Tokyo Game Show 2012

It is less than a month until Tokyo Game Show. Possibly FromSoftware will announce or at least hint at the possibility of a new Tenchu. Tokyo Game Show takes place from September 20th to 23rd. I have plans to attend, though for non Tenchu related purposes, but I will certainly look out for any Tenchu related news and rumours.

There was a minor problem with the site earlier today. It should be fixed now, but if you encounter any parts of the site not working correctly, let me know at selenia (at) tenchu dot de



8 thoughts on “Tokyo Game Show 2012

  1. As i said before i really believe that we will see an announcment of a new Tenchu game in TGS.
    In 2013 Tenchu will be 15 years old ^^
    Fingers Crossed!

  2. Thanks Sel! Look forward to hearing what you find out at TGS.

    Honestly, if there is no word at all on a new Tenchu this time, I have serious doubts about seeing a new game for a long time. It just seems like the best venue and timing for an announcement if there is going to be one. FromSoftware has so horribly and stupidly mismanaged the Tenchu IP it still just boggles the mind. I will have fingers crossed big time but expect disappointment.

  3. Yeah maybe they’re waiting for the PS4
    I wonder what happened to the Stealth game they said was being developed when Shinobido 2 was announced.

    • Yeah but there was a console one I remember along with way of the samurai 4 otr another Dynasty Warriors game I think

    • I think that it would be better to have one petition.Besides it would be pointless to create a petition for riki to be in ps all stars considering that the game will be released very soon and they have already created all the characters(although they havent announced them all yet).I believe that Rikimaru deserves to be in there though ^^
      TGS is too close,we might get suprised in a good way 🙂

  4. if they kept the create character they should give you the option to fight like the master from tenchu 2 and tatsumaru with the ability to have custom combos thats what id do 🙂

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