Lord Mei-oh

Mei-oh Name : Lord Mei-oh
Gender : Male
Weapon : Shichishito & Lightning Bolt
Role : King of Hell

Lord Mei-Oh is the King of Hell who seems determined to deliver chaos and destruction to the worlds. He has a mysterious interest for the Azuma Ninja Clan and Lord Gohda’s small province. Trapped in another realm he seeks entrance to this world. A special portal allows him to travel between the times and dimensions, but once it has been closed it is very difficult to re-open it. His right-hand man Onikage prepares everything for Lord Mei-Oh’s arrival. Shichishito is the magical sword Lord Mei-Oh wields.

Play –  “Do not concern yourself with the girl. Think about saving your own skin.”

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven


Original author Selenia. Sounds provided by Chris B. Edited by the Tenchu Checkpoint Team for site relaunch.