Tatsumaru Name : Tatsukichi
Ninja Name : Tatsumaru
Age : 20
Gender : Male
Weapon : Izayoi
Role : Leader of the Azuma Ninja


The senior pupil of Azuma Shiunsai, Tatsumaru has trained together with Rikimaru and Ayame for years. His physical prowess and skill with the sword is matched by few. He has been raised since childhood to someday succeed Azuma Shiunsai as the leader of the Azuma Ninja. Unfortunately he can’t fulfill this high expectations. He betrays his Clan and only family , by murdering Master Shiunsai and supporting the Burning Dawn . Only his death can avenge his sins and restore his honor . Tatsumaru is the senior of the three students. He favors using his bare hands and feet over other weapons. Having trained longer than Rikimaru and Ayame, his combat skills are proportionally greater. His judgement and composure are also superior. Tatsumaru has greatly influenced the younger Rikimaru, who strives to emulate the older student. He is not without his faults, however. A strong, subconscious self-destructive tendency often leads him to overextend himself. His highly developed sense of obligation and his notion of his responsibilities as a ninja lead him to accept a job which will eventually force him face his fellow student, Rikimaru, in combat. However, his ability to recognize this strange turn of events as his destiny makes him a better ninja than Rikimaru, who often lets his emotions cloud his judgement. When Tatsukichi was three, Murasakimaru (Shiunsai’s ninja name) found him wandering alone on a fresh battlefield. It is said that Murasakimaru knew the minute he saw Tatsukichi amongst the heaps of corpses on that battlefield that the little boy had the makings of a great ninja. When he found Tatsukichi, Murasakimaru was a 45 year-old ninja with no heir and no one to whom he could pass on his knowledge. Having lost everything in the devastation of the Warring States period, Murasakimaru had come to accept the idea that his secrets and techniques would die with him. All that changed the day he stumbled upon little Tatsukichi. Murasakimaru decided to adopt the boy and make him the heir to his ninja legacy. Under the instruction of Shiunsai, Tatsukichi concentrated his abundant mental and physical talents on the task of learning the way of the ninja. Tatsukichi was initiated as a full-fledged ninja in his sixteenth summer. From that point on he would be known as Tatsumaru. As a full ninja, Tatsumaru was free to leave his master and set out on his own. Tatsumaru, however, chose to stay and refine his skills while helping Rikimaru with his training. That is not to say that he was ignoring his regular duties as a ninja: Tatsumaru fulfilled all his obligations in that respect. Perhaps Tatsumaru was simply motivated by a desire to help his younger brother and fellow student.

Favorite Technique: Close quarters attack with his bare hands (and feet).

Play –  “I will handle her.”
Play –  “Then you know, I must kill you.”
Play –  “Unforgivable crimes must be punished. The traitor must die.”

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