The Kaji Ninja

Written by Sakimaru Tsuwamono

There were two ninja clans that had been fighting for years. Sasuga, the leader of the Kaji Clan, was a skilled ninja with 5 disciples; Makaji, Murasaki, Uchiwa, Torihisan, and Sukoshi. One day the leader of the Kuro Ninja, Akuma Shuhan, called for 10 of his ninja’s. There were 15 ninjas all together in this clan; Ichi, Ni, Mi, Yon, Go, Roku, Shichi, Yatsu, Kokonotsu, Juu, Juuichi, Juuni, Juusan, Juushi and Juugo.
(AKUMA) “Kuro Ninja!”
(KURO NINJAS) “Yes Sir!”
(AKUMA) I have a job for you. Lord Mei-Oh has captured my brother Akuhei. I will not go on knowing that Mei-Oh thinks he’s all-powerful and thinks he can kick us around. I want you to wipe that smile of his face.
(ICHI) But master, the last time we tried to attack Mei-Oh we-
(AKUMA) “Silence!”
(ICHI) ” Yes sir.”
(AKUMA) Now, at midnight you will attack. I don’t care how get in or what you do, as long as you are unnoticed and you kill Lord Mei-Oh.

After four hours, it was midnight. The Kuro Clan gathered their supplies and headed out. When they arrived near the front of Mei-Oh’s castle, they found that there was going to be a lot of things to deal with. There were about 2-dozen soldiers.
(ICHI) “We have to get around to the back somehow and onto the roof.”
When they finally got to the back and onto the roof, Yon fell to the ground. The other ninjas looked back to see what happened. Ichi ran toward Yon and saw that his head was cut off. It was a clean cut, but he didn’t know who could have done it.
(NI) “Maybe it was a Kaji Ninja.”
(ICHI) *grumbles* “All right keep moving.”
They kept running and running to get to the front. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a dark figure came.
(UNKNOWN PERSON) “Where do you think you’re going?”
(MI) “Hey get out of our way you punk!”
The person’s eyes started to glow red.
(UNKNOWN PERSON) “I’ll ask again, where do you think you’re going? Not trying to be sneaky are you?”
(ICHI) “Who the crap are you?!”
(UNKNOWN PERSON) *pulls out his sword* “My name, is Makaji.”
The Kuro ninjas gasped. Makaji moved his foot and suddenly seemed to have disappeared, but left an after-image. All of a sudden, five of the Kuro ninjas were dead, but the other five sprung out of the way and watched in horror. Makaji appeared again with his sword in a position where he had cut the ninja. The 5 Kuro Ninja ran across the rooftop as fast as they could. Then, appearing in front of them was , Murasaki.
(MURASAKI) “Hello ”
The Ninja continued to run in another direction. When they finally thought that Murasaki and Makaji were not on their tails any more, they stopped to rest.
(ICHI) “You guys go ahead to find a way into the castle. I will seek Murasaki and Makaji.”
(JUUSHI) “What?!”
(JUUGO) “Are you crazy?!”
(ICHI) “Just shut up and do as I say!”
(JUUSHI) “OK then.”

As Ichi walked back to find Makaji, he couldn’t find him. So, he jumped off of the roof and ran into the snowy forest to try and find him. Ichi finally found Makaji. He was on a small bridge over a creek meditating. His sword, Ashikei, was sitting next to him.
(ICHI) “Hahaha. Now I can kill him and get him out of my way.”
Ichi crept silently behind Makaji. He pulled out his weapon to attack. Suddenly Makaji put his hands on the ground and kicked back into Ichi’s stomache. He coughed out some blood.
(ICHI) “!@#$%^ you little!”
(MAKAJI) “So, you want to fight do you?”
(ICHI) “I…I ”
(MAKAJI) “Then it is a fight you will get.”
(ICHI) “Hm hm hm. Alright.”
Ichi put down his weapon because Makaji wasn’t using his. It was a hand-to-hand fight.
(ICHI) “When I kill you, tell everyone in hell who you lost against.”
(MAKAJI) *smirks* “OK then.”
Ichi threw a fast roundhouse kick to Makaji’s stomach. Makaji grabbed his leg before it hit him and flung Ichi into a tree. He coughed.
(ICHI) “Haha. Nice.”
(MAKAJI) “You fool.”
Ichi faked a face punch and then did a spinning sweep kick. Makaji back flipped out of the way and sprung to do a flying sidekick. Ichi ducked and rolled under. Makaji landed and stood with his back turned.
(MAKAJI) “Why don’t you attack me now? I have my back turned.”
(ICHI) “You think I’m really stupid don’t you?”
(MAKAJI) “Maybe just a little bit.”
(ICHI) “You’ll regret that!”
Ichi jumped over Makaji trying to kick him. Makaji disappeared.
(ICHI) “Stop playing games and fight!”
(MAKAJI) “You’re a fool. Who’s your master?”
Makaji appears again.
(ICHI) “You don’t recognize my uniform? I am a Kuro ninja. My master is Akuma.”
(MAKAJI) “Ah. Now I remember. That old scum will never learn, will he?”
(ICHI) “He is not a scum you ignorant fool! He could kill YOU in a second.”
(MAKAJI) “You’re full of it. His skills are weak. So are yours .”
Ichi pulls out his twin swords with anger. Makaji walks over to the bridge where he left his sword. He picked it up and pulled the sword out.
(MAKAJI) “I’m getting sick of you. I am supposed to be guarding the castle, not fighting you. Although I must say it’s fun to fight one who is evil and not very skillful.”
(ICHI) *laughs* “Get over yourself you goody-two-shoes.”
Makaji runs toward Ichi with his sword in hand. Ichi gets ready. Ichi is about to move but then Makaji right in front of him disappears leaving an after-image of him about to cut Ichi. Suddenly, Ichi is cut in half. Makaji appears behind him, sword tainted with blood.
(MAKAJI) “I destroy evil. You are evil and you are a fool. You could have joined our clan; you MIGHT have made a good Kaji warrior, maybe.”
Makaji slices his sword in the air, wiping the blood off. Then he closed his eyes and re-sheathed his sword.
(MAKAJI) “I will tell your master of how you died.” Then Makaji sat back down and started meditating again.

Juushi and Juugo had killed all of the guards in the front. They finally got in and stealthily made their way to kill Lord Mei-Oh. Then some soldiers came through the hallway. They quietly leaped into the nearest room. It was dark. They couldn’t see very well. Then a small light came on. They crouched and looked around. Standing 10 feet away from them was Murasaki.
(MURASAKI) “If you plan on staying here, you’re sadly mistaken.”
(JUUSHI) “Oh look Juugo. It’s the little girl and she wants to kill us.”
(JUUGO) “Haha. That’s funny.”
(MURASAKI) “I wouldn’t be laughing.”
She took out her aikuchi and stabbed both of them in the neck. She pulled the aikuchi out and Juushi and Juugo fell to the ground. Murasaki dragged them to a window and threw them out. Ni and Mi were just in the next room. They didn’t want Murasaki to catch them so they ran to the front of the castle and out the entrance. They ran back to tell Akuma of the other ninjas’ death.

(MI) “Master Shuhan!”
(AKUMA) “Stop shouting! What is it?”
(NI) “The others have been killed. We were the last ones.”
(AKUMA) “What?! Who on earth killed them?”
(NI) “The Kaji Ninja.”
(AKUMA) “Hm. I didn’t know they were still around. All right. Kuro Ninja!”
(KURO NINJAS) “Yes sir!”
(AKUMA) “Go to the castle with these two and kill the Kaji Ninja and Lord Mei-Oh!”
(KURO NINJAS) “Yes sir!” The Kuro ninjas left and went to the castle.

(LORD Mei-Oh) “Guard!”
(GUARD) “Yes sir?”
(LORD Mei-Oh) “Has there been any trouble?”
(GUARD) “Not here.”
(LORD Mei-Oh) “All right. You are dismissed.”
(GUARD) *bows* “Yes sir.”

The kuro ninjas were finally at the hall of Lord Mei-Oh’s room. They stealthily killed the guards who were in their way , then hid before the Lords room.
While meditating, Makaji sensed something was wrong. He ran into the secret entrance to get to Lord Mei-Oh’s room.
(MAKAJI) “Is everything all right my Lord?”
(MI) *whispers* “What is he doing here?”
(LORD Mei-Oh) “Yes, everything is fine here. Is there a problem?”
(MAKAJI) “I sensed something while meditating. I guess it was just a bird or something. Never mind.”
(LORD Mei-Oh) “All right.”
Makaji left through the secret passage and stood outside. Suddenly he sensed something again. He slowly went back through the passage. The ninja ran in to assassinate Lord Mei-Oh.
(LORD Mei-Oh) “Ahhhhh!”
Out of nowhere, Makaji and Murasaki jumped in and attacked the ninjas. They killed all but one.
(LORD Mei-Oh) “What is going on here?!”
(MAKAJI) “Don’t worry about it my Lord.”
The Kuro ninja swiftly made his way past Makaji somehow to kill Lord Mei-Oh.
He quickly pulled his sword out and cut of the ninja’s head right before he got Lord Mei-Oh.
(LORD Mei-Oh) “Oh! Thank you for saving me Makaji.”
(MAKAJI) “Please, sir, don’t thank me. It is my job.”
(LORD Mei-Oh) “And you are good at it too.”
Murasaki and Makaji bowed to Lord Mei-Oh and left. They went to the front of the castle to be on lookout. A dark figure walked casually toward them.
(MAKAJI) “What do you want? Who are you?”
The figure stopped and was silent.
(MURASAKI) “Well, speak up!”
(MAKAJI) “Friend or foe?”
The figure took out his sword and got in fighting position.
(FIGURE) “I am, Akuma Shuhan and you will die by my blade.”
(MAKAJI) *rolls his eyes* “Oh I see, you are the master of the Kuro Ninja Clan.”
(AKUMA) “Yes, and I see you have killed my ninja.”
Makaji pulled out his sword and attacked. He and Akuma started fighting sword-on-sword. The swords clanged and clanged. Then Murasaki joined in. Then, Akuma punched Murasaki in the face. She flew back and fell to the ground.
(MAKAJI) “You will pay for that!”
Murasaki’s nose was bleeding and she had a bruise forming on her face.
(MURASAKI) “I’ll kick your butt!”
Then she swiftly got behind him while Makaji was still fighting Akuma. Murasaki cut off Akuma’s arm.
(AKUMA) “How how could you have done that?! You brat!”
(MURASAKI) “I guess you’re not as good as you say you are.”
(MAKAJI) “Too bad for you.”
While Akuma was weak, Makaji ran like lightning toward Akuma with his sword. He disappeared before Akuma and left an after image. With the butt of his sword first, Makaji had made a hole through Akumas stomache. The whole blade was drawn into it.
(AKUMA) *falls to the ground* “I I I’ll b-be back for you b-both.”
Then he died. Makaji and Murasaki didn’t know what he meant, but they didn’t pay much attention to it anyway. Akuma’s brother, Akuhei, was still in Mei-Oh’s hands.
Brother and sister, Makaji and Murasaki, went to the forest to train. Lord Mei-Oh was safe, for now.