Rebuilding Tenchu Checkpoint

Almost 3 years the Tenchu Checkpoint was destroyed by a hacker attack. Unfortunately I was not able to restore the site on my own. Though I love playing games, most of my time is nowadays occupied with making them. Thus leaving me with hardly any time to devote to rebuilding and possibly expanding this site on my own.

Through the contact with Jesse/The Blue Swordsman I felt encouraged to give it another try, but I need your help! The site that you see now, uses a blog technology called WordPress. The great thing about WordPress is that in order to write an article you only need to know how to use a simple text editor. The rest will be taken care for you. It is as simple as writing a comment on Facebook or in a forum.

If you are interested in collaborating with me then either leave a comment or email

restore (at)


Please do not use any other email addresses. I had to stop using them, as every spam bot in the universe keeps sending messages to them.


7 thoughts on “Rebuilding Tenchu Checkpoint

  1. Wow, it’s so nice to see something when I point my browser to, it’s been down for so long! Thanks Sel and TBS for resurrecting the best Tenchu site that ever existed!

  2. Just glad to see there are still a few people out there who still stop by every now and then.

  3. Hi Selenia
    I don’t know really how I could help you.
    But you can ask me anything. If I can, I will.

  4. Very glad to see this site back. This was one of my favorite sites back when i was studying! I use to log here reading all cool tenchu stuff.

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