Tenchu TV Commercials

Have a look at some of the TV commercials that aired to promote various Tenchu games. Which one is your favourite? Do you think the Tenchu games were popular because or despite the commercials?

3 thoughts on “Tenchu TV Commercials

  1. Most of them are stupid:/
    Only WOH TV commercials are good.
    I dont think that Tenchu was popular bcz of these.It was popular bcz it was Great!

  2. Some of the American Commercials were really cheesy. I personally love the Japanese ones, they seem to advertise each and every feature for a Tenchu game. The American promo for Tenchu WoH was good though. I am surprised there is not a Tenchu 2 Ad nor a Tenchu Kurenai Ad (unless there are, and I just don’t know it.). I think it was/is popular for the fact that it is the most realistic Stealth game. It was mostly popular in Japan, but here it was bashed at for the graphics :/.

  3. Favourites for me were the Tenchu Stealth Assassins, American Wrath of Heaven and that Nintendo DS.
    Agree with Shadow Assassin that the series was great despite these commercials 🙂

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