Echigoya Name : Echigoya
Gender : Male
Weapon : Gun
Role : Boss from Punish The Evil Merchant

Originally a fair trader from the merchant class Echigoya has grown bitter because no matter how wealthy he will ever be, he will never be able to be as powerful and respected as a Samurai. Merchants are not allowed to become Samurai. Therefore he has turned to underhand ways including protection, loan-sharking and gambling. He is now nothing more than a corrupt merchant who lusts for power and is able to bribe his way out of any difficult situation. He is a greedy character who likes nothing more to count his money or harass young women in his private residence. His estate is well guarded and his bodyguard Hanbe Sasaki guarantees for Echigoya’s privacy and safety.

Play –  “My money, my money.”


Original author Selenia. Sounds provided by Chris B. Edited by the Tenchu Checkpoint Team for site relaunch.