Petition for a new Tenchu game

A lot of Tenchu fans are tired with the lack of information regarding the series future. So a couple of people on the forum thought it would be good to start an online petition to respectfully asking FromSoftware for a new Tenchu game on PS3 and/or XBOX360. The petition is now online here: Sign Tenchu Petition

It would be great if you took some time to sign the petition and share it with as many Tenchu fans as possible. Thanks for your support!

18 thoughts on “Petition for a new Tenchu game

  1. Signed. Hope this petition actually goes somewhere. This is the third one I have signed since 09′, haha. Love the site and everything you are doing! 🙂

    • Thanks for participating! 🙂 If you know other Tenchu fans, then please let them know about the petition. We need all the signatures we can get.

      • Will do. Keep up the good work! GT: SwiftInfern0 …for those of you that would like to play some Tenchu Z sometime 😉

  2. Signed

    … But honestly? Tenchu’s future doesn’t look bright. Maybe another developer/publisher should be persuaded into buying the title.

    Not only that, but fans of the series have almost disappeared. Less than 50 signatures in 5 days, and finding other fans is hard.

    Still, here’s hoping.

    • Thanks so much for signing!
      It will take a lot of time, effort and patience to get the news out to all existing Tenchu fans. We just have to keep trying and look out for opportunities to get our message out to a large audience. It won’t happen over night though, that’s for sure.

  3. ITs not that the Tenchu fans are disappearing.ITs just that they are not together.for example i looooove tenchu,every day i say the word “tenchu” but beleve it or not i discovered this site before 3~5 months.i bet that 99% of tenchu fans dont know about this site which means they dont even imagine that there is a petition for a new tenchu
    right now.

  4. Well, don’t forget about the PC console…

    I would like to play Tenchu on it….

  5. I don’t know about the xbox live site or what ever its called but you guys should post a link up on the blogs & other places. I see people every week ask about Tenchu whether its about getting one of the old games as a digital download for psn or asking if theres going to be another new in the works. When any of you get a chance go to a really active gaming site and put up a link at the end of your comments or something dont just stop at gaming sites go to youtube and post as many as you can on the Tenchu videos and Tenchu related videos too.

    I’d love to see a completely redone Tenchu 4 for on PS3/360 story and all, and have it go back to original gameplay that was in 1-3, keep the character designs very close to Wrath of Heaven, I didnt like Shadow Assassins at all.

    • Welcome! Great idea to post on blogs etc! I think it is best if EVERYONE takes action and posts info about the petition where they see fit. This way we can spread the word much faster.

  6. Signed.! Looks like I’m not the only one who’s concerned about tenchu 4 storyline. I’am a hardcore fans & surprised by the way they make tenchu 4. I went through the 1st mission with mixed feelings…As soon as I finished the game, I realized something not right with the game. First is the storyline. It seems that fromsoftware were very eager to end the tenchu series. I hope I’m wrong though…second is, it’s like playing different game totally.! I miss the old control styles & camera angle. I know some of my friend that love tenchu series..I will asked them to sign & finally sorry for my bad english….

  7. They didn’t really want to end tenchu cause they had announced a Trilogy.
    So much hatred about Tenchu 4 makes me sick and sad:/

  8. I agree… Tenchu 4 is an okay game, its just it seemed like Acquire rushed it and made it too different.

    By the way, I signed the petition right when you posted this up as the second signer(that’s not a word, but it works). Just forgot to sign it. I hope that Acquire listens to the fans, too about it

  9. I never said that it is Perfect.But i like most of the changes.You Hate all the changes.You always say “We want a brand new Tenchu”.You got it!Nevermind:/
    And btw they worked a lot in Tenchu 4.Acquire & FS.

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