Little Big Tenchu

Shadow Assassin created some Tenchu missions with the Little Big Planet editor. Here are three videos for you to check out.

The petition for a new Tenchu game has more than 1000 signatures. Great job everyone!

4 thoughts on “Little Big Tenchu

  1. There’s really news or rumors of a new Tenchu?! I hope so as long as its doesnt get boned by Multiplayer and take the main focus from the story, and has some or all the original protagonists. I could be very happy with that, also an Onikage cameo at the very least would be great, that guy refuses to die 🙂

  2. @Rikimaru
    Thnx 😛

    Rumors dunno,but the Tenchu Supporter in the Japanese official Tenchu site that gives you news about the series hasn’t been left there by accident.

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