Level 10 ( A second perspective)

Written by Dana

Rikimaru knew he had to hurry.Mei-oh was going to kill Kiku if he didn’t. But in his rush a bear noticed him killing a cultlet. Hearing it’s thunderous roar Rikimaru thought :

“Again!This is just great.”

as he prepared to strike. But the bear wasn’t stupid. It rushed at him and bit into his wrist. Thinking quickly he stabbed the bear in the head, killing it instantly. Rikimaru looked at his wrist and winced in pain.

“Very good boy….now lets see if you can beat me.”

He rolled his eyes.

“Don’t you have someone else to annoy…”

Onikage laughed

“Well I see that you do not want to play? I guess that means you’ll die easier then bo-“

He was cut short by Rikimaru using a powerful ice blasting attack, freezing him solid.


Rikimaru muttered while walking away.

“Now where would Kiku be?”

he asked himself. The question was soon answered when he was hit in the head with a stick and knocked unconscience.

(Five minutes later)

Rikimaru woke up and Kiku was crouched next to him.

“Oh god. I’m sorry about that. I thought you were that demon that threatened to kill me.”

Ignoring her he got up and said

“Let’s go…”

So they went to where Ayame was fighting Mei-oh…well was supposed to. Mei-oh was standing and looking at his watch waiting for Ayame.

“Rikimaru does this mean she’s… dead.”

Kiku asked.

“Good chance.”

Rikimaru said sadly. Then Ayame dropped down and stabbed Mei-oh in the head with her sword.

“Ha! Didn’t expect that”

did you bastered? Rikimaru & Kiku breathed a sigh of relief.

“Did you two think I was dead or something?”


Both replied angrily. She shrugged and all three left,dropped Kiku off at home and left for home.

“Damn! What happened to your wrist?”

Ayame asked.

“Just got my ass kicked by a bear, but nothing serious.”

Rikimaru replied smiling. Then both bid each other good night and went to bed.