Tenchu Petition Reaches 800 Signatures

As of today our petition for a new Tenchu game has more than 800 supporters. Thank you!

E3 is ended without an announcement regarding a new Tenchu title.The next big chance to hear about a new Tenchu game is the Tokyo Game Show in September, so let’s keep collecting signatures.

3 thoughts on “Tenchu Petition Reaches 800 Signatures

  1. Unfortunatly nothing new at E3.
    I’ve got a feeling that at TGS they will announce a new Tenchu game.Because 2013 is 15 years after the release of the first Tenchu game,i guess its the perfect time for a new Tenchu game!But i just want to see a perfect Tenchu game now,no more lazyness and stupid ideas.I want to see something that will have Great Storyline,multiplayer,replay value,great gameplay.In other words i want From Software to combine everything from all the Tenchu games we have seen,every Tenchu game had something great but always it had something bad too.In other words i want to see at IGN & gamespot to say something like : ”A game noone was waiting to hear something about is a new Tenchu which looks stirring and wayyy better than the most recent Tenchu games”!Am i dreaming?NO,Tenchu can be a great game ONLY if From Software isn’t lazy!
    I wonder if From Software is aware of our petition,if they are i hope that they wont ignore us.

  2. Selenia…
    How many signatures which should be completed from this petition to them for making a new tenchu game???

    • As many as we can get. There is no guarantee for a new Tenchu game though, either way. But of course if we get a lot of signatures, that ‘might’ convince FromSoftware to give it another go.

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