Sekiya Naotada

Sekiya Naotada Name : Sekiya Naotada
Age : 57
Gender : Male
Weapon : N/A
Role : Lord Gohda’s Senior Advisor

Sekiya Naotada is Lord Gohda’s Advisor. The small and kind man often brings information to Gohda’s attention and is usually present at discussions of upmost importance. The death of Gohda Matsunoshin’s father at an early age put the responsibility of overseeing the Realm and its young ruler in the hands of Naotada. He did his best to raise Matsunoshin in accordance with the wishes of the previous Lord. Naotada is both a father figure to Matsunoshin, and the young Lord’s most trusted advisor. One of Sekiya’s daughters is married to Lord Gohda’s finance minister Kataoka.

MP3 Quotes
Play –  “You have done well. Come Lord Gohda is waiting for you.”

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