Debug Mode F.A.Q

Can I play as Onikage ?
Is it possible to play a two player fight ?
Whats this half-body glitch I’ve heard about ?
Can I change how Rikimaru or Ayame fight ?
How can I become immortal ?


Can I play as Onikage?

You can play as any character or animal, including Onikage as long as you stick to a level where that enemy is available in the layout enemy option. To play as Onikage first select a level that he is available on, level 9 for example. Open up the debug mode and layout enemy Ninja (Onikage) assigning him to Pad 2. Test the layout by selecting Go, Onikage should vanish. Move away from the location and return to find Onikage has re-appeared. Select the camera to the last available enemy and you should be able to play as Onikage using Controller 2.

Sadly this is very temperamental, often not working, and the enemies don’t interact with you. It is much better using this for a two-player fight.



Is it possible to play a two player fight?

Using a similar method to outlined above you can assign a player to Pad 2. Player 1 using Pad 1 can then fight this opponent. The advantage is that Player 1 has control of the camera angle.

If you are feeling more adventurous you can assign different players to both Pad 1 and 2 and the change the camera angle to have a non Rikimaru or Ayame two player versus battle. It can also help if you remove all enemies from the layout first.



Whats this half-body glitch I’ve heard about?

If you go in the water and from there Reset Position from the Player menu, your character will lose the botton half of their body.
Sadly this wont help you in not getting spotted!



Can I change how Rikimaru or Ayame fight?

First add whichever character you want to mimic to Pad 1 via the layout enemy option. Select Go and return to where you placed the enemy so that he/she appears. Change the camera angle making this character the subject and use a Chameleon Spell (Hensin). When your character returns to what should be his/her original form you will find they infact dont, and return to the main character image but retain their attacking moves. You can even mimic animals this way!



How can I become immortal ?

To do this you must be playing a level where you can fall down a pit e.g. Cure The Princess. Fall down the pit and as you hear the character screaming to their death enter the debug mode screen. Select the option Reset Position. Your character is now immortal, though can still drown. Submitted by fallen_sarafan