Ayame Birth Name : Omon
Ninja Name : Ayame
Age : 21
Gender : Female
Weapon : 2 Short Swords
Role : Azuma Ninja


7 years have passed since Ayame lost her master Azuma Shiunsai, Clan brother and love Tatsumaru during the events of Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins. She has matured a lot and improved her skills. Her fighting style is a lot quicker and smoother than Rikimaru’s. She is tough, killing her enemies cold blooded without the sign of any doubt or hesitation, though she knows feelings like love, sadness and desperation. Her sarcasm is as feared as her sharp blades.

Ayame was the last student chosen by Master Shiunsai, by now dead leader of the Azuma Ninja Clan. Blessed with raw talent but a bad attitude. Curious and willing to learn new techniques , she was never patient enough to fully master one. It is told during the Warring States period, Shiunsai travelled to Kyoto, but Kyoto lay in ruins because warring armies fought for the ownership of the town. He saw a young girl on the riverbank watching corpses float by. It was a strange sensation for Shiunsai to see a young girl in the midst of all that desolation. Although he searched for the girl’s parents, he could not find them. The girl herself appeared to be in shock. She knew her name, and her age, but that was all. The thought of leaving her there to fend for herself didn’t make Shiunsai very proud, but what would he do with a young girl? He couldn’t train her to be a female ninja, that much was clear. Shiunsai was not part of a large and well-established ninja organisation like the Iga Ninja. As a lone wolf, he didn’t have the knowledge or ressources to train a kunoichi (female ninja). What did Shiunsai know of the ways of love? What could he teach a girl about seduction or hypnotism? As he prepared to turn his back on the young girl clutching at his sleeve, Shiunsai thought he detected in her the makings of a ninja. He decided to take her home after all. He raised her the only way he knew — as a regular ninja like Tatsukichi (Tatsumaru’s child name). Judged on her natural abilities alone, Omon was probably the most talented of Shiunsai’s three pupils. Despite her late start and her tender age, Omon was initiated into the circle of ninja at almost the same time as Rikimaru, when she was only 14. As a ninja, Omon would be known as Ayame. Ayame has developed a strong relationship with Kiku , the daughter of Lord Gohda . After the death of Kiku’s mother Lady Kei, Ayame became sort of an older sister for Kiku. Ayame will protect Kiku at any cost from any harm.

MP3 Quotes
Play –  “Hurry up and die!”
Play –  “Hmmm, now where did that letcherous old goat go and hide himself.”
Play –  “You’ve been a bad boy, its payback time!”
Play –  “I guess you deserve a thank you this time.”

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Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
Tenchu: Return from Darkness
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