Lady Kagami

Kagami Name : Kagami
Gender : Female
Weapon : Katana
Role : Leader of the Burning Dawn


A mysterious female ninja, who is the leader of the Nyogetsu Ninja Clan and in service of Lord Toda. Kagami no longer wishes to serve Lord Toda. She dreams of a world ruled by ninja, with no oblige to any Lord. She creates an organization of ninja and bandits, the Burning Dawn. To get closer to the goal the Burning Dawn kill Lord Toda, leaving the Azuma Ninja as the only obstacle in her way. As the fight rages on Kagami becomes more and more like the Lords she despises. Even though she is in love with Tatsumaru,  she sends him out to defeat the Azuma Ninja, knowing this will be his death. Tatsumaru sacrifices his life for Kagami.  Only in the last moments of her life Kagami sees her mistakes and promises the dead Tatsumaru “Next time I will heat my heart”, but will there be a next time?

Play –  “When you arrive in hell, let everyone know Lady Kagami sent you.”
Play –  “I am Lady Kagami, master of the nyogetsu ninja.”
Play –  “Ha ha ha. The cries of the weak are so pitiful, I cannot help laughing.”