Attacked By An Old Friend

Written by The Shadow Warrior

Rikimaru had just defeated the Kung-Fu master on the ship in the secret harbor.He was just about to leave the secret harbor and go back to the ninja village when all of a sudden a dark figure wearing a mask that looked like a dragon appeared out of newer and did a downward strike with his fist at Rikimaru’s skull.Luckly the skill shadow warrior did a backflip just before he was hit in the face.The figure tryed to spin hook kick Rikimaru in the face but Rikimaru was to fast he ducked to the ground and sweeped the figure off his feet and onto the ground.Rikimaru thought that would slow the figure down but it had no effect the figure did a kick-up and drew out his sword.Rikimaru recognized the blade it was Izayoi and could only mean one thing.
The figure took off the mask and revealed his identity it was Tatsumaru.Rikimaru was shocked and said

“Tatsumaru your alive”

the figure responded

“Who is Tatsumaru I am Seiyru The Blue Dragon one of the four Lords of the Burning Dawn”.

And Rikimaru said

“What are you talking about you are Tatsumaru leader of the Azuma Ninja”.

The figure replied

“I have no time to talk to a mad man”

and with that the figure was off into the sky.Rikimaru was filled with anger he wanted answers and he was going to get them.Rikimaru had always been faster than Tatsumaru so it was no problem keeping with him he quickly did a double front flip and pulled out his sword at the same time and he landed right in front of the use to be Tatsumaru.Rikimaru said

“I want some answers Seiyru and I will get them even if I have to use cold steel”.

And Seiyru said

“I do not wish to fight you but if you pose a threat than I guess I must kill you”.

The once Tatsumaru drew his sword out and charged at Rikimaru was ready for him and flipped his intire body over his shoulder unfortunately Seiyru was ready for it and landed on his feet.Then he twisted his upper body and slashed Rikimaru in the gut Rikimaru screamed in pain as blood flowed from his gut.But that only mad Rikimaru even madder her threw three shurikens at Seiyru.Seiyru amazingly blocked two of them but the third went straight in to his shoulder.He dropped his sword as his whole intire arm became num as a result of too much blood loss.Then Rikimaru flying side kicked Seiyru in the gut and he fell too the ground Rikimaru held his sword up to his neck and said okay time for some answers.Then all of a sudden he sensed two foes coming in fast and one said

“I don’t think so”.

It was Lady Kagami and Sazaku they both threw down at least ten round balls instantly when the balls hit the ground a mighty gas was released.Rikimaru recognized this gas it was a mixture of cloudy smoke and tear gas.He could not escape the gas quick enough he had to breath and he did and when he did he fainted instantley.The last thing he saw was all three of the ninjas getting away before he fainted.He did not wake up someone woke him up it was Ayame she asked

“What happened”

and he responded by saying

“I will tell you everything when we get back to the village.”