Petition for a new Tenchu game reaches 400 signatures

Our petition for a new Tenchu game has broken the 400 signature milestone! In the last two days, there has been a high increase of Tenchu fans from Poland joining the cause. Wondering if any major gaming site in Poland picked up on our petition…

Keep on spreading the word, we are steadily moving on to the 500 mark!

5 thoughts on “Petition for a new Tenchu game reaches 400 signatures

  1. Thats Great news!I started loosing hope but now i am HappyxD
    Btw i got a friend on PSN from poland that he is working in a Polish Gaming site.I asked him if he can say anything about our petition.I am waiting for his reply^_^

  2. Greetings from Poland ! 🙂 Waiting for new Tenchu ! I want Tenchu in old style, like Tenchu: SA and BoTSA 🙂

  3. One of the best series of games ever. Would dearly love to see a new Tenchu …even re-do the very first game that came out on ps1. So many people would love to play it again as its given us , and myself , endless pleasure trying to get a grand master on every single level. Please , someone , make another one !!!

  4. I have not seen any major polish gaming site writing about this petition. Hell, I’m here because I was waiting for the site to come back since it’s the best Tenchu site and it just happens that it is alive again ^^ Anyway, another voice from Poland goes your way!

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