Azuma Shiunsai

Azuma Shiunsai Ninja Name : Murasakimaru
Age : 65
Gender : Male
Weapon : Katana in cane sheath
Role : Retired Leader of the Azuma Ninja


Shiunsai adopted Rikimaru, Ayame and Tatsumaru as infants and raised them to be Azuma Ninja. He is both their teacher and their father figure. Althoguh he has slowed down some in his old age, Shiunsai is still a very deadly swordsman. He has recently decided to step down as head of the Azuma Ninja. Knowing instinctively that his time in this world will soon end, Shiunsai wants to pass his last and most important secret on to one of his students. The problem is that his students have lived their entire lives in the small village in the mountain where Shiunsai trained them. Afraid that they are both naïve and overconfident, Shiunsai orders his students to undertake a journey that will test their mental and physical powers. Having sent his students out into a world torn apart by civil war, Shiunsai feels as if he has just thrust his students off a steep cliff in the vain expectation that they will learn to fly before they hit the bottom. Even though he knows that his decision was the correct one, he can’t help worrying about them and watching and guiding them out of the shadows!

Play – “May honor guide your hand.”
Play – “You have failed apprentice, you must try again.”