Tenchu 2 – Act II

Written by Daniel Teh

Act II – The Shifting Sands

Scene 1

Weeks after Tatsumaru’s death, Rikimaru and Ayame had started to move on with their lives. Ghoda Castle was still a wreck, and was slowly being repaired. For his safety Lord Ghoda had gone to the Azuma village to stay until Ghoda Castle was finished. Ghoda had called Rikimaru and Ayame to Master Shiunsai’s house on the small cliff-like hill above the village. They knelt before him, closely listening to his words.

“Terrible news from one of our mountain villages. People have been disappearing. The terrified villagers have been whispering that terrifying demons have come for them. Go there and stop this tragedy Rikimaru,”

Ghoda ordered.

“Yes my Lord,”

Rikimaru replied leaving at once for the mountain village.

“Ayame I have another mission for you. Kidnappers have been taking my people to a deserted island. Can I count on you to investigate,”

Ghoda asked.

“Yes Lord Ghoda,”

she said and quickly left the house.

Scene 2
The mountain village was one of the most beautiful villages around. It lay on a mountain and many of the villagers homes were set on cliffs and hills connected by old wooden bridges and stone stairways built into the mountain itself. A beautiful waterfall lay at the summit and its water ran down the cliffs into small springwater ponds and a river. But the serene atmosphere has been shattered by the cries of fear. One of the villagers, a young woman ran alongside the river in grave distress.

“Help! Somebody help me please!”

she shouted in desperation. Suddenly she tripped.

“Nobody’s gonna hear you scream up here little girl. We’re all alone, hehehe,”

a horrifying voice said in evil laughter. A man in a demons mask slowly approached the terrified lady and knocked her out. He lifted her over his shoulder and began to walk off.

“You’re a pretty sad excuse for a demon,”

a voice mocked. The masquerader looked around and saw it was Rikimaru, who was standing not far from him.

“Who are you!?”

he demanded.

“I am the man who will cut off your nose. at the neck,”

Rikimaru said frightfully.


the masquerader dropped the woman and ran off. Rikimaru hastily followed.

Ayame gracefully swam in toward the deserted island. As she removed herself from the water she looked up at the foggy mountainous island.

“So, this is where they’ve been taking the people.What a dump”

she said to herself. She began to make her way inland and up the mountainous terrain, moving stealthily passed all of the Ninja guards. In the distance she could see some kind of a prison courtyard.

Rikimaru snuck up behind another demon masked man. As he turned around Rikimaru thrust his sword into the man’s stomach and sliced upward then removed his sword. The masquerader gurgled and fell to the ground in a puddle of his own blood. Rikimaru looked to the hut at the top of a cliff.

“That must be where the villagers are being kept,”

he said to himself and kept moving.

Ayame slowly moved up beside the masked female Ninja. Then with a quick twirl of her body, her short swords thrust themselves into the woman’s stomach. She pulled her swords out and twirled back into a standing position. She looked over to the imprisonment and ran up to the cages. Quickly, she unlocked the cages and released the people held within. She told them the safe route to take away from the island and they thanked her and left. As she begun to leave herself a fat man in green clothing stood in her way. It was Genbu of the Nyogetsu ninja.

“Hey! Nice little girl. Sneaky Ninja Genbu sneaks up on you again, hahaha!”

Genbu laughed. Ayame ignored him and attempted to walk passed but Genbu stopped her.

“No fair running away.”

“Ohh, not again. Out of my way ignoramus!”

Ayame screamed at him.

“My name’s not Goramus, it’s Genbu the green turtle, one of the four lords of the Burning Dawn,”

Genbu said.

“You mean Genbu the idiot, one of the four idiots of idiot land!”

She teased him.

“No! Don’t you make fun of my new name from Lady Kagami,”

he said.


“Lady Kagami is a great -uh…lady. She’s gonna make a world just for us Ninja, like in her dream for us. And since you’re a Ninja, I bet you could ask her real nice and she’d let you join.”

“Oh Please. Unlike you losers I don’t need to live in someone else’s dream. I have dreams of my own,”

she said.

“Well if you don’t want to join, I won’t let you join! And I’ll beat you up with my sneaky Ninja moves,”

Genbu said dropping a smoke bomb. When the smoke cleared all Ayame could see was a large rock in the gateway.

“You can’t find me,”

Genbu sounded.
She casually lit a small torch stick and dropped it onto the rock.

“Ohh! Ahh! Hot! Burning! Owww!”

Genbu quickly jumped out of the rock shell and ran off with his arse on fire.

“Burning Dawn? Lady Kagami? A world for Ninja? Nah he’s just a drunken idiot,”

Ayame said to herself.

Rikimaru crept carefully towards the hut. He could see the villagers tied up there, but there was no one guarding them. He quickly ran inside.

“Oh, help us please,”

one man, pleaded. Rikimaru cut the ropes which bound them and they hurried away.

“Thank You!”

they yelled as they ran off. One man stopped and turned back.

“Here, you might need this -Ahh!”

the man was cut short. He dropped to the ground. Behind him stood a huge man who had a distinctly large nose and odd clown-like face. He was holding two sharp sickles; one drenched with blood.

“Hahaha, that’ll teach you peasant! Ahahaha!”

The man cackled.

“How could you!? You call yourself a Ninja!”

Rikimaru shouted in anger.

“Ahahaha! They are mere insects! Ahahaha!”

He shouted.

“Even insects are better than you!”

Rikimaru yelled in disgust. He attacked but the giggling clown jumped out of the way, trying to attack with his two sickles but missing. Rikimaru realized that his opponent was always jumping, so he decided to use this to his advantage. He jumped down off the hut and waited. When the Man tried to jump on top of him, Rikimaru moved backward. He quickly threw his sword into the freak’s back.


the man’s laugh soon became a scream. As Rikimaru pulled out his sword, the demon-clown fell to the ground.

“You, shall die in silence.”

Rikimaru returned to the dying villager.

“Here-take this-you may-need it,”

the villager struggled.

“What is it?”

Rikimaru asked.

“The map- save -my people -ugh,”

the villager handed Rikimaru a scroll as he died.

“Your death will not be in vain. I will save your people,”

Rikimaru declared.

Scene 3
Rikimaru found his way along the beach carefully. The shadows of the night made it easy for him not to be noticed. Although the beach was a wide open space, so he was lucky for all of the scattered crates on the shoreline. Chinese pirates were everywhere. Rikimaru couldn’t figure out who they were or why they were there. A large crimson pirate ship was docked in the middle of the secret harbour. The pirates seemed to be loading it for some reason. Rikimaru climbed onto the boat from the water’s side, careful not to make any noise that might alert the guards. He entered the ships main quarters downstairs. There the mountain villagers were imprisoned and tied up. Rikimaru freed them with his sword and the villagers hastily escaped. Rikimaru stood for a minute, listening to the night sounds. He suddenly moved forward, turned and raised his sword. A man wearing a royal blue dragon mask stood in front of him holding a sword against his. The two began to fight. This man was very well trained in the Ninja ways. He seemed to use his hands and feet in martial arts techniques. The masked man removed the sword from its sheath on the back of his waste. They started to fight again, but the masked man was obviously more skilled. With little effort he was able to knock Rikimaru down. Rikimaru looked up at him and raised his sword.

“That blade. That’s Izayoi,”

Rikimaru exclaimed. The Man removed his mask. It was Tatsumaru.

“Tatsumaru! You’re alive!”

Rikimaru shouted with joy.

“Who’s Tatsumaru? I am Seiryu, the Blue Dragon. Lord of the Burning Dawn,”

Tatsumaru said.

“What? You are Tatsumaru, of the Azuma Ninja,”

Rikimaru told him. Tatsumaru looked at him blankly.

“Enough. I have no time to talk to a madman,”

Tatsumaru said and ran out into the night sea air.


Rikimaru shouted after him.

Scene 4

“So, Tatsumaru survived the fall,”

Shiunsai said. Rikimaru sat before him inside his masters house. After the last nights events, Rikimaru was confused, and even Master Shiunsai held no answers.

“But Master, how could the enemy trick him into joining them?”

Rikimaru asked.

“Hmmm, Tatsumaru would not fall for a simple trick. No, there are unseen forces at work here,”

Shiunsai replied.

“Master, could it be that Tatsumaru has forgotten who is?”

“Even so, we still bear responsibility for Tatsumaru. If he has shamed himself, then only death at the hands of an Azuma Ninja can purify him. You must be prepared to kill him.”

He coldly explained to Rikimaru.


Ghoda appeared at the door.

“There is trouble in the east. The temple has been overrun by some group called, the Burning Dawn.”

“Burning Dawn?”

Rikimaru wondered.

“You’ve heard of them?”

Lord Ghoda asked.

“I “

Rikimaru was unsure of what to say.

“Rikimaru, your answers lie within the temple,”

Shiunsai told him.

“Hurry, we are counting on you,”

Ghoda said faithfully. Rikimaru hesitated, but replied assuringly.

“Yes my Lord.”

Scene 5

“First at the mountain village then at my Secret Harbour. May the Gods curse Ghoda, and his Azuma Ninja!”

Kagami shouted in anger. She paced back in forth within the huge torch lit caverns. In the background the sounds of hammering and forging could be heard. Tatsumaru entered the area.

“Well, if he wants to expose my secrets, then I’ll expose his secret Quarantine village. Seiryu! We’re going to attack Ghoda’s weak point, his Quarantine village. We’ll teach Ghoda a lesson in humiliation, hahaha”

Kagami marched away in laughing.

Scene 6
Ayame had returned from her mission on Kubon island. She had only been back for a few hours when Lord Ghoda called for her again. She went to Shiunsai’s house, where Ghoda was staying. Ghoda sat on a straw mat remembering images of his Quarantine village.

“You wanted to see me my Lord,”

Ayame said as she kneeled on one leg.

“The Quarantine village is under attack, you must go there,”

He told her.

“Quarantine village? Where’s that?”

she asked.

“It’s a village I made, not far from the castle, for people suffering from contagious diseases,”

he replied.

“You’re the one who isolated them?”

Ayame asked confused.

“Yes. But I had no choice. The disease was spreading rapidly,”

he said as he turned. He clenched his fist tightly.

“I couldn’t just kill them.”

“My Lord, I shouldn’t have asked. I’ll go at once,”

Ayame apologized. She stood and exited the room.

Scene 7
Rikimaru had made his way to the inner sanctum of the Temple. The icy night breeze and the cold mountain snowing had made his toes go numb. But he ignored it, a ninja must not let simple pain affect their mission. He could just see the Noh Stage through the heavy mist and snow. He entered it. The walls were opened upward, as it allows the temple monks and others to see out into the beauty of the world. He looked in.


he shouted. Suzaku stood on the inner Stage. His tall body surrounded by dozens of fireflies, lighting up the area. Suzaku raised his sword and the walls suddenly closed down on the stage, locking them in.

“Let me take care of the child Ninja for you my love,”

a woman’s voice said. A woman wearing a white kimono and an odd insect wing cape, approached Suzaku from behind and stood beside him. Suzaku moved to the back of the stage.

“Who are you?”

Rikimaru asked.

“I am Yukihotaro, the Ice Firefly. The Ninja who will kill you,”

She said. She pulled out a short sword and attacked. Rikimaru blocked her and tried to slash her but she was too fast. Yukihotaro moved away from him. Suddenly she threw several small blades at him. Rikimaru blocked one with his sword but another cut his arm. He stopped and looked at the blood seeping from it. He then turned back to her, and attacked. She blocked him but he kept attacking furiously. She finally had a chance to move and sliced at him twice, but he moved to the side. She thought she had cut him open and smiled, but suddenly she stopped. She fell to the stairs at the stage. Rikimaru moved back. His sword was covered in blood. Yukihotaro lay on the stage with a crimson pool surrounding her. She slowly crawled away to the middle of the stage leaving a trail of blood behind. She reached up to Suzaku who stood before her.

“Suzaku, hold me, I’m dying,”

she said softly. Suzaku looked at her; then raised his sword and thrust it into the side of her neck.

“Suzaku, my love, how could you,”

she cried as her life faded away.

“I have no love for weakness, only power,”

Suzaku looked up at Rikimaru.

“So, we meet again. I am Suzaku, the Red Sparrow. One of the four lords of the Burning Dawn,”

he said removing his mask. He had a black ribbon tied over his eyes with two eyeholes cut into it.

“Burning Dawn. What have you done to Tatsumaru?”

Rikimaru demanded.

“There is no Tatsumaru, only Seiryu, the Blue Dragon, and we’ve done nothing to him. He chose to throw off the shackles of his old life,”

Suzaku replied.

“You lie, Tatsumaru would never.”

Rikimaru spat in anger. He walked forward onto the stage.

“Believe what you will, but know this, the Tatsumaru you knew is dead.”


Rikimaru said gritting his teeth.

“Will you join Tatsumaru and help him create a nation of ninja?”

Suzaku asked.

“A nation of ninja?”

Rikimaru questioned.

“The era of samurai lordship is over, now dawns the age of the ninja. We will rule the world,”

Suzaku explained.

“But countless thousands would have to die!”

Rikimaru shouted.

“We live in a world at war, people die every day. But enough arguing, you’ll join us, eventually. Because you are just like me, a lone wolf who finds meaning only in the clash of steel on steel, right?”

He asked as he crushed a firefly buzzing around him.


Rikimaru hesitated.

“And besides, soon you’ll have nowhere else to turn.”

He summa-saulted over Rikimaru to the edge of the water. The walls opened again.

“What do you mean!?”

Rikimaru demanded.

“You’ll find out soon enough, hahaha!”

he laughed as he leapt away into the mist and snow.

“You’re not getting away this time!”

Rikimaru shouted as he ran to the water. He looked out, but could not see more than 10 feet in front of him in the snow and fog. A Pigeon suddenly flew in and hovered in front of Rikimaru. It was wearing a bandanna around its neck. It dropped a small piece of paper into Rikimaru’s hand . He unfolded and read it.

“The Ninja village! Under attack! No!”

Scene 8
Ayame grabbed the Ninja from behind and stabbed him in the chest; she had made her way to the stairs which led up to the Quarantine village’s small temple. She believed that she had killed all of the enemy ninja who were attacking the people of the village. As she started her way up she saw two people standing there. Ayame quickly hid behind a large street lamp. Tatsumaru and Kagami stood at the top of the stairs. An anorexic old man lay on the steps before them.

“Please, we’re dying anyway. Can’t you let us live out the little time we have left,”

the man pleaded before dying.

“Hahahaha. The cries of the weak are so pitiful I can’t help laughing. Isn’t it funny Seiryu?”

she asked, turning to him.

“Is this how you attain your dream?”

Tatsumaru asked in disgust.

“Yes. I grow my dream on their rotting corpses, I’ll water it with their blood, I’ll -I’ll -*Cough* *Cough*”

Kagami coughed, resisting the urge to throw up.

“Who are you trying to fool, Kagami?”

Tatsumaru said.

“*Sniff* I’m not trying to fool anyone *Sniff*; I’m happy, I rejoice in this carnage *Sniff*”

Kagami replied hiding her eyes.

“Then why are there tears in your eyes?”

“It’s just sweat.”

Tatsumaru grabbed her, and held her in his arms.

“What are you doing? Let me go,”

she said fighting to escape, but soon relaxing. She stood there for a minute in his arms. She finally moved away.

“You have your orders. Go now, and burn the Azuma village to the ground. There is no going back. We have to do it this way. I owe it to all the ninja who believe in my dream; I owe it to all those who died following my orders.”

Kagami mounted her horse and rode away.
Ayame moved out from behind the street lamp. She ran up the stairs toward Tatsumaru.

“Tatsumaru! It is you, I knew you weren’t dead!”

Ayame shouted with joy.

“But what are you doing here, they’re the enemy, and who was that woman? Oh, it is so good to see you!”

Tatsumaru stared at her blankly.

“Ah, do I know you?”

he asked.

“Ha ha, very funny, you big jerk!”

she said sarcastically.

“No, I’ve never seen you before in my life,”

Tatsumaru said confused about her identity.

“What do you mean? It’s Ayame, of the Azuma Ninja, c’mon Tatsumaru,”

she walked forward, but he pushed her away.

“I don’t know any Tatsumaru. I am Seiryu, lord of the Burning Dawn. Good bye,”

He said and began to walk away.


Ayame shouted and started to follow but was blocked by three odd Ninja.

“Lord Seiryu, we’ll take care of this nuisance for you,”

the first Ninja said in a hissing voice.

“I- very well,”

Tatsumaru replied. He then rode off on his horse. Ayame moved forward but the second Ninja pushed her back.

“You shall not pass here,”

the second one said in a low voice.

“We are the servants of the burning dawn,”

the last Ninja said in a croaky voice.

“I am The Frog.”

“I am The Snake,”

said the first one.

“And I am the slug,”

said the second one.

“And I am Ayame!”

she said striking down The Slug,

“of the Azuma Ninja!”

grabbing the snake and pulling him in front of her as the Frog tried to slice her, instead killing his fellow Ninja. She dropped him.

“and protector of Lord Ghoda!”

she said as she twisted her body and plunged both of her swords into his chest. He fell to the floor.

“And Conqueror of you three.”

She looked around. Tatsumaru was nowhere in sight.


she called.
A Pigeon wearing a bandanna around it’s neck swooped down to her. She took the message the bird dropped and read it.

“Oh no! The Ninja village!”

Scene 9
Rikimaru returned to the Azuma village. As he entered, he was shocked at what he saw. The village was burning. The orangey-red sky of dusk making the flames even more ominous. The dead bodies of the villagers lay everywhere. He walked towards the body of a young mother. She lay there, lifeless in a pool of her own blood. Her throat had been cut clean. He crouched down and held her.

“No, please. I don’t want to die!”

an old ninja shouted. Kagami slashed her Katana down his torso. Rikimaru stood up.


Rikimaru shouted.

“Rik- Rikimaru -ugh,”

he gasped and his body fell limp.

“You call yourself a Ninja. Your crimes are unforgivable!”

Rikimaru shouted in anger. Kagami turned to him.

“You must be Rikimaru. The young man who’s been so busy interfering with my great work.”

Kagami said.

“Great work!? Destroying the Ninja!?”

“I am the saviour of the Ninja! I am Kagami, leader of the Burning Dawn,”

she said.

“What kind of a saviour slaughters innocent people?”

Rikimaru asked.

“The Path I take is not important, only my success,”

she replied.

“And you are in the way of that success, little Rikimaru. First at the mountain village, then at my Secret Harbour, tsk tsk tsk.”

“If you’re angry at me, then why attack this village?”

Rikimaru asked.

“Hah, I’m not angry at all, hmhmhm. I have mastered my passions. I can be selfless in service to my dream. No, I did this to teach the world a lesson. Oppose me and watch your loved ones suffer!”

she declared. Kagami quickly left Rikimaru. He looked up at Master Shiunsai’s house.
He ran in and saw Lord Ghoda and Shiunsai fighting two Ninja. They both killed their masked enemies.

“My Master, My Lord, I am glad to see you both safe,”

Rikimaru said.

“Rikimaru, I will protect Lord Ghoda. You must save the villagers,”

Shiunsai ordered.

“Yes Master.”

Scene 10
Seimaru stood protecting two young children and a mother holding her baby. Two Ninja were attacking him. He blocked one with his wrist armor and killed the other with his sword. The other Ninja moved back and struck again, but Seimaru was quick to move. He hit the Ninja in the back of the neck, knocking him down. He lifted his sword and plunged it into the Ninja’s back. The Ninja screamed. Another Ninja attacked him from behind, but he was struck down from behind by Rikimaru.

“Seimaru, I am glad to see you alive,”

Rikimaru rejoiced.

“You too my friend,”

he replied,

“You finally came back from your mission.”

“Yes. Seimaru take the surviving villagers to the secret caves at the cliffs near Cherry Tree Hill and protect them,”

he told him.


Seimaru replied determined. He turned to the villagers.


The Villagers followed Seimaru up the pathway towards Cherry Tree Hill. Rikimaru moved on.

Scene 11
Tatsumaru entered Shiunsai’s house. Lord Ghoda was fighting off two Ninja. Lord Ghoda sliced one’s throat and stabbed the other in the chest. He looked up at Tatsumaru.


he shouted and ran forward with his sword ready to strike. Tatsumaru threw one punch into Lord Ghoda’s neck and he was knocked out. Shiunsai looked up.


he shouted. He stood up straight. The two stared at each other. Their eyes locked.

“So, It appears my past has caught up with me. Since I killed your father, maybe it is my karma to die at your hands. Or perhaps not; I may be old, but I can still fight.”

Shiunsai removed the blade from its hidden place inside his cane. Tatsumaru ran forward and punched at his Master. Shiunsai simply cocked his head down to the side. Tatsumaru punched and kicked, but the old Ninja was very nimble for his age. Shiunsai finally attacked in a quick and furious row of slashes. Tatsumaru had a hard time moving and blocking the attacks, but was not harmed. He pulled out Izayoi and fought Shiunsai. The two battled well, and seemed to be matched. But Shiunsai made one wrong move. He made an attempt to cut Tatsumaru’s throat, but Tatsumaru moved his head to the side. The thin cane blade just missing his neck. Tatsumaru quickly lifted his sword and put the sharp tip to Shiunsai’s throat. They both stood their, knowing what would happen. And with a quick flick of his wrist, Tatsumaru slit his Master’s throat. The old man stood for a second. Eyes wide with shock as the blood began to poor from his neck. Then he fell face forward to the ground. Tatsumaru lowered his weapon. He stood staring at Shiunsai’s body. He became lost in confusing thoughts.
[This man, do I really know him. I don’t remember him but, I feel like I just lost someone vitally important to me.]
Rikimaru ran into the room.


he cried. He looked up at Tatsumaru in horror. Tatsumaru sheathed his sword.

“Tatsumaru, you have betrayed your clan and your family. You will die,”

Rikimaru declared. Rikimaru thrust his sword forward, but Tatsumaru moved to the left. He sliced again but Tatsumaru ducked. They both spun to different sides, and Rikimaru threw his blade forward. Tatsumaru blocked with his wrist armor. The two stood there for a second. Tatsumaru’s gaze drifted over to the body of Master Shiunsai. He stared for a few seconds. Then Rikimaru pushed him down with his sword. Tatsumaru lay there.

“Tatsumaru, prepare to die!”

he said and lifted his sword. but hesitated.

“What are you waiting for, do it!”

Tatsumaru asked.

“I “

Rikimaru sliced his blade downward, but stopped before Tatsumaru’s body.

“I can’t.”

He stood there in that position. Suddenly Tatsumaru grabbed Izayoi and swung the blade upward to Rikimaru’s face. The sword cut the skin above and below Rikimaru’s eye. He stumbled backward, and Tatsumaru spun and stood up. He sheathed the sword.


a man screamed. One of the old Ninja fell through the door dead. Kagami stood before him with her Katana held out.

“Never start a fight you’re not prepared to finish boy,”

she advised Rikimaru.


Rikimaru shouted. Kagami stared at him.

“Seiryu, we’re leaving,”

she ordered him.


Tatsumaru did a twisting layout over Rikimaru’s head and landed beside Kagami.

“You’re not going anywhere!”

Rikimaru said as he ran at her with his sword up. In one swift movement, Kagami blocked Rikimaru and pushed him back. He fell to the ground.

“Your anger betrays you. How can you hope to conquer me, if you cannot conquer your own feelings?”

she said and held the tip of her katana to his chest.

“You didn’t kill Seiryu, so I will spare you. Listen carefully Rikimaru, a new day is dawning, conquer your emotions, attain selflessness and then, we’ll let you join us.”

Kagami and Tatsumaru ran off. As they left the house the approached Ayame, who was standing on the roof of a lower house. As Kagami went by she sliced her sword at her, but Ayame blocked. Ayame looked forward and saw Tatsumaru run passed. Then she saw Rikimaru as he held Master Shiunsai.

Scene 12
Rikimaru held, Master Shiunsai in his arms. The old Ninja was dying.

“Rik Rikimaru,”

he struggled. Blood poured from his half cut throat.

“Master Shiunsai”

Rikimaru replied.

“Rikimaru, You must recover the sword, Izayoi. The fate of the Azuma clan is now in your hands,”

he said.

“Yes master,”

Rikimaru said faithfully.

“Wait when you face Tatsumaru you must not be ruled by vengeance or anger, you must be in a state of selflessness, or you will fail again.”

He told him.


“I *Cough* I only prepared you for physical combat you have not yet mastered warfare, of the spirit Forgive me “

and with his last words, he closed his eyes and died.


Rikimaru said in pain, as tears welled in his eyes.

Scene 13
Seimaru hurried along the small hill back towards the burning village, his home. Suddenly, Kagami sprinted by him. He watched her as she moved into the distance. He turned back and saw Tatsumaru following. He quickly grabbed Tatsumaru’s arm. Tatsumaru’s reaction was to attack. Luckily Seimaru’s reaction was to block.

“Whoa, slow down there big fella.”

Seimaru saw his face and realized who it was.

“Tatsumaru you’re, alive, Ayame said you fell off a cliff into the ocean. I’m so glad you’re alright.”

“Who are you?”

Tatsumaru asked.

“Stop calling me that. My name is Seiryu the Blue Dragon.”


Tatsumaru attacked Seimaru, and they began to fight. Seimaru could only fend off the master ninja. It ended abruptly when Tatsumaru cut Seimaru’s arm. Tatsumaru stopped. Seimaru looked into his eyes. They stared at each other for a minute. Then, Tatsumaru sheathed his sword and turned and ran away. Seimaru watched Tatsumaru run off into the evening.

Scene 14
As Rikimaru came out of Master Shiunsai’s house, he saw Lord Ghoda and Sire Sekiya preparing their horses.

“I must return to the castle. The burning dawn will attack again, but they won’t catch me unprepared this time,”

Ghoda said to Rikimaru,

“I am sorry for your loss. Master Shiunsai was a great man. I will see you soon.”

Then he rode out of the village.

“Ruff! Ruff ruff! Wooohh!”

Rikimaru heard a dog barking. It was Semimaru, the village dog.

“Semimaru. You’re okay. Good boy. Okay, find Tatsumaru, find Tatsumaru,”

Rikimaru said to the dog.

Scene 15
Rikimaru followed Semimaru along the wavy green hills. Semimaru saw Seimaru in the distance and stopped at him side. Seimaru was just standing there, looking into the darkness.


Rikimaru said.

“Tatsumaru, went that way,”

Seimaru told him.

“Your arm, are you okay,”

he asked. Seimaru stood silent. Then he turned to Rikimaru.


he replied. He seemed to be in deep thought as he stared out into the evening air.

“Go back to the village,”

Rikimaru said and started off again. Seimaru’s snapped back to attention and quickly turned his head toward Rikimaru as he began to leave.


Seimaru shouted to him.

“I’m coming with you.”

“No. I must do this alone,”

he replied. He paused,

“Catch up with Lord Ghoda. He is on his way to the Castle. I need you to protect him.”


he said, in a disappointed tone.

Scene 16
Kagami and Tatsumaru approached the ancient Cherry tree. They slowed down to a halt.

“We can rest here for a minute,”

Kagami said.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be alright,”

Tatsumaru said and began to walk again. Kagami held her arm out to the side blocking him.
“Why would I worry about you, you big lug,”

she said in a light sarcastic tone.

“All the same, you should let me see that wound.”

Kagami kneeled on one leg and held Tatsumaru’s wrist. She then ripped off a piece of her short cape and wrapped it around the wound on his wrist. She stood up and turned away.

“Seiryu; remember who you work for. You are only allowed to die when it serves me. So don’t go getting yourself killed without my permission,”

she said in a humorously.


Tatsumaru laughed.

“And what is so funny?”

Kagami asked.

“I’ll get to work on that; dying in a way that serves you,”

he replied jokingly.

“Make sure you do that. I forbid you to die under any other circumsta “


Ayame yelled as she ran toward the huge cherry tree cutting off Kagami’s sentence. They both looked at her.

“What a stubborn little girl. When you arrive in hell, let everyone know Lady Kagami sent you,”

she said.

“So you’re Kagami. The one with the drooling idiot followers. How did you add Tatsumaru to your pack of losers?”

she asked sarcastically.

“You insolent brat! I will skin you alive!”

She pulled out her Katana and moved forward, but Tatsumaru stopped her.

“What are you doing?”

She asked in an angry and confused tone.

“You let her provoke you. Forgot the dream. I will handle her,”

he replied.

“No. She’s just a child. She cannot provoke me. She She “

Kagami paused.

“You’re right. I lost control. Shamed myself. You deal with her. But be careful; remember your wound Come home to me safely Seiryu.”

Kagami sheathed her sword and left. Ayame turned her attention back to her old friend

“Tatsumaru, did you kill Master Shiunsai? Tell me it’s not true,”

Ayame said.

“That old man was your teacher?”

he asked.

“He was your teacher too. He was like a father to us. Have you really forgotten everything? All that time we spent together, it wasn’t real; is that what you’re saying Tatsu?”

Tatsumaru suddenly began to have flashbacks of his childhood with Ayame. He saw her as a child standing in that very spot in front of him, under the ancient cherry tree.

{“When I grow up, I’m gonna marry you Tatsu. We’re gonna live happily ever after under a big beautiful cherry tree,”}

the little girl who was once Ayame said.



Ayame said. Tatsumaru snapped back to reality with his returned memories.

“Ayame. Your name, is Ayame,”

Tatsumaru said.

“Oh! You remember! Tatsu “

Ayame ran to him but he pushed her back with a slice of his sword.

“Ayame, you must forget about me. Tatsumaru is dead. There is only Seiryu now,”

he told her.

“But you got your memory back. It can be like it was again,”

she said.

“No, it can’t!”

He told her sternly.


she demanded.

“Because. That’s the way it is. If we meet again, I will kill you,”

Tatsumaru replied and ran off.

Scene 17
Ayame sat under the Ancient cherry tree. Her heart ached, and she was confused. Rikimaru and Semimaru ran up to her.


Rikimaru said as he approached her.

“Ayame, Tatsumaru killed Master Shiunsai. I must avenge his death.”

Suddenly in one quick move Ayame jumped forward and lifted her sword to Rikimaru’s throat.

“I won’t let you kill Tatsumaru,”

she said.

“But Ayame, he killed the ma “

he began but was cut short by Ayame.

“I will kill Tatsumaru myself,”

she continued.

“Oh, I understand. You are acting from a state of pure selflessness. C’mon Semimaru, take us to Tatsumaru!”

Rikimaru ordered the dog. It barked and wagged its tail, and then ran off again.

Scene 18
Kagami waked through the caves with Tatsumaru following closely behind.

“Seiryu, have you taken care of that annoying girl?”

she asked him.

“Yes. I “

he drifted off.
She stopped.


she asked. He paused for a few seconds.


he finally replied and continued walking. Kagami stood for a second and watched him continue walking, and then began to walk again herself.

Scene 19

“Ruff ruff! Woof!”

Semimaru barked at the tall grass in the dark bamboo forest.

“Come out! Show Yourself!”

Rikimaru demanded. A White Tiger began to emerge.

“Your senses are good “

As the tiger moved out of the grass, Rikimaru and Ayame could see a masked midget riding on its back.

” for a human,”

the small man said in an Arabian accent. He took off his tiger mask and dropped it. He was wearing a blue vest and loose white pants. His shoulder length hair spiking out to the sides.

“I am Biako, the White Tiger. One of the four lords of the Burning Dawn.”

He turned to his tiger who stared at Ayame.

“What’s that? I agree. Rejoice woman! He has taken a liking to you. You will have the honour of being killed by Chiro the Magnificent. As for you, unsavoury man, you will have to settle for being killed by me.”

The tiger began to move slowly towards Ayame and Semimaru. Biako stood face to shins with Rikimaru. He held in his hand, a large serrated cane. Rikimaru pulled out his sword. Biako swung his cane as hard as he could, embedding the serrated edge into Rikimaru’s leg. He shouted in pain. Biako removed the cane, and swung again. This time Rikimaru jumped and swung his sword at Biako. He ducked. Then ran backward. Rikimaru chased after him. Biako raised the large cane and thrust it down towards Rikimaru. Rikimaru quickly blocked it with his sword and kicked the little man. Biako fell backwards. Rikimaru stood over him and plunged his sword deep into the midget’s stomach. He screamed in pain. When Rikimaru pulled his blade out, Biako tried to get up and attack. But he dropped the cane and fell on his hands and knees.

“May Chiro pick your bones clean ”

He gasped, and fell face down on the dirt.
Rikimaru looked over to Ayame. Semimaru stood with two legs on the tiger’s body, and began to howl.

“Ayame, you guys okay?”

he asked.


She replied confidently.

“Alright. Semimaru, take us to Tatsumaru boy,”

Rikimaru told the dog.
The Azuma dog took them to the opening of of the Kansern caverns at the edge of the bamboo forest and barked.

“Is that where Tatsumaru is boy? Good boy,”

Rikimaru pet Semimaru on the head.

“Alright you stay here boy.”

“I’m going in,”

Ayame declared and ran into the cave.

“Ayame, wait up!”

Rikimaru quickly ran after her.

Scene 20
Ayame found her way through the caverns, with Rikimaru not far behind. She came to a place in the caverns, where something incredibly huge, made from wood and meteal sat on the large cave river. Ayame hid herself behind some crates and watched. Rikimaru followed her lead.

“What kind of ship is that!?”

Ayame wondered.
Kagami and Tatsumaru stood on the platform leading into the ship.

“Seiryu, it’s almost finished. The most powerful Warship in history!”

she said.

“Finally my dream becomes real”

“A world ruled by Ninja,”

Tatsumaru continued.

“Exactly. We’ll no longer be forced to live in the shadows like thieves. We will decide how we live, and how we die.”

She continued.

“Lady Kagami!”

A ninja came running through the caverns toward Kagami.

“Stop shouting you fool! I’m talking to Seiryu,”

she told him. The man kneeled on one leg.

“I’m sorry Lady Kagami,”

he apologized.

“What do you want?”

she asked.

“There is an intruder in the cave. Probably an Azuma Ninja,”

he reported.

“Great. That’s all we need. Listen up! We’re moving the schedule forward. Prepare to launch the ship immediately. Our first target, Ghoda Castle!”

she ordered him.

“Yes my Lady,”

the man said and moved off. She turned to Tatsumaru.

“Seiryu, do you know why we are going to destroy Ghoda Castle?”

Kagami asked him. He looked at her blankly.

“Our sole purpose in life, has been to serve in the endless war between Toda, and Ghoda.”

They walked forward.

“But now Toda is gone. Ghoda is the only thing standing between us, and freedom. If we are ever to throw off the chains that have shackled our spirits for generations; then Ghoda must be destroyed. No matter what the cost.”

She said.

“Now come, it is time to board the Fire Demon. We stand at the dawn of a new era.”

They boarded the large humungous ship.
Rikimaru turned to Ayame.

“I’ll warn Ghoda Castle. You stay with the ship,”

he told her.


she agreed. Then Ayame ran down to the platform and entered the ship as Rikimaru ran back to the entrance of the caverns.
The Ninja working on the Fire Demon cut the thick ropes, which held the ship at dock. It began to move forward on the still waters within the caverns. Kagami ordered her people to fire. The Huge twin Cannons Raised up and aimed for the wall of the caverns, and they fired two large cannons, which burst out like fireballs and blew the rocky wall away. The Fire Demon lurched forward out into the Ocean, toward its destiny.