Onikage Name : Onikage
Gender : Male
Weapon : Hands & Feet
Role : Lord Mei-Oh’s Right-Hand Man

Onikage is Lord Mei-Oh’s most loyal servant. He combines his love for destruction and murdering with his goal to open a portal for his Lord, so he can rule hell and world. Onikage is not human, he is a demon and can’t be killed. Even though he is defeated in a fight and thought dead, he will soon appear again, because he has the abilitly to ressurect from the dead. His past is yet unknown and mysterious. His age difficult to determine, but he is probably a couple hundred of years old. There seems to be a link between him and the Azuma Ninja Clan. He has a special interest in Rikimaru, maybe because he sees a similarity between the two of them. His loyality to Lord Mei-Oh is very similar to Rikimaru’s loyality to Lord Gohda, with the difference that Lord Mei-Oh resembles the evil in the world and Lord Gohda the good. As Onikage is the destroyer of lives, Rikimaru is the protector of the innocent and weak, all in the name of their Lords and bound by the oaths they have sworn. Onikage watches the Azuma Ninja and Gohda territory closely and misses no chance to cause trouble. Onikage will do everything necessary to please Lord Mei-Oh. No sacrifice is too big if he can reach his goal. He is a master of disguise among other skills. The first known meeting of Onikage and the Azuma Ninja takes place in Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins. Onikage joined a group called “The Burning Dawn” who were fighting against Lord Gohda and the Azuma Ninja Clan, disguised as a man called Suzaku. The Azuma Ninja do not know Onikage and Suzaku are one and the same person.



Play –  “I am Onikage. I shall eventually come for Lord Gohda and your head.”
Play –  “I see you have come to meet your fate.”
Play –  “You can’t beat me when I try.”
Play –  “I will see you in hell.”


Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins as Suzaku, The Red Sparrow
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
Tenchu: Return from Darkness


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