Rikimaru Birth Name : unknown (was called Chikara as a child)
Ninja Name : Rikimaru
Age : 25
Gender : Male
Weapon : Izayoi
Role : Azume Ninja

After his master Azuma Shiunsai died and Rikimaru had avenged his death he took the role of the leader of the Azuma Ninja Clan (Azuma Shinobi Ryu sect) at the age of 18. His clan is only very small and consists of Ayame and him. As the Azuma Ninja Clan’s leader, Rikimaru wields the ancient and magical sword Izayoi, which is passed on through the generations from leader to leader. Rikimaru and his Clan are loyal servants of Lord Gohda. To protect his Lord or fulfill his orders Rikimaru would sacrifice his own life without hesitation and at the end of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins he will do so. Rikimaru is very focused on his work. He shows respect to his opponents and never underestimates them. He shows no mercy to anyone. His scar over his left eye will always remind him, not being focused, showing mercy or acting from a state of pure selflessness will always result in failure. His older Clan brother Tatsumaru, who betrayed the Azuma Ninja and killed Master Shiunsai, hurt Rikimaru’s eye. Rikimaru fought Tatsumaru, who had killed Master Shiunsai, and beat him in the fight, but as he wasn’t able to take Tatsumaru’s life with a final strike, Tatsumaru took the time while Rikimaru was undecided and attacked him, injuring Rikimar’s eye. Tatsumaru used to be Rikimaru’s role model, but by now Rikimaru has surpassed him in his spiritual and physical abilities.

Rikimaru was dedicated student, he worked constantly to improve his techniques. Many years ago, Shiunsai received an order to assassinate a particular samurai. Together with several fellow ninja , he infiltrated the home of the samurai and killed him. As he and the other ninja were preparing to leave, the dead samurai’s wife and servant discovered the ninja. The other ninja quickly dispatched the wife and servant, but as they moved to silence the baby clutched in the dead wife’s arms. Shiunsai stopped the ninja from killing the baby boy. Taking pity on the boy, Shiunsai brought the baby home with him and raised it as if it were his own flesh and blood. Shiunsai was already raising Tatsukichi (Tatsumaru) to become a ninja, and he decided that the new baby would follow the same path. After the baby had grown into a young boy and started his training as a ninja, it became apparent that he was something of a weakling. Shiunsai therefore gave him the name Chikara, which means strength. Whether or not it was this name that drove him to become stronger, or whether it was from sparring with Tatsukichi every day, no one can say. What is known is that Chikara grew to be the strongest boy in the village. He also developed into an outstanding swordsman. If he had a shortcoming, it was that he didn’t learn new techniques as fast as the other students. Slow learner or not, Chikara eventually earned a new name, Rikimaru, and a new title: ninja.

MP3 Quotes
Play –  “I’m here to avenge all the innocent people you’ve hurt.”
Play –  “Your bodyguards are dead, and you are next.”
Play –  “Burn in hell, you heretic.”
Play –  “Die in peace, you misguided soul.”
Play –  “Your greed sickens me. I hope you death is a lesson to others.”
Play –  “Expect no mercy, your life is over.”
Play –  “I sese danger, I best hurry.”
Play –  “It is a shame that fate denied you the chance to be an happy, ordinary woman.”
Play –  “It must be sad to die so far away from home.”
Play –  “Step aside or I will have to kill you.”

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