Night of the Shadow Walker

Written by Ryu

The rain began to fall over a small village about 2 miles out of Gohda castle as a shadow of night flickers in and out of the darkness. The Azuma ninja Rikimaru sets his back against a small wall of one of the homes in the village , he looks around the corner but can’t see very well through the rain. Rikimaru looks down to his hand and pulls out a piece of paper from one of his secret pockets and reveals the secret message that he stole from enemy encampments telling that Lord Gohda will be attacked by thousands of men. Rikimaru puts the message away .
He stands close to the wall :

“I sense danger i best hurry”.

The Azuma ninja uses his stealth techniques and launches himself up to one of the roofs of the houses , he looks around to see a ninja in green clothing holding 2 kumi knives walking around and searching for intruders. The ninja stops , stretches and yawns . This gives Rikimaru his chance , so he jumps to the ground and swiftly runs up behind the ninja and unsheathes Izayoi and grabs the ninja by the shoulder and shoves his sword around the ninjas neck and slices his neck clean open. The ninja tries to call for help but slowly chokes on his own blood as it sprays out all over the ground then the ninja falls lifeless on the ground. Rikimaru puts his sword away and continues jumping from roof to roof searching for Lord Gohdas castle entrance.

Rikimaru stops in his tracks as he sees a ninja standing on a roof next to him. He quietly goes into a crouching position and slowly creeps over to the ledge of his roof waiting for the right time to strike. The ninja on the other roof turns and shows his back to Rikimaru. Then with one swift movement Rikimaru launches himself from his roof and lands on the other roof whilst swiping forward with Izayoi and slashes straight through the ninjas neck. Rikimaru holds his position as the ninjas head slowly falls off his shoulders , blood sprays out of his neck then his body falls lifeless to the ground. Rikimaru sheathes his sword and continues his way to Gohda castle.

Rikimaru slowly comes up to a bridge guarded by a lonely archer. Rikimaru knows he won’t be any trouble. Rikimaru jumps the the ground and takes off at high speed towards the bridge and the lonely archer. The archer turns towards Rikimaru but can’t excatly make out what is in front of him then with a flash of lightning the archer feels a sharp pain going through his body as he sees a sword in his chest and Rikimaru reaching out from a crouched stance with his arms extended forwards holding the sword. The guard coughs up a mouth full of blood as Rikimaru pulls out his sword from the guards chest with so much force that the guard flies forward past Rikimaru and lies with his face on the ground in a pool of blood. Rikimaru watches his blood slowly start to flow into the river below the bridge before moving on.

Rikimaru sees the entrance to Gohda castle with one guard holding a samurai sword in his hand , walking from left to right.Rikimaru puts his hand into one of his secret pouches and pulls out a super crimson blade. He holds all five knives in one hand and slowly starts to walk towards the guard.Rikimaru holds the knives up and waits for the guard to turn around , then just as the guard turns Rikimaru throws the knives at the guard . The guard coughs a mouthful of blood as he falls the the ground and slowly begins to bleed to death. Rikimaru quickly runs up to the entrance of Gohda castle to find Sekiya , Lord Gohda’s most trusted advisor. Rikimaru kneels before Sekiya.
Rikimaru :

“Please forgive my late arrival”

“No no you have done well Rikimaru! Please Lord Gohda is waiting for you inside . Come.”

, Sekiya says as he opens the door to Gohda castle . Rikimaru stands up and walks with Sekiya into the castle to meet Lord Gohda.

After the long discussion with Lord Gohda , Rikimaru decides to go and sit down for a while and rest. Rikimaru dashes into the dark forests of Gohda’s land and once again returns into the darkness from where he once came ….

Author: Rikimaru is my favourite ninja and one day I hope to be equal to his abilities. I hope you all enjoyed this story !