpered, wiping her eyes. The young girl clenched her teeth in rage and unexpectedly fangs ripped from her gums, as her bones in her leg and wrists shifted. Dropping to her knees she started to scream as the excruciatingly painful process of shifting into her half-cat hybrid began. Her heels started to move upward as molded into her legs and ankles, silver-white fur sprouted from her skin, and finally her screams turned into loud shrieks as her voice box changed to that of a cat’s,as she ran from the house.

To be continued…..