Matsunoshin Gohda

Gohda Matsunoshin Age : 23
Gender : Male
Weapon : n/a
Role : Ruler of the House of Gohda


Lord Matsunoshin lost his father when he was still a young boy. Sekiya Naotada, his father’s most trusted councilor, raised Matsunoshin. The young Lord’s history of personal misfortune and warm-hearted personality have made him a very popular ruler. His realm is a small one, however, and Matsunoshin and his people live under the constant threat of attack from their more powerful neighbors. Assassins have also tried to take Matsunoshin’s life on several occasions. He is married to Lady Kei and has a daughter named Kiku . The Azuma Ninja are in service of Lord Gohda!

Play –“Go there and stop this tragedy.”
Play – “Archers, prepare flaming arrows!”

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