Hanbe  Name : Hanbe Sasaki
Gender : Male
Weapon : Katana
Role : Echigoya’s Bodyguard

Hanbe is very self confident and knows how to use his sword skills. He killed many warriors and in the end he grew arrogant. To show everyone that he is the best sword fighter he killed his own master, who had raised him since a child, and became a wanderer. After some years of he grew tired of wandering and was introduced to Echigoya. Echigoya employed Hanbe as his bodyguard. Hanbe is a drunkard and prefers spending time with easy girls, rather then training his sword skills.

MP3 Quotes
Play –  “It looks like you chose the wrong party to crash.”
Original author Selenia. Sounds provided by Chris B. Edited by the Tenchu Checkpoint Team for site relaunch.