Rikimaru Birth Name : unknown (was called Chikara as a child)
Ninja Name : Rikimaru
Age : 18
Gender : Male
Weapon : Katana
Role : Azuma Ninja


Diligent and unassuming, Rikimaru has worked steadily since childhood to become a skilled shadow warrior. As a ninja, his self-confidence and sense of destiny is unshakeable. He would lay down his life for his lord without a moment’s doubt. Having grown up entirely in the village where he studies the way of the ninja, Rikimaru knows little of the outside world. A dedicated student, he works constantly to improve his techniques. His weakness is his overconfidence: he believes that he is already good enough to defeat any opponent. His misplaced self-confidence will earn him many painful experiences once he finally does leave his village, but those experiences will also be the source of great mental and spiritual growth. The scar he earns fighting Tatsumaru, will always remember him of this weakness and his failure to rescue his master . After Shiunsai’s and Tatsumaru’s death he became the leader of the Azuma Ninja Shinoby Ryu Sect/Azuma Ninja Clan and therefore it the wielder of the ancient and legendary ninja sword ‘Izayoi’.

Many years ago, Shiunsai received an order to assassinate a particular samurai. Together with several fellow ninja , he infiltrated the home of the samurai and killed him. As he and the other ninja were preparing to leave, the dead samurai’s wife and servant discovered the ninja. The other ninja quickly dispatched the wife and servant, but as they moved to silence the baby clutched in the dead wife’s arms. Shiunsai stopped the ninja from killing the baby boy. Taking pity on the boy, Shiunsai brought the baby home with him and raised it as if it were his own flesh and blood. Shiunsai was already raising Tatsukichi (Tatsumaru) to become a ninja, and he decided that the new baby would follow the same path. After the baby had grown into a young boy and started his training as a ninja, it became apparent that he was something of a weakling. Shiunsai therefore gave him the name Chikara, which means strength. Whether or not it was this name that drove him to become stronger, or whether it was from sparring with Tatsukichi every day, no one can say. What is known is that Chikara grew to be the strongest boy in the village. He also developed into an outstanding swordsman. If he had a shortcoming, it was that he didn’t learn new techniques as fast as the other students. Slow learner or not, Chikara eventually earned a new name, Rikimaru , and a new title: ninja.
Favorite Technique : One-step sword draw and attack.
Favorite Weapon : The ninja sword.

Play – “Ok Burning Dawn, time for some answers.”
Play – “Tatsumaru, you have betrayed your clan and your family. You will die.”
Play – “I’ll get answers alright, with cold steel.”
Play – “The heavens demand retribution, and I will deliver it.”
Play – “I am the man who will cut off your nose – at the neck!”
Play – “I am a shadow, I have no name.”
Play – “You shall die in silence.”

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven