Death of a Tyrant

Written by Konigun Ryu

The Emperor Gakure was a very powerful and cruel ruler, he taxed his people mercilessly and sent his samurai to kill or enslave all that could not pay. One day Lord Gakure sent his Samurai to capture land on an emperor that he dearly hated,Lord Kaibudo .Gakure hated Kaibudo’s docile tactics of rule and considered him to be a coward. One day,Gakure’s samurai Raided the nearest village to the border of his land and KAibudo’s and killed or enslaved the village’s ocupant’s, caputuring the land in the process. Kaibudo was never one to fued, but his Ninjas were some of the deadliest in the land. His Ninjas were known as the “Yamabushi clan”. They trained rigorously and constantly and were of utmost loyalty to their Lord because of his well treatment of them and their people. When word of the attack reached Lord Kaibudo, he was enraged and summoned his Head Ninja, Gaida. Gaida was a fierce Ninja who lived only to serve his worthy Lord.Gaida had carried out hundreds of missions for Lord Kaibudo in his lifetime, and was a very trusted member of the Kaibudo Staff. Kaibudo’s orders were to assassinate Lord Gakure. Gaida agreed and immediately planned out his approach to the perilous mission.Gaida set off the following morning to carry out his mission.He ran for 3 hours through woods and streams, valleys and mountains. Finally he arrived at the Royal Palace and began phase two of his approach. He waited in the bushes , waiting to observe Gakure’s daily activities, to find a weakness in his defense. He observed and absorbed every possible bit of information about Gakure for almost a week. Soon, Gaida began to notice a pattern. First in the morning, Gakure would come out to his garden with his guards and smell his flowers and enjoy their beauty, but after that, Gaida noticed that the emperor remained under extremely close guard for the rest of his day, as well as the night.Gakure was a very busy man and his duties required to stay within the castle most of the time. He would not return to the courtyards until the next morning, when he would smell his flowers and enjoy his garden. So, that night, Gaida made his move, ever so stealthily and ever so quickly. After his deed was done, Gaida set upon the long journey back to his Lord. The next morning, Lord Gakure awoke as usual. Ate his breakfast as usual, went to his garden as usual. As he approached his flowers, he bent over to smell them, and upon the first initially glorious whiff, fell over dead.By this time Gaida had long returned to his Lord and went about his regular curriculum. Gaida had found the Lord’s weakness and it was all he needed to carry out his mission. During the night, Gaida kept a close watch on the guards , and when the time was right. Gaida snuck into the garden, and sprinkled a powerful inhalant poison made from the Strychnine plant , so that when Gakure smelled them, he would be poisoned and die. It was not until several minutes after his collapse that Gakure’s doctors arrived from the castle to help him. But it was too late. Gakure was long dead. Funeral services were held for Gakure two days later, but no one attended, not even his trusted advisors. The horror was at an end. With Gakure dead, Kaibudo asked the people of the land to let him rule over them with a much more just hand. The majority of the people agreed and not only did the lives of the people get better, but this was a new frontier for the Kaibudo family. The empire became stronger, and lived on in harmony for many , many years following.