Minister Kataoka

Name : Kataoka
Gender : Male
Weapon : Bow And Arrows
Role : Boss from Execute The Corrupt Minister

Kataoka is Lord Gohda’s finance minister. He is married to Sekiya Naotada’s daughter. Misusing his powerful position he excepts bribes from businessmen and assigns in return city construction projects and other favourable deals to them. Echigoya and Bizenya are among the persons filling Kataoka’s pockets with money. Hikone is his bodyguard and responsible for securing the Kataoka estate.

Play –  “What is this Bizenya? There is more here than usual.”
Play –  “But remember what happened to Echiogya. Tread carefully.”

Original author Selenia. Sounds provided by Chris B. Edited by the Tenchu Checkpoint Team for site relaunch.