A Dance of Swords

>written by Swiftshark

Ayame Killing Blade, Dual Blades, Great Drama
The town has fallen to the hands of the Kuroya. Reach the playhouse to rescue Ogin from Ranzou.

Recommended Items
2x smoke bomb, dokuto blades, 1x blowgun, 1x ninja rebirth

Difficulty: Normal

As soon as you begin turn slightly right and then double jump across and head up into the woods. As you run into the woods you’ll see an archer walking to your left, run up right behind him and Stealth Kill him. Now crouch and move to the far corner and observe a spear-wielding guard patrolling the tunnel. Wait for his back to be to you and then jump down and Stealth Kill him as well. Now crouch and move into the tunnel and stop at the bottom of the slope. Remain crouched, highlight your blowgun and kill the patrolling guard ahead when he appears from behind the wall. Now quickly retreat out of this tunnel and head into the other tunnel at the far side of the wall when you get near the other opening, crouch and wait for the other two guards in the area to find the dead body. Once everyone calms down again, run up slightly and then grapple up onto the right side of the roof ahead. Climb up and crouch and slowly move up so that you can observe both guards. One should now be stationary in front of the main door and the other patrols the far side. Wait for the patrolling guard to walk away and then quickly drop down and Stealth Kill the stationary guard beneath you. Quickly cancel the animation and run back a bit and then grapple back up onto the same roof again and crouch. Wait for the remaining guard to be alarmed and then drop down and Stealth Kill him as well. Grab the decoy bell in the Red Box, which is tucked away in the north west corner of the area. Then head into the area next to this one via the opening and pick up the health potion in the corner. Now drop stealthily(“R1”) down into the water and head through the crawlspace into the next area.

Keep R1 pressed as you exit the crawlspace and then grapple and hang from the left wall next to the bridge. Wait for the Archer to turn around and then quickly climb up and Stealth Kill him.(If he turns to walk onto the bridge, drop stealthily and wait and then grapple/hang
again) Now drag his body and dump it in the water below. Go to the Northern ledge and wait until you see the white cloth Samurai patrolling the far side. Once he is out of view, jump up and grapple up onto the roof and immediately crouch. Stay in the south eastern corner of this roof as you observe his patrol pattern. Also take this moment to look to your left as a guitar-toting Kunoichi patrols the main entrance of the large manor. Wait for the white cloth samurai to walk down the stairs and then slowly creep forward and then drop down and Stealth Kill him when he is right beneath you. Now head back down into the area with the water where you killed the Archer and head up the slope into the next area. Roll along the left perimeter until you trigger a guard conversation. Now immediately roll back down the slope and then hide between the slope and the wall as you wait for a guard to walk up. As soon as he turns to walk back, jump/run up and Stealth Kill him. Quickly cancel the animation and run right back to your hiding spot in case the other guard spots him. Once the coast is clear, slowly move while crouching along the left perimeter of this area until you are safely concealed behind the wooden fence. Lean up against the far side of it and peek around until you can see the white cloth Samurai who is patrolling around the wooden hut in front of you. When he is walking along the hut on your side, run up behind him and Stealth Kill him. Quickly cancel the animation and go hide between the perimeter and this house in case the Kunoichi spots him. Wait for her to calm down and then stalk and Stealth Kill her as well. Now grab the grenade hidden in the north west corner of the map and then head for the main entrance. Once inside there are two crawlspaces, the one on the right leads to a room with a patrolling Innocent Woman so go into the left one. Do not exit the crawlspace immediately because a guitar-toting Kunoichi will walk into view from the far corridor. As soon as she turns to walk back, exit the crawlspace, run up and hug the right wall to observe her. If the Innocent Woman at the far end is not in sight, quickly run in and Stealth Kill her. Now run up the staircase and grab the health potion above. Lastly, highlight your smoke bombs, arm yourself with the dokuto blades (wait out the effects) and then double jump over the railing so as to land on the stage below to trigger the cutscene and Boss Battle.

Ranzou by Reimaru
Name: Ranzou, Health: 100
Ranzou is not too fierce of an opponent, if you handle him the right way. Start out by dropping a smoke bomb as he rushes in and then unload a full-fledged combo on him. Immediately run up and do a floor attack while he is down. The usage of the dokuto blades will make him very vulnerable to attack due to the poisonous effects. Block when he attacks with a combo and be quick to retaliate. If you need to drink a health potion, run up the stairs to buy enough time to do this. There is one attack you must look out for. If you see a purple diagram start to form underfoot, jump out of the way. This spell that he casts will freeze you momentarily and trust me, it’s not for him to take a picture of you. Be aggressive and use the space to your advantage and Ranzou will perish under your might. If the battle takes longer than a minute and a half then a cut-scene will kick in and Ranzou will escape. If you are short on health then simply try to keep running away from him and use the staircase to buy time.

Grandmaster Item
Decoy Whistle

Mission Stats
Enemies: 11
Innocents: 2

Hidden Items
1x health potion, 1x grenade, 1x decoy whistle

A Honed Ki

Written by by Wizeguy

E-Mail: Wyzeguy79@hotmail.com
Universe: Tenchu (prior to 2)
Summary: Rikimaru must learn to control his ki in order to become an effective ninja.
Rating: R
Feedback: It’s the only payment I get for writing fanfic. Let me know how I’m doing.
Archive: The Tenchu Checkpoint (http://www.tenchu.de) has automatic archive rights. If anyone else wants to archive this fic, email me and ask.
Disclaimer: Activision and other video game companies are responsible for these characters and the kickass game. I only created a few peripheral characters, but most of them don’t live long, anyway. Please don’t sue.
Warnings: This here’s a pretty violent fic, people, with lots of killing, bloodletting, etc. Even some adult situations and such. The Tenchu games are pretty violent themselves, so this fic is in keeping with that spirit.
Notes: I’m a complete novice to the Tenchu games, having only played Tenchu 2 and beaten it once. Even so, the game’s storyline and characters are incredibly fascinating to a ninja fan like myself, so I hope to do this fanfic justice.
The events in this story take place maybe a month or so before Tenchu 2’s story begins, so Rikimaru and Ayame are still in training, and have yet to pass their final tests to become full Azuma ninja. I’ve decided to focus on that training, and explore life at the Azuma village, a thriving ninja community. However, as you’ll see, I intentionally fudged on a few parts of that training, since the game had Rikimaru and Ayame kill a few ninja flunkies during training, when from all appearances, the ninja were part of the Azuma village. Hopefully my version of the training is a bit more plausible than the game’s.

Control the breathing. In…out.

Feel the ki around you. Two opponents up ahead.

Move with the elements. Approach your adversaries with stealth; dispatch them quickly.

Here goes nothing.

Rikimaru recited all this in his head, his thoughts sounding like an odd combination of his own voice and his master Shiunsai’s. He peered through the mass of bamboo shoots that littered the forest, and eyed two black-clad figures.

Ninja, like him.

His grip tightened on his ninja-to, and he crept from his hiding place, crouching low. He approached the nearest ninja, and realized he was holding his breath. He slowly let it out, and–

“I see you,”

the ninja hissed, turning to face Rikimaru, his own sword at the ready.


the white-haired young man asked, then brought up his blade to block his opponent’s downward slice. The clang of metal rang loudly, especially to Rikimaru. To him, it sounded like a death knell, since the second ninja opponent had no doubt heard it. Stupid….

Rikimaru gathered his strength and pushed the ninja back, following up with an upward horizontal slice at the unbalanced opponent. The slice scored the ninja’s shoulder, causing him to fall backward, but not before the ninja thrust his sword at Rikimaru’s gut on his way down. Rikimaru backed up just in time to keep from being skewered.

The ninja rolled backward into a crouching position, then dashed at Rikimaru, who sidestepped the charge. Their swords clashed once again in the process. Rikimaru slashed twice at the ninja’s unprotected back, and was rewarded with two successes. He glanced behind him just in time to see and duck a horizontal slice from the second ninja opponent. Again, he inwardly cursed his stupidity for being too wrapped up in his fight with the first ninja to feel the second’s approaching ki.

He reversed his grip on his ninja-to, and thrust the sword backward, hoping to impale the ninja behind him. His blade only met air, as the ninja dashed around to Rikimaru’s side, delivering a downward slice to Rikimaru’s head. Rikimaru quickly ducked and rolled forward clear of the slash, then gained his footing and renewed his attack on the first ninja.

His opponent proved to be elusive, and before he knew it, the ninja was behind him, slashing at his back before Rikimaru could turn around. In desperation, Rikimaru whipped around and sent a roundhouse kick at his attacker, hooking the sword from the ninja’s hand. Now facing the ninja, he grabbed the ninja’s head and thrust his sword into the ninja’s gut. He dropped the body to the ground, and prepared to finish off his last opponent.

Needless to say, he was surprised to see that opponent already down, and his friend Ayame standing over the body.

“Flunked stealth again, ne?”

she asked sweetly, sheathing her twin kodachi and running a finger through her brown bangs.

Rikimaru thought of Ayame as a little sister…an annoying little sister whose sarcasm he could do without. Both orphans, they grew up together as Azuma ninja in their small village with Tatsumaru, whom they considered their older brother. Rikimaru glared at Ayame in disgust.

“Ayame! I’m in a training test, here! How am I supposed to accomplish this with you interfering?”

Ayame smirked and looked down at Rikimaru’s black-clad opponents, who got up and took off their masks. They were also members of the Azuma village, and served as Master Shiunsai’s assistant instructors.

“It didn’t look like you were doing a very good job, Riki-chan,”

she remarked,

“so I decided to bail you out. What’s the harm in that?”

“He is right, Ayame,”

one of the instructors, Shinsho, informed her.

“This exercise was for Rikimaru’s training. When the time is right, you will undergo the same test, and you will do it alone.”

“Gomen nasai,”

Ayame apologized reluctantly, her eyes downcast.

Kenichi, the other instructor, observed,

“However, Ayame is correct, Rikimaru. The object of the exercise was stealth, and I noticed your approach. Do not forget that we too can sense the ki of others. Your ki generated enough nervous chatter to attract my attention. You must calm yourself and live in the moment.”

Rikimaru took the reprimand with his usual dislike, while pulling the black scarf down to his neck, exposing the lower half of his face.

“Yes, sensei.”

“Your swordsmanchip also needs work. You must defend your flank better, or risk being carved up like a fish.”

“Yes, sensei.”

Kenichi smiled.

“On the other hand, I find no fault with your killing attacks. Had this not been a training exercise with dull blades, I would surely have perished.”

Rikimaru relaxed a bit, relieved he wasn’t a total failure. Only eighty percent.

“Yes, sensei.”

“We will do this again tomorrow, Rikimaru,”

Shinsho ordered.

“For now, head to the target area and practice your shuriken throws.”

“Yes, sensei.”

“And Ayame…”

The sixteen-year-old girl looked sheepish.

“I know, I know…report to Master Shiunsai…”

She turned to the high fence to make her exit, and found Shiunsai standing there, an unhappy look on his face. Ayame let out a startled yelp, and bowed quickly, apologizing profusely.

“Your English lessons started ten minutes ago, Ayame,

” Shiunsai informed her.

“I see you find your peers’ enlightenment to be more entertaining than your own. A ninja is nothing without a honed mind.”

He then dismissed Ayame and the others. Ayame made haste to the dojo to begin her English studies, while Rikimaru and his instructors ventured to the target area.

A ninja is nothing without a honed ki, Rikimaru thought. Guess I’ll have to work on that, or Ayame will never let me live it down.


That night, the dojo existed in a state of absolute silence. Even the background chatter of insects and animals was seemingly drowned out.

Rikimaru sat at the center of the dojo, meditating. He almost seemed to be watching a dramatic Kabuki play behind his eyelids. Clearing his mind of extraneous thought was not one of his strong points.

“What do you want?”

he asked Tatsumaru, who entered the dojo.

Momentarily taken aback by the curt greeting, Tatsumaru recovered quickly.

“I wanted to see if you really can cause the dojo to spontaneously ignite from your meditation.”

Rikimaru opened his eyes and shot his friend an unkind glare.

“Very funny. You know I hate to be interrupted. Ayame is lucky she’s still alive after intruding on my weapons training earlier.”

Tatsumaru shook his head.

“That’s my point. You’re too intense. You have to be the most tightly-wound ninja I’ve ever met.”

“Is there anything wrong with taking my training seriously?”

“Actually, I find it hard to think of anything you don’t take seriously. Being focused is one thing. It’s admirable. It’s what makes a good ninja. But you also have to relax a bit, and go with the flow.”

“Yes, I got the lecture from the master.”

“I’m not lecturing, I’m…okay, I’m lecturing. Gomen ne.”

“Everybody’s lecturing me these days. Even Ayame. I’m getting a bit tired of it.”

“As I said, you need to relax. If things are getting too intense, step back from them, then come back with a fresh perspective.”

Rikimaru exhaled sharply through his nose, as he usually did when he felt someone was overstepping his bounds.

“I can handle my problems, thanks.”

Tatsumaru crossed his arms and shook his head.

“See, that’s the thing: you think you can handle everything, Riki, but you can’t.”

“But you can?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“No, but you’re certainly the last one to talk! You’re one of the most reckless people I’ve ever met!”

Their exchange steadily rose the room temperature.

“Not reckless, Rikimaru. Determined.”

“So what’s wrong with my determination?”

By this time, the two ninja were almost nose-to-nose. They stared at each other silently.

“Actually, you’re right, Tatsumaru,”

Rikimaru said at last.

“I do need to get away from this. Konbanwa.”

He turned abruptly, without even a courtesy bow, and stormed out of the dojo, heading down the hill toward the bamboo forest.

Tatsumaru stared after his surrogate brother, then released his breath. He turned away from the exit to the outside, and found himself face-to-face with a straw punching target. He sent a right hook through it, and headed out of the training area as small pieces of wood clattered on the dojo floor.


The bamboo forest stretched for acres outside the Azuma village, finally stopping at the edge of a large hill by a creek. Rikimaru sat atop the hill, once again lost in thought. This time, however, he wasn’t meditating.

A sharp bark caused him to look up from his reverie, into the panting muzzle of a large brown husky.


Riki whispered, petting his dog.

“Have you come to scold me as well?”

He couldn’t help but grin as he said this, and chuckled as Semimaru licked his face. The canine always succeeded in cheering him up even at his worst. Rikimaru tightened the purple scarf around his pet’s neck, to which he’d always jokingly referred as Semimaru’s “ninja scarf”.

“No…you’ve just come to cheer me up. You are far too skilled at that, ne?”

Semimaru suddenly turned sharply and looked off to the left past the creek, ears perked. Rikimaru followed suit, having heard the faint sound as well, even above the insects. He slowly rose to a crouch, holding Semimaru in place. The dog dutifully froze in place, ready to investigate once his master gave the okay.

Rikimaru strained his ears to listen for the sound, and heard it a second time. Louder. It sounded as if someone were being struck. Applying gentle pressure to his pet’s shoulder and neck, he instructed Semimaru to move in slowly and silenty. Dogs were prone to chase down their prey, but Rikimaru had taught the husky how to sneak like a cat. The two crept toward a cluster of bushes an eighth-mile down the creek from from the hill, and saw two figures engaging in hand-to-hand combat.

One, whose attire and build suggested a bandit, pummeled the other, weaker-looking old man, who could only raise his arms in a pathetic attempt to shield himself from the abuse.

“I can keep this up, old man,”

the bandit threatened between punches.

“You’re in my territory, so you have to pay the toll!”

Rikimaru released his dog, who barreled at the bandit at full speed, barking and lunging at the legs. The ninja then drew his sword and performed a massive leap over the bush, rolling his body into a moonsault that carried him over the creek. He landed in front of the preoccupied bandit, standing between the thug and the old man, sword at the ready.

“No, you are in Azuma territory, coward, and it is you who will pay for setting foot here!”

The bandit kicked Semimaru aside, then replied,

“Nice speech. Do you really think it scares me? Or him?”

Rikimaru felt a momentary surge of violent ki behind him, and turned in time to deflect a powerful jab aimed at his ribs by an attacker behind him.

An attacker, as it turned out, who happened to be the old man.

Savage moonlight glinted in the old man’s eyes as he sent another punch toward Rikimaru’s face, but the silver-haired ninja blocked it with the dull edge of his ninja-to. He could have used the cutting edge, but he had decided to keep the old man alive long to get the bottom of what was going on. He send a hard forward heel stamp to the old man’s chest, sending his opponent backward into the creek water.

Behind him, he could hear Semimaru viciously attacking the bandit, no doubt clamping his jaws on the nearest available appendage. He quickly turned around to face the bandit, but felt something sharp strike his right shoulder. This caused him to lower his right arm, which held the sword.

He decided not to worry about what had hit him for now, but a glance at the bandit had make it clear: moonlight glinted off a shuriken in the bandit’s hand, and Semimaru was unfortunately unable to keep the bandit from throwing the star-shaped blade.

Rikimaru quickly raised his sword to deflect the second shuriken, but his wounded shoulder compromised his accuracy and made holding the ninja-to difficult. He transfered the sword to his left hand, but that gave the bandit time to rush in and grab Rikimaru’s left arm.

The bandit tried to wrestle the ninja-to from Rikimaru’s grip, and the ninja sent a forward kick at the bandit to shrug him off. He was vaguely aware of the old man getting back to his feet and joining the fray.

However, he didn’t anticipate the old man punching his shoulder wound. The sudden wave of pain caused Rikimaru to let go of his sword, and the bandit quickly claimed it for his own. He stepped back, gripping the handle tightly, and thrust the blade toward Rikimaru’s chest. Rikimaru sidestepped the blade, and grabbed the old man by his kimono, pulling him into the path of the thrust. The old man was run through, and Rikimaru used this as a distraction to deliver a hard punch to the bandit’s jaw. The bandit was sent to the ground, the sword sliding out of his dying victim in the process.

Semimaru leapt at the bandit, trying to bite at the man’s neck, but the bandit again shrugged him off, and this time made a half-hearted slash at the dog with the sword, slicing it across the ribs. Semimaru fell to the ground with a yelp and rolled, trying to protect his wound.


Rikimaru reacted with rage and tossed his the old man to the side, then ran to his pet’s side as the bandit took off over another nearby hill, ninja-to in hand.

He looked up as two familiar figures, Tatsumaru and Ayame, rushed to his side.

“What happened?”

Ayame asked.

Rikimaru gritted his teeth.

“I was set up,”

he replied simply.

The dying old man cackled for a few moments, then coughed up blood. He thought the whole thing was hilarious until the end.

“Based on your descriptions of the two men who attacked you, Rikimaru,”

Master Shiunsai announced in a calm voice to his pupils,

“it would seem they are not a bandit and beggar, respectively. Rather, they are ninja like yourselves, practicing the art of sichiho-de.”

Rikimaru, Ayame, and Tatsumaru nodded. Sichiho-de, or ‘seven disguises’, referred to the art of deception though concealment of identity. The ninja tradionally used a variety of possible disguises, far more than the most common seven from which the practice derived its name.

“That would explain why the two were so adept at fighting,”

Rikimaru observed.

“But why would they go through all that trouble in order to steal my ninja-to?”

And wound my dog? he thought ruefully.

Shiunsai pondered that for a moment.

“Any number of reasons are equally likely,”

he replied at last.

“Perhaps the man stole the sword as a last-ditch attempt to gain victory over you. Perhaps he and his accomplice wished to test their skills. Or,”

and he paused for effect, gaze locked on his students,

“they wanted to get our attention, and inform us of their presence. The attack could very well have been a challenge from one ninja ryu to another.”

His students digested this information.

“Does it really matter why they did it?”

Ayame asked in her usual eager-for-action manner.

“They stole from us, so we gotta get the sword back, an’ teach ’em a lesson!”

“The reason matters, young Ayame,”

the master reminded her.

“Motivation drives all actions, no matter how small. Determining the reason for one’s action allows us to predict that person’s future actions. And the people in question, after all, are ninja themselves. If any reason at all exists behind the theft of Rikimaru’s weapon, it is not one we should take lightly.”

“Yes, Sensei,”

Ayame conceded, her eyes downcast.

Tatsumaru was still curious.

“So…what is our course of action, Master?”

“Ayame is correct that the theft shall not go unanswered. Azuma village is merely a community of farmers and craftsmen as far as most outsiders know. Only Lord Gohda and some of his trusted subordinates know that we are a community of ninja. This knowledge is very deadly in the hands of enemies. We must ensure that this development does not become our undoing.


he told the eldest disciple,

“you must seek out the enemy ninja’s encampment, and return to us with information on their location, number, and structure. Do not engage them in combat unless you are forced.”

Tatsumaru stood up and bowed, accepting his orders.

“I will carry out my mission, Sensei.”

As Tatsumaru walked toward the weapons room, Shiunsai turned to Rikimaru and Ayame.

“You two have not completed your training as full Azuma ninja, so it would be dangerous to send you on this mission.”

The two trainees looked disappointed, especially Ayame.

“Then what CAN we do, Master?”

she asked. You said ‘we’ had to deal with this problem. I assumed you didn’t just mean Tatsumaru!”

Shiunsai patiently waited for her to finish her objection. Ayame’s irreverence was always her shortcoming in some respects, but it also allowed her to speak her mind. Silencing her would only waste her considerable energy.

“The two of you will be held in reserve until Tatsumaru’s return. Depending on what he has to report, you may be needed. So your oders for now, are to wait.”


So Rikimaru and Ayame waited for their brother’s return. And waited. And waited. By midnight of the following evening, they were tired of waiting.

They gathered in the weapons room of the dojo, in full uniform as they had planned. What they were about to attempt would be difficult to say the least: sneak out of a ninja village in the dead of night. But their brother might be in trouble, so they gathered their weapons.

Rikimaru selected another ninja-to from the collection of swords on the wall. It wasn’t his favorite, which was stolen, but it would have to do. It was basically the same weapon as the one which was missing. However, to Rikimaru, it wasn’t as “broken in”. It felt unfamiliar. This only reinforced his desire to face the ninja who had stolen his weapon.

Ayame slipped both kodachi into their saya with savage glee. She had boh of her favorite weapons with her, and she was going to enjoy using them. So what if she had never used them outside of weapons training exercises? How could a real life-or-death situation be much different?

The two students also chose copious handfuls of shuriken, blowgun darts, and tetsubishi. They concealed the weaponry in their outfits, pulled their masks over their faces, and nodded to each other, ready to go.

Once they left the dojo, a they put their stealth training to use getting past the other cabins and across the wooden bridge to the bamboo forest. Their efforts went off without a hitch, even though they were unaware that they weren’t fooling anyone.

Shiunsai watched their departure from the dojo. He wished them luck in finding Tatsumaru.


“Are you sure he went this way?”

Ayame asked for the umpeenth time as they made their way across the stream and over the hill.

“Yes, I’m positive,”

hissed Rikimaru through his teeth. He’d lost his patience the second time his companion asked him that.

“But you don’t really know where it is they went, just the general direction. Reeeal brilliant.”

“Well, you asked if the bandit-ninja went this way, and my answer was ‘yes.’ Now kindly stay silent for two minutes so I can think!”

“You’re going to track them…how? I noticed you left Semimaru behind.”

“He’s injured, in case you forgot. I’m going to locate them by finding their ki.”

Rikimaru waited a few moments with a murderous glare for Ayame to stop laughing.


Ayame wiped her eyes and snorted. “

You? You can’t even control your own ki; how do you expect to track a bunch of ninja?”

“If you have any better ideas, I’m listening.”

“You always tell me to shut up.”

“Because you always talk, with nothing worthwhile to say.”

“At least I’ve mastered stealth. You couldn’t sneak up on a rock without it sounding an alarm for everyone to hear.”

“I fail to understand how someone can master stealth without mastering the art of keeping her opinions to herself!”

“Because I’m just that good, loser.”

“Ayame, we cannot afford to bicker amongst ourselves. Once we find our enemies, and return Tatsumaru and the sword safely to our village, we can insult each other as much as we want. Not before. Our mission takes priority.”


Rikimaru suddenly jerked his hand up to rivet Ayame’s attention, and he looked over his left shoulder.

“I feel something,”

he hissed, gradually lowering his position until he was crouched behind a cluster of bushes.

“You sure it’s not your tummy growling?”

Ayame whispered back, but she also slunk into the underbrush.

“Do you feel it too?”

Riki asked her, his voice even quieter.

Ayame nodded, and slowly unsheathed her kodachi.

Rikimaru reached into his dogi and drew his bamboo blowgun and a poison dart. He closed his eyes, mentally blotting out the background forest chatter. He tried to focus on the extraneous ki he felt, and any sounds that would give away the intruder’s presence.

He realized he was holding his breath again, and let it out quietly. Holding his breath was a bad habit he’d been trying to break himself of for years.

However, historically, things had a habit of going wrong whenever he let out his breath, so he raised the end of his blowgun to his coth-covered mouth, and prepared to fire it at where he guessed the stranger was.

He glanced over to Ayame and found that she was gone.


she shouted behind him, and Rikimaru quickly rose and found her attacking the newcomer, throwing him to the ground and pressing her blades to his neck.

“Please! Let me go!”

the man pleaded, and Riki tried to get a closer look at him. The man appeared to be a peasant from a nearby village, but given his experience last night, he wasn’t going to take anything at face-value.

“Identify yourself,”

Riki ordered.

“I…I am Watanabe Taro. I live in the village j-just beyond the hill! I have a wife and child! I–”

“Can I kill this guy?”

Ayame asked Riki.

“He’s getting on my nerves.”

“You can if he turns out to be a ninja,”

Rikimaru replied.

“Let him up.”

The man was forced to his feet, so the two ninja can get a better look at him in the moonlight.


he stuttered.

“I swear I’m not one of them! I can prove it!”

Rikimaru looked him over.

“All right, I’m listening.”

Taro took a breath.

“Th-thank you, sir. As I said, I–“

A whistle of air and a loud thunk cut of his words, and Taro fell to his knees.

Riki and Ayame stepped back immediately. They saw an arrow buried in Taro’s back.

“That can’t be good,”

Ayame commented.

Rikimaru drew his ninja-to. The two Azuma ninja looked around warily. “Show yourselves,” Rikimaru ordered.

Another arrow answered him, burying itself in the tree trunk right next to Rikimaru’s head. Its angle revealed that it was shot from the branches above them.

Four figures emerged from the shadowy underbrush, dressed in camoflaged dogi that rendered them almost invisible against their surroundings. Without a word they converged on the two young ninja, weilding swords while their brethren in the trees loaded arrows into bows.

The Azuma ninja rolled away from their attackers into the forest where they would have more cover. The enemy ninja quickly separated the two, putting the Azuma very much on the defensive.

Rikimaru clashed swords with two of his camoflaged opponents, who guarded a little too well for his tastes. They matched him for swordsmanship, but luckily they were unable to get past Rikimaru’s own guard.

Ayame, meanwhile, had better luck driving her two enemies back, since her erratic slices were much harder to anticipate and block. She scored several slashes on them, getting past their guard. She ran to a tree, leaping to the trunk and backflipping off of it into her opponents’ midst. A downward slash, sent one to the ground, which left one.

Rikimaru rolled backward to give himself more room, all the while drawing a handful of tetsubishi and tossing them to the grass at his enemies’ feet. The ninja failed to notice the caltrops until they stepped on them and injured their feet on the spikes. The young Azuma ninja took advantage of the preoccupied attackers and dashed back toward his foes, slashing at them with his sword and taking care not to step on the caltrops himself.

Ayame yelped as her opponent sliced across her arm, drawing blood. The camoflaged ninja chuckled at her injury, and moved in for the kill. Ayame looked up at the trees for a moment, then quickly sidestepped her attacker’s charge. She buried one of her kodachi in his back, then used him as a human shield against the arrows raining from the trees.

Having also noticed the archers’ resumed barrage, Rikimaru climbed a tree and perched between several branches. Once again drawing his blowgun, he loaded a dart and took aim. He brew out his breath sharply and shot the dart at one of the archers, scoring a direct hit in the shoulder. The archer dropped the bow and held his wound as the poison invaded his system. He fell out of the tree and landed rather badly on the ground, breaking his leg.

Meanwhile, Ayame busied herself searching her human shield for any useful items. Aside from a shuriken, he didn’t have anything worthwhile to share, so she dropped his arrow-ridden corpse and rolled behind a tree for cover.

“These idiots ambush us, then don’t even have the decency to carry any grenades we can use? That stinks!”

She flung the shuriken at one of the archers, missing him but breaking his bowstring. It kept him from firing any more arrows.

Rikimaru wished his perch in the tree provided more cover from arrows. He quickly climbed further up the tree, arrows missing him by scant inches, and found a secure perch on a particularly strong branch. He judged the distance between his present location and that of the closest sniper, and moonsaulted off his branch. He landed on the same branch as the archer, and was pleased to find that their combined weight was too much for the limb, which cracked loudly under the pressure.

The branch gave way, sending the two falling toward the ground. They both landed perfectly, but Rikimaru was the faster to recover. He brought the blade of his ninja-to downward upon the archer’s neck before the latter could load another arrow into the bow.

The other archer, who decided his usefulness as a sniper had ended now that he had a broken bowstring, dropped out of his tree to contront the Azuma upstarts. He ran toward Rikimaru, but only got halfway there before a kaginawa wrapped around his legs. Ayame yanked on the grappling rope and sent the ninja falling on his face. She crossed the distance between them, bundling her rope back up before finishing off the ninja with her kodachi.

“Is that all of them?”

Rikimaru asked, walking to Ayame.

“I hope so. C’mon, we’ve wasted enough time.”

Ayame turned to leave, then saw Rikimaru looking around alertly, frozen in place.

“What are you doing? What’s goin’ on?”

She then noticed the fog that had begun to shroud the forest.

Rikimaru studied the mist quizzically.

“I–I don’t know…but keep your guard up.”

The fog thickened until it surrounded them like a smokescreen. That seemed to be a good description, in fact, as the two Azuma ninja began to feel drowzy. It was a cloud of sleeping gas. They staggered backward weakly, then fell to the ground, losing unconscious.

A shadowy figure emerged from the center of the fog, rather pleased with his handiwork.


Master Shiunsai felt a presence of a different kind in his home at the dojo. He opened his eyes and stood up, grabbing his walking stick and unsheathing its hidden blade. He turned around and faced the intruder who had entered.

“It’s me,”

Tatsumaru assured his master, stepping into the light. He looked injured, as if he’d taken on an entire army and won through sheer accident.

“I’ve just returned from my mission. I found where they were hiding, but they found me, so I had to grab the sword and fight my way out.”

He held up Rikimaru’s ninja-to, and gratefully handed it to his sensei. The blade’s tip was covered in blood.

“I confronted their master, a man named Abano, and killed him in mortal combat. I was injured, however, and it’s taken me a full day and night to return.”

Shiunsai nodded at this information.

“How many were there in the clan?”

“Roughly twenty. A few survived, but they escaped into the hills. Without organization, they probably won’t be a threat, but they could still endanger the nearby villages.”

“I see…and did this clan have a name?”

“Abano said they were called ‘The Mist’.” Tatsumaru studied his master’s face. “Master…you seem troubled.”

Shiunsai let out a breath.

“Rikimaru and Ayame went looking for you at midnight. There is no telling what they may have found.”

To be continued…

A New Master

Written by Skarsnik

Shiunsai saw the dead body of Kurosama laying at his feet. The corrupt master of the Azuma sect clutched the ancient blade, Izayoi, in his cold white hand. Shiunsai was exhausted, and colapsed to the ground, trying to regain his breath. Summoning what little strength he had left, he stretched his hand towards Izayoi. His hands clasped the blade, and he wrenched it from the cold body of the traitor, Kurosama. As Shiunsai held the ancient sword of the Azuma sect, he remembered the tradgedy that had brought him to this point…
Shiunsai was practicing his Kata in one of the dojos of the Azuma village. The sun was just beginning to set as the Masters young son, Tatsumaru, called to him.

“Shiunsai! The master wishes to see you!”

Shiunsai shook his head in regret that Tatsumaru had to call his father by his rank, and could not simply call him father.

“Coming Tatsumaru.”

Shiunsai abandoned his practice, and left towards the house at the top of the hill in the village. As he walked to the top, he heard somthing creeping after him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Tatsumaru run almost silently through a thicket of bamboo trees. Shiunsai smiled to himself as Tatsumaru tried to sneak up behind him. He pretended not to know that he was there, until the last moment when Tatsumaru struck with a kick, and Shiunsai reacted by dodging the attack easily and sweeping Tatsumaru over with a kick of his own. Shiunsai dropped a smoke bomb and dissapeared in a cloud of gas, leaving Tatsumaru laying on the grass, completely beweildered. When Shiunsai reached the Masters house, he knelt on one knee. “

You wish to see me, Master Kurosama?”


the master replied.

“A gaurd at Lord Gohda’s castle was murdered today, with a golden arrow. There was a scroll around the arrow, addressed to you.”

Kurosama revealed a scroll from behind his back, and handed it to a puzzled Shiunsai. Shiunsai read the scroll to himself.

you have no chance against us. My clan has already infiltrated yours. You are no longer safe in your own village. The Azuma will die come nightfall. All of their work will be burned in the ashes of their own village. The reign of Gohda is over, and all will make way for Darktiger, Lord of the Kumani ninja. All will cower before him, and on the thirteenth day of his reign, Lord Mei-Oh will arise, and the world will be swollwed in eternal death, with only those who serve the great Lord Mei-Oh sha ll live. There is no point running either, there is no escape. You cannot stop this, but my warning is not without reason. I warn you because your true father is not who you believe, but your true father is the one who leads us into alliance with Lord Mei-Oh. If you seek sanctuary in the darkness, then come meet us the shrine located in the Bamboo forest of the Raven. If not, you will die with the rest of your pathetic ninja.”

Shiunsai lifted his head and looked up at his master.

“I have read it Shiunsai. I know what it says. I seek you out because I need you to help me. Take my son and your student, Rikimaru, to Gohda castle. Seek refuge there. I will go to confront this force in the shrine they speak of.”

“But master, they said there is no escape. Why don’t you take all the ninja to the shrine to attack them?”

“Shiunsai, do not ever undermine my authority! If I take all the Azuma ninjas to the shrine, we will not be able to attack with stealth, and the apparent traitors among us will attack us and we will be crippled. No Shiunsai, I will go alone, and you will go to Gohda castle. Now hurry, it is almost nightfall.”

Shiunsai began to walk out of the house when Kurosama called after him.

“And Shiunsai, don’t tell any other ninja of your mission. You never know who is loyal.”

With those words in mind, Shiunsai leapt out of the house, and onto the rooftops of the Azuma village.

Shiunsai swept along the rooftops like a shodow caught in the wind, and made his way to his house. When he arrived, he swung down off the roof and moved inside the house. He silently crept towards the back wall were there was a hidden compartment, known only to him. Inside were several things that his father had left to him. Shiunsai now wondered who his real father was. He thought on it a moment, then shook his head, and focused on the task ahead. He reached inside the compartment and retrieved a scroll his father had left him. It had magical powers, and increased the users speed multiple times. He also took his fathers talisman, a power talisman that increased strength and resiliance. With these items hidden on his body, he shut the secret compartment and walked to a shelf nearby. From the shelf he took several shuriken, and a handful of smoke bombs. Satisfied he was prepared, he left to find Tatsumaru and Rikimaru. Shiunsai first went to where Rikimaru could be usually found training and, by a stroke of luck, Rikimaru and Tatsumaru were both there, training together. Shiunsai crept up near the two young ninjas, and whispered to them.

“Rikimaru, Tatsumaru! Come here!”

Rikimaru was startled, and spun around ready to fight. When he saw his Master, he relaxed and ran over to him. Tatsumaru followed.

“I’m glad you are safe. I feared you would be hurt.”

Shiunsai said. Rikimaru asked

“Why would we be hurt? We were only practising in the Village.”

Shiunsai shook his head and replied

“Listen to me, both of you. What I am about to tell you, you must not tell anyone else. Do you understand?”

The boys suddenly grew serious, and nodded in agreement. Shiunsai then recounted the happenings of the day.

“And now that you know, I must ask a favour of you both. I need you both to continue to Gohda castle, alone. I want to follow our Master to the shrine to help him. You have both been trained well, and can make it on your own.”

“But Shiunsai!”

Rikimaru exclaimed.

“Master Kurosama said you were not to follow him!”

“Rikimaru, listen to me. I must do what I believe is right. I would give my life for our master, but I cannot follow orders that would get him killed. If all that I do is follow orders, I am no longer human, but just a drone of the master. Now I must make my own choices, just as you must make your own now to, Rikimaru. I ask you to do as I say, and go to Gohda castle as the master asked.”

Rikimaru looked down at the ground, and simply nodded his head. He pulled up his mask over his mouth, and dissapeared without a word. Tatsumaru watched him go, and said goodbye to his long time friend Shiunsai, and vanished after Rikimaru. Shiunsai followed them with his eyes until they were no longer visible, and disappeared into the night, on his way to Raven Shrine.

Shiunsai arrived at the shrine about half an hour later. He had trailed the Master Kurosama all the way from the village, but was surprised to see Kurosama traveling with a strange ninja. Shiunsai has never seen the ninja around the village. He wore a black uniform, with red designs on it. He wore a mask of a bird of some kind. He also carried a single blade. His long dark hair flowed behind him as he flew through the forest to the shrine. Shiunsai watched the ninja follow Kurosama into the building that contained the shrine. Shiunsai crouched low as he moved towards one of the windows in the wall. He looked through, and saw that the stranger was not there. But, this was not the most shocking thing that Shiunsai saw. For there, kneeling in prayer to the dark gods, was Master Kurosama. Shiunsai leapt through the window and yelled out in rage.

“You will die Kurosama!”

Kurosama opened his eyes in shock, saw Shiunsai and drew his sword.

“so, the Azuma ninja decided to show up after all. Well, will you be joining us, or do you choose to die.”

“I am no the one who will die, traitor!”

“Well well well, big words for a small ninja. You really think you can beat me? LETS FIND OUT!”

Then Kurosama drew Izayoi from its sheath and dashed towards Shiunsai, who reacted by sidestepping the attack and swept Kurosama off his feet. This bought enough time for Shiunsai to use the Talisman of Power. Kurosama was up on his feet, but could see the strange power emanating from his rival. Scared, Kurosama called out for some guards, and four ninjas in black uniforms sprung out of no-where. One jumped from behind Shiunsai, but the wily ninja simply spun through 180 degrees and threw on of the shuriken at the throat of his assailant. The lifeless ninja fell to the ground clutching his throat, and Shiunsai turned to face the rest of his enemies. Kurosama singled them forward. Two of the ninjas wielded deadly katanas, and struck out at Shiunsai. Shiunsai used his armoured gloves to deflect the blows but was still driven back by their lightning blows. Then, summoning the strength from the talisman, Shiunsai dealt one of them a deadly blow to the head. The second ninja continued his assault, bu t he was no match for Shiunsai one on one. After Shiunsai killed him, the third ninja drew a weapon that Shiunsai had never seen before. It was like a chain whip with a deadly blade on the end. The ninja began to move as though he was dancing, with the whip-blade flowing through the air like a mesmerised dragon. Shiunsai saw he was out of striking distance, so he threw a shiruken, but it was knocked out of the air by the ninja. Shiunsai was surprised, but threw another five towards the deadly ninja. These to were knocked down, and Shiunsai saw that shirukens were not the answer. Then he got an idea. Shiunsai used the lightfoot scroll to dash forward with such speed that the ninja never saw it coming, and was struck down and killed before he could react. Then Shiunsai turned his gaze on Kurosama. Kurosama drew back slightly, but raised his sword, Izayoi, ready to attack. The two rivals lunged forward at the same instance, and were locked in deadly combat. Slashes and thrusts flew from the hand of Kurosama over and over again, but Shiunsai matched the blows perfectley, blocking them with his armoured gloves. Shiunsai finally manged to throw Kurosama off balance by grabbing his wrist and pulling him forward, but Kurosama used the momentum to flip over his opponents head. Shiunsai spun around to see Kurosama making a slash for his head. Shiunsai did a back-flip kick and knocked Izayoi out of Kurosama hands. Kurosama made a dash for his fallen blade but, just as he recovered it from the floor, he turned to see a fist come flying down, to send him to the underworld. With his dying breath, Kurosama utterd

“Your father….is….Oni…ka….”

With that, Kurosama coughed up his last blood, and died at the hand of Shiunsai… Shiunsai stood up, after having regained his thought. He started to walk away when he heard a laugh behind him. He turned, and there stood the stranger in the bird mask. He started to laugh harder as he threw his mask away, to reveal he was blindfolded, but could still see.

“Well done. Ha ha ha. Very well done. You performed exactly as I predicted. But now you must die.”

Shiunsai could do nothing but lay down his life, for his energy was spent. The stranger rushed forward when Shiunsai saw a lightning fast dart fly past his head and into the throat of the masked stranger. The strange assailant fell to the ground, clutching his throat. Shiunsai saw Rikimaru, standing with a blow gun to his mouth. Rikimau said,

“Tatsumaru went to warn Lord Gohda of the demon, Mei-oh, but I couldn’t follow orders I knew you were going to get killed, otherwise I would just be a drone, of the new master of the Azuma ninja.”

Shiunsai smiled. “Thank you Rikimaru. I owe you my life. But our work here is done. Lets leave.” The two Azuma ninja left the shrine, and as they did, a voice said

“Curse you Rikimaru. We will meet again, and when we do, it is your turn to die.”

With those words, Onikage vanished into the night…

A Shadow

En route to meet up with his Lord, Tatsumaru spots a suspicious shadow and decides to investigate.

Enemies: 18
Max Score: 665
Ninja Item: Poison Antidote

This really is a great level. Not only can you explore left and right, but vertically. In that respect it is quite similar to Demon Mountain, but since it is a night time mission it is far superior in every way. Two thing to look out for on this level; often guards for no reason enter !? mode. This is probably due to enemies in close proximity to Gohda’s elite guards. Secondly be careful killing ninja on roofs. It is very easy to get the attack angle wrong and they enter !! mode – highly annoying. Using a crouched attack from behind is the best recommendation.

Turn around. On the wall in front of you is a sword ninja (1). Grapple up and kill him. Head out the door to your right. Halfway down the steps patrols a bowman (2) and a spear-man (3) to your left beneath the stairs. Return to your starting position and make your way up the stairs ahead. Patrolling at the top is a sword soldier (4). pass through the doors to your right ignoring the spear soldier in front of you. Grapple and hang on the roof to your left. Wait patiently for a bow ninja (5) to appear.

Now head back down and kill the spear-man (6). Grapple back to the same building to find a bow ninja (7) at the roof’s apex. Return to the courtyard and kill the sword soldier (8) who patrols left of your position near one of Gohda’s guards. Past Gohda’s guard in the corner is a scatter item, poison antidote, and a scythe ninja (9) on the roof above. Return to the courtyard and head to the far north-east corner of it. Grapple up to the roof above.

Below in the next courtyard is a spear soldier (10). Return to the roof and head left to find a scythe ninja (11). Further down the courtyard is a bow soldier (12). It is very difficult to kill this enemy as a nearby guard like to do the job for you. Nevertheless you can still achieve a Grand Master ranking without him so best not go there. Instead continue west, over the roof, into the next courtyard to find a spear soldier (13) and a sword soldier (14).

Return to your previous thirteenth victim and grapple the roof above. To your left on top of the high roof a bow ninja (15) stands guard. From here head north along the roof and then east. Grapple up to the tiling sticking out form the main castle above. Head left higher up on to the next level. To your left a ninja (17) guards the roof. Continue north to find a patrolling bow ninja (17). Head back to the main castle structure and work your way up. Another bow ninja (18) guards the north-west corner. Grapple on to the next floor to here Kagami’s dream and meet the original Seiryu.

Boss: Seiryu
Health: 130

A nice easy boss to kick off Tatsumaru’s missions. It wont belong until you strike the final hit that send Seiryu plummeting to his death. They will not be a tough pair of shoes to fit! Block and attack strategy, as always, works a treat.

A Sister’s Promise

written by Hitoame

Ayame Reason for Refusal Are the Sister Bells
Rin helps Ayame to escape from her prison. Ayame asks Rin to deliver a message to one of Gohda spies. Find Shinogi and retrieve the sister bell.

Recommended Items
1x health potion

Difficulty: Normal

The mission itself actually isn’t too hard, as long as you advance both carefully and patiently. Most maneuvers will consist of waiting, followed by a quick run in order to reach your victims punctually. In this level Ayame’s poisonous swords (Dokutou) can be found.
Move a little forward in order to adjust the camera to the slope so you can see a masked ninja next to the stairs. Once he starts walking, run up to him and kill him. Turn left, slide the door open and run down the stairs. Lean against the wall by pressing R1 when next to it. Turn the camera, so you can look around the corner. You’ll see two guards patrolling. Do not rush to kill them separately! If you wait patiently they’ll come pretty close to you, but without being able to spot you. Once both of them turn their backs on you standing very close, perform a double stealth kill on them. If you have difficulties performing the double stealth kill use a poison rice to lure them both into a convenient position. Don’t mind the other two guards’ conversation in case you triggered it. You will not be able to reach them in time, but luckily their conversation distract them from walking around the area and thus spotting you more easily. This is to be used to your advantage. Place yourself at the stairs and jump or grapple to the little ledge on the left. There’s a masked ninja on the ground that will soon turn left and walk off. As soon as he is out of sight, jump down at the very end of the ledge and kill him, but make sure not to be seen. Crawl through the little hole in the wall to your right and pick up the red box which contains a talisman. Be careful not to run through the water, otherwise you’ll alert the ninja located on the platform in the upper corner of the room. Grapple up to the ledge. Wait for the enemy to turn around, then pull up and stealth kill him.

Press against the revolving door and immediately lean against the wall to your right, so you can watch the kunoichi coming up to you. As soon as she passes you by, you’ll be able to perform an easy left side stealth kill on her. Pick up the egg and the rice ball on the small shelves left of the revolving door. Follow the corridor the kunoichi was patrolling until you reach the stairs. Crouch down and observe the approaching shimatsuya. Once he passed by, kill him.Next, turn left and hug the wall to your right. This gives a good overview on what is happening inside the next room. Kkill the patrolling guard, when he turns away. Grapple to the upper room with the huge oven and lean against the wall to your left. There is a kunoichi and a masked ninja observing the area. The ninja will remain on the same spot, but the kunoichi walks up and down. She’ll turn her back on you, just to turn around again. Be cautious! When the ninja turns his back on you and the kunoichi walks to the back corner of the room, rush out and first kill the ninja, then kill the kunoichi. This room also contains a red box with two bell darts in it which is located on the left side of the lowered level. Watch out for traps! Don’t step on the trapdoors and make sure not to be hit by the spear once jumping down there.

When you’ve collected all the items you need, return to the room that you entered through the revolving door. Crouch at the door so it slides open only a bit and you can peek through it. Stealth kill the guard as he turns away and immediately carry his dead body back into the room you came from. For this purpose, better cancel the stealth kill animation by pressing circle. Quickly climb the platform and crouch down on the very right, so the approaching kunoichi won’t spot you. Kill her. There’s another red box on the platform containing fireworks. Advance until you reach the next stairway. Crawl up the stairs to see what’s in the next room. You’ll find a shimatsuya and a masked ninja supervising their surroundings. The ninja will remain in the room, walking back and forth, whereas the shimatsuya will temporarily leave the room. In order to make sure the shimatsuya won’t bother you killing the ninja, use Ayame’s Kodama Hiroi move. It helps you making out their pathways. After the shimatsuya has left the room, he’ll turn around once more. Now, as soon as he walks off in direction of the corridor, wait for the ninja to turn left, then stealth kill him. Cancel the stealth kill animation and rush to the shimatsuya who is facing the stairs, kill him too.

Ayame’s poisoned blades are hidden in the room located at the bottom of the hallway to your left. This room also contains a health potion. Pick up both items and return to the corridor in which you just killed the shimatsuya. There’s another revolving door giving way to Shinogi.

Shinogi by Reimaru
Name: Shinogi , Health: 100
Shinogi isn’t to difficult. Block his attacks and counter with your own. His only useful move is where he smashes the wooden flooring with his foot, leaving Ayame vulnerable to attacks. Its very similar to your own smoke bomb attack. Retreat and use the health potion if you have difficulties.

Grandmaster Item
Ninja Armour

Mission Stats

Enemies: 14
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
2x red box, 1x egg, 2x health potion, 1x rice ball

A Task Without Reward

written by Swiftshark

Rin Crossing the Checkpoint, no rewards
Find Mimizuku outside Lord Gohda’s Checkpoint to deliver the secret message for Ayame.

Recommended Items
3x blowgun

Difficulty: Normal

When you begin, grapple up onto the tall left gatepost and crouch. Now observe the scene below you. There is an archer stationed atop the little watchtower and another patrolling guard beneath him. Wait for the Archer to turn his back and then double jump over and Stealth Kill him as you land. Immediately crouch after doing so and now drop down on the patrolling guard beneath you and Stealth Kill him as well. Now roll back towards the gate and grapple up on the left most portion of it next to the rock wall. Turn around and remain crouched and now look across at the spear wielding guard who comes in and out of view behind the dividing wall ahead. Highlight your blowgun and then kill him with a shot while he is walking from left to right and stops. If you already have the Hawk Eye Ability then you’ll also be able to see the dog behind him.

Now drop down from the gate and roll to your right up the incline a bit until you hear a guard conversation. At this point immediately roll back and again grapple back up onto the east most portion of the fence next to the wall. Remain crouched and patiently wait for the guard to walk down from your right and stop exactly beneath you. As soon as he turns to walk away, drop down and Stealth Kill him. Now roll forward to the little hut and then grapple onto the roof and immediately crouch. Look at your in game map and position yourself on the SW most corner of this roof and remain crouched. From here you’ll be able to easily observe the patrolling dog while being out of sight from the stationary guard on the other side of the roof. Highlight your blowgun again and kill the dog with a shot when he pauses and isn’t looking in your direction. (For some reason shuriken from this distance, even with Hawk Eye leave him with 1 HP) Now creep up the roof just high enough so that you can observe the stationary guard below on the other side. Watch his turning pattern and when he turns his back, roll down and Stealth Kill him. Now roll towards your right along the wall and keep going until you are at the eastern most portion of the map. (You should be crouched on a slope) Stay here and observe a patrolling guard up ahead by the stone monument. As soon as he walks behind the monument, run up and grapple up onto the stone monument and immediately crouch. Now simply watch him from this vantage point and then drop down and Stealth Kill him as he walks back towards the right.

Continue now by crouching and moving slowly to the left(west) until you come to the edge overlooking another patrolling guard below. Watch his pattern and then roll down and Stealth Kill him when his is over by the wall. Crouch again and move forward towards the ledge overlooking the river below and observe another patrolling guard walking along the river’s edge. Also take this time to look across the river and up a bit to see a patrolling Archer who walks up and down the far path. When he is out of range and the guard beneath you is nearby with his back to you, drop down and Stealth Kill him. Now roll all the way to the left(west) along the river and then roll through the river onto the other side and creep up behind the jutting rock on the embankment. Stay crouched behind this rock and wait for the Archer to patrol back down. Wait for him to turn and then double jump over the rock and run up behind him to Stealth Kill him. Now follow his path up to the end and then grapple your way up to the NW corner of the map (upper left) to grab the cannon in the Red Box Item. Now jump back down (don’t walk left along the ledge because you will trigger the cutscene) and run back across the river and head up onto the bridge. Cross the bridge and now head left along the narrow ledge alongside the building and then double jump over to the small outcropping to grab Rin’s demon claws in the Red Item Box. Now simply head to either entrance of the building to trigger the cutscene and complete the mission.

You can get spotted up to two times and still get an ASSASSIN Ranking provided you Stealth Kill all 10 enemies and are only spotted briefly. However, if you followed my path exactly then you should not have been seen at all.

Master of Assassins Item

Mission Stats
Enemies: 10
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
1x cannon, 1x demon claws (Rin’s special weapon)

A Tenchu 2 Story

Written by Gohda

Dawn approached swiftly. For the guards on watch, this was like a sign from heaven. Having watched the grounds of the merchant’s complex from sundown to now, most of them were exhausted. Most stood wearily alert, but a few had dosed unwittingly off. One of these guards, snoring gently with his back against the wall, was supposed to be watching a certain stretch of rooftop. He wasn’t, and that one mistake would soon cost him his life.

On this certain stretch of rooftop a shadow sat. Melted into the background, it was hardly distinguishable from the gloom around it. It gauged the distance from the eave of the roof to the ground, chose a spot to drop and swung down. The guard was still snoring gently as it hit the ground in a crouched position. After that, it worked quickly.

It came up beside the sleeping guard and spun him around, clamping its hand on his mouth. Before the guard could utter a sound, it drew a long, shining sword from a scabbard on its waist. Flicking the blade out and high into the air, it brought the sword down and plunged it into the guard’s heart. The sentry struggled for a moment, and then was still. Dropping the lifeless body to the ground, the shadow searched it for anything that would be of value to him. Finding nothing, the shadow hurried through a door opposite the wall.

It entered the long hall and crept along the shadowy wall. Stepping briefly into the flickering light of a wall brazier his features were momentarily revealed. A long ponytail hung down behind his head, vying for supremacy with a strong face and high cheekbones. A muscular chest tapered to a lithe waist, and behind this waist hung his sword.

The blade still intrigued him. Given to him by his master and surrogate father only the night before, it was the sign of his leadership of the Azuma Ninja and his mastery of the fighting arts. Called Izayoi, it was rarely used by him, only for silent kills and running enemies. The rest of the time he used his hands and feet, often bringing foes down with a single kick or a well-placed punch.

Moving quickly out of the torchlight, he once more became a shadow. Seeing a small, barely noticeable but man-sized hole in the ceiling, he reached into a pouch at his side, From this he drew a long rope ending in a claw, a hook he used to get virtually anywhere. Swinging it with alarming precision to the edge of the hole, he pulled back hard and fairly flew up towards the roof, where he sensed his real adventure would begin.

He emerged into the predawn light with barely a sound. A light drizzle was just setting up, and the roofs and eaves were slick with rainwater and mist. Any untrained man would have slipped and fallen off the roof to a probable death, but this man ran across the slippery tiles without a falter in his step. He moved onwards, seemingly incautiously determined but inwardly alert.

About halfway along the roof another level jutted about twenty feet upward. Flattening himself against this wall he sneaked silently along it until he came to its edge and peered around. On the other side of the wall a figure stood on the slippery slope of the roof, seemingly unaware and unprepared for an attack. Crouching low, the man advanced along the wall. He crept along silently and saw that the figure was clothed in the deep blackness of the Nyosai ninja, the so-called “merchant’s ninja”. Although this clan was deadly in numbers, their unfaltering alliance to the merchant and nobleman classes made them a subject of constant ridicule.

Standing up silently behind the ninja, the man tapped him on the shoulder. Whirling around, the black-swathed figure was met with a fist in the chin, sending him catapulting off the wall to a sure death far below. The man looked after the falling form, shook his head and whispered

“I wish one of these fools would put up a fight”

Turning slowly, he ran down the roof to an open window that seemed to beckon to him.

Swinging inside this window, he landed silently and looked down the long room. An uninterested-looking guard stared out the door with his back to the man. The ninja on the opposite side of the room selected a shuriken from a pack next to his mysterious sword. Flicking it over his shoulder, he aimed it at the wall beside the guard and let it fly. The star-shaped projectile embedded itself in the plaster alongside the sentry, causing him to turn. Seeing the pony-tailed ninja across the room, he drew his sword and charged.

Anticipating the head-on rush the ninja somersaulted over the guard’s head and landed with his back to him. Spinning, he caught the guard in the back with a vicious roundhouse kick that sent him flying. Struggling to his feet, the guard charged again at the unprepared ninja, catching him in the back with the sword blade and drawing blood. The ninja, grimacing at the painful slash, whirled and said

“So you get a free shot. Well, that was the last straw. Goodbye.”

He grabbed the guard around the neck and lifted him up off the ground, his face expressionless. The guard gurgled as his neck snapped, and then was dropped heavily to the floor. The ninja turned away and listened carefully into the next room. He heard a voice that sounded like it belonged to someone used to giving orders. He couldn’t make out the words, but he knew something was going on. He was about to find out what.

A Tileset Overview

Within the mission editor there are a variety of locations in which you can create a mission. Each location has a unique tileset of its own, although you may find some tiles common to other locations. Different locations also have their own characters which you can place within your creation. Being familiar with the variety of tiles in each location can help you build both attractive and playable missions.

There are 12 different locations and the tiles associated with each can be shown by clicking on the appropriate location above or below.

Dojo Village Castle Mountain Lake Island Town Bamboo Forest Cavern Shipwreck European Castle Office



Tenchu means Punishment from Heaven. Shinobi means Ninja/Stealth/Patience. Hyakusen translates to 100 Selection.
The game was released 1999 in Japan only, for a price of 2500 Yen (approx. $20 US)

Tenchu – Shinobi Hyakusen is a compilation of missions developed with the Tenchu: Shinobi Gaisen (Tenchu: Stealth Assassins) mission editor.Only the 2nd Japanese release version of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins has this editor. Acquire (developer of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, Tenchu: Shinobi Hyakusen and Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Asassins) held a “Mission Editor Contest” and had people from all over Japan contribute their self made missions. Later on the best 100 missions of this contest were selected and released under the name Tenchu: Shinobi Hyakusen .There was no mission limit by participant and so some people have contribute more than 1 mission to Shinobi Hyakusen.

You can choose between 2 playable characters : Rikimaru and Ayame. They don’t have different missions though. Once you have selected your character you are taken to a screen which looks like a board game. On each screen of the selection board are 10 missions. Every 10th mission is more difficult than the previous, and by clearing that mission, you get a special video to enjoy later on. Although it is ideal to finish all 10 missions at a time, since the paths branch in various manners, it is possible to get to the 10th mission without exactly beating all 9 prior missions. Some particular stages even have a hidden mission, and these can only be selected once you clear that mission. Once cleared, a throwing star appears beside the mission enabling you to select that hidden mission. So in fact, if you include these hidden missions, there’s a total of 122 missions to play.

Mission objectives consist of “Find Lord Gohda”, “Assassinate”, “Eliminate”, “Protect the Princess” and “Find the cure for the Princess”. Now the “Find the cure for the Princess” is an objective where you just head out and find the healing herb, just like in the Tenchu: Stealth Assassins “Cure the Princess”.The controls are the same as in Tenchu: Stealth Assassins.You always have the same items in your inventory : grappling hook , 5 shuriken and 3 caltrops.Time limit for each mission is 59:59 minutes, unless the mission creator set a lower time limit. If you don’t finish a mission within time limit, you must replay that stage. By beating a mission within its time limit you get a rating of 1%. If you beat all missions within their time limits your rating is 100% and you unlock a hidden video.

Movies you acquire by finishing every 10th mission
01: Beta version TENCHU promotion video
02: Acquire infiltration report/interview #1
03: Basic actions of TENCHU
04: Acquire infiltration report/interview #2
05: Training Mission Time Attack video
06: Acquire infiltration report/interview #3
07: Tutor for clearing SHINOBI-GAISEN’s AD2030 mission
08: Motion capture video shoot footage of the Manji Cult monsters
09: Highly confidential! How it all started.
10: A slide show consisting of TENCHU artwork.

Written by Reimaru and Selenia.



Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (PS2) has been ported over to the Xbox under the name Tenchu: Return from Darkness. Several improvements have been made and new features have been added.

Release Date
North America March 9th, 2004
Europe & Australia March 19th, 2004

May 27th, 2004

English Tenchu – Return from Darkness

Tenchu 3 – Kaiki no shoh

Platform Xbox
Xbox Live Supported
Player(s) 1-2

K2 and ProSoft

New Features (compared to Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven – PS2)
New Maps Samurai Mansion
Deserted Pagoda Temple
Both maps are playable with the 3 main characters : Ayame, Rikimaru and Tesshu.
New Grandmaster Items Viper Drink – increases strength 3 times, but decreases your health
Flash Bomb – makes everyone within range dizzy
New Special Moves Wall Camouflage, the character will lift up a sheet in front of him/her mimicking the environment
Ukemi lets you dodge an attack and counterattack it.
New Functions Restart a mission with all of the items previously collected.
Continue the game whenever you die (pits, traps, fights, …).
Improved AI Guards will call for help and alert their comrades when the encounter something unusual. It is easier to be spotted.
New Cut-scenes

Several new cut-scenes have been added.

New Characters Meet new characters : Mifuyu Tadokoro, Kanbe Tadokoro and Jonosuke Yuge. Mifuyu and Jonosuke are also playable in multiplayer death-match mode.
Mifuyu Tadokoro Mifuyu (which means “Three Winters”) is the 20-year old daughter of the samurai Kanbe Tadokoro and was trained by her father in the art of sword fighting. She holds a high code of honour. Unbeknownst to her, her father was involved in a rebellion against Lord Gohda. When she learned that her father was a threat to Lord Gohda, she became quite confused and killed her father in order to protect the family name. She is the boss character for the new Samurai Mansion mission in Tenchu: Return from Darkness.
Kanbe Tadokoro Kanbe Tadokoro is Mifuyu’s father and one of Lord Gohda’s vassals.
Jonosuke Yuge Jonosuke Yuge is Kanbe Tadokoro’s vassal. Jinnai Sakyo convinced him to lead an attack on Gohda castle.
North America Activision
Europe & Australia Activision

From Software


Release Date
North America February 15th, 2005
Europe & Australia May 6th, 2005
Japan July 22nd, 2004

English Tenchu: Fatal Shadows
Japanese Tenchu: Kurenai (translation Tenchu: Crimson)

Platform PS2
Player(s) 1
Developer K2
Publisher SEGA in North America & Europe & Australia
FromSoftware in Japan

Japanese Cover

NA cover

Plot Synopsis
Lord Gohda orders Ayame to investigate the events outside his territory. All she finds are tombs and burned down villages. One night she comes to the village Hagakure no Sato which has just been attacked and burned down by a group of assassins. The town elder whispers with his last breath the mysterious word “Kuroya”. It is the very moment Rin a 16 year old villager returns from her training. She mistakes Ayame for one of the attackers and swears revenge. As the plot unfolds Ayame uncovers the identity of the real attackers and helps Rin to punish them.

Frequently Asked Questions
The only playable characters are Ayame and Rin. It is not possible to play as Rikimaru, Tesshu or anybody else.
There is no mission editor and no multiplayer.
The storyline is set right after Tenchu: Stealth Assassins and before Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven(PS2) / Tenchu: Return from Darkness(XBOX).


Written by goe.

Tenchu: Time of the Assassins is a PSP game released in 2006. In Japan it was called Tenchu: Shinobi Taizen.

Playable Characters
You can play as 31 characters from previous Tenchu games, but only 5 have a proper story mode. All characters are from Tenchu: Fatal Shadows and Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven / Tenchu: Return from Darkness.

Playable characters with a story mode:
Rikimaru, Ayame, Rin, Tesshu, Onikage

Other playable characters:
Tatsumaru, Jyuzou, Shou, Ranzou, Jinnai, Tajima, Yuge Jonosuke, Tadokoro Mifuyu, Ronin, Samurai, Ninja, Kunoichi, Kuroya Ninja, Kuroya Kunoichi, Assassin Villager, Assassin Samurai, Assassin Masseuse, Assassin Woman, Kempo Bouzu, Basket Head, Ninja Dog, Kuma, Policeman, Mr. D CEO, Echigoya, Nasu

Story Mode
Rikimaru, Ayame, Tesshu, Rin and Onikage have a story in the game. Onikage’s story is unlocked after completing the 4th characters’ story mode. Each story mode consists of 5 missions per character.

Rikimaru and Ayame’s stories occurs after defeating Tenrai in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven / Tenchu: Return from Darkness.
Teshu’s story takes place before the event of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven / Tenchu: Return from Darkness, when he just started working with Zennosuke.
Rin’s story occurs after the events of Tenchu: Fatal Shadows.
Onikage’s story takes place after the events of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven / Tenchu: Return from Darkness. He is again on a mission to destroy Lord Gohda.

Mission Editor
The game has a mission editor and you have the following customization options:

Specific playable character or all characters
Choose scenario
Choose enemies
Story Editor

Story Editor
This editor is part of the mission editor and allows to write a mission introduction and up to 3 character dialogues. The dialogues take place at the beginning of the mission, at the beginning of a boss battle and at the end of a mission. You are able to change the character names, select music and add sounds.


Written by Russ Pohl

Behind every great leader stand two greater ones. But how did these two heads come to be who they are now you ask? Well, they were trained from the best there is of course. Tatsu, let’s call the first one, and Ali for the second, used to be mere learners of their former master. From birth, the grand master raised these two younglings for one purpose in life: to fill his immense shoes. The master always tried to keep them both from a very professional distance, never showing full emotion in front of them and never giving true details of the twos’ upcoming. And each day they were trained harder and more rapidly then yesterday, each time becoming more strapping and clever from the previous day’s experience. But late at night after working hard all day long, Tatsu and Ali would sneak into the master’s sleeping chamber, which was made of perfectly placed straw and pillow fabric to please even the richest of nobles. They would stare into the master’s chiseled face for hours unblinking seeing the very face that would mold their life into whatever strikes his own fancy. Whatever task he would ask, they would do, whatever existence he wanted them to live out, they would live, and they could do nothing but take his orders. This reality infuriated the two into near madness, wishing both their ignorant parents never volunteered them into this position only lead on by the fact that they could always have an occupation to survive on and a rough wooden floor to sleep on. In the morning of training, Tatsu always attempted to drain more information on the master’s political power, and the master would always briefly describe how influential he was to the world, but he never could quite grasp all of the glorious control. Then the master would halt his mutterings by assigning more work to his scholars that would then take a majority of the day to labor off. And this would happen morning after morning, night after night, and the lunacy level rose and rose. Until, one night the line between sanity and insanity became far too hazy.

One night, Tatsu and Ali schemed a devious plan for revenge and power. That night, Tatsu, who had built extremely muscular arms after the years of training, lifted the master over his shoulders from his comfy cot and swiped the master’s favorable grand blade from the sword stand next to the bed. While this was going on, Ali spread the word that the master has ran away and left a note of suicide in his bedroom. Finally, Tatsu had reached a point so deep in the woods; no one could hear the upcoming sounds. Tatsu then lay the slumbering one down and unsheathed his majestic steel after saying a few hums of apologies. But before Tatsu could down his blade, the master woke and immediately rolled out of its way. The master then stood to his feet and realized Tatsu’s diabolical method. But the master was not surprised, for he had perceived history would come back to haunt him some day. The master admitted to Tatsu, that he knew his own apprentice would someday conflict him, for that is what he had done to his former master when he was but a student. Yet there was even a deeper secret held within, the master he had assassinated was Tatsu’s very father and so he decided to take Tatsu under his wing after his father’s death. Tatsu then looked down after hearing this tragic news and sighed towards a fallen bird lying dead on the ground. Each both understood what had to be done and so it was done. The master had a burial in the woods next to the fallen bird. Now Tatsu and Ali had filled his shoes. And now they both had the awesome power they wished for. But as the master had warned, they never quite grasped all of it. They were still standing in the shadows of the great leader. And the shadows were to be their home now, shadows of corruption, guilt, and death.

Assassin Items

Item selection screenIntroduction
Before every Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven mission Tesshu can choose from 13 different items to equip for the obstacles that lie ahead. The carrying capacity within the item selection process is limited to 6 different item types. The Grappling Hook is always in Tesshu’s inventory, so it is 5 item types + Grappling Hook. Tesshu’s overall carrying capacity is a lot bigger than Ayame’s and Rikimaru’s.
He can take the maximum limit of the item he has chosen on his mission. Once the mission has started items can be added to the inventory that are found in the mission.

Tesshu items can be split into 3 main categories. Normal Items (Blow Gun, Grenade, Healing Potion, Poison Antidote, Smoke Bomb, Strength Potion, Throwing Needle), Master of Assassin Items (Bamboo Gun, Disguise, Exploding Arrow, Kumhimo, Magazine, Super Needle) and Mission Only Items (Bow, Egg, Rice Potion, Spear).
Tesshu is an assassin and not a ninja. Therefore Tesshu needs money to buy his items, unlike Ayame and Rikimaru who get their items as a reward for their work from Lord Gohda. Luckily Tesshu is paid for every job he completes.

There are 4 ways to get money. Tesshu is paid upon completing a mission, the rank you gain and the needed time affects the amount of money you get. The most money is of course earned by finishing a mission as quickly as possible and reaching the highest possible rank for Tesshu “Master of Assassins”.

The 2nd way to get money is by picking it up from dead enemies. Most enemies will carry a small amount of money with them. After you killed them their money, if they have some, will drop out their clothes and lay next to them. Simply move over it to pick it up.

The 3rd way is to find brown/grey money boxes hidden in the missions. Look out for these boxes, because they usually hold large amounts of money. All money picked up within a mission is added to your overall amount of money once the mission is completed.

The 4th way is to sell your items back to the shop. After every mission the items you have in your inventory are automatically sold. You can not sell Mission Only Items though (Bow, Egg, Rice Potion, Spear).

Normal Items
Tesshu starts the game with all 7 Normal Item types unlocked. At the beginning he can only choose from 2 Grenades, 3 Smoke Bombs, 2 Healing Potions and 5 needles though. Blow Gun, Strength Potion and Poison Antidote are unlocked but you can’t purchase them because their amount is 0. The store is refilled based upon your ranking.

Blow Gun
Instantly kills an enemy in “!” or “?” mode. Slowly poisones enemies in “!!” or “?!” mode until they have lost 20 health points.
Price: 480
Limit: 5
Inflicts 40 points of damage on impact.
Price: 300
Limit: 15
Healing Potion
Restores your health to 100%.
Price: 250
Limit: 15
Smoke Bomb
Explodes in a cloud of smoke when throw that confuses every character in its range for 5 seconds. During this time the enemy is vulnerable to attacks.
Price: 200
Limit: 15
Poison Antidote
Certain opponents can poison you. Your health meter turns from red to green when you have been poisoned. The poison will deal a lot of damage to you and every couple of seconds your movement will be interrupted, which makes it a lot harder to escape, block or fight your opponent. Use the Poison Antidote to neutralize the poison.
Price: 150
Limit: 15
Strength Potion
Drink it to increase your attack strength. For 15 seconds your attacks will deal more damage. Your character’s upper body will glow red until the Strength Potion wears off.
Price: 200
Limit: 15
Throwing Needle
Hold triangle to aim it at an opponent and then release triangle to throw it.
Up to 10 points of damage will be dealt.
Price: 50
Limit: 15

Master of Assassins Items
There are 6 Master of Assassins Items, one for every of Tesshu’s missions in story mode. A Master of Assassins Item is granted to you, as the name already implies, upon reaching the best possible rank for Tesshu on a mission called “Master of Assassins”. Each Master of Assassins Item belongs to a certain mission. You can’t unlock more Master of Assassins Items by getting that rank on the same mission several times.

Bamboo Gun
The Bamboo Gun kills all normal enemies with one shot, no matter if they see you or not. In boss fights the Bamboo Gun deals up to 45 points of damage. Since you can’t aim the Bamboo Gun press R2 shortly before you shoot the gun. It takes a second until the gun shoots, so best use it when the enemy is a bit further away from you. The closer you stand to your opponent during a boss fight, while shooting the gun, the more damage is dealt.
Mission: Return to Zennosuke
Price: 1800
Limit: 3
Disguises you temporarily as an enemy. The costume varies depending on the mission you are currently playing. Dogs and bosses though will still recognize you as an opponent. The spell wears off after approx. 20 seconds or once you have stealth killed someone.
Mission: Go to the House in the Cemetery
Price: 1200
Limit: 3
Exploding Arrow
Shoot at an opponent, upon impact the arrow explodes and can deal up to 50 points of damage. Depending on the shooting distance the hit character will fly backwards.
Mission: Escape from the Limestone Cavern
Price: 750
Limit: 3
If you throw the Kumihimo at an enemy while he/she is not aware of your presence, the enemy will be strangled and killed instantly. If you use it in fight situations the Kumihimo deals 20 points of damage. Either way you get a cool animation showing how the enemy is hung by a string that Tesshu pulls.
Mission: Teach Rikimaru a Lesson
Price: 520
Limit: 3
Use it to lure enemies. If you throw it within view range of an enemy, the enemy will leave his normal walking route or standing position to go and pick up the magazine. After the enemy picked up the magazine he/she will go back to their original positions. Upon killing an enemy that picked up a magazine you can take the magazine from the corpse, therefore you never need to take more than one magazine on a mission.
Mission: Rendezvous with Senkichi by the Waterfalls
Price: 1200
Limit: 3
Super Needle
Throw 8 needles simultaneously and inflict up to 80 points of damage.
Mission: Assassinate Nasu and Echigoya
Price: 900
Limit: 1

Mission Only Items
In every mission you can pick up bows and spears from killed opponents. You can also find special food (Egg, Rice Potion) to recover your health. These items though can only be picked up during a mission and can’t later on be sold or purchased. Items&weapons can be picked up from the floor by simply standing very close to them.

Pick up from dead archers. Each bow comes with 3 arrows. The bows standard shooting range is quite short, so use Ninja Vision to enhance it. An arrow deals 10 points of damage. Good alternative for Shuriken/Crimson Blades. Hitting an unsuspecting victim with an arrow will not instantly kill him/her if he/she has more than 10 health points.
By eating it you recover 50 health points.
Rice Potion
By eating it you recover 30 health points.
The spear has a large attack range and is good to keep opponents in distance. You can’t do many different attack moves with it though. You can perform stealth kill with the spear, but won’t get a stealth kill animation.

Assassinate Nasu and Echigoya

Written by Cygnus2012 & Selenia

– Shortcut holes you have discovered for Rikimaru and Ayame won’t be there for Tesshu!
– Your targets Nasu and Tokubei are in the big building on the top right of the map.
– Use stealth to open doors.
– Enemies can’t open doors.

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 27
Max Score: 990

Tesshu, if you haven’t already experimented, has his own unique way of killing his victims, due to his background in the medical field. He has 6 missions in all which, in most cases, demand a little more from you than Rikimaru and Ayame’s. You will notice from the start that you do not have a ‘kuji’ meter, meaning Tesshu does not have special ninja arts to be earned. However, he does have special skills, which you can find in the Options menu at the title screen. Also, upon choosing your tools, you will note that you must ‘purchase’ them instead of simply taking an allotted amount. Later, as you unlock new items, you will notice that Tesshu has fewer items to earn than Rikimaru and Ayame, but they have their differences, such as my personal favorite, the kumihimo. Use all of Tesshu’s items effectively to be just as much a killing machine as the Azuma are.

When beginning the mission, look to your right to find a spearguard. He will be your first target. Already anticipate that there will be more guards in Tesshu’s missions. This is your ‘reward’ for being able to complete Rikimaru and Ayame’s stories. Climb up the perimeter wall in front of you and head toward the unsuspecting guard. When you’re right over him, look to your left to find another guard patrolling. Wait until he leaves then drop on the spear-guard. Quickly recover and kill the patrolling guard.

From here, climb back onto the wall and observe the area. In the courtyard you will find two guards. For the time being, leave them alone, and head as far north as possible on the perimeter wall. When it ends in a corner, continue on the wall, now heading east about 10 steps and observe. You will find a patrolling samurai and, in a room, a stationary archer. You will need to kill the samurai when he is out of the archer’s line of vision. When the samurai heads east you will notice there is another spear-guard. When the spear-guard turns, drop down on the samurai, recover and kill the spear-guard, then head back for the archer and kill him as well. Continue going around the building where you killed the archer to find yourself in the courtyard again, but this time, from behind. Kill the archer first, then the stationary samurai. You may have to cancel the stealth-kill animation (press circle) during the archer’s demise in order to make it in time. Head northeast from the position of the dead samurai to find a box of throwing needles. From here, climb up the stone wall to your right. Pull yourself up to find an archer at the top of the path. Kill him, then look down to find a spear-guard. Drop down on him for the kill, then enter the wooden picket door. You will notice that this does not require a key this time.

As you enter, hug the right wall to find a samurai. Proceed down the corridor past the downward pathway, drop down, then hug the left wall to spy on an archer. Use the elevated ground as a cover. Continue down the path, hugging the right side wall to reveal a stationary spear-guard. You do not need to engage this enemy because your continuing path is above you. However, this is your call. If you choose to kill him, just past him is a grenade. Use the grappling hook to pull yourself up out of the underground pathways.

Upon your return to the surface, look to the distant north to find a patrolling samurai. Kill him next. Use the houses up ahead to your advantage. Once you kill him, climb back onto the buildings and look between the 4 houses to find another patrolling guard. To the far north there is a guard sleeping. He’s doing no harm, however you must do what you must do, right? From where you stand look to the east to find another perimeter wall, climb onto it and head south to find a single spear-guard. Afterwards climb back up the wall and observe the entrance to the compound being guarded by two spear-guards, one to the left of the door and one to the right. There is no entrance for Tesshu on the roof like there was for Rikimaru and Ayame, so you must enter from either this way or the back door. For safety’s sake, let’s take out the right guard first to avoid detection. Jump onto the roof of the compound and get above the right guard. When the left guard’s back is turned, drop onto the right guard. You will have enough time to kill this man, recover and kill the other guard. Afterwards, enter the compound.

Go through the sliding doors and hug the wall just in front of you, looking to your left, to find a samurai. From here, head south through the next pair of sliding doors. This will interrupt the game with a cut-scene between Echigoya and Tesshu. When the scene has ended, exit the room and head east. Go through another sliding door and hug the left wall to find another samurai. From here, proceed through the hallway looking for a door with a padlock on it to your left. Use the key you got from Echigoya to gain access. Drop down from the entrance and kill the sleeping guard. There is a cat in the room. You can avoid it by following the left wall. At the end of the room use the grappling hook to continue. Go through the sliding doors and up the stairs. Upon reaching another sliding door, immediately hug the left wall, revealing a samurai. From here there are two doors. The one to the left is a dead end, but has a sleeping guard inside. Taking the door to the right will continue your journey. Upon going right you will notice in the distance a cat in the center of the room. There is no real reason to try and avoid it because there are no enemies in that room. You might here another guard yell when he hears the cat, but he’s in another room. Crouch through the hole and enter the next room. To your left will be a sliding door, with a guard inside, while going straight and looking up will continue the path. Once in the compound’s attic, proceed through the doors and hug the right wall to find a spear-guard. When the guard looks right, roll to the left and kill him. Go through the next set of doors to find a drop. Look down to find a samurai. Drop down on him when he least suspects it. From there, go through the final set of doors and drop from the rafters to complete the mission.

Master of Assassins Item
Super Needle

Assassinate the Evil Tenrai A

Written by Chris


  • Beware of the Martial Artists
  • A Sticky Bomb is a useful item

Onikage – Health: 200

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 27
Max Score: 995

Assassinate the Evil Tenrai (Part A) is mostly a linear level, in that you have little
choice about the direction you do things, except for a large cavern which is about a
third of the way into the level. This actually makes the level easy to Grandmaster –
just try and kill all enemies.

First start by killing the Red Jonin to your left. Slowly creep through the broken timbers
and kill the next Red Jonin. Beyond the precipice patrols a Kunoichi with a Red Jonin standing guard.
The best approach is to jump on to the rooftop kill the Kunoichi as the Jonin turns his back.
Quickly retreat behind the hut (collecting a health potion) and kill the Jonin when he
returns to ? mode. Continue onwards and climb up left. This platform provides an excellent killing spot
for the patrolling Kunoichi. You are now close to the big cavern area. Eliminate the Red Jonin nearest the entrance and remain crouched on the corpse – there are many enemies
close at hand. Best bet is to roll left and kill the Kunoichi. Almost directly above her is a ledge upon which
you will find a red box item. Now make you way to the Red Jonin by the crates – kill him.
It is better now to ignore the next Red Jonin and kill the Kunoichi beyond him, then you can return to kill him.

Over the other side of the cavern patrols a Martial Artist and a Kunoichi. Kill them for
extra points if you wish. A grenade can also be found in the bottom left corner of the cavern.
Consult your map and head in the direction of the passageway leading out the other side of the
cavern. Kill the Martial Artist guarding the stairs. Pass up the stairs, keeping a close eye on your ki meter. Two Martial Artists patrol this area.
Bide your time and wait until the nearest enemy reappears before going for the kill. Opposite the cannons
is a hollow where you will find a smoke bomb – always useful! Around the next corner
patrols a Red Jonin – a very easy kill. Pass up the stairs and hug the wall near the top.
Kill the wandering Martial Artist before grappling high above.

Straight ahead is a Martial Artist on a platform, he shouldn’t see you if you roll
right beneath him. Then pop up and disembowel him. Head forward turning left at the end – don’t fall –
and pass over the bridge. Beyond the next corner is a Martial Artist. Head to the platform in front
of you and grab hold of it. Peer around to see a Red Jonin. Take him out when he’s not looking.
Patrolling below this platform is another Red Jonin, it would be unlucky should he have seen you
kill his friend, but this can occasionally happen, so be aware of it. Kill him and pass the crates.
To the left are more crates upon which a rice potion lies. Continue down the passageway
and kill the next Martial Artist.

The passageway opens up to a smallish cavern. Below is a Kunoichi, but be aware of the Red Jonin
who might see you far right. Kill the Kunoichi when she has moved left. After killing both these enemies
there is an opportunity for an impressive jumping stealth kill onto the Kunoichi on the guard tower below.
On the next guard tower is a healing potion. Not far now, continue along. In the next room is a Martial Artist
immediately right, and another who patrols on the left. Once they are dead head to the doors to
face your nemesis Onikage.

The strategy for Onikage is simple. Immediately fire a Sticky Bomb at him, this will be insurance for when
he tries to heal himself. Use attacks wisely and block. The leg sweep combo works well. When he attacks with his
full roundhouse combo (4 or 5 kicks) there is an opportunity to go for a big combo as he is vulnerable.
As soon as he tries to heal detonate the bomb!

Grand Master Item
Decoy Whistle

Special Move
Wrath of Heaven

Assassinate the Evil Tenrai A

Written by Chris

– Beware of the Martial Artists
– Kasumi and Shizuku are useful but not essentialBoss
Tatsumaru – Health: 100

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 21
Max Score: 875

If you have already played Rikimaru’s version of this level you will already be familiar with design of the level, but of course enemies and items are in different places to his.

There are no enemies in the immediate vacinity so head all the way past the timbers to the precipice. Below patrols a Blue Jonin to your left and a Red Jonin on your right. In this situation always go for the Blue Jonin first, better to risk the Red Jonin seeing you than vice versa on account of the Blue’s kamikaze move. Jump across to the roof (picking up the health potion). When the Blue Jonin has walked to the far end of the hut. Jump off the roof and kill him. Quickly run behind the hut, just in case his friend is alerted. Head back when safe and finish the Red Jonin off.

Head for the passageway and make your way round the corner. Get up on the ledge on your left. From here observe the Red Jonin, and kill him at an appropriate moment, for example when he turns and walks away. Head to the entrance of the main cavern, cling to the wall on your left and have a good peer around the corner. The nearest enemy is a Red Jonin on the wooden walkway. This guy jumps around a bit so watch him a while and plan your move. The best time is when he drops of the walkway and heads left. Next head right through the stone arch to where another Red Jonin is above you. Pop up and surprise him for another kill. Just beyond him on a ledge is a Ninja Rebirth.

Patrolling the other side of the cave is a Blue Jonin and a Manji Cultist, of course you will need to switch weapons if you wish to kill the second of these foe, otherwise just leave them be. However a Grenade will be your reward should you decide to plunder that area. Consult your map and make your way to the corner path leading out of the cavern. The Martial Artist patrolling back and forth by the stairs should present no problem. Climb the stairs and cling to the middle of the wall before heading around the corner. A Martial Artist approaches. If you cling to the wall properly he will start to pass you as he does run out and stealth kill him.

Cling the wall on your right and peer around the corner. A Martial Artist patrols the far corner of the column in front of you as he heads away go for the kill. Pass the cannons and pick up the rice potion on the crates beyond the last. Turn the corner and cling the wall, peer around to see another Martial Artist – another straightforward kill. Pass up the stairs and jump the lip into the next room, clinging the wall immediately left. A martial artist patrols the far end. When he turns to walk right run for the kill. Look above the cannons for the huge platform above you. Grapple up and hang.

Observe the Red Jonin walking up and down the stairs to your left. As he ascends them go for the stealth kill. Pass up the stairs the path goes right, however a smoke bomb can be found to the left. Avoid the pitfall and cross the bridge. Beyond the next corner is Blue Jonin. Jump to the crates and push against the wall, so you can see him easier. Be careful not to fall off the crate and risk being seen. When he turns go for the kill.

If you have not brought the other blades a tricky man-oeuvre awaits. Use the crates to hide from the Manji. As he passes beyond you to the right, he will turn and come towards you. This is your opportunity to run for it. Otherwise switch blades and kill him. Pass around the corner and out of sight. Now cling the next corner and peer around to spy a Red Jonin. As he draws near move back to the middle so he wont spot you. Then as he turns kill him – no problem! Pass through the next area and to the drop. A Manji is on the ledge ahead. Again avoid or kill depending on your equipment. To avoid him make a run for it when he is walking left. Head far right, right up to the ledge guarded by a Red Jonin. If you do have the blades you will be able to pick up the health potion en route. The Manji, if you didn’t kill him, might go into ! mode whilst killing the Jonin, if so just crouch after his death.

Jump to the watch tower below, beyond you on the floor is another Manji. If you wish to avoid him you will have to get to the lowered footpath and crouch, from here just do you best – it is most likely you will be seen, but try and grapple to the tower. Otherwise switch blades and kill him. Pass up the steps and roll towards the Red Jonin. Pop up and kill him. Then make your way down and kill the final Martial Artist.

Tatsumaru can be a tricky customer, especially if he uses an exploding arrow. For this reason always carry or pick up a Ninja Rebirth. Try and block most moves and counter with your own combo. He is especially weak after his forward lunge. Use any items you may have picked up, such as the grenade. He has two moves which will drive you to despair. “How about This” unleashes a devastating combo and he also has a pile-driver move.

Grand Master Item
Decoy Whistle

Special Move
Wrath of Heaven

Assassinate the Evil Tenrai B

Written by Tibolt & Selenia


  • Prepare for the final battle!
  • Some Jonin have Shuriken for you.
  • Use the Grappling Hook wisely.

Tenrai 1st form – Health: 150
Tenrai 2nd form – Health: 200
Tenrai 3rd form – Health: 200 (only if you mixed Izayoi with the Shichishito sword)

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 19
Max Score: 840/845

Use the grappling hook to reach the ledge above and drop off the other side, making sure you keep close to the wall on your right using R1. Wait a little and a martial arts expert will appear. When he turns around to turn dispose of him from behind. Go around the corner and hug the left hand side until you reach the second candle, then stop. Wait for the man around the corner to turn around and begin walking back, before killing him. Climb up the ledge in front and make sure to hide behind either of the sides parts, pay attention to the martial arts expert across the pitfall in front wait for him to start walking right, then jump over the pitfall and kill him.

Now go down the ramp into the room ahead, hug the left hand side of the corridor and when you reach the junction, you’ll see a red Jonin around the corner wait for him to turn around and then kill him. Go back to the junction and go forward a little in a small nook there will be a martial arts expert, wait for him to look in the direction that is away from you and then quickly kill him before he sees you. Turn around to see a little opening in the wall to the right side of the room, climb up. Follow the passage around a bit, then when you reach the U-turn in the corridor use R1 to look around the corner. There will be a Kunoichi just around the corner, wait for her to come close and then turn around before killing her, be quick and don’t let her walk too far or you will be spotted by the martial arts expert hidden in the little nook on the right wall. To kill him, hug the wall he is on and wait for him to look away from you then get him quickly before he sees you.

Carry on moving forward and you’ll come to a room with 3 pillars in it, climb up the smallest one then jump to the next and from here grapple to the tallest of the 3, as you climb up be sure to crouch to avoid being seen by the martial arts expert across the way, when he begins to walk to the right jump across and kill him. Carry on moving forward until you reach the room with a huge hole in the floor, jump along the little platforms and jump to the ledge adjacent to where you started from here you’ll be able to see the Jonin around the corner but he won’t see you if you crouch, wait for him to look away before attempting to kill him. Follow the walkway to the huge opening in front of you, climb the ledges all the way up until the final one which leads into a room with 2 martial arts experts in, wait for the martial expert furthest away to have gone out of sight and the closest one has begun walking right, then climb up and kill the one that’s closest, then run across the room into the next that has a set of stairs in, you could go back and kill the other martial arts expert if you wish so. Climb the stairs here and grapple into the room filled with writing above. Go up the stairs and grapple up to the doorway leading out. Make sure to crouch when leaving the room as there is a Jonin to your right, wait for him to look away then jump over to his platform and kill him.

From there jump across to the platform being held up by chains and follow it around the corner, then jump to the platform in front, then crouch and look left, there should be another Jonin, wait for him to start walking right then jump across and kill him. Follow the ledge along then jump across and down to where the item box is, from there grapple up to the tiny ledge just in front of the bars and climb over. Next climb up the ledge to your left. Now follow this corridor until it meets a drop down into a room with big lanterns in, peer over the edge and after a while a martial arts expert will appear from round the corner, wait for him to start walking out of sight before jumping down and killing him. Follow the corridor until you see an opening on the left, hug the wall and look around the corner, there will be another guy here, just wait for him to be facing the other way and then just go in and kill him. Go through the big door ahead to face the evil Tenrai.

Tenrai in his first form basically only uses 2 attacks, that can be easily avoided by using the super jump (directional button + XX). He will either throw lightning bolts at you or have deadly spikes come out of the floor. In both cases use the super jump to dodge his spells and get close to him. Once you are close to him be as offensive as you can. Tenrai might teleport away, so don’t get impatient! Stay calm and use your jumping abilities.

If you have a few spare health potions or ninja rebirths you could chance killing him in one blow with the Wrath of Heaven, the most effective way of doing this is by knocking him over and performing the move while he is lay down so that he is hit by it as he stands up, then afterwards quickly drink a health potion.
After a cut scene, you’ll face Tenrai again, this time he has a few new attacks and he inflicts more damage. He can poison you with his green gaze, so try to avoid being touched by it.
You can’t hurt Tenrai in his 2nd form. The best way is to quickly attack him and keep on attacking until another cutscene takes place.

Depending on your earlier choice in Mission 6 ‘Retrieve the steel for Ressai’ you may have to fight yet another of Tenrai’s forms, but this time the Izayoi is powered up so you inflict a lot more damage making this fight incredibly easier.
After Tenrai is defeated you’ll be treated to the games ending.

Grand Master Item
Binding Spell

Special Move
Wrath of Heaven

Assassinate the Evil Tenrai B

Written by Chris

– Beware of the Martial Artists
– Kasumi and Shizuku are useful but not essential
– Poison Anitdotes are a wise precaution

Tenrai (1st Form) – Health: 150
Tenrai (2nd Form) – Health: 200

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 16
Max Score: 780

So the final confrontation with Tenrai! This level again is quite linear, except the pathway branches into two and then rejoins. The walk-through deals with the easier route which avoids the Manji, so the undead blades are not needed really on this layout.

Head forward and grapple up to your right. A Martial Artist stands guard, kill him when his back is turned. Move forward and drop down, cling the wall to you right. Do not move beyond the corner, instead observe the Martial Artist patrolling beyond. Switch to the other wall to get closer, before going for the kill. Around the next corner patrols another Martial Artist on a platform, ignore him, and instead grapple above your head on to a high platform. This is where the paths split.

On the platform opposite is a Red Box item, which can on occasions have 3 eggs. Return to the other platform and pass through the opening, continue on until you reach a ledge. Jump to grab it, and pull yourself up. Cling the left wall and gradually move forward. Beyond the corner is a Martial Artist. Kill him and continue on. At the precipice jump to platform below.

Head to the end then grapple up left. Wait until the Red Jonin appears, and when he turns climb up and stealth kill him. Head around the corner and jump to the next platform below you. Now grapple up right. Head forward and grapple again. Directly ahead a Red Jonin stands guard. When he turns away you will have to climb up and quickly jump the gap before plunging your two blades in his head. Should he drop any blades be sure to pick them up.

Head right through the doorway and up what are like giant steps. Don’t enter the next room as it is patrolled by a Blue Jonin and a Martial Artist. Be sure the Martial Artist has just come into and then out of sight before jumping out and killing the Jonin. Head further down and kill the Martial Artist. Head up the stairs (behind which is a grenade if you want it).

Grapple right into the orange room and then grapple right again on to the platform. Kill the Red Jonin patrolling the platform to your left. Grapple to the platform on the left from here and cling the wall to your right. Above you patrols Red Jonin jump up and kill him. Continue down this passageway and drop in to a lit area. Pass the corner and cling the left wall just before the doorway/opening. A Martial Artist patrols left to right here. Kill him before going through the door to meet Tenrai.

Tenrai’s first form is easy. Get in close and use your combos. Try and avoid his 3 different spells.

Tenrai’s second form is more aggressive but shouldn’t cause any problems. Try to avoid his Poison Mist. Use any Blades you picked up by running away, and then quickly pressing R2 to lock on before pressing Triangle to fire. Otherwise get in there and do your worst.

Grand Master Item
Binding Spell

Special Move
Wrath of Heaven

Assassinate the Traitor Hamada

Written by Tibolt & Selenia


  • Use stealth to open doors.
  • The enemy placement is narrow.
  • Stairs are marked by red squares on the map.

Hamada – Health: 100

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 21
Max Score: 875

Right when the mission starts go into a crouching position. There are 3 doors in your area, take the one right to you, but don’t be too impatient because a ninja is waiting around the corner. So proceed with cautiousness. Once you killed him follow the corridor. Watch your Ki another ninja is close. Hug the wall and look around the corner seeing a ninja patrolling the corridor ahead. You can either kill him when he walks away from you or slip through the door on the right wall. This room has a another door in the top right corner that will lead you to the 2nd floor of Gohda castle.

From here, open the door in front of you by using stealth; there will be a ninja in this room, just wait for him to turn his back then kill him. Go left and peep around the corner there will be a Kunoichi in the sleeping room ahead. Wait for her to turn her back and kill her too. Open the door in front of you but don’t go through instead hug the wall and look around the corner where another ninja guards the stairs. When he shows you his back, you know what to do . Then go up the stairs. Press against the wall to stealthily open the door at the top of the stairs. In the next room there is a ninja, wait for him to start walking to the left before attempting to kill him and don’t be fooled by his little trick he plays by pretending to walk then he stands still and carries on looking in your direction, wait until he does this then when he starts to walk left again kill him. From there open the following door by using stealth, in this room there be 2 ninjas but you can only see one, if your quick enough and you kill the one you can see straight away because his back is turned but if not wait until you can. Immediately after killing him hide behind the wall and wait for the other ninja to turn around then kill him as well.

After dealing with him go through the next door and hug the wall and look around the corner to see a ninja wait for him to turn his back to you so you can dispose of him. Hug the wall and peep around the corner wait a little and a Kunoichi should appear in the corridor beyond, wait for her to turn her back then kill her too, after this immediately hug the left wall to avoid being seen by the ninja in the next room, wait for him to turn around and then kill him. Now go down the stairs and through the room there to face Hamada.

Hamada is an easy opponent for Ayame as she is faster than him, so just dodge his attacks, especially his thrust attack, and attack him whenever possible. Your best bet is to just keep attacking him and not giving him a chance to retaliate.

Grand Master Item
Super Shuriken

Special Move
Ninja Vision

Assault on the Azuma Ninja Village

Having lost his memory Tatsumaru helps the Burning Dawn destroy the village he grew up in..

Enemies: 16
Max Score: 625
Ninja Item: Smoke Bomb

Crouch. To your left patrols a bow ninja (1). Immediately left patrols a scythe ninja (2). Head north to find a short-sword ninja (3) patrolling the wooded area. Head up left to find a bow ninja (4) patrolling the ledge with the outdoor spa. Patrolling the house in front of you is a scythe ninja (4). If you don’t want to achieve a Grand Master you can now head in to Shiunsai’s house, otherwise head around the back of the house to find another scythe ninja (6) patrolling the other side.

Jump off this ledge on to the larger of the two buildings below. Guarding the far corner is a sword ninja (7). Inside the building you will find a scattered item; the Smoke Bomb. Head east to the northern entrance of the bamboo forest area. A short-sword ninja (8) guards the entrance. Continue through the forest towards the other end to find another short-sword ninja (9).

Cautiously head out the forest and grapple up to the watch tower defended by a bow ninja (10). Next take out the claw ninja (11) who patrols below. Head south towards the lake to find a scythe ninja (12). Now move to your right to where a sword ninja (13) patrols the field by the hut. Make you way towards the movement training area.

There are 3 enemies in this area. A short-sword ninja (14) patrols nearby with a bowman (15) stood watching on a pillar. Kill the female first when she is farthest from the bowman. Then take out the bowman. Patrolling the L-shaped wall is the final enemy, a claw ninja (16). Head to Shiunsai’s house to fight your master.

Boss: Azuma Shiunsai
Health: 100

The old man is a formidable opponent, armour is recommended. Use the smoke bomb you have found to lauch into a series of attacks. Use anything else e.g. shuriken that you have picked off your dead foes. Use a health potion if needed.

Attacked By An Old Friend

Written by The Shadow Warrior

Rikimaru had just defeated the Kung-Fu master on the ship in the secret harbor.He was just about to leave the secret harbor and go back to the ninja village when all of a sudden a dark figure wearing a mask that looked like a dragon appeared out of newer and did a downward strike with his fist at Rikimaru’s skull.Luckly the skill shadow warrior did a backflip just before he was hit in the face.The figure tryed to spin hook kick Rikimaru in the face but Rikimaru was to fast he ducked to the ground and sweeped the figure off his feet and onto the ground.Rikimaru thought that would slow the figure down but it had no effect the figure did a kick-up and drew out his sword.Rikimaru recognized the blade it was Izayoi and could only mean one thing.
The figure took off the mask and revealed his identity it was Tatsumaru.Rikimaru was shocked and said

“Tatsumaru your alive”

the figure responded

“Who is Tatsumaru I am Seiyru The Blue Dragon one of the four Lords of the Burning Dawn”.

And Rikimaru said

“What are you talking about you are Tatsumaru leader of the Azuma Ninja”.

The figure replied

“I have no time to talk to a mad man”

and with that the figure was off into the sky.Rikimaru was filled with anger he wanted answers and he was going to get them.Rikimaru had always been faster than Tatsumaru so it was no problem keeping with him he quickly did a double front flip and pulled out his sword at the same time and he landed right in front of the use to be Tatsumaru.Rikimaru said

“I want some answers Seiyru and I will get them even if I have to use cold steel”.

And Seiyru said

“I do not wish to fight you but if you pose a threat than I guess I must kill you”.

The once Tatsumaru drew his sword out and charged at Rikimaru was ready for him and flipped his intire body over his shoulder unfortunately Seiyru was ready for it and landed on his feet.Then he twisted his upper body and slashed Rikimaru in the gut Rikimaru screamed in pain as blood flowed from his gut.But that only mad Rikimaru even madder her threw three shurikens at Seiyru.Seiyru amazingly blocked two of them but the third went straight in to his shoulder.He dropped his sword as his whole intire arm became num as a result of too much blood loss.Then Rikimaru flying side kicked Seiyru in the gut and he fell too the ground Rikimaru held his sword up to his neck and said okay time for some answers.Then all of a sudden he sensed two foes coming in fast and one said

“I don’t think so”.

It was Lady Kagami and Sazaku they both threw down at least ten round balls instantly when the balls hit the ground a mighty gas was released.Rikimaru recognized this gas it was a mixture of cloudy smoke and tear gas.He could not escape the gas quick enough he had to breath and he did and when he did he fainted instantley.The last thing he saw was all three of the ninjas getting away before he fainted.He did not wake up someone woke him up it was Ayame she asked

“What happened”

and he responded by saying

“I will tell you everything when we get back to the village.”


Ayame Name : Ayame
Birth Name : Omon
Age : 14
Gender : Female
Weapon : 2 short swords
Role : Azuma Ninja


Ayame was the last student chosen by Master Shiunsai. Blessed with raw talent but a bad attitude. Curious and willing to learn new techniques, she is never patient enough to fully master one. During the Warring States perioid, Shiunsai traveled to Kyoto. Kyoto lay in ruins as warring armies fought for the ownership of the village. He saw a young girl on the riverbank watching corpses float by. It was a strange sensation for Shiunsai to see a girl in the midst of all that desolation. Although he searched for the girl’s parents, he could not find them. The girl herself appeared to be in shock. She knew her name, and her age, but that was all. The thought of leaving her there to fend for herself didn’t make Shiunsai very proud, but what would he do with a young girl? He couldn’t train her to be a female ninja, that much was clear. Shiunsai was not part of a large and well-established ninja organisation like the Iga Ninja. As a lone wolf, he didn’t have the knowledge or resources to train a female ninja. What did Shiunsai know of the ways of love? What could he teach a girl about seduction or hypnotism? As he prepared to turn his back on the girl clutching at his sleeve, Shiunsai thought he detected in her the makings of a ninja. He decided to take her home after all. He raised her the only way he knew how — as a regular ninja like Tatsukichi (Tatsumaru’s child name). Judged on her natural abilities alone, Omon was probably the most talented of Shiunsai’s three pupils. Despite her late start and her tender age, Omon was initiated into the circle of ninja at almost the same time as Rikimaru, when she was only 14. As a ninja, Omon would be known as Ayame.

Ayame has developed a strong relationship with Kiku, the daughter of Lord Gohda. After the death of Kiku’s mother Lady Kei, Ayame became like an older sister to Kiku. Ayame will protect Kiku at any cost.  As a symbol of their strong relationship Ayame and Kiku always wear their sister bells close to their hearts. Ayame is in love with Tatsumaru, but unfortunately he does not feel the same for her.

Favorite Technique: Disabling an enemy by using shuriken in a surprise attack.
Favorite Weapon: Ayame prefers her two short swords over the standard ninja blade.

MP3 Quotes
Play – “Who cares? He’s just some drunken bumpkin.”
Play – “Goodbye Genbu The Wise, Lord of the Burning Dawn.”
Play – “You’re the head idiot around here, aren’t you?”
Play – “You mean Genbu the drooling idiot, one of the four idiots of Idiotland!”
Play – “I will kill Tatsumaru myself.”
Play – “I knew you had to be in charge ’cause you stink worse than the others.”

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
Tenchu: Return from Darkness
Tenchu: Kurenai



Ayame” alt=”Ayame drawn by Reimaru” border=”1″ width=”100″ height=”150″ class=”alignright”>
Birth Name: Omon
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Weapon: 2 Short Swords
Role: Azuma Ninja

At the end of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins Rikimaru presumably died while rescuing Ayame and Kiku from a collapsing cavern. Since then Ayame has been the only remaining Azuma Ninja. Lord Gohda sends her out to patrol his territory for suspicious movements. As she reaches the borders she stumbles upon Rin’s destroyed home town Hagakure. At first Rin mistakes her for being one of the attackers and the 2 fight. In the further events Ayame can convince Rin she had nothing to do with the attacks on her home town and helps Rin to find out who really was behind the attack, Jyuzou and his Kuroya gang.

More than 7 years have passed since Ayame lost her master Azuma Shiunsai, Clan brother and love Tatsumaru during the events of Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins. She has matured a lot and improved her skills. Her fighting style is a lot quicker and smoother than Rikimaru’s. She is tough, killing her enemies cold blooded without the sign of any doubt or hesitation, though she knows feelings like love, sadness and desperation. Her sarcasm is as feared as her sharp blades.

Ayame was the last student chosen by Master Shiunsai, by now dead leader of the Azuma Ninja Clan. Blessed with raw talent but a bad attitude. Curious and willing to learn new techniques , she was never patient enough to fully master one. It is told during the Warring States period, Shiunsai traveled to Kyoto, but Kyoto lay in ruins because warring armies fought for the ownership of the town. He saw a young girl on the riverbank watching corpses float by. It was a strange sensation for Shiunsai to see a young girl in the midst of all that desolation. Although he searched for the girl’s parents, he could not find them. The girl herself appeared to be in shock. She knew her name, and her age, but that was all. The thought of leaving her there to fend for herself didn’t make Shiunsai very proud, but what would he do with a young girl? He couldn’t train her to be a female ninja, that much was clear. Shiunsai was not part of a large and well-established ninja organization like the Iga Ninja. As a lone wolf, he didn’t have the knowledge or resources to train a kunoichi (female ninja). What did Shiunsai know of the ways of love? What could he teach a girl about seduction or hypnotism? As he prepared to turn his back on the young girl clutching at his sleeve, Shiunsai thought he detected in her the makings of a ninja. He decided to take her home after all. He raised her the only way he knew — as a regular ninja like Tatsukichi (Tatsumaru’s child name). Judged on her natural abilities alone, Omon was probably the most talented of Shiunsai’s three pupils. Despite her late start and her tender age, Omon was initiated into the circle of ninja at almost the same time as Rikimaru, when she was only 14. As a kunoichi, Omon would be known as Ayame.

Ayame has developed a strong relationship with Kiku , the daughter of Lord Gohda. After the death of Kiku’s mother Lady Kei, Ayame became sort of an older sister for Kiku. As a symbol of her relationship Ayame and Kiku always wear their sister bells close to their hearts. Ayame will protect Kiku at any cost from any harm.

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
Tenchu: Return from Darkness
Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

written by Reimaru, Shiki and Selenia


Basic Attacks

Head Stomp Press CIRCLE when close to enemy>
Crouch Attack R1 + SQUARE
Thrust Attack R2, Analog UP + X, SQUARE
360º Attack Rotate Left Analog Stick, SQUARE
Jump Attack X + SQUARE
Flip Attack R2, Analog DOWN + SQUARE


Standard 2 Hit SQUARE x2
Standard 3 Hit SQUARE x3
Standard 4 Hit SQUARE x4
3 Hit & Kick SQUARE x3, Analog Down, SQUARE
2 Hit & 360º SQUARE x2, Rotate Left Analot Stick, SQUARE
3 Hit & 360º SQUARE x3, Rotate Left Analog Stivk, SQUARE
4 Hit & 360º SQUARE x4, Rotate Left Analog Stick, SQUARE


Ayame’s special moves correspond to what you have unlocked in the story mode.


Unlocked from start

Ayame’s & Rikimaru’s Ranking System

At the conclusion of each mission your ninja techniques are reviewed. Your score and rank will depend on how many enemies you killed and under what circumstances. If you score a high rank your ninja items will be increased. Score the highest rank, Grand Master, and you will be rewarded with a special Grand Master item per mission.

A break down of the scoring system and ranking for Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven when playing with Ayame or Rikimaru is given below. Tesshu’s Ranking System can be found here.

Task Breakdown Points
Undetected Kills Undetected kills + 20 (for each)
Detected kills Detected kills +  5 (for each)
Spotted Finishing mission +300
Spotted – 30 (for each)
Not spotted bonus +150
Innocents Innocent kills – 50 (for each)
Points Rank Items
 < 100 Novice 3 random ninja items increased
100 <  < 250 Thug 5 random ninja items increased
250 <  < 350 Ninja 8 random ninja items increased
350 <  < 450 Expert Ninja all ninja items & 4 random special items increased
 > 450 Grand Master all ninja & special items increased

The fact that you only need 450pts to gain a Grand Master ranking allows you to deduce two formulae regarding how many times you can be spotted and still gain the highest rank. Suppose a mission has x  enemies. Then use these formulae to check how many times you can be spotted, s :

Formula 1 < 20x  – 150
Formula 2 < 20x  – 150

where Formula 1 calculates assuming you normally kill any enemy who sees you, and Formula 2 assuming you stealth kill any enemy who spots you. Note these formulae assume you kill every enemy on the level.

Ayame’s Special Moves

Ayame has 10 special moves . One special move per mission can be unlocked by filling the Kuji-meter, through stealth kills. You can only unlock one particular move per mission, with the exception of the missions “Assassinate the Evil Tenrai – A and B”. You can learn the same move in those 2 missions.

Cling to Ceiling
Equip your Grappling Hook and aim it at a ceiling by pressing triangle. Hold R1 and release triangle, but don’t let go of R1. Your character will be pulled against the ceiling and hang there as long as you don’t release R1, but not longer than 18 seconds. After 15 seconds your controller will start vibrating, this indicates you have 3 more seconds until you will fall down. While you are clinging to a ceiling you can still use the following items : Decoy Whistle, Grenade, Poisoned Rice and Smoke Bomb. For example try dropping a Poison Rice, when an enemy approaches to pick it up drop down on him/her and press square to kill him/her.
Unlock: Go to the Red House of Zennosuke

Feign Death
Turn the left analogue stick 360 degrees (one full circle) and press R1. Rikimaru and Ayame will hurt themselves with their weapon and drop to the floor loosing 15 health points at once and 1 more health point every second. Your health won’t drop beyond 1 though! Nearby enemies will come to investigate. When they are standing close to your head press square. Your character will jump up in a 360 degree turn and kill the enemy. If the enemy is not standing in the right postion you will miss him/her. You can practise this move best in Multiplayer Versus to find out where the enemy has to stand in order to perform a sucessful surprise attack. It is always good to stand with your back to the enemy you want to lure and then use the “Feign Death”. This way your head will be closest to the enemy which will make it more likely he/she will run towards you and stop next to your head.
Unlock: Escape from Amagai Castle

Grappling Hook Combo
This is probably the most difficult to perform ability. Best practise it in Multiplayer Versus Mode first. In order to have it work you need a good timing. It is easiest to do when you position yourself face to face with your opponent (press R2 to adjust the camera if necessary). Turn the left analogue stick 360 degrees (try to make a perfect circle) and press square, quickly followed by triangle. If you press triangle too late the grappling hook will shoot out, but won’t cling to your opponent and pull him/her back, because he/she is already laying on the floor. Don’t be frustrated if it is not working at once, it takes some time to get a feeling for this move.
Unlock: Retrieve the Yoto Swords

Ninja Mind Control
This move only works when fighting at least 2 enemies simultaneously. You can’t use it on bosses, only on common enemies.
Hold R2, then quickly push the left analogue stick forwards then backwards followed by square. Don’t release R2 during that button combination! If you did it right Rikimaru’s left arm will shoot forward and his fingers will touch the enemy. Nearly the same with Ayame, she just uses her right arm. The touched enemy will now temporarily fight on your side (approximately 5-10 seconds) and attack his friends. You can’t control this enemy, he/she will fight on him/herself until the “Ninja Mind Control” wears off. Don’t attack him/her during that time.
First practise the move without any enemies in sight. Once you are used to the button combination try it out in the early missions. I recommend for Rikimaru “Punish the Evil Merchant” and for Ayame “Execute the Evil Merchant”. The 3 guards partying in the house and guarding the key are weak and slow, and therefore your perfect training. Alert them, then run away so they follow you. Turn around and try the “Ninja Mind Control”. You will see it is pretty easy. Remember you can still block, even if you have R2 pressed. You can throw a smoke bomb to confuse them while you try the move.
Unlock: Rescue Counsel Sekiya

Ninja Vision
Hold L1 and push the right analogue stick forward to zoom into your surroundings. Hold L1 and push the right analogue stick downwards to zoom out. Can be combined with using the left analogue stick to freely look around. Ninja Vision allows you to aim items more precisely and throw items farther, by zooming into your target.
Unlock: Assassinate the Traitor Hamada

Ninjutsu Block
Press circle when an enemy tries to attack you. Ayame and Rikimaru will do a 360 degree turn and the yellow kuji-circle will appear on the screen. You can push the enemy off balance with the Ninjutsu Block and leave him open for a counter attack of yours. Best practise this move in the early stages, where the guards are weaker and slower than in the later missions. If you fail to block right in time, your enemies’ attack will go through unblocked.
Unlock: Execute the Evil Merchant

Somersault Kick
Push the left analogue stick forward and press square 4 times then push the left analogue stick backwards and press square.
A very useful move. Ayame will at first do her normal attack combo then finish it with a backwards jump and kick her opponent (Somersault Kick). The opponent is pushed of his/her feet.
Unlock: Rescue the Village Girls

Wall Kick
Jump against a wall (press X and a direction) and press square when you hit the wall. Your character will push him/herself off the wall. If you come to close to an enemy after you pushed yourself off the wall and he/she is not aware of your presence (“?”-mode) he/she will be killed. Is the enemy aware of your presence your attack will be blocked.
Practise it at a wall with no enemies around first. If you have problems timing it, so you can kill an enemy with it use the Chameleon Spell before you use the “Wall Kick”. Even if you miss the enemy, you still have a 2nd and 3rd chance. Of course it is easiest to perform the “Wall Kick” on non-moving characters.
If 2 walls are standing close enough together, you can do the “Wall Kick” multiple times and push off from one wall to the other and so on.
Unlock: Retrieve the Jewel of Heaven

Wrath of Heaven
The most powerful special move of all. Simply press X + circle at the same time. Ayame will shoot forward and deal huge damage to the opponent. Every time you do this move your health will be drained down to 1. If you miss your target and are attacked or are attacked before finishing the move you are dead. At the beginning of the move Ayame casts the Kuji-Kiri. You will see the yellow Kuji-cricle appear on the screen. Once this has been done Ayame will shoot straight forward with her weapons. During the casting time of the Kuji-Kiri you are vulnerable to attacks, so it is always a good strategy to combine this move with items that slow or confuse your opponents, such as Smoke Bomb, Tiger Trap or Binding Spell for example.
Ayame can kill multiple enemies with her “Wrath of Heaven” move at once. You can best try that out in Ayame’s mission “Execute the Evil Merchant”. Go to the house with the 3 partying guards and throw a Smoke Bomb. When the guards are confused by the smoke do the “Wrath of Heaven” -move.
This move is useful in all fights. Unfortunately Ayame can’t kill every boss instantly with it. Bosses like Tenrai who have a lot of health for example can’t be killed with it.
Unlock: Assassinate the Evil Tenrai A or B

Ayame’s Special Moves

Ayame has a total of 13 unlockable special moves. New moves are unlocked upon collecting a certain amount of scrolls. Scrolls are earned through successfully stealth killing enemies. Collect more than 1600 scrolls with Ayame and Rin to unlock Ayame’s hidden Tenchu and Tenchu 2 costumes (the amount of scrolls are added, means it is enough to collect 800 scrolls with Rin and 800 scrolls with Ayame).

Wall Run
When jumping toward a wall, keep the x button held down to run up the wall. Release the x button to perform a wall jump.
With this technique, ninjas can jump toward a wall, then continue to run up the wall. It requires great leg, stomach, and even back muscles to keep balance and perfect this technique.
Scrolls required: 10

Crescent Moon
Press square, square, square, square, back + square
At the end of a flurry of attacks, Ayame can unleash a devastating kick attack, low to the ground.
Scrolls required: 30

Hawk Eye (Ninja Vision)
Hold L1 and push the right analogue stick forward to zoom into your surroundings. Hold L1 and push the right analogue stick downwards to zoom out. Can be combined with using the left analogue stick to freely look around. Hawk Eye allows you to aim items more precisely and throw them farther, by zooming into your target. Legend says that the ninja had eyes as acute as a hawk’s. Whether this was due to training or use of tools is not known, but perhaps it was a special skill like this that gave them this power.
Scrolls required: 60

Swift Guard (Ninjutsu Block)
Press circle just before an enemy attacks you, to parry attacks.
You can push the enemy off balance with this technique and leave him open for a counter attack of yours. If you fail to block right in time, your enemies’ attack will go through unblocked. Ayame has perfected this technique so that it requires very little physical strength to turn away even the strongest attacks.
Scrolls required: 100

Cheetah Sprint
Press R1 + L3 (push left analoge stick). Press circle to cancel the move.
Crouching low to the ground like a cheetah, a ninja can launch into a great sprint. This technique is especially useful in areas with many places to hide, and many corners to turn. This technique is practiced by sprinting with weights attached to one’s leg.
Scrolls required: 150

Inner Ear
Press R1 + circle. A map pops up showing the location of enemies within a certain region. Only enemies that make noises are shown. Watch the map for a while to identify enemy locations. By sitting close to the ground and putting herself under a sort of hypnosis, a ninja can hear even the slightest of noise by picking up vibrations from the ground. It requires great control over one’s heartbeat and breathing to do this technique.
Scrolls required: 200

Arrow Block
Press circle just before an enemy projectile hits you. Deflect any incoming enemy projectiles. It is thought that ninjas possibly possessed this skill, but it seems unlikely, as it would have been more effective to dodge arrows, and continue, rather than stop and block.
Scrolls required: 250

Long Claw (Grappling Hook Combo)
This technique will require some time to learn, so be patient. Rotate the left analog stick 360 degrees (try to make a perfect circle) and press square. After the enemy is launched into the air, press triangle to grab the enemy with the hook.If you press triangle too late the grappling hook will shoot out, but won’t cling to your opponent and pull him/her back, because he/she is already laying on the floor. Using the grappling hook, this technique allows you to attack enemies after they have been knocked back.
Scrolls required: 300

Select a shuriken from your items and press triangle to throw it. If you aim correctly and hit the enemy’s head from behind, it will cause instant death.
In addition to the Hawk Eye technique, a ninja can further train her eye so that she can strike at enemy pressure points and vital organs with a shuriken, even at a great distance.
Scrolls required: 350

Mind Control
Paralyze enemies and innocents by pressing circle when you are in stealth kill range. This will only work on guards in ?-mode. By applying pressure on a specific pressure point, a ninja can temporarily shut down an enemy’s nervous system, effectively paralyzing them for a short while. The victim will not be able to see or hear for the durations of the paralysis. This ninja technique allows the ninja to use hypnosis to control the mind of her target.
Scrolls required: 400

Spider’s Nest (formerly known as Cling to Ceiling)
Equip your Grappling Hook and aim it at a ceiling by pressing triangle. Hold R1 and release triangle, but don’t let go of R1. Your character will be pulled against the ceiling and hang there as long as you don’t release R1, but not longer than 18 seconds. After 15 seconds your controller will start vibrating, this indicates you have 3 more seconds until you will fall down. While you are clinging to a ceiling you can still use the following items: Decoy Whistle, Grenade, Poisoned Rice and Smoke Bomb. For example try dropping a Poison Rice, when an enemy approaches to pick it up drop down on him/her and press square to kill him/her.
Scrolls required: 450

False Wall (Wall Camouflage)
Press to a wall by holding R1 and press circle. If you release either button the move ends.A great deal of a ninja’s power comes from the manipulation of people’s senses. The False Wall technique allows a ninja to blend into surrounding walls, using sheets of cloth painted in patterns to match those walls.
Scrolls required: 500

WrathPress and hold the square to charge, then release the button to attack. If the attack is successful, press square again to attack the next target. When surrounded by enemies, Ayame can spend a moment focusing her inner energies, then lash out in a great attack, striking all those nearby. In this game, Ayame has yet to perfect this technique. This is the predecessor of Ayame’s Wrath of Heaven move in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven(PS2)/Tenchu: Return from Darkness(XBOX).
Scrolls required: 550

Written by gongcai372001 and Selenia.

Azuma Shiunsai

Azuma Shiunsai Ninja Name : Murasakimaru
Age : 65
Gender : Male
Weapon : Katana in cane sheath
Role : Retired Leader of the Azuma Ninja


Shiunsai adopted Rikimaru, Ayame and Tatsumaru as infants and raised them to be Azuma Ninja. He is both their teacher and their father figure. Althoguh he has slowed down some in his old age, Shiunsai is still a very deadly swordsman. He has recently decided to step down as head of the Azuma Ninja. Knowing instinctively that his time in this world will soon end, Shiunsai wants to pass his last and most important secret on to one of his students. The problem is that his students have lived their entire lives in the small village in the mountain where Shiunsai trained them. Afraid that they are both naïve and overconfident, Shiunsai orders his students to undertake a journey that will test their mental and physical powers. Having sent his students out into a world torn apart by civil war, Shiunsai feels as if he has just thrust his students off a steep cliff in the vain expectation that they will learn to fly before they hit the bottom. Even though he knows that his decision was the correct one, he can’t help worrying about them and watching and guiding them out of the shadows!

Play – “May honor guide your hand.”
Play – “You have failed apprentice, you must try again.”


Best of Fan Art Gallery

I have started work on a Best of Fan Art Gallery, something to enjoy until the Fan Art section is full restored. So far I have only added 10 pictures to the gallery, but there were way more excellent pieces submitted by our artists submitted. I will add more as I go through my archives. If you have any art requests let me know. Out of the first 10, which ones do you like best? They are all so good, I can’t make up my mind.

goe has written an article about Tenchu: Time of the Assassins. Check it out here.

Shadow Assassin has started to work on the Tenchu: Shadow Assassins walkthroughs, with the first two missions being online.


Bijin Kage – Chapter 1

Written by Kage Karasu

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The night was soothing, this night all was peaceful , in the castle of a lord a small girl cried relentlessly, her tears almost making a pool on her kimono. Outside a group of samurai marched into a heavily fortified castle. The lord sheathed his sword, but was too afraid to take a step out of his rice constructed door. The rich japanese family huddled in a corner in fear while screams of death and terror rang outside. The fear deeply engraved in their hearts made them want to collapse in fear. The rain plinked against the slimy mud, the wind whipped, at the bamboo, . Their fear began to worsen as footsteps, could be heard outside their quarters. Their hearts stuck in their throats, their eyes opened wide hoping the person to be an ally. The rice door slid open silently but swiftly. A man clad in black walked in and wrapped his arms around the baby girl. A sword tied to his shinobi shozoku (japanese ninja garment). The father nodded his head as if to assure something. The mother kissed her baby girl, and the father hugged his child. The man stepped on the rim of the window, with a grappling hook in hand( or kaginawa). And crossed to the next tiled roof. He passed through the darkness with ease, leaving behind not a trace, the girl whatched as the castle was breached. The girls name was Natsumi , her father had told her about these silent saviors, they were called ninjas. But she had never seen them before. This was the last Natsumi saw of her parents . It had been 17 years since Natsumi had last seen her parents, she was at the tender age of six when she had last seen them. She was now 23, with eyes that shined like semiprecious stones in the color of green just like her mother, and hair of a deep chocolate, she was light skinned and always retained a warm comforting face. That dreadful day was still fresh in her mind , haunting her every day. The pounding rain, the immense fear, the screams of death. She had been raised by Takuya, and she had grown to know him as her father figure. But she held an extrodinary power she was an Kurakagi Suzume. She was a ninja, and had been trained in the secret art of Ninjitsu. (The art of stealth) She lived in the secluded woods, where the samurai society would never notice them . However Takuya had a son, to pass on his legacy who’s name was Gicchi, she fell head over heels for him when she first layed her eyes on him. His skin was of a deep tan, his hair a valiant black, and his muscles rippled the seas waves He was an avid ninja , that had done many missions before. This is the tale of a world of darkness ,peril , love, and death .As we follow the trials and tribulabulations of Natsumi. Let’s begin the story now.

Natsumi was stationed in her quarters , the crickets chirped loudly tonight , and the fireflys shown up beautifully against the ink black darkness. Natsumi was meditating and breathing slowly in her room, her mind racing . Outside a shadow loomed along the exterior of her rice paper door. The shadow came inside , without making a sound. It was Gicchi.

” We need to go spar for a little while, my father told us so.”

” Alright.”

Natsumi responded sweetly.
She picked up her shuriken( ninja throwing star), and adjusted her wooden daggers behind her back, she did not own real knives just yet. When she turned around Gicchi had departed . She left the room and met up with Gicchi in a bamboo clearing, the moon shown against his charcoal colored hair.

” Let’s begin,”

Gicchi said. His piercing eyes slashing her soul like a butchers knife, she pulled herself together Gicchi pulled out his bokken a wooden sword used for sparring, and so did Natsumi. Natsumi threw a shuriken with fierce accuracy at Gicchi’s arm, he swung his sword in a circular motion. It deflected off of his bokken . He sprinted toward Natsumi and punched she used her left leg to kick his heavyset arm aside , and used her right arm to send him flying. While in the air he regained himself and backflipped only to land on his back.

” Very good Natsumi, let’s see if you can defend against this.”

Gicchi ran towards Natsumi and faked a kick and hit her abdomen. She coughed up some blood, Natsumi swiped her blood away. The warm spring air made her pant relentlessly, they fought on all through the night long. Until the sun started to slowly creep over the horizon line. They left and went back to their quarters. The morning brought out the sparrows . She fell victim to their sweet sounding lullaby , and dozed off. A couple hours later when she awoke Takuya was grasping her knapsnack. Gicchi was leaning against her wall, looking into the blinding afternoon sun. ” Konnichi wa . ” said Takuya.

” I need both of you Gicchi, and yourself to infiltrate, a bandits camp, it is dotted with enemies, I think you’d better bring along your fukiya ( a fukiya is a poison dart that was sometimes used to breathe underwater for long periods of time) for quick deaths. “

They gestured a bow and Takuya handed Natsumi a pair of her own knives. They glinted in the afternoon sun, Natsumi smiled and was near crying.

” Oh, thank you Takuya, I will cherish these forever , now I get to kill people yes !”

Takuya retained an astonished look upon his scarred face.

” Those pair of knives belonged to the greatest kuinochi in the Kurakagi Suzume clan, her name was the Kurakagi Kurasu ( Darkness Crow). She disappeared over the past few years. But anyway now your are grasping the Knives of Destiny. ”

Natsumi felt a surge of power come over her hand. Gicchi spoke and said

” Natsumi get your stuff”

As Natsumi put her stuff in her small knapsack she responded with,

” I’m ready, for anything,. as she adjusted the knives of destiny on her back.”

Natsumi ventured through the thick greenery , the light of the moon spilled through the bamboo, this evening was calm. Crickets sang their song beautifully tonight. They haulted at a large encampment, the air was hot and sticky and there was not too much activity. Patrol dogs paced back and forth, while some slumbered deep into the night. Horses were hitcfhed securley to wooden planks, they neighed softly as the wind sifted through their thick manes. The guards were lazy and some of them balanced on the blunt wooden end of their spears, this job would be an easy one, perfect for Natsumi’s first mission. Natsumi slid down a slope of mud, once at the bottom , she peered around a thick thorny bush, a freelance guard walked as if the night was was safe through the darkness, holding a spear tightly in hand , Natsumi adjusted her knives so she would be ready for the kill. As he turned his back toward her and starting pacing forward, she rushed him, her hand gripped tightly around his mouth, her nails deeply imbedded into his cheekbone, She uses her remaining hand to stab him in his stomach blood oozes from the spot he was cut. In seconds he layed in a pool of his own crimson esscence, she smirks with evil intentions as his brown eyes roll into the back of his bald head. She can hear the pitiful cries of the dieing bandits, she creeps up to a relativily small hut, she peers around the corner it is hard to see through the coal black night but she manages to spot a female guard, she grasps a beautiful pair of sai, embroidered with a green dragon. She seems more alert and paranoid. Freguently she stops but continues pacing, Natsumi climbs onto the the tall hut with her ashiko ( ninja climbing claws). She put them back in her small knapsack, and leapt down, on the way down she wrapped her thighs around the womans head, Natsumi squeezes them tight , the female guard gasps for but is suffocated, her thin body slumping to the cold hard ground, she pilfered her sai, and spotted a passing guard. His eye was caught when he saw the dead woman. He shifts his weight on both of his legs constantly, he puts away his short sword reluctantly. As soon as he put it in his scabbard, Natsumi watched in horror as his head rolled off of his broad shoulders, the blood spurting out of his neck like a fountain. Gicchi loomed over the body for a moment, he spotted Natsumi and sprinted over. Natsumi we need to get over to that large tent right down this path. Their leaders name is Fuji Miko. Natsumi listened intentively to Gicchi and under the cloak okf darkness sprinted off into the night. Gicchi was awed byNatsumi’s deep beauty, grace , her smooth skin, and brown hair, Gicchi was beginning to love her. They reached the large tent , candles were lit dimly in the wake of the evening. Inside there was a whole world of corridors, and tunnels. They heard footsteps nearby, the duo peer around either corner they see nothing. The culprate is in front of them, moving down a dark hallway at a leisure pace. Natsumi swiftly pulls her fukiya out of her knapscack , and shot it, it hits it’s target dead in the middle of his forehead He falls backward, as the poison passes through his body as quickly as the wind. They decide to split paths to cover ground easier, and much quicker. She finally made it down the dark hallways, and into the room where Fuji Miko sat and looked out into the stars.

” Miko this is your day of reckoning you bald idiot.”

Miko was bald but tall and slim, he wore ragged cloth and held a long katana, probobaly stolen from warriors defeated. Natsumi unscheathed her two knives of destiny, and Miko drew his katana. She watched as the sword glimmered from the moonlight, as it was pulled out of its scabbard.

“Let the battle commence , “

said Natsumi. She ran with blistering speed towards Miko and managed to kick him in the face. He was very skilled for a bandit, and his attacks were slow but efficient. Natsumi’s master agility allowed her to slip inside of his attacks, she away at him, and she moonsaulted over him.

” Goodbye, and good riddance. “

She jumped up and unleashed a mighty kick to the back of Miko’s skull. His neck snapped because of the force behind the kick. He died in an instant. Gicchi was watching the whole confrontation. She wasn’t listening to him and what he just said she was thinking about how he could have helped her.

” Sooo, all that time yoiu couldv’e been helping me while I was about to be minced, why I oughta!”

“This was your first mission and I wanted to see how well you were doing . Well now you know let’s get back, “

” Sheesh what a long night”

She returned back at 4:00 in the morning. Takuya congratulated Natsumi on her first successful mission. She bathed in her village. The soothing onsana (hot spring) made her aching body feel as though it were in heaven. She got out later in an hour, and slept.

Bijin Kage – Chapter 2

Written by Kage Karasu

Chapter 2 : Vibrant Crimson

Natsumi awoke with a start with her two knives in hand because she felt a strange aura about, she picked up her multiple shuriken. It was extremely eery and quiet even for a ninja village. She reluctantly stepped outside nobody was there. Natsumi was still in her kimono as a pair of sai came crashing to the ground, she front flipped out of harms way.

” You should give yourself credit nobody has ever dodged that attack. You’re pretty good for an apprentice ninja.”

A female ninja stood before her, she was clothed in a tight leather tank top with straps across her collar bone. A sea blue bow tied to her short cropped hair. Her eyes were an odd shiny green that glimmered in the sun like semiprecious stones, and her hair a glamorous silver, with blonde streaks. She was masculine and looked like she was in her forties.

” Hah, you probably can’t even dirty over my feet, you silver haired oddball.”

Natsumi said with sass. It felt like Natsumi knew her but how? Natsumi pulled out her multiple shuriken from her back, and tossed them with daunting speed. Natsumi watched in awe as her sai moved in dynamic motions and the shuriken dropped to the ground as sparks flew in an array of colors. Natsumi and the female ninja stood in a pose as they stared each other down. The female ninja suddenly gripped her arm, as her scarlet blood dripped onto the lime colored grass. Natsumi laughed and smirked. The ninja spoke and said ,

” Well done you skinny thug, but next you won’t be so lucky, “

” Who are you anyway, “

Natsumi said. The ninja responded with,

” I’m Ginko the Kurakagi Karasu leader of the Silver Fang Clan.”

Natsumi gasped and cupped her hands around her plump lips.

” Takuya said you were los…, “

Natsumi was interrupted abruptly by Ginko.

“Hah, Takuya is always saying things, you shouldn’t always be so trusting that’s your first lesson from me as a ninja. The reason I say this is because I loved Takuya, we even had a child for goodness sakes. His name was Gicchi, Takuya said we would always be together,”

Ginko wiped a tear from her green eyes ,

” But one day I found him kissing another woman, he tried to explain but I wasn’t havin’ it. Until this day I have been trying to kill him for his acts on his own will, “

I will come back to have you and your pitiful villagers heads. Prepare yourself apprentice ninja.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.”

, she said as she flipped out of site into the lush yellow bamboo.

Natsumi was still staring in astonishment. She ran swiftly into where Takuya resigned. Takuya was staring outside into the sun, while Gicchi practiced sword training making dynamic motions as it whistled through the air. “

Takuya I just saw Ginko, why didn’t you tell me she was your wife.”

” It was my families matters and you aren’t one of them.”

” Well don’t give me attitude because you can’t keep your wife in line.”

The next thing Natsumi knew a long shiny ninja sword was being held up to her throat, Gicchi was holding it. “

Don’t you ever speak in that tone of voice to my father again .”

Takuya stopped Gicchi from going any further.

” Gicchi you need not fend for me , it was my course of actions that made Natsumi act in such a way. “

” I’m sorry too Takuya please forgive me for my actions towards you.”

Natsumi said in a very respectful tone.

” It is quite alright you see, that woman that Ginko saw me kissing, that woman seduced me I couldn’t help it. With her it’s kill quickly or die quickly that’s her motto. But anyway I need you both to assassinate Emegawa Hidimechi. He has been selling contra-ban all across Japan’s eastern border here’s a map for you, and Natsumi there are two things. One, take out a female civilian without lethal means either by using smoke bombs or sleeping antidotes or knock her unconscious. Do what you must, and secondly bring your Tessen ( a fan sometimes packed with spikes on the tips of the fan) to disguise yourself as a civilian. Now go do the task at hand.”

Gicchi and Natsumi knelt before Takuya and with respect said

” Yes sir.”

They darted off into the vivid colored afternoon. They made it to the village just as the sun fell. The village seemed to be brimming with energy geishas danced and sang as they were unwillingly pulled into the houses, samurai drank sake wildly as they yelled and cheered for no apparent reason, while dogs panted their tongues out. Natsumi had begun to sweat as if there was no tomorrow. This wouldn’t be good the dogs could trail her more easily, Natsumi detested killing animals but she would have to this night . But at least they could enjoy the sites the sakura ( cherry blossoms) blowed softly in the composed wind, and the serene lake glimmered in the light of the stars. She took out her shruiken and shot it at a pooch nearby, it fell dead to the ground, she found and killed every dog that she could possibly find. Natsumi sprinted as fast as she could across the tiled rooftops , and found a female civillian. She was walking with her fists clenched through a dark alley. “

Why that man I just want to pounce on him and strangle him until his head pops off of his womanly shoulders , “

said the woman. Natsumi leapt down off the roof and she made sort of a ridge hand and brought it down to the womans neck the woman fell unconcious. Natsumi stripped her of her kimono and put it on her body it fit her perfectly , she put her gear in a large leather knapsack she had brought along her knives still on her back.

” Sorry, “

said Natsumi . Natsumi dragged the body into a small food storage room. She ran outside into the moonlight, she proudly walked past guards but two dogs followed her, she had begun to panic. Natsumi zipped into a very shadowed dark alley. The dogs were still hot on her trail beginning to growl getting faster with every step , she sprinted around a corner. From the rooftops above the dogs she pulled out her shuriken and tossed them at the canines the pooches dropped dead. She leapt down from the roof and threw over a wall. She could feel something coming closer,. it was a guard looking for more than a traditional song and dance.

” Geisha, I have a surprise for you., “

the guard said as he pulled Natsumi into a very confined room. He gripped Natsumi’s masculine arm, while he was dragging her to a corner Natsumi knicked him with her fukiya.

” Hmmm, the mosquito are rough tonight….uuugh, “

the guard dropped dead. She hid the body behind a box.

” Hurry up and die, you disgusting perv.”

She ran out of the room and hid against a wall, she was still wondering where Emegawa was, suddenly she saw a man with a gray beard surrounded by guards, he was holding up a blood drenched head.

” There’s a ninja in our presence be on your best guard, and make sure your head is still attached to your shoulders .”

Emegawa threw the head to the guard fear and shock still in it’s eyes.

” Oh no Gicchi’s in trouble but I have to take care of Emegawa first.”

She leapt out from the shadows knives at the ready, he was sipping tea on a tatami. She ran at Emegawa and brought her knives down to his neck. The next thing she knew a long katana deflected her attack, she was pushed back. Emegawa tackled her to the ground, he was about to bring his sword down when Natsumi noticed his face, she gasped and held out her hand.

” STOP, it’s me father your daughter.”

Emegawa stopped right at her chest, an astonished look rose upon his face Emegawa gently pulled down her mask

“Oh my god my daughter I’m sorry for leaving you like that.”

“Father where were you. You knew where the village was why didn’t you visit me, and where’s mother ? “

said Natsumi. Emegawa held a state of remorse “

I’m sorry to tell you but the whole castle was taken over and everyone was mercilessly massacred, but luckily after Takuya left with you we managed to escape. One day while we were walking through the forest I fell unconscious and your mother disappeared. I felt so, so helpless. It felt like the world was going to crumble beneath my feet, and the only.thing that kept my mind off the harsh realities off this world was crime Without you and your mother my life wasn’t worth living .”

“I love you father, I just wanted you to know that.”

They both hugged each other and exchanged kisses.

” Natsumi watch out ,”

Emegawa pushes Natsumi aside and his sword clashes with Gicchi’s an excellent display of swordplay takes place.


” Gicchi that’s my father, father that”s Gicchi.”

They stopped their onslaught of attacks. “

Oh, so you’ve got a boyfriend he, he, he, he, “

said Emegawa


Natsumi responded.

” Nice to meet you sir, “

Gicchi said with great astonishment.

Bijin Kage – Chapter 3

Written by Kage Karasu

Chapter 3 : Winter of Scarlet Snow

Gicchi sheathed his sword as spoke ,

” So I finally get to meet the great Emegawa Hidemechi it’s an honor to meet you sir.”

Gicchi payed his respects by putting his heavyset right arm across his chest and bowed deeply. “

Ah, so you are Takuya’s son, how has Natsumi been doing in her ninja training ,”

Emegawa said with great amusement.

” Honestly I think she should be Shidoshi Kuinochi, that’s my opinion. “

Natsumi beamed at Gicchi because of his kind words, she wondered if she was that skilled. The door noisely swung open,

” NINJA, “

the guard hollered . The gaurd saw Natsumi’s knives and immedietly rushed her. She hurled the shuriken at the guard as it gleamed brightly in the light of the candles. It whistled through the air, and hit the collar of his shirt, the force made him fly backwards and he was pinned to the wall, he was attached to wall by his collar.

” P,ppplease don’t kill me !”

The guard held his hands out

” Good, shot you really were trained well ,”

Emegawa remarked. Natsumi didn’t avert her gaze, her attention stuck towards the hapless guard.

” Okay I won’t kill you if you don’t flap your big mouth to any of the guards. No as a matter of a fact you will stay here with me, your worst nightmare. And you will learn to not be so willing to beat on a defensless little girl. “

Natsumi made a very soft voice and flicked her finger back and forth. Gicchi could here something coming closer, the door slowly opened a pair of guards came running in. Natsumi and Gicchi were pressed up against the wall, their bodies melted into the shadows.

” Our compound is under attack by the Silver Fang Clan, a woman with abnormally silver hair and green eyes is their leader, many of our guards are dead. We need another ninja to fulfill this task.”

Natsumi gasped it was Ginko. Emegawa smirked,

” Well , we’re in luck we have some, “

Gicchi said. They stepped out of their hiding places, the guard still hung up by his collar.

“Can, anybody get me down ?”

” Shut up, you’ll give our position away,”

said Natsumi. The guard shut his mouth quickly. Emegawa blew out the candles, the silence of the night was broken every five seconds or so when you could hear a light thud, or the sound of the cries of the weak and the dieng. The door slowly opened up. Natsumi could not see her hand in front of her face, but her ki allowed her to spot the lone ninja. She took out the pair of sai she had pilfered and stabbed the ninja, she could hear the ninja’s body collapse. More ninja had come in and they all took turns killing them it was a sinch. They could here no more people coming so Gicchi reluctantly turned on the candles. There was a heap of bodies and a ton of blood sprawled out on the once clean floor. They walked out into the night the wind whipped at their hair, the wind had become less serene during the time they were in that shack. Up above them the female ninja that the guard spoke of was standing with her arms crossed looking down upon something, 7 other ninja were lined up near her. The group walked around a corner and found a whole army of samurai and ninja, they spread halfway across of the whole village, the other ninjas stood beside her looking out into the legions of enemy ninja and samurai. They all had silver hair. The kunoichi bellowed

” We are at the dawn of a new era, this is only the beginning of our accomplishments. Taking over this little weak town was a sinch, now we move on to the Kurakagi Suzume Ninja Clan, then Gohda Castle ! We will rule Japan, nobody can stop our grand scheme ! “

The whole army cheered, their loud noise stirring the night, making the crickets feel as though they were on total mute.

“Oh no we need to get back to the village, “

Natsumi sprinted off into the darkness, everyone including the guards followed her. Natsumi swept away the bushes to her village.

People were packing things while Takuya trained little children in the secrecy of the night, he watched as they did an assortment of kicks, katas, and hand techniues. Gicchi confronted Takuya ,

” Father, we have just seen Ginko she is making plans to come here.”

Takuya haulted his class and said with deep remorse,

“We know, that’s why are moving, one of our assassins came back and told us, that they didn’t find Emegawa, or either of you.”

Why didn’t you tell me that Emegawa was my father ?!”

questioned Natsumi.

” Because I thought it would effect you too greatly so if you would just kill him nobody would know but me, god, and Emegawa. “

Takuya stopped talking and stared in astonishment at Emegawa.

” My lord how have you been, where’s the mistress.”

Emegawa spoke and said.

” I have no idea where she is, she was kidnapped while I was knocked unconcious , I don’t deserve to be a man. “

Takuya snapped,

” Don’t ever say that you aren’t a man, because even men make mistakes.”

Takuya put his strong hand on Emegawa’s shoulder Emegawa looked up from his remorseful postion. Takuya smiled down on him, Emegawa reluctantly smiled back. . Natsumi interrupted their conversation,

” Sorry for interrupting your little conversation but where will we be moving to ? “

Takuya slowly turned around his narrow slit for eyes made him look as if her was sneering but that’s just the way his eyes were,

” We will be moving into Gohda Territority.”

” But, Ginko might be trying to trail us we need to find a safe haven for the moment, “

responded Natsumi.

” They don’t have the know how, their spies aren’t that skilled , “

Takuya cackled. They all laughed histerically but Natsumi was still and felt a little uneasy, she was a little anxious because she had not seen or heard of the troops, it had been nearly two hours since they had left the helpless village. Takuya stood on a hill above, held out his hand and spoke,

” As you know we will be moving, into Gohda Territory. Now prepare your steeds, and pack your kagos. Be prepared in about half an hour, also we have a visitor, Lord Hidemechi. ,”

Takuya held his held out as to point towards Emegawa. Emegawa smiled bitterly for he did not want to speak at the moment. He reluctantly bowed, the entire village did as such, with blissful expressions on their bony faces. Takuya resumed his converstation,

” Also we need guards to protect us, who wants to stand watch. “

It was so quiet you could here a pin drop, and the crickets were the only things natural that you could actually here. Takuya hand picked two guards one was slinky, the other masculine. They both ran to their homes , and picked up their staffs. They were polished to a magnificent finish, both of them gleamed in the light of the moon as if they were made of steel. Natsumi watched in awe as they secured the staffs to their sturdy backs. About 20 horses and 20 men came galloping down a pathway towards Takuya. He waved his hand as to guide them, toward a clearing in a meadow. A ton of kagos filled with children, and their parents and occasionaly pets. Minutes later a kago, strolled in front of them. Natsumi climbed into a luxury kago, filled with fine Japanese cuisine, pillows, green tea and tatami . Natsumi climbed into the kago with the two samurai, Emegawa, and Takuya, they all sat on tatami. The kago was in the front of the line. They had left as soon as everybody had everything they needed. Everyone wore kimonos so they could blend in because they would be moving down a commonly used gravel road , used by police, tax folk , and immagraters. It was the quickest route they knew of , if they would have found a more secretive route they would have done otherwise. The outside was beautiful, the wind softly sifting through the leaves of the canopy above. Natsumi stared dreamily outside into the canopy, her eyes suddenly caught a swift motion . A red blur crossed her path, Natsumi eyes tightened. Her body began to feel tense. Suddenly she could feel her mind and her spirit slipping away. She slumped to the floor, she was paralyzed and knocked unconcious .

She woke up in a cold sweat, and jumped up. Her father layed his hand over her stomach a heated towel placed on her forehead.

” Wh, what happened ? ”

” You were poisoned, “

Takuya said as he picked up the needle. Natsumi grabbed it, and looked at it. She put it down beside her. One of the women had come in to prepare tea for her. The women made her take a sip, it was bitter but the woman said it would cure her ailments. They had reached a checkpoint in the road, a guard stopped them in their tracks.

” What is your destination, and purpose.”

” We are traveling for a wedding, in Gohda Territory,”

said Takuya with bravery.

” Let me check your ID and you’ll be set.”

Takuya handed him a slip of paper, showing his indentification.

” Go ahead sir. “

The guard bowed with his right arm across his chest. The gate opened slowly, making a high pitched screech as it went along. Natsumi sighed a sigh of relief. They passed through the checkpoint with ease.

It was an hour later before they reached their destination deep into the forest, the new spot was a sight to behold. A river flowed gently down a winding stream , and in that stream there where large fish that were not scarce, next to a tree where wild juicy red apples grew. There was an abundance in herbs, perfect for their poisons and antidotes, this was an ideal spot for their village, on a hill above the village a vibrant cherry tree hill sat as still as the sky. Natsumi decided to walk up the hill, she asked Gicchi if he would like to come along, he unreluctantly agreed. This would be her chance to tell him her true feelings. It was a splendor to the eye. She saw something gleam in the moonlight. She walked slowly over to it.

” I’ll stay down here and check this out.”

Gicchi scanned the area. It was a pair of claws, attached to a pair of rotten hands. Its face was covered with a mask of some sort of cat, demon, she found more of these. In some places she even found heads right next to the bodies, some of them were heads of crows, or cats and she even found a dead hound with a shuriken embedded into it’s chest, it was like a graveyard. She walked past a small river leading into some kind of cavern, and down a waterfall, up to a large cherry tree at the summit of the pink hill. She resided besided it, looking into the stars thinking of what could’ve happened to these people. Her ki and her adreneline pumped, she did a richoet jump off of the tree. Two kuni came crashing to the ground she did a split, and brought her knives of destiny up to her face, the pair of kuni came crashing to the knives of destiny, the knives collided. Natsumi jumped backwards, the ninja dashed and hit Natsumi’s weapon. Gicchi was still downhill. Natsumi did an inside cresent kick, and as she spun did an outside crescent kick. The ninja countered by kicking her leg up which , in turn made Natsumi’s leg lift above her head. Natsumi landed on her back. Suddenly the knives of destiny made an act of its own, Natsumi became enraged with the thirst to kill. Natsumi leapt up, and front flipped her knives coming down struck the womans’ shirt, not her chest . She did some sort of stance. Both of her eyes turned one single color, green. The fight went on for hours. Natsumi finally went out of her daze. Neither she or the ninja was harmed. Then a long sword struck her back , she had begun to bleed. She at first did not notice the ninja’s face but his sword, the scabbard was so beautiful, a piece of dangling orange thread hung from the back of it, the blade forged of what seemed like stainless steel. She quickly turned around. It was a male ninja, with beautiful but deadly silver hair, and muscles just as deadly as his mane. He held a blank gaze, and wore metal tabi boots, a scar on his left eye.

” Ah, a ninja don’t you see these heads here, common sense should tell you to get the HELL OUT’A HERE.”

The ninja that said this was a kunoichi with a ponytail bun with two strands of her brown hair coming off of a metal band. Her beauty rivaled Natsumi’s her eyes fierce, but exotic, and serene. She wore baggy pants, and a sort of turtle necked T- Shirt. Her muscles rippled, and her body was divine, everything followed perfectly. She had a sharp tongue, and a whole lot of sass.

“Who, are you anyway, “

questioned Natsumi.

” Why should we tell you WANABEE GEISHA !”

” Now why would you talk about yourself like that. “

remarked Natsumi with a smirk on her face. The ninja said as she held her hands on her hip. This ninja’s sass was pissing Natsumi off.

” We might as well tell her Ayame, she’s gonna’ die here anyway .”

“I’m Rikimaru leader of the Azuma Ninja, and this beautiful woman is Ayame.”

Ayame was tired of all the talking and ran towards Natsumi out of nowhere Gicchi stepped in front of the assault. He shoved Ayame against the tree with a bang! Rikimaru’s eyes narrowed with his sword in hand, he rushed to Gicchi. Their swords collided in beautiful swordplay, techniques were avoided, dogded, and struck. Their skill was matched, but in the end Rikimaru defeated Gicchi, he lifted his sword above his head and said,

” Izayoi, I believe in your might. “

As he said this it seemed like the sword responded to his every word. Natsumi stepped in,

” WAIT, your Lord Gohda is in danger. !”

” What do you mean,”

questioned Rikimaru. Rikimaru, stopped his strike.

” Ginko a kunoichi is trying to take over Japan, with legions of ninja and samurai. She made an attempt to attack our ninja village but we moved before she came and that is why we moved here. She said Gohda Castle is next. “

” Don’t listen to her Rikimaru, she is just trying to make us vunerable so she can…..,”


. Ayame snickered after Rikimaru said this.

” Ayame, she is not lieing I can sense it.”

” Alright I will bring you to Gohda castle to speak to Lord Gohda, follow me.”

” Hold on, “

Natsumi said.

” Who did this ?”

Ayame gave a backwards wicked glance to Natsumi. Natsumi knew it would take some time to get acquainted peacefully to Ayame. Rikimaru swiftly ran into the quiet forest to Gohda Castle, Ayame unhastily trailed after him. Natsumi looked at Gicchi and they both shrugged their shoulders. They were off to Gohda Castle to meet Lord Gohda himself.

Bijin Kage – Chapter 4

Written by Kage Karasu

As Natsumi hastily approached the castle she could see that Gohda castle was vast and oddly enough ” majestic” the light of the moon splashed vividly against the off white walls. Natsumi could see that the road leading to Gohda Castle was a commonly used one, by the great amount of footprints. Nearby rice paddies were lined up in very even rows it was something like art. The lightly toned gray gravel seemed to come to life because of the way it was raked, and beautiful ponds adorned with plants and glimmering goldfish that shined in the moon’s rays. They quickly ran inside geisha motioned to whatever came their way, and servants held their gear as they sprinted to their destination holding tea and towels, up a corridor leading to Gohda’s residence. Ayame and Rikimaru were already going up a corridor leading to Lord Gohda’s residence. Gicchi and Natsumi followed. As they made it to Lord Gohda, Natsumi peered into the room, Gohda was sipping tea in the usual Japanese manner, in a kneeled position holding the cup up to his heavily defined mustache and nose as the steam seeped into it. Beside pre-teens. Her thick jet black her swept into her eyes as she constantly wiped it from them, and her eyes twinkled gently as if showing love and sweetness. Kiku ran toward Ayame and blissfully jumped into Ayame’s arms.

” KIKU !” ” AYAME “.

Kiku said. Natsumi wondered how such a black-hearted person could be the least bit kind.

” Hello Kiku, Lord Gohda,”

Rikimaru made a fist and put it into his palm as he wrapped his ghostly hand around his knuckles, then bowed. Lord Gohda bowed Kiku followed suit.

“We have a message for you, come in you two, “

said Rikimaru. Lord Gohda gripped his sword just to make sure nobody would confront him. Natsumi and Gicchi stared at the room with awe. A picture showing wonderfully written kanji and the setting of a mountainous area lay in a corner. But they could see that it whipped back as if to hide something. Natsumi whimpered and cowered at the site of this man as she approached him he was toned and heavily muscled and stood over her like the sun.

” What is it that you have for me uuu….”

” Natsumi, “

she responded as she cringed but tried to hide.

” Ah, yes what is it that you were going to report to me ? “

Natsumi cleared her throat,

” Umm yes an assassin named Ginko has made plans to attack your territory. She may be called the Kage Karasu. “

She stared at him watching him stare blankly into space. His eyes jittering.

” Thank you for this message I will see fit that nothing happens. “

Natsumi crossed her right arm across her chest, then bowed deeply. As she left she turned around and asked,

” Lord Gohda may our ninja village reside in your territory. Ginko tried to raid our village “

Lord Gohda pondered for a moment, and agreed under one condition,

” I have a favor of you and this young man here.”

“Yes, “

Gicchi questioned. “

In the case that Ayame and Rikimaru need your assistance you will be there to protect me and my precious daughter Kiku and the Azuma Ninja village. If you fail that will be subjected upon you and this young man here. Do you agree ?”

Gicchi tugged on the hairs that he thought he had on his chin, and Natsumi wondered. They nodded to each other and agreed. They bowed, grinned and left the premises. As they left Ayame peered backwards and rolled her eyes backwards as she quickly turned.

They left and Natsumi asked Gicchi a question,

” Do you know the origin of these two knives ?”

Natsumi sheathed them from her scabbards power surged and tingled in the light. Gicchi gripped them and looked at it very closely. Natsumi never noticed this before but as she looked at them she could see in the glowing light beautifully written kanji, one of them was emitting an orange illumination. She snatched them from his huge hands and swiftly ran through the forest to her home village, moving her feet as fast as she could. The village seemed to brim with energy, people were hammering away while others helped prepare foods and other things. The stars glimmered brightly as they made it to where Takuya was. He was helping guide the kagos to their destinations and where to put things.

” Takuya while I was fighting today, the knives of destiny acted strangely I started doing moves that I have never even done, do you know the where these knives came from ? “

Takuya’s eyes tightened and he led Natsumi to a secluded corner.

” Alright, those knives were forged by the strongest steel ever made it was passed down from generations past to the greatest kuniochi. Such as this ancestral sword Red Jade. “

He slowly pulled his sword from the marvelously engraved scabbard, the sword was a bluish green and the bottom was red. He gripped it and swung it in very odd motions it sounded in a sort of ting, as it cut through the air. Natsumi could obviously see that his skill surpassed anyone she had ever seen, and his focus could not be broken. He stopped his display and looked at Natsumi.

” But, what about this kanji written on it, it’s freakin’ glowing !”

Natsumi swept her gentle hands across the sword. Heat arose as her hand crossed the orange illumination. Takuya suddenly lashed out and peered at it.

” Don’t do that who knows what that will do ! As I told you this was forged many moons ago and there must have been tons of mystical creations, it reads Anger Will Surpass All ? Hmmm, whatever you do don’t tamper with it too much. “

Natsumi faltered a bit as he passed it to her calmly, but she grabbed it anyway. She had been meaning to interrogate her father, and she was going to do it now. Her father was laying on his back hands on the back of his head on a small knoll, gazing into the stars. Natsumi laid beside him,

” I was just wondering who attacked our castle that night. “

Emegawa didn’t say anything for a moment his eyes tightened. He peered over his large shoulder and said,

“His name was Kinouki Rashin he was a neighboring lord and we didn’t always see eye to eye. “

He made the quote signs with his work worn hands, “

And I guess he decided to get me. “

Emegawa resumed his position. “

Oh, have you ever thought about getting your castle back ?”

Natsumi responded. He said nothing. She got up and walked home.

Several months had passed and it was winter now no signs of the Silver Fang clan had appeared. She figured that it was all downhill from here but her life would plunge for the worst. Natsumi walked out of her frostbitten home, she wore thick clothing beacause of the cold weather. The sky was overcast with a light gray, the crisp pure cream colored snow inches deep reached Natsumi’s ankles. The land was covered in nature’s bed all across Japan, covering the once vibrant land. The migrating birds swept across the nations sky, way into the zenith. Natsumi took a walk with Gicchi for she felt lonely, up to the Cherry Tree Hill. She reclined in a naked branch stripped of its beauty, while Gicchi sat in a nearby tree. Gicchi sat staring at the sky, his eyes fixed on one particular bird. It roosted on a branch by him, it was an ebony crow, its eyes sharp and deep crimson. It raised its sleek head and hailed three times, a signal of death. Natsumi and Gicchi gave each other a look, and resumed their positions for they believed nothing was wrong. They both sat there and dozed off, in the tree. They harnessed themselves to the branches as tight as a vice-grip. They appeared to be spiders in the wilderness, clinging to the lifeless branches. It was nighttime when the duo awoke, Ayame was staring Natsumi in the eyes. Natsumi jolted to life. “

Why are you sleeping in my tree, don’t make me kill you. “

Ayame said. Natsumi snapped,

” Since when in this your freakin tree, your name isn’t on it, and why is this tree so important to you.”

Ayame spoke

” This tree…., well it’s none of your business !”

Natsumi responded

” You can always tell somebody.”

” I don’t want to!”

Ayame snickered. Natsumi didn’t pay any attention to her she just looked at her out of the corner of her green eyes. Gicchi was talking to Rikimaru his gaze never broken from Gicchi’s eyes, Natsumi supposed that they were talking about their different skills as they swung their swords in unseen motions.

” Well, what are you all in my grill for ?”

” Well I was about to kill you before you woke up, but as you can see that plan didn’t work. “

Rikimaru jumped from his position to the branch above Natsumi, he looked out into the while sheet of coldness. Gicchi front flipped to Rikimaru’s branch and looked in the same direction as Riki. They jumped down, and into the forests of Gohda territory. About twenty ninja holding scythes walked alert turning their heads constantly. Even though Natsumi was about two feet away from Ayame she could not see her. Rikimaru and Gicchi were long ago out of site. Natsumi could see Rikimaru’s pale skin dash out from the darkness. He took Izayou and swiped it from crouch to chest, he fell dead. His blood sizzling into the snow. Ayame then darted from her crouched position and did a spin and hit the ninja in the stomach with her knives, her light feet barely touching the floor. She took her knives from his gut as quickly as it had come, leaving not a trace of blood. Then Gicchi sprinted out forward, and made wild motions. Blood spurted in ever which way, staining the trees. It was Natsumi’s turn she took the Knives of Destiny and slashed the sword in a sideways direction. Behind her another ninja threw her scytches Natsumi caught the wooden handles and threw it back at her blades hitting her stomach. She fell over. They all took out their ashiko and climbed into the trees overhead. One more ninja watched the dead bodies lined on the floor. They all smiled and first Ayame leapt down, and wrapped her thighs around his throat. Rikimaru then stabbed him in the back, the sword extending out of his stomach, Gicchi punched him in his face, Rikimaru cushioned the punch. Natsumi then side kicked him in his face. Ayame jumped off of his shoulders, while Rikimaru removed his sword.

“They have made it into Gohda Territory ? We need to find their hideaway. Let us go !”

Rikimaru said. Natsumi tried to give Ayame a high five, but Ayame kept her hand at her hips.

“Just because we killed somebody together doesn’t mean we’re all buddy buddy.”

Ayame gave a wicked but sort of sensitive smile, as she ran ahead of Rikimaru. They were to infiltrate their hideaway, but it would not be easy, for they would encounter Jade the master of disguise, and Dobbo strongest man alive !

Bijin Kage – Chapter 5

Written by Kage Karasu

Chapter 5: Sullied Moon

The wind sang its soft song, caressing the night, the moon splashed light under dark places illuminating everything in the path of its rays. The moon was shrouded by a heavy fog, which covered it partly. Gicchi and Rikimaru could be heard walking ahead, their feet laced with the snow underfoot. They crouched and spotted with their cat like eyes two attentive female ninja. They slipped into an alcove to right of them into the shadows. Ayame would take care of this. The moon was scattered upon the glistening river, the ripples of the river were serene. The water was nipping at Natsumi’s delicate skin, she winced as she put her body into it. The water felt one hundred below zero, and it nearly froze her to death. Ayame was beside her dipping her nose under the water, keeping her eyes only on the surface of the river. She gently wading across the stream, leaving small impressions in the water, as if she were stalking prey. She kept a keen eye on the two female ninja before them, they were silhouetted deeply among the eery darkness. Ayame leapt onto the glutinous bank of the still water, she threw a shuriken at a stalk of bamboo. The kuniochi still attentive turned toward the commotion, this would be their last breaths. They crept up to the tree to observe it, examining it closely shrugging their shoulders. Ayame then dashed up the bank and reached the female ninja. Ayame stealthily slit one woman’s throat, the knives sliding gracefully across her neck. It left a deep crimson impression. Ayame as nimble as the wind leapt onto the womans shoulders. She flipped and fell on her back, while she fell she became unconscious. Natsumi guessed that she was used to the carnage, Ayame seemed cunning and was in expertise. The only thing guiding her was her hate and urge to kill. She snatched the shuriken from the tree, and threw the bodies into the river. The thin frail bodies slowly floated downstream and vanished into the midst of the night. Ayame wiped the sullied knives in the icy water, the knives were beautiful without being tainted with blood. It was very diffucult to see its splendor when it was coated with essence.

“Really cool moves back there, you are really talented.”

Ayame gave her I’m happy for you sign and kept walking. Keeping her focus unparallelled and on the beaten path.

” Rikimaru we need to go on, what the heck are you waiting here for, ” ” I want to go to sleep. “

Ayame walked forward while Rikimaru stood behind, Gicchi trailed after her.

” Rikimaru why is Ayame so on the edge ?” Rikimaru peered at her through stern eyes, ” Maybe it is wise for you not to ask questions.”

He said narrowing his already skinny eyes to slits. He walked ahead not looking back once. She followed him into the darkness, and found Gicchi. She could hear the silent whipping of Ayame sprinting by; rustling the leaves and shattering the night, but she could not spot her. Gicchi held his hand out stopping her at her chest, hauling Natsumi. Before them lay a large encampment illuminated with bright candles, there was a large cave leading down into the earth guarded by two heavyset men. The rest of the encampment was set on a large knoll, above the cavern. They began chatting loudly, breaking the silence as glass does. The moon was a very pale yellow with a shroud of mist dimly overlapping it. Rikimaru threw a green and white rice ball over to the right side of the guards. The guards looked at each other in astonishment and walked over to it at a very leisure pace, not caring about what could be on the other side of that rice ball. Rikimaru ran at top speed to both of the guards and bashed their heads together. They didn’t bleed they just fell dead. Rikimari did a ninjutsu sign and slowly stepped back, his gaze not averted from the fallen guards. They had to make a decision, who would search the knoll and who would look over the cavern.

” Alright, Ayame and I will search the cavern. You two will search the knoll, clear ? Let us complete the mission with honor, go, “

Rikimaru said in a deep voiced whisper. Ayame then ran ahead into the eery cavern, little light was shown. She slid along the wall as if she was a cat, peering over corners. Rikimaru ran up to her, they both went separate directions. They vanished into the inky blackness in a matter of seconds. Natsumi looked at Gicchi for a moment, and Gicchi stared back.

” Gicchi I…..”

Gicchi held his hand to her mouth and shut her lips, she said nothing, ” We must go now. ” Natsumi looked hazily into his eyes. Gicchi ran ahead into the night, silently. He climbed into the tree with relative ease. Natsumi nimbly climbed up there with him. The encampment was covered with the sheet of whitness and enveloped by the darkness. But deep in the underbrush a silver light illuminated everything in it’s path, its flames jigged in the composed breeze Red sparks flew from its core, and the guards with the silver hair danced. They clattered clubs together and sang in deep baritone voices. It was dull but slow and composed. It wasn’t like any fire they had ever seen. Natsumi fell into a trance her body fell numb, her eyes still. She couldn’t move an inch. Her fear was immense and she shook with fright. Gicchi suddenly clasped her arm. The pain shot through her arm and it was immense and colossal. So much so, that she nearly fell over. Her reaction time made her slap him, the sound rang loud and hard.

” I’m so sorry it just hurt so much that I…..”

“It’s all right I understand. You’ve got a nice backhand slap ! Ha, Ha, Ha !”

They laughed quietly.

” We need to reach that place and stop the source of whatever it is,”

Gicchi said as he rubbed his face. They jumped down and stealthily ran to the light. The leaves concealed the area a bit, so they jumped in fir tree. Natsumi turned away from the light, but Gicchi kept his eyes focused on the guards. His objective was clear. He had to kill the guards. Taking out his poison dart he shot the guard in the leg. The guard hollered and limped until he finally gave way one minute later, and collapsed. The other guards examined the wound. They ran in different directions, fortunately Natsumi and Gicchi were perfectly concealed in the trees. The guards shrugged their shoulders and went back to their stationary positions. Natsumi and Gicchi flipped off of their trees and stealthily killed the guards. Ayame and Rikimaru then came out of the cave, a small hole in the back of it allowed them to come out.

” How was it in the caves Ayame ? “

Natsumi gingerly questioned.

” What the hell do you think!”

Her pants were ripped and her arm had a small gash on it.

” Oops, I didn’t see. Well did you get any leads ? “

” Nothing, it seems that this encampment was just a checkpoint leading to something. Though we never found any path leading anywhere.”

The bushes rustled and out came a kuniochi and a heavyset man. The kuniochi was heavily muscled, and her hair was short cropped and sky blue, she wore a dress that fluttered in the wind, with a slit down the left side. Her eyes were a brilliant blue that complemented her hair. The whole dress was a radiant crimson, with pictures of flowers placed on it. Arm guards were placed on her muscled biceps, there was a strip of leather across her neck.
The man seemed anxious to kill, as he sifted on his feet. He wore brown baggy pants,. His battle scars were evident on his face. He was overly muscled and his head was a little too small for his body. He seemed arrogant. The kuniochi was beautiful, and Gicchi and Rikimaru stared at her drowsily, and longily. She slowly walked forward, at the pace of a nonchlant person..

” Well, it seems we have some visitors. Let’s give them a warm welcome.”

Her full lips pulled up and a sinister and grim grin appeared on her lightly colored lips. The large man’s muscles rippled and he threw his club at the group. It hit Izayoui and deflected, Rikimaru faltered a bit as it hit his desired weapon. It clanged loudly.

” Let the battle commence. ! ”

Rikimaru poised himself for the next attack. The kuniochi ran forward a tessen in hand. Ayame as ready as ever sprung into action as usual. She swiftly did martial arts moves, swinging her arms in wild motions. But to no avail the kuniochi evaded every one. Ducking and dodging, turning and flipping. Ayame tried to moonsault but while in midair, she counterattacked. The kuniochi simply raised her tessen and slashed Ayame’s abdomen. Ayame winced and dropped to the floor, her blood slowly oozing from her stomach.

” You BITCH ! “

Natsumi had never seen Ayame so hapless. Her body lieing still on the moonlit grass. She clawed at the blades pulling herself closer to a tree in which she could recline.

” Ha, you are not worth dirtying my blade over,”

the kuniochi said as she slowly licked the blade. She smiled sinisterly. Rikimaru was filled with anger, he sprinted at the man and slashed his heavyset arm. The blood stopped while sliding down his arm, and the wound recovered. It closed up ! Rikimaru looked at him angrily, staring him up and down. The man just laughed, and punched Rikimaru in the stomach. Rikimaru coughed and delivered more blows to the man, the man stared in pity at Rikimaru’s futile efforts. To stop the humiliation he just swung his club and smashed him against the tree nearby. The silent warrior was knocked out. Natsumi was behind the kuniochi and the man. The woman stared at Natsumi through the corners of her eyes,

” So, you are still alive? I thought you already croaked. The scorpion poison should’ve finished you off. Humph, no matter you will die here.. ..”

Jade delicately touched her lips and pointed to Natsumi to say Goodbye. Natsumi stood rooted to the ground in a defensive posture, ready for any coming onslaughts. Natsumi thought, so this is the woman that poisoned me. I’ll get her. Jade ran and did a heel stamp ( a ninjutsu move that consists of a kick in which you curl your toes and strike with the heel of the foot.), on Natsumi. Natsumi already prepared, circled around her and got inside of her attack. With daunting speed Natsumi poked a nerve in her leg. The immense pain shot through her leg, and she fell to the floor. Natsumi ready to deliver the final strike, raised her Knives of Destiny. As she brought it down the monstrous man threw Gicchi in front of her axe kick. Natsumi stopped, and while there the kunoichi threw wood-chips at her eyes. It wasn’t painful but it distracted her from her strike. As soon as she opened her eyes Jade, and the monster were out of site. The only trace of her was a body print below Gicchi.

” We’ve got to follow her, “

Natsumi said.

“We have more important matters to attend to right now,”

said Gicchi as he vaguely made it up on both legs. Natsumi and Gicchi lifted Rikimaru up and carried him back to the village. Ayame limped on Natsumi’s shoulder.

” I told you you would need our help. “

Ayame said nothing, the shadows basked her silence. They would debate what to do when Rikimaru woke up.

Bijin Kage – Chapter 6

Written by Kage Karasu

Chapter 6: Why, How?

Rikimaru lay still on the bed Natsumi had made for him. Ayame was almost as dead as him but she still had a grimaced look on her face. His deadness scared Natsumi, she was particularly frightened by his eyes which were now lifeless. His hands usually slashing the crap out of his enemies lay still, matted on the cloth that he laid upon. Natsumi sat quiet in her space in the corner. The silence was enough to make anybody crazy so she walked out into the ink black darkness. The stars were of a gently twinkle and the wind of a purring feline. Only once did she hear a stirring behind her, she paid no attention because it was of daily routine to hear something.But once again another louder rustle erupted from behind. A moment later appearing from the ink blackness appeared Jade. She had a very haunting-blank, icy gaze. She was ready to kill at a moments notice. Natsumi prepared herself but it was too late, her giant hit her from behind with a crashing fist. She crashed to her knees and was out cold. Only she could feel that immense throbbing at her back. The moves were swift and stealthy. The giant dragged her across the rugged, cold soil. They walked for miles in relentless pursuit of their lair. They finally reached their hideaway.She was thrown into the cell; it was a musty, mulchy, filthy place. Ants were abounding in the area that she silently sat. She could overhear wo people speaking. They were sentry dressed in monk beads, and traditional hat and gown.

“I heard Ginko say my daughter. I think she was talking about the prisoner”

Natsumi leaned closer to the wall that blocked her.

“Why would you want to kill your own daughter ? That’s just cruel.”

the other sentry agreed. The sentries walked farther so their talking could be vaguely heard. Ginko, her mother? It couldn’t be true. This thought sickened her to her stomach. How could she possibly be her daughter? Another pair of guards continued closer to her cell.

“We have to get the prisoner.”

one said. She pretended to still be unconscious. The guards unlocked the door, and one heaved her up on his shoulder. She softly reached inside of her pocket, luckily she had poison darts. Natsumi stuck him in the neck with her hand. His pace slowed and he collapsed. Natsumi dropped to her feet.Her extensive knowledge of the body allowed her stop the sentry’s breathing. She forced her hand against his chest.. He fell short of breath, wheezed, and collapsed. She stepped over the body and walked into the darkness. It engulfed her like the sun. She walked further into the tunnel holding on to walls to keep track of her position; she heard faint voices echoing through the marbled walls.

“I am disgusted you let my feeble daughter defeat you in combat I relied on you to get the job done. But NO! You failed me, leave the premises now!”

Jade narrowed her eyes in the least sincere look a person could make. She sat up stiffly from the mat under her and shifted her hips violently while walking out of the room. Natsumi sat stealthily as Jade walked passed not noticing her.Natsumi looked at her ready to leap at her but she halfheartedly disagreed. Meanwhile, Ginko described her plans to the leaders of the Silver Fang Clan.

“We must dispose of my intrusive daughter it is very fortuitous for me to come across her once again.”

Ginko then proceeded to fall to her knees, her very spirit changed. Her eyes were of the mother she once knew in her childhood. She bellowed,

“Please let me go, I have done nothing to you. Don’t kill my daughter!”

She wept loudly but the kami had stolen her soul once again. All the rest of them could do was to watch her being sucked back into the evil within. Natsumi had to stop herself from weeping, it was a very sad state of affairs. She continued her plans.

“We will attack the village, the Azuma Ninja Village, that is. But we must attack Gohda castle first. Both Hachigoro, and Dobbo will work their way into the castle. Do what you must to breach the castle walls”

Ginko said

“Meanwhile Kyoshi and Umeka will pose as guards.”

They nodded agreed and walked into the hallway. Natsumi had clung to the ceiling and was breathing heavily. Sweat drenched her face and slowly worked its way down her cheek. Kyoshi had stopped short in his tracks because the sweat dropped in his hair. She held her breath not uttering a sound. Her heartbeat was loud enough to wake the dead. Fortunately Ginko told him to hurry so he reluctantly left. She hopped down and ran out the opposite way in which she came in. She reached the Azuma Ninja Village in enough time to spare. Rikimaru had gone from his unconscious and was sitting in silence. Ayame and Gicchi smiled at Natsumi. Gicchi sat up and greeted her; it was very odd because they had not even come to rescue her. Ayame even pulled off a smile. Rikimaru stared at her evilly sheathing his sword slowly.

“What’s wrong you guys?”

They all watched her.

“You insolent fool. How could you possibly think that we weren’t going to do something about your weak friends?”

It was Jade.

“We disposed of them for the moment”

she smiled wickedly. At this time the magic wore off and she returned to her normal state. So did Dobbo and someone she had vaguely remembered. Natsumi had seen him overlooking the legions of ninja and samurai. But, who was he? This is our newest member Kanbe Gushiken. He was oddly quiet but calm, he wore the traditional ninja gi, but there was a strange aura. He seemed deeply depressed. His hair was unusually tidy, and his skin toned. His eyes were blank full of sadness.

“He doesn’t talk much. I see”

Natsumi said.

“But in what he lacks he also builds upon. Watch this.”

She snapped her fingers and he immediately reacted. He became enraged extremely quickly and in one swift motion brought down two chairs and a large iron candle. Natsumi was frozen with fear. The katana had gone back in its sheath as quickly as it had come.

“I’m not scared.”

Natsumi was obviously lying but she had to do something and fast.

“Oh really, well can you take on all three of us?”

Natsumi felt for her blades but she had forgotten the guards had taken her weapons. She could only fight with her hands. She clenched her fists as tight as she could. Kanbe rushed forward with katana in hand. He thrusted the sword forward, barely reaching her skin. She kicked behind her and pushed him He was sent staggering out into the darkness.

“Sayonara you pitiful soul…”

Natsumi said. She knelt beside him near his head. She grabbed his neck and unfortunately Jade interrupted.

“Hold on, if you kill Kanbe then I will never tell you where your friends are.”

Natsumi reluctantly released her tight grip. She knew that this was a weak proposition. She didn’t really care for Ayame, Rikimaru was a stiff, and Gicchi. Natsumi would only go to help save Gicchi. Therefore she slowly allowed him to breathe. She could hear his wheezing breaths slowly regain.

“I have a proposition for you. If you can retrieve the Kage Kami Scroll in the Suisho Mountains than I will set your friends free. But if not your comrades are dead.”

Natsumi pondered what should she do. Kill him or collect the scroll. Natsumi nodded and Jade wickedly laughed and smiled. She handed her the map and set off. Natsumi wondered to herself how and why her mother was Ginko, and why they were to attack Gohda’s territory. It all seemed like an intricate puzzle only to be figured out with careful planning.

Birth of the Azuma Ninja

Written by Anonymous

He stood silently crouched, watching patiently in the shadows he called home. He noted three guards patrolling the Western Wall and watched as they finished their last rounds, standing lazily at their assigned posts waiting for the long night to be over. He peered from atop the nearby building as the guards came from inside the walls encircling the compound, there to relieve the tired men so that they could retire for the night.

He knelt down to his knees, both hands clenched with his knuckles resting on the slanted roof. Whispering a silent prayer he leapt from the building, and in a single swift motion, he kicked the first guard in the face, shoving the small bone in his nose deep into his brain. With his left hand he reached back, and from behind his belt, he pulled out a long dagger and threw it by the blade straight at the second guard’s head with deadly precession. The third guard swung his sword at the man’s head just as he ducked and dealt a quick punch to the throat blocking of his air supply. The guard fell clutching his throat, desperately trying to breathe. He could tell that the guard was undoubtedly going die but felt pity at his pain. So he bent over and garbed his head, almost as if he were cradling it, then with great speed he pulled back. The guard lived just long enough to here a crack as his neck was broken. He walked over the body to the guard with the dagger embedded in his head and pulled it free, wiping the dagger on the man’s blood stained clothes and he was off into the shadows.

Maru awoke up to find his sheets covered in sweat. He threw his feet over the bed to find that he was already dressed. He began to change when he noted a small spot of blood on the sleeve of his shirt. He sighed as he dressed and recounted the night’s events, as he did a tear slid down his face.

“Hello is anybody home?”

A sweet voice chimed that Maru was certainly fond of.

“Ah Mye come in.”

Maru said as he quickly wiped his face free of tears.

“Good morning Maru, did you sleep well?”

“Oh yes I slept very well.”

He lied, he had only slept a couple hours and he hoped that Mye couldn’t see the pockets under his eyes.

“Well I brought you some of that tea that I know you like, I would drink it with you, but my mother is unable to remove herself from her weaving and I’ve got to complete her chores.”

“I will be thinking of you with every sip I take.”

“Good bye.”

She said

“Good bye.”

With that the girl had walked out the door and down the street to her house

Maru smiled as he sipped at his tea thinking of the girl that made it for him.

After Maru had finished his tea he walked out the door to go farm his newly acquired land. It was small but suited the requirements of his simple needs. When he walked out the door he was greeted by Shontu on of the few men he had befriended in the small time he had made residence in the village.

“You know that girl takes a fancy to ya don’t ya?”

The old man asked with a somewhat curious smile.

“I have no idea what your talking about you crazy old man.”

He said in a friendly tone.

The old man chuckled and simply shook his head as Maru walked by to farm his land.

At the end of the day Maru put away his tools and climbed up to the tallest hill in the village where he watched and waited as the red sun set behind the surrounding mountains. When the sun had finally gone down Maru picked himself up from where he sat and walked over to his house. Once inside he walked over to the center of the floor and lifted up a rug to reveille a handle embedded in the floor. He pulled it up from the floor to expose an area dug out by the man, that contained the equipment that he would require latter in the night. He pulled out his belt with a scabbard attached that held his dagger. Also on the belt there was a neatly packed small leather pouch containing several Shurikens each with a tip personally sharpened by the man every night so that they might pierce even the strongest of armor. There were many other similar pouches that held many odd things that the shadow warrior would latter need. He pulled up two heavy gauntlets, which he strapped, to each of his arms. He coiled a rope and threw it over his shoulder for latter use. On the tip of the rope was a strong Iron grapple. Then he pulled up a strip cloth that would conceal the bottom half of his face that symbolized who he now was, unseen and alone. He stood there almost invisible in the light of his own home and with unseen grace he walked out of his house into the shadows.

Maru made his way to front gate, being careful not to be seen by any villagers that might still be out in the night After he made his way threw the village he stood there standing no more the twenty feet away from the guards totally invisible in the shadows. He noticed that there were twice as much guards on duty then before.

“As to be expected, considering the trouble I made last night. It is an obstacle that I shall have to be over come.”

He whispered to himself. He stood at the corner of a house near the front gate where he could see all that was happening. Maru noted five guards in front of the main gate, with four more on each side. He stood watching silently, pondering as to what his next move would be. He picked up a rock and casually threw far from where the farthest guard on the left was standing. The guard picked up his head and looked in the direction that the rock was thrown and went over to investigate bringing three more guards with him. Maru went along too. Maru moved silently behind the men as they walked almost single file towards the sound. He came behind the guard at the rear and quickly slit his throat while at the same time bringing the guard into the shadows. The guards seemed totally oblivious to there friend’s departure. After Maru efficiently hid the guard from sight he moved in behind the second guard. Just as Maru had brought up his dagger the guard sneezed.

“He you idiot do you want the intruders to know we are here?”

The front guard said as he looked back to find the guard already gone. His eyes widened and before he could open his mouth blood was gushing from his throat. The remaining guard looked in horror at his friend as he brought up his sword looking Maru straight in the eye.

“Bring it on.”

He whispered in terror. Maru frowned under his mask and held up his dagger. The guard went straight for Maru’s stomach with a jab, Maru simply stepped to the side and held the sword down with his dagger. He saw the terror in the man’s eyes and great pity came over Maru. So when he brought the heavy guantlets down apon the mans’s head he let a tear flow down his cheek.

Once in sight of the guards at the front gate he made a dash at the closest catching him off guard performing a short jump and landing a kick just below the chest knocking him over onto the next guard who fell to the ground. He hit the next standing guard before he could react with a quick backhand that caused blood to shower from his nose due to the heavy gauntlets. Before the guard could fall he grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and threw him to the other two guards that now had there weapons drawn sending them sprawling to the floor and at the same time impaling there comrade. Before any of them could get to their feet Maru took the rope from around his shoulders and flung the grapple up and over the wall. The guards never even got a good look at him.

Once Maru had come to the top of the wall he was dashing from rooftop to rooftop with incredible silence.

“I should reach the castle before the remaining guards are able to call together their lords private army, and by that time I’ll be able to carry out my mission.”

As he raced towards the castle he came upon a large building with two guards standing on either side of entrance of what appeared to be the barracks. Maru jumped from the building and hit both guards with on his way down knocking them uncouncies. He peered inside to see what appeared to be a large portion of the lords army all fast asleep. On the outside of the barracks hung several lamps. He walked over and grabbed one, tore of its paper outsides to reveal a dancing flame. He flung it inside the barracks and at the same time pulled a handful of pellets from his belt and flung them to into the barracks as well. As the pellets hit smoke came bellowing from the barracks. Maru then pulled himself onto the roof and was again racing towards the castle in silence.

Back in the village Mye was watching here mother weave with admiration when there was a pounding on the door.

“Who is it?”

Her father said irritated, as he picked his head up from his bed.

“I have Orders from lord Mei-Oh to bring your daughter to his castle, you will now give her to me.”

“The hell I will.”

He screamed already out of his bed and standing in front of the closed door.

“That can be arranged.”

The man said while he shoved a sword through the door impaling Mye’s father.

Mye screamed as her father looked up to her from a puddle of blood on the floor. He gasped almost as if he were trying to speak to her when the door opened shoving him out of the way. In steeped three warriors and a man with skin paler then the moon and a blind fold over his eyes.

“You’re coming with me missy.”

The man said as he grabbed her and through her up onto his shoulder, as he walked out the door.

“Put her down.”

Said a man from the shadows.

“Or something bad might happen to somebody and it will not be me.”

“Your tongue is to big for you old man.”

And from out behind the shadows steeped Shontu Sword drawn and in a fighting stance.

“I thought the world was rid of such evil as yourself Onikage; what black magic brought you here?”

Sondu smiled,

“The worst kind of all. All right men take good care of this old man I have more pressing matters to attend to.”

Shontu rushed at the man but was met by his warriors with armor the color of blood. The first warrior rushed him with a cocky grin and his sword pointed straight at him. Shontu deflected the attack, quickly spun and slashed the man in the back. The two remaining warriors looked at each other with a look of surprise and of something Shontu hadn’t seen in any man’s eyes for quit some time, fear. After the surprise faded the two warriors charged with their swords up above their heads ready to strike. Shontu rolled between them spun and with a wide, arching slash sent both of the warriors to the ground. Then Shontu was off following the man he had killed once before.

Maru was standing on top of what seemed to be a warehouse in front of the castle that housed his enemy lord Mei-Oh. He looked down to see only two men guarding the front door the others obviously off to investigate the fire that Maru had created. Maru once again unslung his rope from around his shoulder. He swung it around his head several times and then threw it so that the grapple embedded itself into the castle wall. Maru swung down with the rope and hit both guards with either of his feet knocking them unconscious and then began to climb up the castle wall to his enemy.

Shontu caught up with Onikage relatively easily and wondered how he had managed in his old age. He saw as the massive front gates were opened for the man and saw too the bodies in front of it as he slipped in unnoticed. He continued to follow Onikage unnoticed through the compound surrounding the castle and as he grew closer he saw a great fire surrounded by many men who tried to fight it in vain.

“Someone certainly got here before me, and that disgusting pig of a lord must be using the girl against him, tactics of the weak, how disgusting.”

He said to himslef

After Maru had made his way up to the closest window he found no other alternative but to break hit open, so with his gauntlets he punched through the windows without harm to his hands. He looked to see two men with their swords in their hands and in a fighting stance different then the other guards had.

These must be Mei-Oh’s personal guards, Both must be trained samurai, this should prove interesting.

They both waited for Maru to draw his dagger and seemed eager to make their lord proud. Maru had different Ideas. He reached into his belt and pulled out two Shurikens and threw them straight at the samurai’s head and that was it.

Bet they didn’t see that coming. He thought as he made his way up to lord Me-Hoe’s chamber.

As Maru walked the corridors of the giant castle he becam more aware of how futile it was. Every ten paces Maru would reach a intersection that would leave any man guessing but Maru’s hightend sense of Chi was leading him. But as he walked and walked and walked he begane to discourage.

“How could any man live in such place? I would prefer the sorroundings of my rustick hut to this maze of a castle.”

He said to himself

Eventually he came to a large corridor guarded by two more of the elite samurai. They charged him weapons drawn and ready to strike. Maru sent his dagger flying into the left samurai’s head but let the remaining charge. He swung his sword towards Maru’s head but Maru blocked with his left gauntlet and attacked with his right. The guard spun dodging Maru’s attack and countering with his own aimed towards Maru’s back. Maru ducked spun and hit the guard with a backhand to his chest, Maru could hear the man’s ribs brake as he went right into an uppercut that broke the man’s jaw. He lay unconscious as Maru walked over him to retrieve his dagger.

Maru then looked at the door near the end of the hallway where a large door lay ahead. Maru stood there unsure of what he would do when he entered that room. Then he thought of turning back afraid of himself and of what he might do, but when he looked down to see the bodies of the dead and he thought of all that sacrifice he had made for this moment. He slowly steeped forward towards the doors that would contain his destiny.

Maru found the doors to be locked so, he went over to the wall grabbed the nearest torch that illuminated the walls. He set the torch next the doors and watched as they caught flame and burned to ashes.

He looked through the door and saw that he was there, staring at him with the eyes that had claimed victim to hundreds of innocent men, women and children.


He said,

“Allow me to introduce my self I am Lord Mei-Oh and you are?”

“My name is Maru Hasagowa, you killed my family and hundreds of innocent men, women, and children you are a monster who has no right to be free in this world, prepare to die.”

“I think not my friend.”

With that he clapped his hands

“Maru get down NOW!”

Maru recognized the voice and hit the ground with out hesitation as a knife soared over his head. He spun to see a grotest man with a blind fold on his eyes and a knife to Mye’s throat.

Maru heard the soft steps of a shadow warrior come from behind the grotesque man and saw as he spun to lock swords with his teacher, Shontu. The man drooped the girl and meet Shontu’s eyes.

“It’s about time you got here old man I was beginning to think I had lost you.”

“Well Onikage, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.”

Shontu jumped back and assumed his fighting stance. Onikage did the same but unlike Maru’s mentor and master none could read the expresion on the mans face, weither it was of honor or duty, or of hate and disgust.

After Shontu finaly made the first attake many blocks and attacks were exchanged and both men jumped back. Sondu stood tall smiling as blood trickled from a small gash on his brow, and Shontu crouched to the ground trying desperately to catch his breath.

“What’s a mater old man, your age catching up to you?”

Onikage snickered.

“I fought my battle with you many years ago I did not intend to fight with you again.”

Shontu gasped under his heavy breathing.

“Well neither did I, but that’s what happens when you make deals with the devil.”

“You’re a monster.”

“I know, and thank you for noticing.”

At that Sondu walked over to the old man and put his sword to his throat.

“Don’t do it.”

Maru said as he unsheathed his dagger and pointed it towards Onikage.

“Do what, ohh you mean this.”

And with a flick of his wrist, the old warrior was no more.

Maru stood there in disbelief looking down upon his old master with sorrow and hate.

“Argh, you did this, now you will die along with this pitiful lord.”

He lunged at the man dagger first. His slash was blocked but he swiped again with his fist hitting him in the jaw. Onikage staggered back yet Maru kept attacking. He could not fend away the man’s fists. Maru’s relentless attacks kept hitting Onikage over and over again and eventually the cloth that covered the mans eyes were ripped away and Maru steeped back in horror. From where his eyes should have been lay two black holes.

“Now you see what happens when you make deals with the devil?”

Onikage said, supporting himself with his sword.

Maru looked down upon the man with disgust and horror. Before he was ready Onikage jumped and before he was able to bring down his sword Maru had brought his up impaling the man. He hit the ground with the dagger sticking up from his stomach.

“I’ll be back, oh yes I’ll be back.”

He said with his last words.

“So, that is how evil chooses to depart this world, preferring to seek last minute revenge. How pathetic.”

Maru said looking down in disgust at the figure that seemed somehow demonic in his death. He then looked over to Me-Hoe with such a look of hatred that fear swept through Me-Hoe making him shiver. Maru went to the demon man’s corpes pulled his dagger free and walked over to the quivering lord,k brought up his dagger and just as he was to bring it down he heard Mye’s voice full of compassion and sympathy.

“What do you fight for?”

She said,

“Is it for revenge or is it something more?”

Maru looked back at the man, yet this time his eyes were filled not with hate but with a strong sense of honor. He brought his dagger down, hitting him square between the eyes.

“I fight so that no weaker then I has to feel any pain from those stronger then themselves.”

He walked over to Mye grabbed her hand and brought her to his side.

“Thank you, thank for helping me remember to fight with honor.”

He whispered into her ear as they walked down the hall.

“Maru, what will you do, now that your quest is over?”

“I will seek a lord worthy of my loyalty, and perhaps create a guild where others may follow in my foot steps. To fight with honor, and kill by stealth.”

Birth of the Stealth Assassins Section Restored

All content of the Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins section is restored. The Blue Swordsman and I will focus on restoring the Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven content next.

The user made custom missions are part of the Azuma Ninja Clan content and will be made available at a later point.


Boron Name : Boron
Gender : Male
Weapon : Warhammer
Role : Boss from The Mountain Bandits


Along with Garan, leader of the thieves, Boron occupies a deserted village near to Gohda province and preys on local farmers. Despite smelling repulsive he can cause lethal damage when swinging his weapon.

Play –  “Look here, a pretty little flower among the weeds.”
Play –  “I am the mighty Boron. I lead the mountain bandits.”


Call for Writers

I am looking for people interested to write articles for Tenchu games we haven’t covered yet.

The games in question are:

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (2008) – Platform: Wii, PlayStation Portable
Tenchu: Time of the Assassins (2005) – Platform: PlayStation Portable
Tenchu: Dark Secret (2006) – Platform: Nintendo DS
Tenchu Z (2006) – Platform: Xbox 360
Shadow Assault: Tenchu (2008) – Platform: Xbox Live Arcade

Each Tenchu game section follows roughly the same pattern. At a minimum there are articles on characters, items and missions (walk-through) in each game.
You may choose which game you would like to cover and what article(s). You don’t need any coding skills, only produce the content. All articles you post will be under your chosen name.
It would be great to find people who commit to bringing the sections of one or more games on the list alive. Of course I will be there to help along the way.
The requirements are that you have played the game you are going to cover and are willing to play it again to verify the content of your articles. You don’t need to be a native English speaker, but should be able to have a good grasp of it.

If you are interested reply here or email me: selenia (at) tenchu .de

There is also a forum topic for further discussion here: Forum Discussion


All cheats submitted by wzrd540.

Restore health
Pause the mission. Then press up, down, up, down, x, x, x.

All ninja items
At the item select screen hold down right and left triggers while pressing up, down, up, down, x, x, x, left, right, left, right, x, x, x.

Increase the amount of ninja items
At the item select screen hold down right and left triggers and press up, left, down, right, x, x, x.

Unlimited item capacity
At the item select screen hold down the right and left triggers along with the white button and press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. Release the white button and press x, x, x.

Unlock all characters
At the red start screen hold down the white and black buttons while pressing up, right, left, down. Let go of the white and black buttons, pull the left trigger and then pull the right trigger. You will hear a sound if done correctly.The cheat unlocks Tesshu for story and co-op mode + all 20 characters for multiplayer deathmatch.

Unlock all missions (in story mode)
At the mission select screen press white, white, left trigger, right trigger, right, x, left-click, right-click.

Unlock all layouts
At the mission select screen press right-click, left-click, left trigger, right trigger, white, black.

Increase offensive power X5
Pause the mission. Hold down right trigger and white button while pressing up, down, up, down. Let go of the right trigger and white button and press x, x, x.

Unlock Through the Portal
Use at the title screen. Press the white button, up, black, down, left trigger, right, left. You have unlocked Rikimaru’s bonus mission Through the Portal.

Unlock B-Side
Use at the title screen. Hold down the left trigger and right trigger while pressing down, x, x, up, x, x, left, x, x right, x, x.Now go to “Options – Audio – Language” . If you own the North American or UK release you can now select a 3rd voice over option called “B-Side”.

Get one kanji
Pause the mission. Then press left, left, left, right, x. Fills your Kuji-Meter by 1.

Fill the kuji meter
Pause the mission. Hold the right and left triggers while pressing left, left, left, right, x.

Unlock new special move
Pause the mission. Hold right trigger and black button while pressing up, up, down, down. Now let go of the right trigger and the black button. Press x, x, left trigger, right trigger.

Show score
Pause the mission. Press right, right, right, left.

Increase score
Pause the mission. Hold down the white and black buttons while pressing right, right, right, left. 100 points will be added to your score.

Cheats JNTSC

The cheats work with the Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven Japanese release. NTSC & PAL cheats can be found here.

L3 = press down left analog stick
R3 = press down right analog stick

Restore Health
Pause the mission (by pressing start) and press:
Left Right Up Down Square Square Square

All Ninja Items
At the item selection screen hold R1 and L1 while pressing:
down Square Square Right Square Square Up Square Square Left Square Square

Increase the Amount of Ninja Items
At the item selection screen hold R2 and L2 while pressing:
Square Square Square Up Up Left Up
Items will be increased by 10 (apart from items that have a limit to 1 like the ninja armor for example). 100000 is added to Tesshu’s money amount.

Unlock All Missions (Story Mode)
At the mission selection for story mode screen press:
L1, R1, L2, R2,  Left Square L3, R3

Unlock All Missions (Multiplayer)
At the mission selection screen for multiplayer press:
L1, R1, L2, R2,  Left Square L3, R3

Unlock All 3 Layouts
At the mission selection screen press:
L3, R3, L2, R2, L1, R1

Unlock All Characters
At the start screen press:
L1, R2, L2, R1, Left Right L3, R3
All 18 Multiplayer characters and Tesshu in story mode will be available now.

Unlock Rikimaru’s Secret Mission:
At the start screen press:
L1 Down  R1 Up L2 Left R2 Right
The cheat will unlock Rikimaru’s secret mission “Through the Portal”.

Unlock Demo Mission:
At the start screen press:
Up Down Right Left X X X

Show Score:
Pause the mission (by pressing start).
Now use the controller plugged in to your 2nd port.
Left Left Right Right
While you play you can watch your score and time.

Increase Score:
Pause the mission (by pressing start).
Now use the controller plugged in to your 2nd port.
Hold down L1 and R1 and press:
Left Left Right Right
100 points will be added to your score.

Cheats NTSC & PAL

Cheats below work on Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven European&Australian PAL and North American NTSC releases! Cheats for the Japanese version can be found here.

L3 = press down left analog stick
R3 = press down right analog stick

Restore Health
Pause the mission (by pressing start) and press:
Up Down Right Left Square Square Square

All Ninja Items
At the item selection screen hold R1 and L1 while pressing:
Up Square Square Left Square Square  Down Square Square  Right Square Square

Increase the Amount of Ninja Items
At the item selection screen hold R2 and L2 while pressing:
Square Square Square Up Left Up Up
Items will be increased by 10 (apart from items that have a limit to 1 like the ninja armor for example). 100000 is added to Tesshu’s money amount.

Unlock All Missions (Story Mode)
At the mission selection for story mode screen press:
L1, R1, L2, R2,  Right Square L3, R3

Unlock All Missions (Multiplayer)
At the mission selection screen for multiplayer press:
L1, R1, L2, R2,  Right Square L3, R3

Unlock All 3 Layouts
At the mission selection screen press:
R3, L3, R2, L2, R1, L1

Unlock All Characters
At the start screen (red one with Tenchu logo) press:
L1, R2, L2, R1, Right Left L3, R3
All 18 Multiplayer characters and Tesshu in story mode will be available now.

Unlock B-Side
At the start screen (red one with Tenchu logo) hold L1 and R2 and press:
Down Square Up Square Right Square Left Square
Now go to “Options – Audio – Language”. If you own the North American or UK release you can now select a 3rd voice over option called “B-Side”. The “B-Side” is not unlockable in the French, German, Italian and Spanish release of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven.

Unlock Rikimaru’s Secret Mission
At the start screen (red one with Tenchu logo) press:
L1  Up R1 Down L2 Right R2 Left
The cheat will unlock Rikimaru’s secret mission “Through the Portal”.

Unlock Demo Mission
At the start screen (red one with Tenchu logo) press:
Up Down Right Left X X X

Turn Special Abilities On/Off
Pause the mission (by pressing START):
Hold down L1 and L2 and press
Up Up Down Down
release L1 and L2 and press
Square Square R1, R2

Unlimited Item Capacity
At the item selection screen:
Hold down L1, L2, R1, R2 and press
Down Square Square Up Left Down Right Down Up Right Down Left
You are still restricted to carrying 6 different items, but you can choose any amount of them you want to.

Show Score
Pause the mission (by pressing start).
Now use the controller plugged in to your 2nd port.
Right Right Left Left
While you play you can watch your score and time.

Increase Score
Pause the mission (by pressing start).
Now use the controller plugged in to your 2nd port.
Hold down L1 and R1 and press:
Right Right Left Left
100 points will be added to your score.

Control Enemies
Pause the mission (by pressing start).
Now use the controller plugged in to your 2nd port.
L1, R3, R1, L3,Right Square Up Square L2, Left Square Down R2
If you have entered the code correct the pause will end. Now walk towards an enemy or innocent and control him/her with the 2nd controller. You will need to use the D-Pad to move them around. You control all characters in a mission now, but their moves are limited.
Warning: This cheat is well known to cause all kinds of bugs, so if you use it, you do it on your own risk.

Cherry Tree Hill

Ayame fights off countless enemies as she pursues the fleeing Tatsumaru.

Enemies: 14 (+ 1 wolf)
Max Score: 600
Ninja Item: None

Move slowly forward. A male claw ninja (1) is guarding a hill to your left. Continue along this edge to find a short-sword female ninja (2) patrolling a gully. Head backwards down the hill and up the other side to find a claw ninja (3). Continue along this path. Past the waterfall is a female ninja (4) Jump across and kill her. Make your way up the left side of the waterfall. A male claw ninja (5) awaits at the summit.

Cross the stream and head up a hill to another male claw ninja (6) patrolling a grove of trees. Use your ki to find the female claw ninja (7) south of this position. Careful as this may get the attention of the nearby wolf (W1). One possibility is to use the blow gun to first kill the wolf. Across on the other side of the stream patrolling amongst the trees is a female ninja (8).

Continue to head north along this left side of the level. Jump over the stream. In the distance patrols your next victim, a female short-sword ninja (9). Push on forward. Your ki should pick up another female ninja (10) patrolling lower down the slope. Further north patrol a series of three closely placed ninja, though it is possible to kill all three without the use of items. A blow gun to take out the first ninja (11) could be useful as close to her right higher up a female ninja (12) stands guard and to her left a male claw ninja (13) guards another ledge.

Once those three are swimming in their own blood move forward up the slope for the last enemy; a male claw ninja (14). Head right up to the large cherry tree.


Basic Attacks

Grab Attack Press CIRCLE when close to enemy
Thrust Attack R2, Analog UP + X, SQUARE
360º Attack Rotate Left Analog Stick, SQUARE
Gun Fire R2, Analog DOWB + SQUARE


Grenade Drop CIRLCE + X
Fly X
Flying Attack X, SQUARE (hold SQUARE while flying)


Standard 2 Hit SQUARE x2
Standard 3 Hit SQUARE x3
3 Hit & 360º SQUARE x3, Rotate Left Analog Stick, SQUARE


Beat Retrieve the Steel for Ressai with Rikimaru or Beat Escape from Amagai Castle with Ayame

Co-Op Multiplayer

The co-operative mode allows you and a friend to choose from either Rikimaru, Ayame and Tesshu. Each couple has 3 special co-op stealth kills. Stay with both chosen character close to an enemy before pressing the attack button to perform them.

As you progress further in the story mode more co-operative missions will be come available, until you have unlocked all six.

Regardless of which character or location you choose you start with the same amount of items; 4 shuriken/crimson blades. Other items may be obtainable during the level.

Village (Retrieve all 6 scrolls – 10 minutes)
Unlocked from start. Retrieve all of the scrolls that are hidden in the village. The guards are after the scrolls too. Defeat the guards who already have a scroll in their possession.

Battleground (Protect)
Unlock by completing first 2 missions on either Rikimaru’s or Ayame’s storyline. Lord Gohda has been wounded on the battlefield. He wont survive another hit. Guard Gohda and escort him to the safe area.

Castle (Eliminate – Stealth Required)
Unlock by completing first 4 missions on either Rikimaru’s or Ayame’s storyline. Stealth kill all enemies. Do not alert guards. Infiltrate the castle and kill everyone quickly. To be seen is to die.

Cavern (Stealth Kill Technique Test)
Unlock by completing first 6 missions on either Rikimaru’s or Ayame’s storyline. It is time for the ninja test. Earn points by killing enemies. You need 240 points to pass. Simultaneous stealth kills earn extra points. But first, you must drink this poison.

Fortress Of Evil A (Eliminate – 6 minutes)
Unlock by completing first 8 missions on either Rikimaru’s or Ayame’s storyline. The enemy is preparing to attack Lord Gohda’s castle. Exterminate all enemies as quickly as possible.

Fortress Of Evil B (Boss Arena)
Unlock by completing all missions on either Rikimaru’s or Ayame’s storyline. Use your ninja abilities to defeat all of the bosses.


To achieve greatness at Tenchu you will soon need to master the controls. This game is all about not being seen and to so do requires much skill. Stealth is very important if you are ever to become a true Grandmaster. The basic controls for Tenchu are as follows (with some key moves highlighted bold):


Advance Up Run forward
Retreat Down Walk backwards
Left turn Left Turn left
Right turn Right Turn right
Quick left turn Left + Down Turns quickly to the left
Quick right turn Right + Down Turns quickly to the right
Step in Up Up Take a quick step forward
Step out Down Down Take a quick step backwards
Left step Left Left Take a quick step left
Right step Right Right Take a quick step right



Jump X Jump straight up
Forward jump Up + X Jump forward
Backward jump Down + X Jump backwards
Jump left Left + X Jump to the left
Jump right Right + X Jump to the right
Strong forward jump Up Up + X Jump forward powerfully
Moonsault jump Down Up + X Jump forward and reverse direction
Ricochet Jump X Flip off wall (need to be next to a wall)


Stealth Mode (crouching)

Crouch R1 Crouch
Advance R1 + Up Advance while crouching
Retreat R1 + Down Retreat while crouching
Move left R1 + Left Move left while crouching
Move right R1 + Right Move right while crouching
Turn left R1 + Left + Down Turn left while crouching
Turn right R1 + Right + Down Turn right while crouching

Note: In Tenchu the circle button can also be used for stealth mode.

Stealth Mode (walls)

Press against wall R1 Press back against a wall
Move forward R1 + Up Move forward against a wall
Move backwards R1 + Down Move backwards against a wall
Move left R1 + Left Move left against a wall
Move right R1 + Right Move right against a wall

Stealth Mode (rolling)

Forward roll R1 + Up Up Roll forward
Backward roll R1 + Down Down Roll backwards
Left roll R1 + Left Left Roll to the left
Right roll R1 + Right Right Roll to the right
Quick reverse R1 + X Roll through 180º



Move left Left while hanging Move left while hanging
Move right Right while hanging Move right while hanging
Climb Up while hanging Stops hanging and climbs
Drop Down while hanging Stops hanging and drops

Note: By jumping, hooking or grappling the ninja can hang on to an edge.


Block Down while enemy strikes Blocks enemy sttacks from the front
Knock down arrows Square when arrow is in range Knocks arrows out of the air


Forward slash Square Ninja slashes forward
Slash left Left + Square Turn and slash to the left
Slash right Left + Square Turn and slash to the right
Jump attack Square while jumping Slash while jumping
Dash attack Up Up + Square Slash while running forward
Turnaround slash Up Down + Square Roll 180º and slash
Slash while crouching R1 + Square Slash while crouching


Rikimaru Specific Attacks

Left switchback slash Right + Square , Left + Square Slash to right, then left
Right switchback slash Left + Square , Right + Square Slash to left, then right


Ayame Specific Attacks

Double left slashes Left + Square , Square Two slashes to the left
Double right slashes Right + Square , Square Two slashes to the right

Note: Multiple use of the square button reuslts in a combo. Rikimaru has a 3-hit combo. Ayame has a four hit combo.



Pick up items Directional buttons Walk close to an item
Aim crimson blade* + directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw crimsom blade* (release) Blade thrown at target sight
Aim grappling rope + directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw grappling hook (release) Grappling rope thrown at target sight
Select item L2/R2 Scroll through item you ninja is carrying
Use item Selected item is used
View map SELECT Displays level map

*Crimson blades are also known as shuriken



Look around L1 + Directional buttons Ninja looks around
Pause START Pauses the game
Cancel pause While paused, START Resumes game
Quick reset SELECT + START Returns to title screen



To achieve greatness at Tenchu 3 you will soon need to master the controls. This game is all about not being seen and to so do requires much skill. Stealth is very important if you are ever to become a true Grandmaster.The basic controls for Tenchu 3 are as follows (with some key moves highlighted yellow):

L3 = Left analogue stick R3= Right analogue stick


Advance Up Run forward
Retreat Down Turn and run backwards
Left turn Left Turn and run left
Right turn Right Turn and run right
Strafe forward R2 + Up Step forward
Strafe backward R2 + Down Step backward
Strafe left R2 + Left Step left
Strafe right R2 + Right Step right
Quick strafe forward R2 + X + Up Quick step forward
Quick strafe backward R2 + X + Up Quick step backward
Quick strafe left R2 + X + Up Quick step left
Quick strafe right R2 + X + Up Quick step right
Note: In Tenchu 3 the controls are now analogue, so all character movement are done with the L3 stick. You can also alter the camera angle with the R3 stick.


Jump X Jump straight up
Forward jump Up + X Jump forward
Backward jump Down + X Turns around and jumps
Jump left Left + X Turns to left and jumps
Jump right Right + X Turns to right and jumps
Double Jump X X Jump forward powerfully
Moonsault jump R2 + X Jump forward and reverse direction
Ricochet Jump X X X Flip off wall (need to be next to a wall)

Stealth Mode (crouching)

Crouch R1 &npsp Crouch
Advance R1 + Up Advance while crouching
Retreat R1 + Down Retreat while crouching
Move left R1 + Left Move left while crouching
Move right R1 + Right Move right while crouching
Turn left R1 + Left + Down Turn left while crouching
Turn right R1 + Right + Down Turn right while crouching

Stealth Mode (walls)

Press against wall R1 &npsp Press back against a wall
Move forward R1 + Up Move forward against a wall
Move backwards R1 + Down Move backwards against a wall
Move left R1 + Left Move left against a wall
Move right R1 + Right Move right against a wall
Note: For the following to work you must be close to a wall. Also not you can change the camera angle using the R3 button.

Stealth Mode (rolling)

Forward roll R1 + Up + X Roll forward
Backward roll R1 + Down + X Roll backwards
Left roll R1 + Left + X Roll to the left
Right roll R1 + Right + X Roll to the right
Quick reverse R1 + X Roll through 180º


Move left Left while hanging Move left while hanging
Move right Right while hanging Move right while hanging
Climb Up while hanging Stops hanging and climbs
Drop Down while hanging Stops hanging and drops
Note: By jumping, hooking or grappling the ninja can hang on to an edge.


Defend Circle Blocks enemy attacks from the front


Forward slash Square Ninja slashes forward
Slash left Left + Square Turn and slash to the left
Slash right Left + Square Turn and slash to the right
Crouching attack R1 + Square Slash while crouching
Jump attack Square while jumping Slash while jumping
360º attack 360º + Square Spin 360º and slash
Dash attack Up Up Square Forward lunging slash
Flip attack R2 + Down + Square Slash whilst flipping
Special attack Circle Character dependent attack

Note: Multiple use of the square button results in a combo, used in conjunction with the L3 stick produces even more attacks.
Below are some possible combos you can use.

Standard combo Square Square Square Standard 3-hit combo
3-Hit combo & kick Square Square Square Square + Up 3-Hit combo & kick
Attack & leg sweep Square Square + Down Attack & leg sweep


Pick up item/weapon Directional buttons : Walk close to item/weapon
Aim crimson blade* + directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw crimson blade* (release) Blade thrown at target sight
Aim grappling rope + directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw grappling hook (release) Grappling rope thrown at target sight
Select item Cycles through items
Select grappling hook Shortcut to grappling hook
Select healing potion Shortcut to healing potion
Use item Selected item is used
View map SELECT : Displays level map
*Crimson blades are also known as shuriken


Look around L1 + Directional buttons : Ninja looks around
Subtle Movements R3 with R1/R2 : Use for subtle character movements
Enter passage R1 + : Enter secret passage
Control Camera R3 analogue stick : Alters camera angle
Cancel SK Animation* : Cancels animation
Detonate sticky bomb Press down R3 : Detonates thrown sticky bomb
Pause START : Pauses the game and displays level objectives
Cancel pause While paused, START : Resumes game
Title screen L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 +
: Return to title screen
*Note this can also be done in the options menu


Defend Circle &nbsp Blocks enemy attacks from the front
Forward slash Square &nbsp Ninja slashes forward
Slash left Left + Square &nbsp Turn and slash to the left
Slash right Left + Square &nbsp Turn and slash to the right
Crouching attack R1 + Square &nbsp Slash while crouching
Jump attack Square while jumping Slash while jumping
360? attack 360? + Square &nbsp Spin 360? and slash
Dash attack Up Up Square &nbsp Forward lunging slash
Flip attack R2 + Down + Square &nbsp Slash whilst flipping
Throw enemy Circle &nbsp Use when enemy blocks or is inattentively
Note: Multiple use of the square button results in a combo,used in conjuction with the L3 stick produces even more attacks.
Below are some possible combos you can use.

Standard combo Square Square Square &nbsp Standard 3-hit combo
3-Hit combo & kick Square Square Square Square + Up &nbsp 3-Hit combo & kick
Attack & leg sweep Square Square + Down &nbsp Attack & leg sweep
Forward Up &nbsp Swim forward
Backwards Down &nbsp Turn and swim backwards
Swim left Left &nbsp Swim to the left left
Swim turn Right &nbsp Swim to the right
Enter water silently R1 + direction &nbsp Crouch to enter water silently
Water Phantom R1 &nbsp Stay close under the water surface
Pick up item/weapon Directional buttons &nbsp: Walk close to item/weapon
Aim crimson blade*

+ directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw crimson blade* (release) Blade thrown at target sight
Aim grappling hook

+ directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw grappling hook (release) Grappling rope thrown at target sight
Select item &nbsp Cycles through items
Select grappling hook &nbsp Shortcut to grappling hook
Select healing potion &nbsp Shortcut to healing potion
Use item &nbsp Selected item is used
Open map SELECT &nbsp: Shows level map permanently
Close map SELECT &nbsp: Closes level map
*Crimson blades are also known as shuriken
Look around L1 + Directional buttons &nbsp: Ninja looks around
Subtle Movements R3 with R1/R2 &nbsp: Use for subtle character movements
Enter passage R1 + &nbsp &nbsp: Enter secret passage
Control Camera R3 analogue stick &nbsp: Alters camera angle
Cancel SK Animation

  &nbsp: Cancels animation
Detonate sticky bomb Press down R3 &nbsp: Detonates thrown sticky bomb
Pause START &nbsp: Pauses the game. Displays restart options.


To achieve greatness at Tenchu: Kurenai you will soon need to master the controls. This game is all about not being seen and to so do requires much skill. Stealth is very important if you are ever to become a true Grandmaster or Master of Assassins.

The basic controls for Tenchu: Kurenai are as follows (with some key moves highlighted yellow).

Tenchu: Fatal Shadows - Controls


Advance Up   Run forward
Retreat Down   Turn and run backwards
Left turn Left   Turn and run left
Right turn Right   Turn and run right
Strafe forward R2 + Up   Step forward
Strafe backward R2 + Down   Step backward
Strafe left R2 + Left   Step left
Strafe right R2 + Right   Step right
Quick strafe forward R2 + X + Up   Quick step forward
Quick strafe backward R2 + X + Up   Quick step backward
Quick strafe left R2 + X + Up   Quick step left
Quick strafe right R2 + X + Up   Quick step right
Note: In Tenchu: Kurenai the controls are analogue, so all character movement are done with the L3 stick. You can alter the camera angle with the R3 stick.


Jump X   Jump straight up
Forward jump Up + X   Jump forward
Backward jump Down + X   Turns around and jumps
Jump left Left + X   Turns to left and jumps
Jump right Right + X   Turns to right and jumps
Double Jump X X   Jump forward powerfully
Moonsault jump R2 + X   Jump forward and reverse direction
Ricochet Jump X X X   Flip off wall (need to be next to a wall)

Stealth Mode (crouching)

Crouch R1

   Crouch, don’t stand close to a wall
Advance R1 + Up   Advance while crouching
Retreat R1 + Down   Retreat while crouching
Move left R1 + Left   Move left while crouching
Move right R1 + Right   Move right while crouching
Turn left R1 + Left + Down   Turn left while crouching
Turn right R1 + Right + Down   Turn right while crouching

Stealth Mode (walls)

Press against wall R1       Stand with your back to the wall
Move forward R1 + Up   Move forward against a wall
Move backwards R1 + Down   Move backwards against a wall
Move left R1 + Left   Move left against a wall
Move right R1 + Right   Move right against a wall
Note: For the following to work you must be close to a wall. Also note you can change the camera angle using the R3 button.

Stealth Mode (rolling)

Forward roll R1 + Up + X   Roll forward
Backward roll R1 + Down + X   Roll backwards
Left roll R1 + Left + X   Roll to the left
Right roll R1 + Right + X   Roll to the right
Quick reverse R1 + X   Roll through 180?


Move left Left while hanging Move left while hanging
Move right Right while hanging Move right while hanging
Climb Up while hanging Stops hanging and climbs
Drop Down while hanging Stops hanging and drops
Note: By jumping, hooking or grappling the ninja can hang on to an edge.


Defend Circle   Blocks enemy attacks from the front


Forward slash Square   Ninja slashes forward
Slash left Left + Square   Turn and slash to the left
Slash right Left + Square   Turn and slash to the right
Crouching attack R1 + Square   Slash while crouching
Jump attack Square while jumping Slash while jumping
360? attack 360? + Square   Spin 360? and slash
Dash attack Up Up Square   Forward lunging slash
Flip attack R2 + Down + Square   Slash whilst flipping
Throw enemy Circle   Use when enemy blocks or is inattentively
Note: Multiple use of the square button results in a combo, used in conjuction with the L3 stick produces even more attacks. Below are some possible combos you can use.

Standard combo Square Square Square   Standard 3-hit combo
3-Hit combo & kick Square Square Square Square + Up   3-Hit combo & kick
Attack & leg sweep Square Square + Down   Attack & leg sweep


Forward Up   Swim forward
Backwards Down   Turn and swim backwards
Swim left Left   Swim to the left left
Swim turn Right   Swim to the right
Enter water silently R1 + direction   Crouch to enter water silently
Water Phantom R1   Stay close under the water surface


Pick up item/weapon Directional buttons   Walk close to item/weapon
Aim crimson blade*

+ directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw crimson blade* (release) Blade thrown at target sight
Aim grappling hook

+ directional buttons Target sight is displayed
Throw grappling hook (release) Grappling rope thrown at target sight
Select item   Cycles through items
Select grappling hook   Shortcut to grappling hook
Select healing potion   Shortcut to healing potion
Use item   Selected item is used
Open map SELECT   Shows level map permanently
Close map SELECT   Closes level map
*Crimson blades are also known as shuriken


Look around L1 + Directional buttons   Ninja looks around
Subtle Movements R3 with R1/R2   Use for subtle character movements
Enter passage R1 +     Enter secret passage
Control Camera R3 analogue stick   Alters camera angle
Cancel SK Animation

    Cancels animation
Detonate sticky bomb Press down R3   Detonates thrown sticky bomb
Pause START   Pauses the game. Displays restart options.

Cross the Ronin Village

Written by Cygnus2012 & Selenia


  • Never harm the innocents!
  • Beware of enemies on the roofs.
  • Use stealth to move silently through water.
  • Exits to other areas are marked by red squares on the map.

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 21 (+ 3 dogs)
Max Score: 930

At the opening of the mission you will notice a samurai in your direct line of vision. He will not turn to see you until you get close enough to hear his conversation with another ronin. Run and grapple onto the house to the left of the samurai. When the two have finished talking, drop down and systematically kill the samurai and the spearguard. If you have to, cut the stealth-kill animation so you have enough time to kill the spear-guard. You do not want him running off too far. After killing the spear-guard, depending on where he was slain, another spear-guard to the north will come inspect the body. Anticipate this and react accordingly. Head back to the first house you grappled onto. You will notice that there are two more houses just like it in a line heading north. Jump from house to house and at the end of the third house there will be an archer. You can either drop down to the stream to your left and crawl directly below him or jump on top of him for the kill. Looking to the east from the northern perimeter you will find a patrolling samurai. Jump from house to house to get close enough for the kill. Just keep in mind that when you reach the last house that there is a ronin to your right. Kill at your own discretion. Once dealt with, move to the northern wall to find a hole. Crawl under it to access the next area.

Upon exiting the underpass you will see an archer on the high ground in the distance. Make sure you are crouching as you leave (or you will alert the guards with the noise you make while running through the river) and look to your right to find a ronin patrolling. He will go out of sight upon exiting to the right, so wait for him to come back before making your move. When you do leave make sure you do it quickly to avoid detection by the archer. Once you kill him move quickly back to your starting position. The archer may not see you, but he will notice the corpse. This works to your advantage because when he gives up looking for you, he will be vulnerable as he heads back to his post. Move to the position where the archer was first playing sentry to find a dog and a female villager in the water. You don’t necessarily have to kill him, but then again, you really don’t need to kill anyone, now do you? You can always use the bow from the archer to kill the dog but the carcass will alert the villager, so in my opinion, it would be in your best interest to avoid the confrontation altogether. You may
have noticed that there was an archer in the distance as you killed the ronin. Grapple onto the perimeter wall and have a look into the adjacent area to find actually two archers. These kill are completely optional because the area they are watching is not in the direct path to the next area. Follow the perimeter wall east to the stone wall. Remember to stay low to avoid detection by the archer to your left. Kill when the chance arises. In front of you will be a large house. Grapple onto the roof and look to the other side to find a ronin to the left of the house and a another one to the right. You will notice the 2nd ronin moves to the right side of the house, out of the line of the 1st ronin’s vision. Kill him first, then the samurai. If you wish to avoid the two altogether, simply jump onto the barrel in front of the house and jump into the doors in front of you. You will be sent to the next area before the enemies notice you.

The next area is filled with 8 barrels, all there for you to take advantage of the enemy. Jump to the first barrel you see to your left. Because of the elevated ground, you should be able to double-jump on top of it without any problem. Alternatively use the grappling hook. Move to the second barrel and assess the area. There are three enemies in total. First is the ronin in front of you. In the distance behind him is a spear-guard, patrolling the entrance to the final area. Finally there is a spear-guard patrolling the stonewall to your left. If you sit and wait long enough, he will come out. Because of the positioning of the barrels, you can easily jump from one to the other all the way to the exit. If you choose to fight the sentries, remember to use the terrain (i.e. the barrels) to your advantage.

To complete the mission, you must get to the gate in the southeast corner of the map. The easiest plan of action would be to follow the north-to-east walls all the way to the finish. While beginning to head east you will immediately see a ronin in front of you and a village girl in the distance. If you choose to kill him, remember to be wary of her. Follow the perimeter rooftops to the southeast corner. At the end of the last building you will find a single spear-guard patrolling the gate. Wait for the right opportunity and kill him. Proceed to the gate to complete the mission.

Grand Master Item
Dog Bone

Special Move
Grappling Hook Combo

Custom Missions

On the former Tenchu Checkpoint we used to have 500+ missions made Tenchu players. Unfortunately most of these missions were lost during the hacker attack on the site. Peter S. has collected 300+ missions into an archive for you to download. They are for the UK version of Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins.

Download UK Mission Archive

If you have some of the custom missions we used to host then please email them to me. Hopefully we will be able to get all of existing custom missions compiled into an archive. Country format doesn’t matter. UK, EU, US, JPN are equally welcome. If you send UK missions please check that they are not part of the archive yet. Missions can be emailed to restore (at) tenchu . de

Various questions about custom missions, for example how to play them, are answered in the F.A.Q


Written by andy2d

For any of you that donít know the gloves that Tatsumaru wears are called nokane. These were very strong leather gloves that when used properly could even stop a sword blow. If you want to comment send email to

Shrrrrrrrrrink Shrrrrrrrrrrrrink Shrrrrrrrrrink. The stone moved the blade in smooth motions . The cavern was dark lit by only a few torches . Th light flickered around the wall. A figure in red sat honing his blade. Over and over again smooth and controlled. What showed of his skin was white. Well muscled and powerful. A huge white tiger sat near by. Suzaku looked at it. Though not exactly, his eyes were blind folded.The tiger got up and moved away. It had respect for beings of greater power. Seiyru never needed to hone his blade. Or was it Seiyru. He did not know. Lady Kagami his leader told him he had lost his memory in an accident. She said he would regain it in time. He felt reassured by this but was still not certain. Two words haunted him every second. Izayoui. Azuma. What did they mean. He sighed and continued to sit. Presently Kagami appeared. Her dark hair shined in the torch light. She was as deadly as she was beautiful. At her side the long Daikatana was belted. He had seen it do itís deadly work . He was a strong man powerful swift and well hardened to death and war. Yet still he shivered .

“We are going to deal with one of Gohdas allies.”

Her deep voice almost spat the word Gohda. Whenever Seiyru heard it filled him with a kind of warmth. He did not know why.

“He has some of Gohdas troops and his personal bodyguard defending him.”

She paused briefly . All eyes were on her even the tigers. Suzaku and Suzaku alone did not look up. Shrrrrrrrrrnk Shrrrrrrrrrink.

“If he is removed it means Gohda has less troops to come to his aid. Better still this man is Gohdas only blood tie to the Rinzai family. Without this link he cannot demand help from them.”

She let this settle with the Lords.

“Seiyru you have the task of killing him . His name is Tsumoto Kitagawa.”

With that she left. The silence only penetrated by the sword on the stone. He stood and adjusted his nokane.Then he walked into the shadows.

Darkness all around him.It was comforting . Most humans feared the dark. Seiyru found its presence natural. He ran through the forest silently. The birds who roosted above him did not wake. The green passed in a blur. Never did his feet touch treacherous ground. The Forest slowly started clearing. Pausing he crouched.

“Observance is the key to stealth.”

Seiyru clutched his head . The voice again who was it so familiar yet he had never heard it before. His head cleared and he looked around. He could see the outline of the castle in the distance. The moon was floating high in the sky like a great white pearl. That would make it harder to stay unseen. He ran on.

Nangi walked the walls relaxedly. Just his look to get stuck with night duty. He could hear the cicadas all around him. Damned things would never shut up. Shifting his spear into an easier position he reached for the skin at his side. Not that it contained water. He felt the warmth of the sake spread through him. Best go easy this had to last him a whole night. As he replaced the cap he heard a sound from outside the walls. Turning he looked out into the darkness. Suddenly there was a lot of pain in his neck. He collapsed over the wall crunching into the ground with a thud. Seiyru recovered his shuriken. Throwing his grappling hook up he began to climb. Barley a minute later he was on the wall. From where he crouched he could see a large part of the court yard. A single guard walked alone round it. Seiyru waited. As the guard came under he dropped from the wall his sword already in hand. The guards head rolled on the floor his eyes staring blankly into space. The ninja was already gone. Another guard stood on a wooden tower in the middle of a yard. He was too far for a shuriken. He turned at random intervals in all directions. This one had been trained better than the others. Looking up he judged the distance to the roof. 12 feet. He jumped and grabbed hold of the edge. A memory of jumping over a tall corn stalk over and over again while a bearded man watched. Where did these come from ? He let it go concentrating on what he had to do. From this part of the roof he could get much closer unseen. He moved in that strange crouching run which none but the ninja had mastered. Silent and barely visible he moved until he was level with the guard.


he cursed silently. Still to far for a shuriken or the blow pipe. His training would not allow him to leave him alive. Breathing deeply he gathered his strength. When the soldiers back was turned back he leapt of the roof and landed running. Launching himself up into a high platform he landed behind the guard. With one swift motion he ended the warriors life crushing his jugular. He stalked into the building waiting. No guards appeared. They probably had problems of their own. Keeping to the shadows he moved through the lower corridors until he found the stairs. Seeing a beam above he threw the grappling hook up and climbed.When he reached it he hoisted himself up and retrieved his tool. The Lord of this house should be on the third level. A few more guards ran beneath him. None looked up for the catlike figure in the shadows.Dropping down he climbed the remaining flight. Of stairs. A corridor with a turn awaited him. Seiyru was not that gullible. He got a small leather ball he normally carried with him and rolled it up the corridor. Two arrows shot out of niches in the wall. He proceeded. At the end he poked his head round the corner. He saw two final guards samurai retainers non the less. These would be more difficult. Inhaling deeply he readied himself.

Matsuo was not afraid of death. He would be loyal to the end. He had served as a bodyguard for ten years and foiled three assassination attempts. He waited his hand on his sword hilt. Out of the darkness it came almost seeming to swoop forward slashing his comrades throat. Matsuo screamed with rage using Kia the warriors war shout. The ninja was not stunned.He slashed skilfully and quickly but to no avail. Seiyru actually backflipped over the blade , sword coming up in the ready stance. But he faced no normal guard. He had bee trained by Mushai at the two skys school of Kenjustsu. Like Mushai he had never lost a duel. And like Mushai he had never encountered one as skilled as Seiyru. He went into the left guard and drew his wakizashai.

“Can you not even hold a sword properly”

he asked Seiyru seeing his strange technique.

“I do not even need one.”

His voice was low and cold and showing an utter lack of fear. He sheathed his blade. Matsuo was about to offer to fight him honourably and sheath his own blade when the ninja attacked. Blow followed blow in an inconsistent taboo. Seiyrus Nokane deflected a strike and he punched through Matsuos guard paralysing his left shoulder. Matsuo dropped his wakizashai and concentrated on his katana. They circled like two wolves each sizing the other up. Seiyru flung himself forward and down into Matsuos legs. The ground flew from under him. He died with Seiyrus blade in his chest. Seiyru gave the duellists salute and wiped Izayoi on the dead mans clothes. Izayoi it had come unbidden from memory. Was the name of this weapon one of the things that plagued him so. He moved into Lord Tsumotos chambers.

Plans within plans. They had to find the intruder he thought as he studied a map of the castle and grounds. Where could he have got in. He did not even know how many of them there were who they were and what they planned to do with him.

“What about the north east gate , itís well hidden but has been somewhat neglected recently?”

he asked his aide.

“Well my Lord it could have.”

The aides face went white.

“Senjin whats wrong? Senjin!”

Thump. His aide slumped on the table. Whirling round he saw the cause. A ninja in brown and black held a shuriken in his hands. He was tall and well muscled with his dark hair tied back. On his waste a sword was Scabbarded.

“Who are you”

Tsumoto demanded drawing his blade.

“I am Seiyru the blue dragon one of the four Lords of the burning dawn. I am your death.”

He flung the shuriken. The tatami were dyed red.

1 month later
He stood before the house and itís paper door . Why was it forbidden ? Why was it wrong? He kicked the paper through. An old man in his fifties was waiting his back turned.

“I killed your father Tatsumaru so maybe it is your destiny to kill me. None the less I can still fight.”

drew his blade.They circled like wolves each seeking an opening. With a kia shout Shiunsai attacked sweeping his katana down. Seiyru rolled forward under the attack bringing his own blade up to block the blow. No matter how old this man was he knew how to swing a katana. Turning he parried another strike stepping aside in the same motion. He feinted at Shiunsai’s shoulder but Izayoi continued down and thrust. Time seemed to slow. The blade sunk into Shiunsais chest impaling him. With a sigh he slid off the blade and fell to the floor. What have I done thought Seiyru. Who is this man ? Why is this wrong ? Blood washed around his boots. The pains came back and he fell to his knees clutching his head.

“No Tatsumaru you must strike faster”

He missed the old man and lost his balance. Other images flooded through him

“you think you can sneak up on anyone walking like that. Take this sword and become the leader of the Azuma Clan.”

The sword he now held.

“No master”

.The scream from the door brought him out of this. “

Tatsumaru you have sullied your honour and betrayed your clan the punishment is death.”

Seiyru turned and saw the blond ninja again. There was so much he wanted to ask so much he needed to know. But this was not the place or the time. His opponent slashed. Seiyru blocked.And so it began.

Circling Seiyru tried to discern his opponents technique. His fist lanced forward but the young ninja dodged the blow and stepped back.Seiyru now knew he preferred the one strike to kill he would waste no time.The images came through his head again the ,old man

“this is called moving shadows when you make a powerful strike to discern his or her abilities.”

The blade whistling for his head brought him to the present. His nokaned hand blocked while the other slammed into his enemies shoulder. Rikimaru gasped with pain and whirled round blade close to his body to block further assault. He jumped back to survey his opponent again. Riki came in fast and low slashing for the stomach.Seiyru turned aside so the blade only nicked his waste. He improvised a roundhouse using the momentum of the turn. Riki was flung back his upper chest burning like fire. Seiyru went into the second killing position and stood ready. Riki stabbed at his opponents face and then swept the blade underneath his enemies hands. Seiyru flung his arms aside. He kicked aiming for the nerve cluster in Rikis left leg. Side stepping Riki sent a thunderous punch into Seiyrus shoulder spinning him round. He fell to the floor. Riki stood over him sword raised.

“Tatsumaru prepare to die.”

More images.

“Will you teach me to fight Tatsu?”

A small blond boy looked up hopefully

“When I grow up I want to be just like you.”

“Tatsu will you play with me?”

“What are you waiting for. Do it.”

Seiyru could not understand. Why does he hesitate I am his enemy. His hand shot out for his sword and he brought it up. His opponent blocked but fell back blood spurting from his cheek. For a second Seiyru felt it was wrong that he should not be fighting this boy. A noise made him raise his head. Kagami kicked down the door slaying one of the Azuma in the process. The young ninja attacked fury in his heart but she flung him back. Tatsumaru sheathed his
blade and got up . She motioned him by her side. He jumped to it and watched the boy on the floor. Kagami spoke to Rikimaru but Seiyru did not hear. Had he done this. Killed this old man he had never seen before. Why was it so wrong ?

the dream ?”

Kagami protested

“… but she is but a girl she cannot provoke me I…I.”

, she sighed and sheathed h

They ran outside across the roof tops. Kagami pushed the girl waiting for them aside. As they ran Seiyru felt something was wrong. A feeling he had done something terrible. The scenery around them quickly passed. Cherry trees let their blossom float on the wind creating vivid contrast with the night. They came to the top of the hill. Here there was a huge old cherry tree the pink leaves contrasting with the darkness above. They stopped to get their breath. She turned to him

“Here let me see to that wound”

. She removed his left nokane and bandaged the gash.

“For a boy he certainly has strength.”

A scream from below alerted them.

“What now ?”

The girl ran up to them her knives dripping with blood. Seiyru sighed. How many more will have to die for the dream ? , he thought.


It felt familiar. Tatsumaru that word what did it mean ? Kagami brought him out of his reverie.

“Oh its that stubborn little girl. When you arrive in hell let them know lady Kagami sent you.”

She raised her weapon.

“Your the one with the drooling idiot followers arenít you. How did you manage to add Tatsumaru to your pack of losers ?”

The girl is brave Seiyru thought. Brave and clever.

“You insolent brat Iíll.”

No Kagami. You let her provoke you. Forgoter blade..

“Your right. I let her provoke me. Deal with her.”

He saw some thing in her eyes that had not been there before.

“Come home to me safely Seiyru.”

She ran into the darkness. He turned to the girl.

“Did you kill Master Shiunsai Tatsu? Oh tell me itís not true.”

“That old man was your teacher ?”

What was happening to him ?
Something inside him was changing.

“And yours to. Whats happened to you Tatsu are you saying all that time we spent together wasnít real ?”

He could no longer here her. The pains were back again .More images. some thing tried to break through.

“Tatsu Tatsu Tatsu. When I grow up Iím going to marry you Tatsu. Tatsu Tatsu Tatsu.Were going to live on a hill under a big beautiful cherry tree.”

He he remembered. Tatsumaru remembered. The elation of knowing who he was what he was crushed instantly by what he had done. To commit seppuku would be pointless now he was too far gone. Her methods were wrong but the dream was right and he.. he felt something for her.

“Ayame. Your name is Ayame .”

“Tatsu you remember !”

She ran towards him. Izayoi blurred out of its scabbard and she fell back.

“No. It can never be like it was.”

“But why ?”

The pain in her voice tore his heart.

“Because thats the way it is. If we meet again I will kill you.”

He turned and ran. Silent tears flowed for all of them.Shiunsai the old samurai all those Azuma ninja what he had done to Rikimaru.

“Lord Seiyru”

, a Burning Dawn ninja ran along side him. His rage exploded . Tatsumaru kicked his legs from under him.

“Lord Seiyru what ?”

“Never call me that.”

He crushed the mans windpipe. He stopped. He could not atone not now. He would have to go on. He approached the caverns.

“Seiyru your back. Did you deal with her ?”


“Good. Rest for while now .”

He went to his quaters and sat on the bed. Death would be welcome now.

“Ready for the final assault”

Suzakus voice rasped.

“Leave me. Now!”

He left.He thought of teaching Rikimaru to swim and Ayame how to make a kite. The time they had played at the water fall and he had fallen in.When Ayame made him the cherry blossom picture .The day he got his nokane. When they planted the cherry tree.When Master Shiunsai went to deal with Lord Godhas troubles and left him in charge . They would stay up all night and he would tell them ghost stories .Tatsumaru doused the lantern and sat in the darkness. That was all he had left now.

Some time later he did not know how long some one entered.

“Lord Seiyru Lady Kagami requests your presence near the dock.”

He got up and walked through the dimly lit passages lost in thought. He arrived at the dock.

“Incredible is it not the greatest war ship ever built. With the fire demon nothing will stand between us and the dream.”

Another messenger approached

“Lady Kagami there are intruders in the caverns.”

“Damn!. All right listen. Iím moving the schedule ahead. Were sailing for Gohda castle tonight. Come Seiyru we have much work to do.”

He walked through into the bowels of the ship. The floor swayed slightly under his feet . He followed her past the many guards and rooms. They came to the entrance to above deck. Genbu stood guard.

“Lady Kagami Iím ready to fight for you.”

“Be ready Genbu and show no mercy.”

Poor naive fool Tatsumaru thought.The mind of a child in the body of a man. He could have been a farmer and he would have been happy. Now he is fighting for a cause he does not understand. They came to the command tower and scaled it swiftly. He could feel the wind in his face and smell the sea air. He thought about the coming battle. He thought about what he felt for Kagami. One part of him wanted to kill her where she stood. The other was willing to die for her.

“Look out there Seiyru. Soon all we behold shall be for ninja. We will no longer have to serve Samurai to fight their battles. We shall be free. No longer bound to darkness.”

Once he had so firmly believed this. Now he knew , the darkness was his home.

There was a shout from below.

“Gohdas troops sail to meet us.”

“Prepare for the assault. Remember we fight for our freedom.”

“Gohda fights with more courage than I expected but he cannot defeat the fire demon Gohda castle will be ours.”

He made his choice.

“Rikimaru and Ayame will be here soon I will hold them off as long as I can.”

“What was that Rikimaru Ayame but how do you. Ahh your memory has returned.Then why did you come back ?”

“A ninja seeks a place to die and though your methods are wrong this is mine. Your dream is worth dieing for.”

He turned to go but she reached for him her head resting against his back.

“I had no tears before I met you. I did not know joy either. You are my heart and I love you.”

Her voice broke with emotion.

“If only things had been different perhaps all this could have been avoided .”

He turned and wiped a tear from her eye.


He left he tower . Now he would do what he must. Moving silently he prowled the ship killing Gohdas troops with chilling efficiency. Finally he came to Jubei.

“How like a ninja to sneak out of the darkness. But can you fight like a man ?”

Tatsumaru drew his blade. Jubei attacked with dazzling speed. Tatsumaru side stepped and slashed at Jubeis head. His enemy blocked and pushed him back. He could not be forced on to the defensive. He stepped in and kicked with devastating accuracy. Jubei fell back but he was far from finished. They moved around the deck exchanging blows Jubais shear power and Tatsumarus speed. The ninja attacked his nokane deflecting his opponents right blade. He slid Izayoi against the left blade but pushed further in. It slammed into Jubeis chest. The light of life left Jubeis eyes and Tatsumaru kicked him off the blade.

He went to the front of the ship and turned to face the sea. He heard steps behind him.

“Ayame I told you what would happen if we met again. Now I have to kill you.”

“Oh weíll fight but you wonít kill me.”

She ran at him blades drawn. He turned and blocked. He punched but she dodged aside. He jumped over her sweep kick and rolled to his feet. They faced each other. He drew Izayoi and attacked again. She flipped back to dodge. She ducked under his roundhouse and tried to slash his other leg but Izayoi lanced down and blocked. He did not want to fight her yet he had to. Ayame slashed upwards flinging the sword into the sky but she lost her own daggers. She caught Izayoi and slammed him into the side. The blade hovered over his chest. He reached out and rammed it hard into his chest.

“Why Tatsumaru why?”

He marshalled the last of his strength.

“Unforgivable crimes must be punished.”

He fell back. She knelt over his body and wept.

Dead Yet Living

Written by Anthony Ross

Rikimaru took a deep breath and focused his straying eyes. This village seemed so new to him, though he had seen it many times before. Gohda village. His hometown, his birth place. Rikimaru had been raised here as a boy. But now, scarlet blood covered the walls and the heat of burning houses singed his skin. An attack like this had happened once before, the village having being destroyed by Kagami, Tatsumaru and the Burning Dawn. But the Burning Dawn were dead so it couldn’t have been them who caused this havoc a second time, thought Rikimaru as he remembered what had happened this night. A tear welled in his eye. Who ever had done this would pay. Ayame was dead, killed in her sleep by the unknown murderers. No corpse in her bed just a blood-covered wall and one shiny, silver, steel blade on the wooden floor. Ayame’s blade.

Rikimaru awoke with a start. It was light outside and his sweat-drenched sheets were in a heap on the floor. He had seen Ayame running, running from many huge shadows, which had been following her, hot on her tail. She screamed. It was the same piercing scream he had heard the night before. Then a blade swung out of the darkness striking Ayame down.

“Rikimaru! Help!”

She screamed desperately.
But the part that had scared Rikimaru the most was the fact he had only laughed at her as she pleaded.

“Lord Gohda, I promise you, I will find Ayame’s killers and avenge her. I will also bring back their leader’s head so you can do what you wish to the murderers responsible for the assault on Gohda village.”

Rikimaru said, kneeling before Gohda Matsunoshin.

” I do believe you will, Rikimaru. You always have lived up to your word. You may avenge Ayame and bring me the head, but never let your guard down. Other wise I will see neither your head nor the leader’s. My Emissaries have also gathered vital information for you- the murderers have made an establishment towards the southern, Japanese border. That is all. Now go! Carry out your plan!”

and with that, Rikimaru left the house of Gohda.
He dashed out the door and leapt onto a nearby roof, heading for the southern, Japanese border.

Huge, mist shrouded mountains surrounded the huge Citadel placed in the middle of a silent village. Rikimaru’s fingers felt as if they were frozen and his leg hurt from a recent injury. A ninja dressed in blue and face covered with a balaclava had sprung out a window and struck his leg with a pole on his trip to the ground. Rikimaru had then spun around and sliced the ear of the ninja from his face. He then gave another slash which proved fatal to his enemy. Now, he crept in the shadows and, occasionally, if he heard movement, he would fire his grappling hook onto a rooftop. Then, allowing it to pull him up, he would land on the roof. Finally he could see the open gates leading to the Citadel. Remembering Gohda’s words he looked through the darkness trying to notice any straying ninjas. Two men, carrying long swords and wearing dragon-like masks would walk past not noticing him every minute or so. When Rikimaru could safely creep up behind one, he somersaulted stealthily to a convenient spot and quickly grabbed his hair, elbowed him in the stomach and, grabbing the man’s neck, flicked his wrist. There was a soft “snap!”. His foe’s neck had been broken .


said the second masked man, noticing Rikimaru.
But, before his enemy could retaliate, Rikimaru’s sword was drawn. With a swift swing of the weapon- he had cleanly removed the man’s head. The decapitated body then dropped forward onto the ground.

After much climbing, grappling and scouring different parts of the building Rikimaru finally reached the roof of the heavily guarded Citadel. Feeling the hard tiles with his feet Rikimaru found no entry to the inside of the huge castle. Suddenly Rikimaru had a brain wave. He dropped to a lower roof of the castle and put his hands against the wall. Plaster! This area of wall was made of plaster! He curled his hand into a fist and knocked against it. Judging by the sound of his knock the wall was thick. He unsheathed his large, metal blade and began hacking away pieces of the wall. Eventually the hole was big enough for Rikimaru to enter through. Inside another guard greeted him, who was easily defeated – with three basic slashes to the head. He exited the room and (after more guard-killing and spilling of blood) reached the room where Ayame, alive and well, was being held captive.

“My daughter Kagami,”

a voice was saying,

“had a wish. She wished that ninjas would not have to live in the shadows. Now tell me- is there anything wrong with a wish?”

Ayame kept still.

“Hm. Not answering, eh? Well we’ll just have toÖ”

Rikimaru silently crept behind the man. “Huh?! Who are you?” he said noticing a hand curling around his neckÖ

“Lord Gohda- I have brought back Ayame, she was merely wounded, and also I have brought back something else.”

Rikimaru held up a bleeding head.


Death of a Tyrant

Written by Konigun Ryu

The Emperor Gakure was a very powerful and cruel ruler, he taxed his people mercilessly and sent his samurai to kill or enslave all that could not pay. One day Lord Gakure sent his Samurai to capture land on an emperor that he dearly hated,Lord Kaibudo .Gakure hated Kaibudo’s docile tactics of rule and considered him to be a coward. One day,Gakure’s samurai Raided the nearest village to the border of his land and KAibudo’s and killed or enslaved the village’s ocupant’s, caputuring the land in the process. Kaibudo was never one to fued, but his Ninjas were some of the deadliest in the land. His Ninjas were known as the “Yamabushi clan”. They trained rigorously and constantly and were of utmost loyalty to their Lord because of his well treatment of them and their people. When word of the attack reached Lord Kaibudo, he was enraged and summoned his Head Ninja, Gaida. Gaida was a fierce Ninja who lived only to serve his worthy Lord.Gaida had carried out hundreds of missions for Lord Kaibudo in his lifetime, and was a very trusted member of the Kaibudo Staff. Kaibudo’s orders were to assassinate Lord Gakure. Gaida agreed and immediately planned out his approach to the perilous mission.Gaida set off the following morning to carry out his mission.He ran for 3 hours through woods and streams, valleys and mountains. Finally he arrived at the Royal Palace and began phase two of his approach. He waited in the bushes , waiting to observe Gakure’s daily activities, to find a weakness in his defense. He observed and absorbed every possible bit of information about Gakure for almost a week. Soon, Gaida began to notice a pattern. First in the morning, Gakure would come out to his garden with his guards and smell his flowers and enjoy their beauty, but after that, Gaida noticed that the emperor remained under extremely close guard for the rest of his day, as well as the night.Gakure was a very busy man and his duties required to stay within the castle most of the time. He would not return to the courtyards until the next morning, when he would smell his flowers and enjoy his garden. So, that night, Gaida made his move, ever so stealthily and ever so quickly. After his deed was done, Gaida set upon the long journey back to his Lord. The next morning, Lord Gakure awoke as usual. Ate his breakfast as usual, went to his garden as usual. As he approached his flowers, he bent over to smell them, and upon the first initially glorious whiff, fell over dead.By this time Gaida had long returned to his Lord and went about his regular curriculum. Gaida had found the Lord’s weakness and it was all he needed to carry out his mission. During the night, Gaida kept a close watch on the guards , and when the time was right. Gaida snuck into the garden, and sprinkled a powerful inhalant poison made from the Strychnine plant , so that when Gakure smelled them, he would be poisoned and die. It was not until several minutes after his collapse that Gakure’s doctors arrived from the castle to help him. But it was too late. Gakure was long dead. Funeral services were held for Gakure two days later, but no one attended, not even his trusted advisors. The horror was at an end. With Gakure dead, Kaibudo asked the people of the land to let him rule over them with a much more just hand. The majority of the people agreed and not only did the lives of the people get better, but this was a new frontier for the Kaibudo family. The empire became stronger, and lived on in harmony for many , many years following.

Debug Mode

To unlock the debug menu you need to enter the following cheat. First of all make sure you are in-game, i.e. playing a level, then pause the game. Hold down L1 and R2 and press Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Square, Right, Circle. Release L1 and R2 and press L1, R1, L2, R2. If you are successful the paused image will disappear although the game remains still paused. Unpause the game. Now to open the debug menu press L2 and R2 together to open the Debug Main Menu.

Each part of the Main Menu is explained in detail by clicking the links below.

Debug Menu Main Page

Layout Enemy – Allows you to add enemies
Layout Item – Allows you to add items
File – Manipulate files
Charge Item – Add items to your inventory
Player – Controls various aspects for the level
Stage – Allows you to change stage

Thanks to Ninken for his original Debug FAQ which some areas of this guide have been adapted from.


Layout Enemy

Layout enemy is probably the most interesting and most complicated part of the debug menu. It enables you to add enemies to the stage.

Add Enemy
The add enemy option depends on which level you are playing.

Once you have added an enemy there are a whole host of options on how the character will react in different modes.

Step 1. Unaware mode (Blue “?” Ki status)

Pad 1 Enemy assigned to controller 1
Pad 2 Enemy assigned to controller 2
1A Trace Enemy follows defined path (see Path Setting)
1B Watch Enemy rotates in a fixed position
1C Random Enemy walks randomly
1D Ninja Enemy walks randomly and on encountering a wall will jump and climb up (ninja only)
1E Sleep Enemy sleeps
1F Chase Enemy walks around as if they are agitated.


Step 2. Alerted mode (Yellow “!” Ki status)

2A Confirm Enemy looks in the direction of character
2B Contact Enemy approaches character


Step 3. Spotted mode (Red “!!” Ki status)

3A Call Aid Enemy will try and get attention of a stronger nearby enemy to be replaced by
3B Atk-Chase Enemy will chase and attack you until either one of you dies or you disappear
3C Atk-Point Enemy will approach character and fight from the point assigned
3D Escape Enemy is scared and runs away
3E Atk-Area Enemy attacks and returns to designated area
3F Atk-Hitaway Enemy attacks and retreats after sustaining one hit


Step 4. Suspicious mode (Pink “!?” Ki Status)

4A Abandon Enemy abandons search and returns to original Unaware mode
4B Contact Enemy guards the area which caused the !? status
4C Chase Enemy searches randomly


Path Setting

Add Adds a point for which the enemy to pass through
Reset Erases path of selected enemy
Select Selects enemy for whose path you which to define


Other layout enemy options

Remove Removes nearby enemy
Reset Resets set layout. Removes corpses and replaces with alive enemies
Go Test a new/current layout. Note that bosses and cinematics won’t work – instead use restart event from the File menu
Clear All Enemies Removes all enemies, with the exception of bosses
Report Provides information on current layout
Select Camera Owner Sets the camera view to an enemy. Has a tendancy to crash the game
Path Setting Defines path



Layout Item

This menu allows you to place one item on the floor directly where your character is placed. Your character can then pick up and use the item. There is also the option to clear any placed items. The item translations are given below:

Shuriken – Throwing Star/Knife Cosikimai – Colored Rice
Smoke – Smoke Bomb Happou – Super Shuriken
Makibishi – Caltrop Ninken – Dog Bone
Fire – Grenade Nemuricusuri – Sleeping Gas
Jirai – Mine Kaengeki – Fire Eater Scroll
Kusuri – Healing Potion Kawarimi – Resurrection Leaf
Kacinawa – Grappling Hook Coshinfuda – Protection Amulet
Gun – Echigoya’s Gun Shot Manebue – Decoy Whistle
Yumi – Arrow Hensin – Cameleon Spell
Kaen – Fire Spitter Shinsoku – Lightfoot Scroll
Dokudango – Poison Rice Lightning Bolt – Lightning Bolt
Rikimarukochan – Shadow Decoy The World – Teleportation



Allows you to save a modified level to your memory card

Allows you to load a modified level from your memory card

Reload Stock Images

Load Stock Layout
Load any of the three programmed layouts

Toggle Debug Print

Play Stage Music
Plays Current Stage Music

Test Music
Plays dialogue, for a complete listing click here.

Stop Music
Stops Music

Event Update
Advances the level plot

Animation Update

Animation Test
Test cinematic

Easy Game
Sets the difficulty to easy game

Normal Game
Sets the difficulty to normal game

Hard Game

Sets the difficulty to hard game


Charge item

This menu allows you to add either 10, 100 or an infinite (full) amount of a certain item to your inventory. The item translations are given below:

Shuriken – Throwing Star/Knife Cosikimai – Colored Rice
Smoke – Smoke Bomb Happou – Super Shuriken
Makibishi – Caltrop Ninken – Dog Bone
Fire – Grenade Nemuricusuri – Sleeping Gas
Jirai – Mine Kaengeki – Fire Eater Scroll
Kusuri – Healing Potion Kawarimi – Resurrection Leaf
Kacinawa – Grappling Hook Coshinfuda – Protection Amulet
Gun – Echigoya’s Gun Shot Manebue – Decoy Whistle
Yumi – Arrow Hensin – Cameleon Spell
Kaen – Fire Spitter Shinsoku – Lightfoot Scroll
Dokudango – Poison Rice Lightning Bolt – Lightning Bolt
Rikimarukochan – Shadow Decoy The World – Teleportation



The Player sub-menu allows you to do four things:

Reset Position

Player is moved back to the original start position, though the level is not restarted.

Jump Position
You can move your player around the level using the left, right, up, down, L1 and L2 buttons. Confirm your position with the START button.

Restart Event
Level is restarted from your current character’s position.

Raise Dead
Ressurects main character after dying.



This section allows you to:

  • go to the next stage/mission
  • select a stage/mission
  • change the language: English, French and German (UK version only)
  • view information of you current stage score

Debug Mode F.A.Q

Can I play as Onikage ?
Is it possible to play a two player fight ?
Whats this half-body glitch I’ve heard about ?
Can I change how Rikimaru or Ayame fight ?
How can I become immortal ?


Can I play as Onikage?

You can play as any character or animal, including Onikage as long as you stick to a level where that enemy is available in the layout enemy option. To play as Onikage first select a level that he is available on, level 9 for example. Open up the debug mode and layout enemy Ninja (Onikage) assigning him to Pad 2. Test the layout by selecting Go, Onikage should vanish. Move away from the location and return to find Onikage has re-appeared. Select the camera to the last available enemy and you should be able to play as Onikage using Controller 2.

Sadly this is very temperamental, often not working, and the enemies don’t interact with you. It is much better using this for a two-player fight.



Is it possible to play a two player fight?

Using a similar method to outlined above you can assign a player to Pad 2. Player 1 using Pad 1 can then fight this opponent. The advantage is that Player 1 has control of the camera angle.

If you are feeling more adventurous you can assign different players to both Pad 1 and 2 and the change the camera angle to have a non Rikimaru or Ayame two player versus battle. It can also help if you remove all enemies from the layout first.



Whats this half-body glitch I’ve heard about?

If you go in the water and from there Reset Position from the Player menu, your character will lose the botton half of their body.
Sadly this wont help you in not getting spotted!



Can I change how Rikimaru or Ayame fight?

First add whichever character you want to mimic to Pad 1 via the layout enemy option. Select Go and return to where you placed the enemy so that he/she appears. Change the camera angle making this character the subject and use a Chameleon Spell (Hensin). When your character returns to what should be his/her original form you will find they infact dont, and return to the main character image but retain their attacking moves. You can even mimic animals this way!



How can I become immortal ?

To do this you must be playing a level where you can fall down a pit e.g. Cure The Princess. Fall down the pit and as you hear the character screaming to their death enter the debug mode screen. Select the option Reset Position. Your character is now immortal, though can still drown. Submitted by fallen_sarafan



Debug Mode Voice List

Below is a complete listing of all the music and dialogue files you can listen to through the debug menu.

0 Bad Voice
1 Bad Voice
2 “Excellent, you will bring me great honour.” Gohda
3 “Oh Ayame, my father will be so very pleased with you.” Kiku
4 “Well done, you have trained well.” Gohda
5 “My father will be satisfied.” Kiku
6 “You must do better, I know you can.” Gohda
7 “You need to do much, much better than that.” Kiku
8 “You needed to try harder, you need to focus.” Gohda
9 “If you don’t do better my father will be unhappy.” Kiku
10 “You disappoint me, you will bring only shame.” Gohda
11 “You’re terrible, I can’t stand watching you.” Kiku
12 “C’mon, C’mon. What! Who are you?” Echigoya
“I’m hear to avenge all the innocent people you’ve hurt.” Rikimaru
“Somebody help, get him, get him.” Echigoya
“It looks like you chose the wrong party to crash.” Hanbe
“My business is with Echigoya. Stand aside or I will have to kill you.” Rikimaru
13 “C’mon, C’mon. What! Who are you?” Echigoya
“You’ve been a bad boy, it’s payback time.” Ayame
“Somebody help, get her, get her.” Echigoya
“It looks like you chose the wrong party to crash.” Hanbe
“I have come for Echigoya, but I guess I have to deal with you first.” Ayame
14 “I’ve got money, money is power, power is everything.” Echigoya
15 “My money, my money…” Echigoya
“Your greed sickens me. I hope your death is a lesson to others.” Rikimaru
16 “My money, my money…” Echigoya
“You wont need it, where you’re going.” Ayame
17 “I sense danger, I best hurry.” Rikimaru
18 “I don’t care what, this message is getting through.” Ayame
19 “Please forgive my late arrival.” Rikimaru
“No, no, you have done well. Lord Gohda is waiting for you. Come.” Sekiya
20 “I stopped for some refreshment.” Ayame
“You have done well. Come, Lord Gohda is waiting for you.” Sekiya
21 “So the mice come out to play. That means Goo get to play too.” Goo
22 “Goo want new playmate.” Goo
23 “Goo can’t play no more. Goo tired…” Goo
“Die in peace, you misguided soul.” Rikimaru
“I must say i’m impressed.” Onikage
“Who’s that?” Rikimaru
“I am Onikage. I shall eventually come for Gohda and your head. Until then become a more worthy opponent for me.” Onikage
“You took your time getting here.” Ayame
“I beg your pardon?” Rikimaru
“I guess you deserve a thank you this time.” Ayame
24 “Goo can’t play no more. Goo tired…” Goo
“You’re repulsive, hurry up and die.” Ayame
“I must say i’m impressed.” Onikage
“Who are you?” Ayame
“I am Onikage. I shall eventually come for Gohda and your head. Until then become a more worthy opponent for me.” Onikage
“You weren’t supposed to do this.” Rikimaru
“And let you die? You can thank Lord Gohda for bending the rules.” Ayame
“I am in his debt.” Rikimaru
25 “I know what you want. You want the stone. It’s safe inside my belly. You’re not going to get it.” On
“You use the stone to hurt people. I will take it, even if it means gutting you.” Rikimaru
26 “I know what you want. You want the stone. It’s safe inside my belly. You’re not going to get it.” On
“So that’s where it is. It just means I have to gut you to get it.” Ayame
27 “You wont get to see the stone hatch now.” On
28 “My, my, my precious stone.” On
“Burn in hell, you heretic.” Rikimaru
“I found that somewhat amusing. We meet again.” Onikage
“Onikage. So you’re behind this too?” Rikimaru
“You are brave, but foolish. You will die.” Onikage
29 “My, my, my precious stone.” On
“Thats my precious stone now.” Ayame
“I found that somewhat amusing. We meet again.” Onikage
“Onikage. You’re next.” Ayame
“I don’t think so. Let’s go.” Onikage
30 “I underestimated you. Next time you die.” Onikage
31 “Lord Gohda sent you? I pity him.” Onikage
32 “???” Balma
“Expect no mercy. Your life is over.” Rikimaru
33 “???” Balma
“My feelings exactly, fishmonger.” Ayame
34 “???” Balma
“It must be sad to die so far from home.” Rikimaru
35 “???” Balma
“You wont see him where you’re going.” Ayame
36 “???” Balma
37 “So this is the herb? Princess I’m on my way.” Rikimaru
38 “This is the rare herb Princess Kiku needs. I must hurry back.” Ayame
39 “You have done well to get here. Lord Mei-oh will be so impressed.” Onikage
“So Onikage, your Lord Mei-oh is behind all this?” Rikimaru
“What does is matter. By now your Lord Gohda’s castle will have been breached and you shall die here.” Onikage
40 “You have done well to get here. Lord Mei-oh will be so impressed.” Onikage
“Onikage, so Mei-oh’s behind all this?” Rikimaru
“What does is matter. By now your Lord Gohda’s castle will have been breached and you shall die here.” Onikage
41 “What! He’s gone?” Rikimaru
42 “He’s gone?” Ayame
43 “Fool. Your puny abilities failed you. Hurry along to hell and wait for Gohda. Lord Mei-oh will be amused to see you.” Onikage
44 “I see, you have come to meet your fate.” Onikage
“So you’ve returned! This time you won’t come back.” Rikimaru
“How naive. You can’t beat me when I try.” Onikage
“We’ll find out.” Rikimaru
45 “I see, you have come to meet your fate.” Onikage
“Don’t make me laugh. How many times do I have to kill you?” Ayame
“How naive. You can’t beat me when I try.” Onikage
“Is that so? Well then, you dont have to worry about this…” Ayame
46 “Stop you have won. Your Princess Kiku is held below, guarded by Lord Mei-oh himself. I will see you in hell.” Onikage
“Onikage, I destroyed you and your master Mei-oh is next.” Rikimaru
47 “Stop you have won. Your Princess Kiku is held below, guarded by Lord Mei-oh himself. I will see you in hell.” Onikage
“Now that I’m warmed up it’s time for Lord Mei-oh.” Ayame
48 “Now, that was entertaining.” Onikage
49 “Rikimaru!” Kiku
50 “Ayame!” Kiku
51 “So you killed Onikage. Who would have thought it possible?” Lord Mei-oh
“Tell me where Princess Kiku is.” Rikimaru
“Do not concern yourself with the girl. Think about saving your own skin.” Lord Mei-oh
52 “So you killed Onikage. Who would have thought it possible?” Lord Mei-oh
“Mei-oh, shut up and tell me where Kiku is.” Ayame
“Do not concern yourself with the girl. Think about saving your own skin.” Lord Mei-oh
53 Bad Voice
54 Bad Voice
55 “However much they try, humans are but prey, so weak, so pathetic.” Lord Mei-oh
56 Bad Voice
57 Bad Voice
58 “Please stop, right where you are. You seem to great haste for such a late hour. Where are you going?” Tazu
“The night is no time for a woman to be training. Stand aside.” Rikimaru
“The only away across this checkpoint is through me. Now why don’t you be a good little boy and tell me where you’re going and why.” Tazu
59 “Please stop, right where you are. You seem to great haste for such a late hour. Where are you going?” Tazu
“It’s a beautiful night. You should be looking for a boyfriend, not playing with your Dad’s weapon” Ayame
“How dare you speak to me like that? I’ll teach you some manners.” Tazu
60 “I have failed.” Tazu
“You were a skilled and honourable opponent. It is a shame that fate denied you the chance to be an happy, ordinary woman. All I need to do is make it to the other side.” Rikimaru
61 “I have failed.” Tazu
“If you worried more about your skill and less about my manners you’d still be alive. Now all I have to do is make it to the other side.” Ayame
62 “The graves on the ridge will get slightly more crowded.” Tazu
63 “Please forgive my immature sister for her rudeness at the gate.” Senjuro
“Your sister was a brave woman. I am in a hurry to return to my master, I ask that you let me pass.” Rikimaru
“Like you, I also answer to a higher authority. My orders are to detain you. I am Senjuro Akechi master of Myojinsoga style swordsmanship. Let us settle this with nobility and honour.” Senjuro
“In the name of the Azuma Ninja Clan I fully accept your challenge. Commence.” Rikimaru
64 “What! A little girl like you defeated my dear sister.” Senjuro
“I just gave her a little lesson in manners, and you’re next.” Ayame
“No, in todays lesson you will learn how a Myojinsoga master uses swords to avenge his sister.” Senjuro
65 “It is honour to be defeated by someone as skilled as you.” Senjuro
“You are a master swordsman and an honorable man. It is a shame we could not fight as allies.” Rikimaru
66 “Tazu! I could not avenge you, dear sister. I failed as a brother and as a warrior.” Senjuro
“Brother and sister, huh? Your parents must not have done a very good job.” Ayame
67 “You were a worthy and strong opponent. Even in death you bring honour to the Azuma Ninja Clan.” Senjuro
68 “Tazu! I have avenged your death.” Senjuro
69 “Minister Kataoke sure likes his money.” Hikone
70 “What is this Bizenya? There is more here than usual.” Kataoke
“We could not do business without you. The money is merely a token of our appreciation.” Bizenya
“I like the way you think, what can I help you with today?” Kataoke
“We have put in bids for the construction work next month, if you could only…” Bizenya
“Leave it to me. But remember what happened to Echigoya. Tread carefully.” Kataoke
71 “Where’s Minister Kataoke?” Rikimaru
“You, you’re Lord Gohda’s ninja. How convenient of you to come here. I have orders to kill you.” Hikone
72 “Hey you, where’s you boss?” Ayame
“You, you’re Lord Gohda’s ninja. How convenient of you to come here. I have orders to kill you.” Hikone
73 “Wait, please spare my life.” Hikone
“I will ask you just one more time. Where is Kataoke?” Rikimaru
“The m-m-master is out, he, he should be back soon…” Hikone
74 “Wait, please spare my life.” Hikone
“Mmm make you a deal. Tell me where your boss is and maybe I’ll let you live.” Rikimaru
“The m-m-master is out, he, he should be back soon…” Hikone
75 “Minister Kataoke should be safe for a while.” Hikone
76 “Minister Kataoke you have brough great shame on yourself.” Rikimaru
“I never expected Lord Gohda to catch me.” Kataoke
“Kill yourself and show me you still have some honor. I will assist you.” Rikimaru
“Yes, thankyou. Tell Lord Gohda of how I died.” Kataoke
“I will Lord Gohda of your honorable end.” Rikimaru
77 “Lord Gohda trusted you. How could you betray him?” Ayame
“I may have made mistkes, but I allow no woman to scold me like that. You shall die by my arrows.” Kataoke
“Your arrows are like you, weak and twisted. I fear them not.” Ayame
78 “What? How could I have lost?” Kataoke
“You stole from Lord Gohda. How could you have won?” Ayame
79 “Bet you don’t feel so smart now.” Kataoke
80 “Echigoya, where have you hidden?” Rikimaru
81 “Mmm now where did that lecherous old goat go and hide himself?” Rikimaru
82 “Hmpf so much for your big mouth.” Hanbe
83 “Get away. Help me, somebody!” Echigoya
“Your bodyguards are dead and you are next!” Rikimaru
84 “Get away. Help me, somebody!” Echigoya
“It’s just you an me now.” Ayame
85 Bad Voice
86 Bad Voice
87 Bad Voice
88 Bad Voice
89 Bad Voice
90 Bad Voice
91 Bad Voice
92 Bad Voice
93 Bad Voice
94 Bad Voice
95 Bad Voice
96 Bad Voice
97 Bad Voice
98 Bad Voice
99 Bad Voice
100 Music from Level 1 – Punish the Evil Merchant
101 Music from Level 2 – Deliver the Secret Message
102 Music from Level 3 – Rescue the Captive Ninja
103 Music from Level 6 – Infiltrate the Manji Cult
104 Music from Level 7 – Destroy the Foreign Pirates
105 Music from Level 8 – Cure the Princess
106 Music from Level 9 – Reclaim the Castle
107 Music from Level 10 – Free the Princess
108 Music from Training Level
109 Death Screen Music
110 Level Score Screen
111 Boss Fight Music
112 Main Screen Music
113 Character/Stage Select Music
114 ???
115 Lord Mei-oh Fight Music
116 Introduction from Level 1 – Punish the Evil Merchant
117 Introduction from Level 2 – Deliver the Secret Message
118 Introduction from Level 3 – Rescue the Captive Ninja
119 Introduction from Level 6 – Infiltrate the Manji Cult
120 Introduction from Level 7 – Destroy the Foreign Pirates
121 Introduction from Level 8 – Cure the Princess
122 Introduction from Level 9 – Reclaim the Castle
123 Introduction from Level 10 – Free the Princess
124 Introduction from Level 10 – Free the Princess
125 Introduction from Level 2 – Deliver the Secret Message (French)
126 Music from Level 4 – Cross the Checkpoint
127 Music from Level 5 – Execute the Corrupt Minister
128 Introduction from Level 4 – Cross the Checkpoint
129 Introduction from Level 5 – Execute the Corrupt Minister
130 Onikage Fight Music
131 Introduction from Level 1 – Punish the Evil Merchant (French)
132 Introduction from Level 2 – Deliver the Secret Message (French)
133 Introduction from Level 3 – Rescue the Captive Ninja (French)
134 Introduction from Level 6 – Infiltrate the Manji Cult (French)
135 Introduction from Level 7 – Destroy the Foreign Pirates (French)
136 Introduction from Level 8 – Cure the Princess (French)
137 Introduction from Level 9 – Reclaim the Castle (French)
138 Introduction from Level 10 – Free the Princess (French)
139 Introduction from Level 4 – Cross the Checkpoint (French)
140 Introduction from Level 5 – Execute the Corrupt Minister (French)
141 Introduction from Level 1 – Punish the Evil Merchant (Italian)
142 Introduction from Level 2 – Deliver the Secret Message (Italian)
143 Introduction from Level 3 – Rescue the Captive Ninja (Italian)
144 Introduction from Level 6 – Infiltrate the Manji Cult (Italian)
145 Introduction from Level 7 – Destroy the Foreign Pirates (Italian)
146 Introduction from Level 8 – Cure the Princess (Italian)
147 Introduction from Level 9 – Reclaim the Castle (Italian)
148 Introduction from Level 10 – Free the Princess (Italian)
149 Introduction from Level 4 – Cross the Checkpoint (Italian)
150 Introduction from Level 5 – Execute the Corrupt Minister (Italian)



Rin Leaving the nest
Find the harbour located by the riverside and leave Hagakure no Sato by boat. Rin swears revenge and seeks new friends to help her.

Recommended Items
1x poison rice

Difficulty: Normal

To your left you can hear 2 enemies starting a conversation. To perform a double stealth kill on them, quickly run to the fence on your left and climb on it. You should crouch on the fence, right in the middle of the two talking enemy ninjas. When both stop the conversation and make an attempt to turn around drop down on them and press the attack button (square). Check out the fence on the left side to find 2 flash bombs in a red box. If you feel like it you can explore this area you covered in Mission 1 more, but it is quite pointless as there are no enemies or hidden items.

Go back to the start postion and be careful to not be seen by the kunoichi who is patrolling the area. She follows a stone path, which makes a bend. Don’t follow her, but crouch as close as possible to the stone path. Even when the kunoichi walks towards you, she won’t spot you. Wait for her arrival and jump up once she turns her back to you, for a stealth kill from behind. Regularly she turns around again after 2 steps, so if you are not quick enough she will spot you. Follow the stone path until you reach an area with water. Don’t enter that area. Another kunoichi is waiting around the corner. Press your back to the left wall and look around the corner. When the kunoichi looks straight ahead to the other side of the water run towards her for a side stealth kill. Pick up the health potion. Enter the water silently, by crouching and rolling into it.

There is only one way to exit the water on the other side and it is guarded by an enemy ninja. If he heard you when you entered the water use the water phantom technique (R1) to hide under the water surface until he returns to ?-state. Right when the ninja turns his back to you swim to him and jump out of the water to stealth kill him.There are long stairs leading down to an area guarded by 2 enemies. The movement and vision paths of those two fellas is quite tricky, because they overlap. The assassin dressed in blue won’t leave the area behind the fence, but the ninja will. To lure him off his regular movement path use the poison rice. Place it on the right side of the stairs. Crouch on the roof of the archery training stand and wait for the ninja to pick up the poison rice. Once he turns around finish him off quickly. Use the fence as cover so the assassin can’t see you. Pick up the rice potions in the red box before you hang yourself on the fence. If you climb on the fence too early the assassin ill see you. Simply look through the fence crates and wait for the assassin to walk away from you. Climb over the fence for an easy stealth kill from behind. Cross the area and run up the stairs, collecting another red box item at the top. Notice a small hole in the wall and crouch through it.

Hug the left wall and take a look around the corner. An assassin is moving towards you. His movement pattern is simple. Once he turns around follow him and stealth kill him from behind. The path makes a bend and you see a wooden fence in front of you. Hug the wooden fence and observe the kunoichi patrolling around the corner. Again just wait until the starts to walk away from you. She walks long enough for you to run right behind her and earn some more scrolls. Hide her body in the house entrance, so her corpse won’t accidantly alert the ninja patrolling the area around the small bamboo forest. He is difficult to see without using ninja vision. Trust your ki and wait until the ninja is out of your range. Run straight to the river and crouch. There are 3 more enemies, 2 on the other side of the river and one still patrolling the bamboo forest. You won’t need them to kill them to complete the mission and earn the highest rank, so it is your choice to let them live or not. However a grenade can also be a reward as it is hidden amongst the bamboo. Crouch and look to the other side of the river. To your left is a gate leading to the escape boat. Crouch there to finish the mission and see how Rin leaves her hometown Hagakure no Sato by boat.

Master of Assassins Item
Sticky Bomb

Mission Stats
Enemies: 12
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
3x red box, 1x health potion, 1x grenade


written by Chris

Rin A resolution
Eliminate all attackers! Find the harbour located by the riverside and leave Hagakure no Sato by boat. Rin swears revenge and seeks new friends to help her.

Recommended Items
1x health potion

Difficulty: Normal

The idea behind this mission is to eliminate all enemies, each represented by a candle on the screen. Complete that task and the mission will end. Initially head right into the area when Rin and Ayame crossed swords and collect 2 flash bombs in the red box. Now return back to your starting point. Ahead of you is a stone path with a corner to the right. Crouch at the entrance and you will remain undetected by the approaching enemy. Once he heads back away, jump up and stealth kill him. Proceed around the corner and roll into the water area, swim to the other side, and jump out. If you did that with no noise the next area is much easier. Below you two enemies are in conversation, head forward and drop down to the lower roof between the two enemies. Once they stop talking and turn take them out with a dual kill. Grapple the fence ahead for there is a kunoichi beyond it. Drop down and kill her. Head up the stairs and through the crawl space.

Head out the other side and cling to the wall. Beyond the corner another enemy approaches. Drop back and then once they turn away head out and kill them. Head around the corner this time cling to the fence a female kunoichi patrols ahead. She will come very close and then turn away. At that time kill her and dispose of her body around the corner where you waited. Head forward, collecting the health potion by the brazier, and wait in the alcove on the right. Eventually a male assassin will approach you position, and then turn away. At that moment kill him. Now creep forward through the bamboo to observe a ninja near the bridge. This guy is sneaky because he turns away start walking and then spins back around. So wait until he has done that before pouncing for the kill. Hide the ninja’s body the other side of the wooden fence. The last two enemies are pretty straight-forward. A male assassin walks the high route and a kunoichi walks the riverside. I prefer to kill the assassin once he has turned away on the bridge. Then you can simply drop down from above to kill the kunoichi. If you are low on health there is also another red box hidden amongst some cylindrical barrels.

Master of Assassins Item
Sticky Bomb

Mission Stats
Enemies: 10
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
3x red box

E3 Starts Tomorrow

It is time for the annual E3 game show in Los Angeles. From Monday to Friday all major publishers and developers will give the public a peak at what is coming next. Possibly even a Tenchu related announcement? Let’s hope for the best and have a close look at the gaming press.

The petition for a new Tenchu game has gained more than 750 signatures so far. Not long until a 1000.

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This might also affect you when trying to register or wanting to retrieve a lost password. In either cases please wait for 48 hours and then try again.

Once the email is fully operational again, I will let you know.

Emerging Past – Chapter 1

Written by Dana

(A mix of Mortal Kombat, Tekken Tag,Galarians, and Tenchu all rights reserved)

The dream haunted him again. Rikimaru’s father ,Shang Tsung, was attempting to make his power of sorcery to resurface, just because he “accidently” used them to defend himself.

“Come on you weakling. Hell, you almost froze me to death a week ago, so use them!”

His words rang in his head.

“B-But dad I can’t control it half the time. Please can we just go home?!”

The young boy pleaded.
The next thing he knew the wind was knocked out of him, and he was throwing up.

“Tears will get you nowhere.”

Shang growled cruelly as he picked Rikimaru by his ripped shirt.

“It sure didn’t get your mother anywhere…. and she’s dead.”

The child’s anger suddenly got out of hand at these words, and his eyes turned a stone grayish color. Shang immediately regretted his words as the young silver-haired child turned into a grey raptor and began to slash trees, animals, and eventually got to him in a rageful fury…. and Shang’s screams could be heard throughout the forest.

Rikimaru woke with a start in a small house.

“Where am I? And how did I get here?”

He thought. He remembered when the cave collapsed, and passing out….but if someone did find him he would have sensed the person, right?

“You are an my house, and I sensed your telepathic waves so that should be saying something.”

Someone told him telepathically.

“Who are you?”

He asked out loud feeling uneasy.

“That you will find out later. Get some rest and I will see you in the morning.”

A young women’s voice said from the dark doorway. The women had a point. Though unconscience for over three hours, Rikimaru was tired.

Two hours later. A small young women, with silver hair that went to her waist and large green eyes who looked to be about 19, came into the room while Rikimaru slept.
She smiled and said,

“I will see you in the morning my dear older brother ….”

A strange women with silver hair walked into the room where Rikimaru slept.

“Well I better wake him up before my brother goes into a coma….”

She muttered looking at him. She held his hand and started to channel her chi into his body.

“Rikimaru. Please wake up.”

She said telepathically. After a few minutes he stirred and sat up.
The women smiled and said in sign language

“I was wondering when you would get up.”

Rikimaru rolled his eyes and responded,

“Well I woke up anyway. Who are you, and how do you know me?”

“My name’s Tigerlily of the Manji Ninja. I know you because you are my brother.”

She answered while sitting down on the bed.

“But Yoshimitsu told me you died after the village was attacked by tengu (crow demons). Or was that an illusion?

” He asked.
Before she could respond, the smell of smoke filled the air. Tigerlily ran to the door and looked out the keyhole to see what was going on and saw ninja attacking the villagers.

“Oh gods who are they?”

She whispered. Reading her mind, Rikimaru got up and dragged her to the closet.

“I don’t think hiding in a closet is a good idea.”

She told him. “

I don’t think this is open for discussion.”

He said while closing the door.
Just then, a ninja knocked down the door and Rikimaru hung on the celing.

“Nobody in here.”

The ninja muttered as Rikimaru came down to break his neck.

“It’s going to be a long night”

He muttered.

Emerging Past – Chapter 2

Written by Dana

Meanwhile in the Kidomutsu Forest….
Ayame was going home after a long walk when she heard screams from a nearby village. She decided to go the investigate and when she got to the village she gasped.

“Oh no ! That’s Yoshimutsu’s village, I better go help! “

Yet before she could even throw her grappling hook to get to the other side of the fence she noticed an archer. Pulling out a loose she realized her mistake. Her pants was stuck on the wood, and a guard was slowly approaching her.

“I am so dead….”

Ayame muttered as the guard kept a steady pace towards her. She tried to reach into her pocket with no avail, because of the board blocking her hand. She reluctantly charged up her pyrokenetic energy and was about to set him on fire, until a shadow quickly darted across the approaching guard. As the guard slumped to the ground dead, the figure flew down up to the tower, killed the archer, and then jumped down to face her. The young female ninja closed her eyes tightly and curled in a ball, figuring that she was going to die, until she heard a familiar voice.

“What are you doing here, Ayame?”

The person asked her.
Ayame’s eyes were wide, and fill of tears when she opened them.

“Rikimaru! Your alive! You had me so worried… I- I thought you had- died!”

She exclaimed as she jumped foreword and hugged him. After he hugged her back and got out of each others embrace Rikimaru smiled at her and said “

You still didn’t tell me you’re doing here.”

She smiled back and replied

“I’ll tell you later, but…. can you give me a hand?”

He shook his head, teleported to the outside of the fence, took one of her swords and cut the pants leg, before teleporting back to where she was. After Ayame thanked him, Rikimaru told her his plan. They were to split up, take out all the guard in the village, and meet back at the main gate in three hours. She nodded and the two ninja went their separate ways, but both were unknown of the danger that would soon await them.

Emerging Past – Chapter 3

Written by Dana

After killing the last guard on the north side of the village, Ayame started to head back to the fence where she and Rikimaru was to meet at. But as she walked past a house she heard a strange banging noise. Curious, the ninja went in the house to find the source of the noise. Ayame opened the door slowly keeping her swords drawn, and saw that it was coming from the closet. Upon opening the closet, she was knocked down by a silver half cat / half human hybrid. The female ninja got up quickly only to be charged and nearly killed by the demon monster’s claws. As it was running to strike again, Ayame moonsaulted over the demon and punched it in the base of it’s neck. Falling on it’s knees the hybrid started to scream, loudly!
Ayame smiled and said,

“Well if you didn’t attack me, maybe I would not have attacked you.”

Insulted by the ninja’s smart-mouthed comment, the hybrid got up and walked towards her. As it grabbed her wrist she spun her in the air, jumping up after her the demon batted her to the ground. When the demon landed on the ground near Ayame’s barely conscience body, it’s claws began to change back to human hands and after a few moments the former hybrid changed back into her apparent human self. Seizing the opportunity, the battered ninja jumped up and was about to punch the demon in the face, but the attack was blocked. The battle has about to rage again until a small earthquake stopped them.
Ayame, a little startled, thought (What the was that?). The hybrid demon sprinted outside and started to run towards the main house of the village.

“Hey come back here!”

The ninja called after the girl but she was long gone.
Ayame shook her head as she started to continue towards the meeting place.

Emerging Past – Chapter 4

Written by Dana

Rikimaru was on his way to the gate where he was to meet Ayame, when he felt the earthquake. Thinking that more soldiers had arrived from out-world, he was about to go to the direction of the quake, when a ninja with a yellow vest block his path.

“You aren’t going anywhere, boy.”

the ninja informed him, getting into a fighting stance.
Accepting his challenge, the Azuma ninja also got into a fighting stance. The newcomer smiled behind his mask and thought

(This should be fun.)

as Rikimaru charged him. Before he could attack, the yellow clothed ninja dodged him and kicked the silver-haired ninja in the head. After Rikimaru recovered he, punched him in the face, moonsaulted over the other ninja, and was about to break his neck when the stranger teleported.
After appearing about 6 feet in front of him he said,

“You are more skilled than I predicted you were….”

Then he put his hand in front of him and a head of something that resembled a snake appeared from his palm.

“But let’s see if you can dodge this! Get over here!”

He said after the snake-like chain flew out of his hand about to snag Rikimaru. Catching the chain easily, he grinned evilly and sent an ice pulse through the chain, which caused the other ninja’s internal organs to freeze solid and explode. Then he pulled the chain towards him, began to kick the half-dead ninja senseless until he exploded and then walked away as if nothing happened.

Meanwhile in the forest near the village…..

A man dressed in black with brown tousled hair, paced in front of 12 other soldiers as they were loading guns, and checking their tasers. The man stopped pacing and barked,

“Soldiers attention!”

Then after all 12 men stood their grounds, he asked them if they knew what their mission and objection was, and then gave them a word of warning.

“You need to use caution on this mission. The object you are to exterminate may look harmless, but she is very deadly. So don’t underestimate her. But remember to bring the body back to the base….. is that clear?”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

The soldiers replied.

“Good, now move out.”

The commander ordered.
Then the soldiers moved out to the Manji village, to their forsaken target.

Emerging Past – Chapter 5

Written by Dana

A tall skinny man with black hair,black overalls, and one eye that was blue and the other brown teleported in front of the troop of armed soldiers and said,

“What do you think your doing? Mother wants the girl back alive. “

The Commanding officer stammered nervously,

“W-We were given orders to kill the subject APS 6.93 and bring her b-back to Michelanglo Hospital by Dr. L-Lem-“

“And who are you supposed to be following orders from, huh? Lem or Mother, you worthless piece of shit?!”

The man raged.

“Dorothy, sir but-“

His words were suddenly cut short by a full telekinesis attack by the enraged man.He suddenly smiled and asked,

“Who wants to be next?”

. Silence.

“I thought not. Now go back to the base and get ready to leave… I will get back our sister in no time.”

As the soldiers ran (literally) towards the base the man heard in his mind

Now Birdman, was that really necessary?

Birdman answered

But my dear mother I did what you asked, and now I will carry out the orders that those incompetent trigger-happy humans couldn’t.

Well, do not underestimate your sister 6.93, she can be a handful to capture.


I will keep that in mind mother, thank you for your concern.

With that note, he teleported to he Manji village to find the girl.

Manji Village:

Tigerlily looked at her master’s dead, mutilated body with sad eyes, almost brimming over with tears.

“No…. Yoshi-san.”

She whimpered, wiping her eyes. The young girl clenched her teeth in rage and unexpectedly fangs ripped from her gums, as her bones in her leg and wrists shifted. Dropping to her knees she started to scream as the excruciatingly painful process of shifting into her half-cat hybrid began. Her heels started to move upward as molded into her legs and ankles, silver-white fur sprouted from her skin, and finally her screams turned into loud shrieks as her voice box changed to that of a cat’s,as she ran from the house.

To be continued…..


View your ranking, overal score and time for each mission. The information contained here applies only for the Level Select mode.

Read descriptions for all the special moves you have acquired with Ayame and Rin so far. Helpful if you’ve forgotten how to perform a certain special move.

Here you can see a collection of 20 official "Tenchu: Fatal Shadows" artwork: CG images for all of the story characters with short description, concept illustrations, sketches and an advertisement showing Rin.

Choose from 31 movies to watch. All movies from the game are here (opening movie, chapter previews, ending credits, etc).

Choose from 41 cutscenes to watch. The costumes in the cutscenes are default.

Select Ayame’s and Rin’s costume.
Rin: Majesty (default) and Scarlet
Ayame: Blossom (default), Wrath (Wrath of Heaven), Peony (Tenchu 2: Birth of the Assasins) and Indigo (Tenchu: Stealth Assassins.)

Red Blade
This mode is unlocked by beating the game once. Red Blade mode is basically a pit fight where you have to fight for a given period of time against a constant stream enemies. Enemies vary depending on the selected round.

Beat the game once to unlock this mode and choose between English and original Japanese voice-overs.

Sound Check
Beat every layout with each character.

Written by Shiki and Selenia. Additional info submitted by Philip Phitidis.

Escape from Amagai Castle

Written by Blue Ninja & Selenia


  • Your enemies are robots.
  • Watch out for half-circles on the floor. They represent secret doors. Stand upon a half circle and press your back to the wall to activate a secret door. All secret doors only work in one direction!
  • Use stealth to overcome your enemies and save time. You only have 20 minutes to reach the bottom of Amagai Castle.
  • Stay alert stay alive! The castle is full of traps!
  • Stairs are marked by red squares on the map.
  • The “Stone of Power” is hidden inside Amagai Castle.

Dr. Kimaira – Health: 150

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 19
Max Score: 840

You start the mission with a fight against Dr. Kimaira. As long as you stay close to him he won’t use his machine gun, so don’t ever run away from him. The standard 3-hit+kick combo should be enough to finish him off. Try to block all his moves, esepecially his spinning attack. He will spin very fast, then become a little bit slower then spin fast again. Block the whole time and strike back when he gets slower the 2nd time. Dr. Kimaira won’t appreciate your victory and releases poisonous gas. You must reach the bottom of the castle within the next 20 minutes or die!

Once you have defeated Dr. Kimaira head straight down the stairs in front of you. When you reach the bottom look to the left and see if there is an archer standing opposite. Jump down and pick up a ninja rebirth hidden in a red box to your left . Move closer the archer , hang to the ledge and wait for the archers to get into a good stealth kill position. Turn to the left and you will find yourself faced with a sunken floor and two dropping blades. To pass, simply wait for the blade closest to you to drop and then go down and move to the 2nd blade and stop in front of it. When the 2nd blade goes up jump out.

Once across, head straight. You will now see a room below you full of spinning clogs where the floor should be.One touch will be fatal, so precision is required. There is but one way across – a large jump (press forward and double xx to perform a large jump)! Face the passageway visible to the lower left of the room. Just ahead you will find another drop, again with more clogs. But this time its only a small jump across it, the main problem it is being patrolled by a spear-man. When he turns to the left, jump over the cogs and dispose of him. Now turn left and crouch beside the wall on the left. Look to the right and watch the guard on the bridge. Quickly kill him when he turns away and then jump the gap to the left. Head around to the right and go into the corridor. Run along the left wall and press your back against the wall at the end. Kill the guard when he turns his back. Look on the floor. You will see-half circles on it. One of it leads into the room with the “Stone of Power”. Stand on the half-circle and press your back to the wall to activate the door.

Once you enter the room the roof will start to lower onto you, but don’t worry, you have plenty of time. Pick up the red box from the center of the room and then leave by the door to the left of the one you entered by. Turn left and jump up onto the ledge on the right. Watch the guard’s movements and kill him as he turns away from you. Now jump up to the next level and turn right, watching for falling floorboards and collect the health drink.

Now drop to the lower level and place your back against the wall to the right. You will see a spear-man you know what to do. Head on forward, turn right and flip down to the blue and white floor tiles, being careful not to fall into the trap in the process. Go left and jump down to the lower level. Press your back against the left wall and head down the stairs. When you get the end of the wall you will see an archer. Watch him and learn his movements and kill him when the time is right.

Head around the corner and drop down. The only dip of the three in front of you that you can safely enter is the one to your left which contains a health drink – get it. Head forward and jump up onto the higher platform, then jump up to the left and hang from the ledge until you see an archer. When he turns back, kill him, then climb up.
Now you must drop down to the right – the left is potentially lethal. Press your back against the wall to see a guard. When he’s dead use the secret door beside the cells on the right. Once in this passageway, jump up to the ledge on the right to collect the sticky bomb. Drop back down and head on. When you reach the end of the passage climb up to the ledge on the right and kill the spear-man. Once done, turn right and enter the trapdoor on the left. You have to be extra careful at this point so a not to be discovered.

Press your back against the wall on the right and watch the guard. When he turns, crawl out and destroy him. Do not run as the floorboards are squeaky and will alert the guards, use stealth to move on the floorboards! Crawl to the left and when you reach the criss-crossed floorboards, stand up and press your back against the wall on the left. When the guard turns kill him. (These floorboards are silent, so you can run towards the guard.) Head out of the secret door ahead of you and turn right. Watch the guard, learn his movements and kill him when the time comes.

Run down the stairs and crouch at the bottom. Watch the archer opposite carefully and when he turns to the left, use your grappling hook on the wall behind him to pull yourself over and kill him. Once he is disposed of, head left and crouch by the door and watch the guard at the door to the left. When he turns around, kill him. Crawl under the trap at the next doorway and enter the room.

Run around to the right, watching for falling floorboards, and stand against the right wall. Observe the archer in the next doorway and destroy him the second he turns away. Head left and begin to crawl, turning right. Spears will fire over your head. Wait for them to disappear and stand up, collecting the health drink but being sure not to make any big movements. Try to crawl when moving here. Use your hook to clamber up to the platform above. Drop down ahead and watch the archer. When he turns left, jump over the lava and kill him. Turn around, jump up to the higher level and collect the health drink. Then turn right, jump across to the platform and drop down. Head to the left and enter the room to face an old Nemisis and meet an old friend.


You have two options. The choice you make will determine the outcome of the story!

Grand Master Item
Ninja Armor

Special Move
Feign Death

Escape from the Limestone Cavern

Written by Cygnus2012 & Selenia

– Use stealth when walking through water.
– Look up and down when lost.

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 13
Max Score: 710

This short mission uses only a fraction of the limestone cavern map. The items that you purchased for this mission will be confiscated and placed in several areas of the map (indicated by red dots). From the start SK the nearby guard (is it me or has Jinnai gotten really sloppy?) and proceed to get back your items scattered around the area following the map. Be sure to snag the key in the room near the starting position. Once you’ve gotten back your items, head to the boss room via the water filled cavern. There are a lot of ninjas around so proceed with caution. The water will alert the guards nearby if you run through it. The Mimic Animal ability might come in handy here. Once you reach the boss room take out the remaining guard standing in the middle, then grapple up to the nearby exit.

At the start you are placed pretty much in front of a guard. Simply jump right next to him. He will not see you so long as you don’t walk right in front of him. Follow the path and jump off the cliff, keeping close to the wall to avoid detection from the ninja up ahead. Hugging the cavern wall, move in closer to the doorway to find the ninja. Afterwards, enter the cell to find the 1st of your tools. Move down the corridor to find a group of barrels on your left and the path in front of you splits left and right. To your left is a sleeping guard and to your right is a patrolling spear-guard. For this, go NEITHER way, but rather opt for breaking the barrels and proceeding through the underpass into the next cell. As you exit, hug the right wall. Another patrolling spear-guard is coming your way. You must intercept him. After killing him you will see that your Ki meter is at ‘!’. Look to your left to find a ninja. For now, just crouch to avoid detection and move down the right pathway. Up ahead is the sleeping guard and the first patrolling guard. Kill the sleeping guard, then hide up against the wall to your left. The guard will run toward the body. When he gets fed up with looking for you, kill him. Go toward the direction of where the guard was patrolling to find another set of cells. In one of these cells is a key, which you will need to complete the mission. Afterwards, head back down the path and kill the ninja.

The path will soon end and there will be a drop. Below you are some crates, rafters, and a visible ninja. There is also a stationary spear-guard but as of now, he is of no concern. Drop down to the crates and use them as cover. When the ninja turns his back, run behind him and use the grappling hook to hang on the rafters. You do not want to go after him because the spear-guard will see you. When he comes back, drop from the rafters and kill him. Just ahead on the right is the spear-guard. Make short work of him and continue.

Ahead is the water cavern. Remember to hold R2 as you move to avoid detection and, if you must jump, hold R1 to brace your landing. When entering the cavern, to your left is a ninja and a ‘well placed’ stone column. Drop into the water and use the column as a shield. Sneak around and kill. There is another ninja in the general vicinity, but you can use the same tactic to defeat him as well. Move forward and use the grappling hook to get access to the deck overhead. Move forward cautiously, because a ninja patrols the path up ahead. Afterwards, head to the end of the corridor to find the room where you received Shichishito as Rikimaru. As Tesshu, you will only find an archer in the water. Remember what tactics you learned for moving in water and apply those here. Once dead, grapple the northeast wall and take the path to the doors. The key will be used automatically.

Master of Assassins Item
Exploding Arrow

Execute Hamada and Return to Lord Gohda

Written by stealthgiga & Selenia


  • Never ever kill any of Lord Gohda’s guards or the mission will be lost!
  • Use stealth to open doors.
  • The enemy placement is narrow.
  • Stairs are marked by red squares on the map.

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 16
Max Score: 770

You start with a hole in front of you and your goal is to go where Hamada is located on the first floor. Don’t drop down this hole. Instead turn around and go around the corner to collect a Smoke Bomb. Drop down the hole near the Smoke Bomb and find a Ninja Rebirth item. As you come out from the small room, roll into the small “garden” and enter the building again through the door right next to the one you came through. You will find two guards having conversation, but you can’t see the other one. While they are busily talking use your grappling hook to fly over his head and vanish around the corner. Follow the corridor until you see a door on the right wall. Open it and enter the room. Hamada is waiting there for his execution. Once Hamada is dead enemy ninja infiltrate Gohda castle. You can take the key (it is not necessary though, the door it opens can be reached by crawling through the hole in the big garden, but since we are taking another route you won’t need it) and Health Potion. If you wish you can go back from where you came to stealth kill some enemy ninja, but it is not necessary. There is a 2nd door in the room in the top right corner.

You come into another room with no enemy. Open the door with caution because a ninja is guarding the corridors outside but he should be easy to kill since he is near. Enter the area with bedrooms and there should be another ninja distant away. Go through the door, kill the ninja on the right and go up the stairs. Open the door with stealth mode and you’ll find another victim. Proceed through the pathway and find another door. There are two ninjas there. Eliminate them and proceed to the next area with a ninja. You will find an area with open windows and a ninja as you advance. Kill the ninja and another ninja near the stairs leading down. Go down the stairs to meet Lord Gohda.

Grand Master Item
Exploding Arrow

Special Move
Ninjutsu Block

Execute The Evil Merchant

Written by Chris


  • Archers can see further than normal guards.
  • Use stealth to open doors.
  • Be sure to collect many items.

Nasu – Health: 100

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 24
Max Score: 935

Consulting the map reveals your objective, you need to make for the large cavern in the top right corner.

From the wall rooftop head right. Jump off the wall to your right to pick up the red box item. Return to the wall passing to the big building in front of you. Wait until the samurai is in-front of the doorway before going for your kill, that way you avoid a double confrontation with the dog. Return to the rooftop and dispatch of the dog with a well placed shuriken. From this open area grapple up to the sloped walkways, here is a perfect location to drop upon the spear-man who patrols nearby. Head to the south-east corner on your map where 3 enemies are partying inside, carefully creep in and take the key. Again avoid a fight, but if you do wish to kill all three samurai best use a invisibility spell (if you have unlocked this useful Grand Master item). Return to the foot of the sloped pathways and use the key to unlock the underground entrance. Continue along towards the 2 enemies having a conversation. The enemies will talk and then turn and walk away. Use stealth and cling to the wall as one enemy approaches your position. Hop out at the last minute to kill him. Wait at the ledge for the second to return his patrol, then kill him.

Just beyond the passageway opens up to a room patrolled by a spear-man. Kill the enemy and collect the Ninja Rebirth item. Grapple to the platform above and collect the Health Potion. Quickly jump out the hole and grapple on to the roof of one of the four small outhouses at your earliest convenience. There is 4 enemies in the garden arena, kill as many as you wish. Now pass to the larger building. You best approach is a secret passageway just above the main entrance on the south side. There are more enemies if you decide to kill them. After heading through the passageway drop into the room and head out the pink sliding doors. Beyond the brown doors patrols a samurai – slip through them and kill him. Pass further into the compound through the doors with the mask to the left. Beyond is another room guarded by a samurai. Pass through the floral doors and take the first set of doors on your left. Drop down the hollow and kill the sleeping guard. Pass the cat and grapple up to your right. Pass through the two sets of doors and up the stairs.

Make your way through the next doors and peer around the corner using stealth. When the patrolling enemy has his back turned go for the kill. Take the set of doors on the left at the end of the corridor and kill the sleeping guard. In one of the corners of the room is a place you can grapple up. Make you way up and crawl through the space. At the end grapple further up and drop down the other side. Pass through the doors to your right. Sneak past the Ronin or kill him. Either way continue on past the next set of two doors. Drop in to the room and kill the Ronin. Pass through the doors picking up the Ninja Rebirth directly ahead. Drop down the hole for a confrontation with Nasu.

Nasu isn’t too hard. At best he attacks with a three hit combo, be sure to block his attacks and then unleash your own. Be careful to retreat so if he does his mercy plea move you can just throw a shuriken at him and steal the item he offers.

After the fight with Nasu return to the first floor, making sure to return the way you came, (or you may meet one Samurai who you avoided on your way) to see Echigoya meeting his untimely death.

Grand Master Item
Invisibility Spell

Special Move
Ninjitsu Block


Was Tenchu 2 a prequel to Tenchu: Stealth Assassins ?
Is Suzaku and Onikage the same character ?
How do I unlock Tatsumaru ?
Is there a debug mode for Tenchu 2 ?


Was Tenchu 2 a prequel to Tenchu: Stealth Assassins?

Yes. Tenchu 2 is set before the events of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, but was developed and released after it.


Is Suzaku and Onikage the same character ?

Finish the game with Tatsumaru to play an animated scene where Suzaku removes his blindfold to reveal that he is in fact Onikage from Tenchu 1. He then speaks dialogue relating to the coming of Lord Mei-oh, which sets the scene for Tenchu: Stealth Assassins.


How do I unlock Tatsumaru ?

To unlock Tatsumaru you must finish the game with both Rikimaru and Ayame. There is also a cheat on the cheats page.


Is there a debug mode for Tenchu 2 ?

Quite simply, no.



Facebook Banner Contest

I thought it is time for a little contest. Our Facebook page could need a new banner. I will change it every month, so get your creative juices flowing. The best size for the banner is 851 pixels width and 315 pixels height (72 DPI). You can use any official Tenchu artwork for the creation of the banner. Fan art and cosplay photos are only permitted, if you have the rights to the pieces you are using. Shouldn’t be too hard. You have got one week. So next Monday (April, 9th) I will announce this months winner. Here is the link to our Facebook page, so you can check out the current banner.

Email your entries to: selenia@tenchu.de or post them on our Facebook wall or into this post’s comment thread.

Fan Art

Best of Fan Art

Some of the finest pieces of Tenchu art ever submitted to the Checkpoint. The list of images is not complete. More will be added over time.

Fan Art Collection - Part 1

Tenchu related art drawn by Daz, Manolez, TheOutcast, Toshi666 and Wagner Fukuhara.

Fan Art Collection - Part 2

A collection of Tenchu fan art by Alexe, Anatere, Drunkenbear, Gaudiamo, Hiroyuki Kuroda, ikimi, Kumanagai, Raya and Tagamaynila

Fan Art Collection - Part 3

A collection of Tenchu fan art by Akene, buuzen, Faily, stealthgiga and Urameshi Yusuke.


Tenchu related art drawn by Reiji.


A collection of Tenchu related art drawn by Reimaru.

Christmas Season

Christmas season related Fan Art submitted throughout the years.


All of these images were drawn on the old \'picture\' forum. The forum offered a simple interface to allow drawing online.

Fan Comics

Comic Collection

Comic strips by various artists.

Kunoichi Akumu by Raya

Drawn by Raya. Story by Amy & Raya.

Punish the Evil Merchant by Reimaru

Tenchu Comic drawn and written by Reimaru.

Cross the Checkpoint by Reimaru

Tenchu Comic drawn and written by Reimaru.

Tales of Rikimaru by Manolez

Tenchu Comic drawn by Manolez.

Tales of Rin by Manolez

Tenchu Comic drawn by Manolez.

Tatsumaru No Hatsubon by Jirii

Tenchu Comic drawn and written by Jirii.

Who Wins by Raya

Tenchu Comic drawn and written by Raya.

Solitude by Raya

Tenchu Comic drawn and written by Raya.

Shogun Assassination by BoweN

Tenchu inspired comic drawn and written by BoweN.

Ninja Boy: Scroll of the Invisible Ninja by Li0nheart

Comic drawn and written by Li0nheart.

WHEELCHAIRNINJA!!able-hero. by Joshua By\'Gosh

Collection of ninja comic strips drawn and written by Joshua By\'Gosh

Fated Reunions

written by Chris

Ayame Little Sign of Fate
After failing to kill Juzo, Ayame follows him to a cavern. But all she finds is a dead thief, who has been killed by Rin. Ayame listens to a conversation between Rin and Kichigoro. There is nothing more to do, escape the cave at once!

Recommended Items
1x blow gun , 1x poison rice , 1x health potion

Difficulty: Normal

This mission is difficult especially if you want to remain unseen and unlock mission 6.2 – however it can be done without special ninja items.

Kumagoro by Reimaru
BossName: Kumagoro, Health: 100
The bear isn’t too much of a problem as long as you avoid his mighty blows. Use strafe to move left or fight and when the bear rears on its
hind legs run behind and unleash you combo. Continue this ploy until the bear is dead.

After killing the bear exit and collect the healing item on the left. Head down the tunnel and at the first corner cling the wall on the right. A sword ninja will approach and stop at the bend, observe, before turning back. At that moment jump out and kill him. The passageway heads down to a stream where a ninja stands in the water guarding. Use the blow gun to take out this enemy as another enemy patrols nearby. If you aren’t very good with the blow gun my tip is to aim a little above the ninja and let gravity do its work. The other enemy should not spot his colleagues dead body so you can head down towards the water.

Cling to the wall on your left and watch the enemies movements in the water. As he moves away to the left, roll towards him and then attack for a silent kill, keep crouched and collect the scrolls. It is very important to remain crouched until you have left the water, so head back towards a dry passageway leading down. A sword ninja patrols ahead. Wait until his back is turned to run down and kill him. An an alternative approach is to run down hiding in the alcove on the left and wait until he returns to kill him. Beyond this enemy is another ninja patrolling the cavern. Cling the wall to you right and jump him when his back is turned.

Grapple up to the bridge ahead and move left whilst hanging. You will discover a ninja standing guard. Wait until he completely turns his back on you before going for the kill. Head further down the passage way, and jump the gap, then crouch at the top of the downward slope. A ninja will appear from the left. When he faces away from you run down the slope and kill him. Drag his body a little way back up the slope. Using stealth, cling to the left wall and enter the small chamber. An enemy will appear to your left. As soon as he turns to walk back rush out and kill him, before he glances back for a second look. Collect the health potion and leave the chamber the way you entered and turn left.
Cling the wall on your left and progress to the corner. Eventually an enemy will come into sight, when he turns his back stealth kill him. You may need to cancel the kill animation as there is another nearby enemy who will be no doubt alerted by your handy work, so make a very quick retreat. Wait until this ninja is convinced his friend bled to death from a shaving accident before dispatching with him. Continue on into the planked floor area and cling to the wall ahead. The next kunoichi can be a little awkward as she stops and turns around a lot. The best tactic is to move to the other wall on your left and observe her for awhile, when she is out of sight move closer clinging to the wall on your right. Peer around the corner and go for the kill. Alternatively you could lure her with the poison rice, but you will need that item later so be sure to kill her before she eats it.

The final area has 3 enemies, and this will be the area where you so far unspotted reign could come to an abrupt end. It is a very difficult area in which an invisibility spell, should you have unlocked it from grand mastering this mission makes it much easier. However let us assume you have no such item. Throw a poison rice down the slope to entice the nearest enemy. When he closes in rush down the slop and kill him. Now make a quick retreat back up the slope. If you victim goes unnoticed creep a little way back down the slope to observe an assassin. When he is as far away as his route takes him, dash down and into the small cave on your right. Collect the 3 firecrackers. Slowly creep up the passageway slope and wait. Eventually a ninja will enter. When he turns to head back out kill him. Again, retreat, as it is likely the final enemy might see your handy work. If not, head back to the cave entrance and cling to the wall, from here you should have no problem killing the final enemy. Now head to the other cave entrance denoted on your map by the indicator.

Grandmaster Item
Invisibility Spell

Mission Stats
Enemies: 16
Innocents: 0

Hidden Items
4x red box

Find Ayame’s Imposter

Written by cygnus2012 & Selenia


  • The Shikagami spirits are difficult to stealth kill. Observe their movement patterns carefully. The black writing on their bodies marks their front sides.
  • Use stealth when walking through water.
  • There are several different ways to your goal. Watch out for shortcuts!

Hyakubake(disguised as Ayame) – Health: 100

Layout A, Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 27 (+ 4 wolves)
Max Score: 1075

The stage begins with a cut-scene of Kagura observing your arrival to the Bamboo Forest. Soon after, the mission begins. Crouch to observe two Jonin (Red & Blue). Both have powerful attacks the red Jonin can stealth kill you while the blue Jonin won’t hesitate two blow himself up with 2 grenades taking you with him to the afterlife. I have noticed that these Jonin don’t use the move on normal unless they are about to die, so make sure they are a priority. The closest Jonin to you patrols just in front of the next Jonin. When it gets as close as it’s going to get, when it turns around, you only have a 1 second interval before it turns around. You need to hit him in that timeframe. Otherwise you will be too close to the other Jonin and it will spot you. After killing the first Jonin, crouch and roll right in front of the next Jonin standing on the high ground. Don’t worry, he won’t see you. Hang on the rock until he turns, then kill him.

From the position where you killed the second Jonin, look to the west to what appears to be a dead end. Go to that wall and look up to find a very large, climbable wall. Use the grappling hook to get up there. In the ravine you’ll find a single wolf. If you have Shurikens, use them. Once it is taken care of, you will notice another climbable rock to your left and a hidden tunnel directly in front of you. Ignore the rock and head down tunnel. The path is very short, and once emerged, you will notice very large pitfall. At the edge, use ninja vision to find a ledge just below you. Drop down, and when you look to your left, you will find some wooden coping where you can grab onto (Note that when you grab on, the wood reacts as if there was snow on it). From there, just shimmy over to the other side. When you have finished you will jump up to find another small tunnel. This will lead to a small stream.

Alright, by this time you have heard what seems to be ‘breathing’ coming from somewhere. That is the sound of a Shikigami. These things cannot be stealth killed with animation, so don’t get too close to them. Just get to the point where you can slash at it. Currently, you are in the water so, to avoid detection, hold R2 as you walk and stay close to the right-hand side wall and get under the stairs. Directly in front of you will be the Shikigami. It’s going to stand there for a while, but when it finally turns and leaves, you’ll have enough time to kill it. Once done, check to your right to reveal another wolf. The easiest way to sneak up on it is to grapple onto the bridge above it and shimmy until you’re right over it. When the time is right, drop down and kill. I love the animation for some of these wolves. It’s like they’re people! Proceed down the stream, making sure to hold R2 to make minimal sound, to find 2 more Jonin. There’s a Blue Jonin closest to you which remains stationary and a Red Jonin which patrols around the area. The Red Jonin, if you do not see him at first, is patrolling in a circle, so be patient. Once the Red Jonin passes, kill the Blue, then the Red. Proceed up the stairs to the east to find an exit. Use ninja visiion until you find the closest bamboo wall to your left. Once you see it, jump out and run for it. That will be your cover.

Jump and hoist yourself up onto the wall & crouch. The enemy has a tough time seeing you while low to the ground, even though you’re on top of a wall. Directly in front of you is another Shikigami and to your right is a wolf. Best kill the wolf with a Shuriken from the distant or otherwise it might detect you and alert the Shikagami before you can kill it. When the time is right, STRIKE! Continue down the pathway until you have a stone wall to your right and a bamboo wall in front of you. Back into the stone wall to find another Shikigami. This one is tricky. If you have a blow dart, by all means use it here. If not. Here’s what you need to watch for. IMMEDIATELY when the shikigami turn back to look left, GO NOW! Don’t wait to see if it is actually going to go that way, just GO! If you were quick, you will kill it just as it begins to turn around. The biggest thing here is to not hesitate. From here you will head down some stairs and enter a shrine area. There’s another Shikigami waiting for you there, but the stone wall to your left has a corner for you to hide in. It doesn’t look like much, but it is enough. There is a wolf in the same area hidden to the right. If you go after the Shikigami without taking care of the wolf, you will be in ‘!’ status. You can still kill the Shikigami, but I would suggest getting rid of the wolf, first. After those two are taken care of, look to your left to find a Red Jonin. You can hang onto the bamboo wall like you had earlier to drop on this guy. Proceeding from here, you will confront a Blue Jonin. He basically goes back and forth down the pathway, semi-up the stairs, and back down. Hide just near the stairs to catch him as he’s going back down.

At the end of the path there is an elevated walkway. Crouch and get close to the left stone wall to spy on a Blue Jonin to your left. Kill with finesse, people! To the right of the man you just killed is another Red Jonin. Straight forward kill, here. I found it easiest to double-jump onto him for the SK. Follow the right-hand stone wall to find a Red Jonin. As you well may have heard, a Shikigami is there too. The Red Jonin will NOT look at you from your current position, so don’t worry about him. Hug the Left-hand side wall to spy on the Shikigami. When it leaves, Kill the Red Jonin and run back. Secondly, go for the Shikigami. To the path below is a Blue Jonin and another Shikigami. You do not have to pursue them, but they’re there for those looking for a fight. Go to the gate up ahead to continue. A cut-scene ensues where you meet with ‘Ayame’. Soon after you are thrown into a battle begins.

Alright, so you already figure that this isn’t Ayame. However this enemy has all of her strengths; her main key attribute being her speed, which is not a good thing. She tends to fall back and throw a super shuriken/super crimson blades quite often, so whenever you see her go into her back-flip animation, double-jump and slash. At close range, she has superiority with her speed. When she connects with her combinations, do not panic. More often than not, when she finishes her attack, she will not expect you to retaliate. When the chance arises where she’s on the ground, take advantage of it. Plant bear-traps, smoke-bombs, etc. to keep her at bay. Also, the Tetsubishi works quite well if she tends to block everything simply throw it at her. When the fight is over you will enter a cut-scene and the real enemy reveals himself.

Grand Master Item
Ninja Armor

Special Move
Wall Kick

Find the Shichishito Sword

Written by Chris


  • Watch out for pitfalls! Certain death awaits.
  • Directly behind your starting point is a Ninja Rebirth.
  • Use stealth when walking through water.
  • Use your grappling hook for pitfalls rather than trusting your jumping techniques.
  • Look up and down when lost.

Onikage’s Shadow – Health: 100
Onikage – Health: 150

Layout A , Difficulty: Normal
Enemies: 22
Max Score: 900

Consulting the map reveals your objective, you need to make for the large cavern in the top right corner.
Although the caverns are intertwined there is in essence only one route, however for the more expert ninja you can take a scenic route and pick up some items along the way.
Your first aim is to make it to a medium sized cavern. First you must pass the lake and watchtower area that is guarded by three enemy ninja. Then enter the
caverns and pick up the smoke bomb located in one corner. The passage way opens up into a cavern with two guards talking. Once they have finished there conversation
dispatch with them as you see fit. Take the only exit northwards, past another ninja and then the left turn. Beyond is another ninja.
Collect the health potion that this ninja guards and make your way over the pitfall to your right, use the grappling hook to be sure of crossing it. This path leads to the medium cavern, this is where you choose. If you wish to take the more difficult path and collect those items (poison rice, grenade, health potion) then head left out of the cavern for a route via the sea.
Alternatively grapple up to the limestone pathway above your head. This is now where most people get lost.
The first hole you come across is not a pitfall! Look down to check, before dropping below. This now allows you to access the path beyond the large pitfall with the broken bridge. You can
now drop to the area below to your right. Following this route will now lead to the large cavern. Pass through the cell areas, in which a healing potion is concealed in one and drop to a watery area with plank walkways. Make for the far right corner for the final path to the large cavern. Be sure to pick up another Ninja Rebirth at the entrance to this cavern as you may need it.
Onikage and his shadow have very similar fighting styles with the exception that the true Onikage has a gruesome flaming hand move. The leg sweep combo proves very effective at knocking Onikage over.
Be warned Onikage will use a health potion should his health fall too low, be sure to hit him before he takes it otherwise you have to knock off all that health again.

Grand Master Item
Chameleon Spell

Special Move
Ninja Vision

Flames of Passion

written by Swiftshark

Rin Needle Service to Burning Passion
Only Ogin and Rin are left to protect Beniya from the Kuroya assassins. Rin is asked to deliver a letter to the leader of the Muzen assassins Zennosuke Ikomaya, to ask for his assistance.

Recommended Items
blowgun x2, ninja rebirth, invisibility spell, demon claw, any explosive item of your choice x2 (cannon, grenade, …)

Difficulty: Normal

As soon as you begin, climb onto the small roof besides you and immediately crouch. Now creep up just enough to observe the two patrolling monks. Wait for the nearer one to begin walking to the left and when the other one turns to walk away, double jump over and Stealth Kill the nearest one. Now double jump back across the river and run to the far corner to grab the health potion before returning back onto the roof and again crouching. Wait for the second guard to return and discover his fallen comrade and then double jump across to Stealth Kill him as he relaxes and walks away. (You can also grapple up onto the red archway and stalk him from there.) Roll up along the path and stop when you can see the next open area. Remain crouched and look up at the patrolling guard atop the far ledge. When he walks away, grapple up and hang from the ledge right above the candle-lit shrine. Wait for him to return and turn and then climb up and Stealth Kill him. Now crouch and move to your left until you can see the patrolling guard below by the little hut. Drop down one ledge and remain crouched and as soon as he passes underneath, drop down and Stealth Kill him. Now head behind the house to find another health potion hidden in the Red Box Item. Turn and continue onward while crouching and you’ll soon see a stationary guard way up ahead. Use your first blowgun dart to kill him and slowly move forward until you see the gap you need to jump across. Jump over to the first gap and then take a running double jump to get across the second, longer gap. Now crouch and move along the path and stop midway up the slope leading to the next area. Remain crouched and observe a patrolling guard on the ledge ahead. When he walks to the left, roll all the way up under the ledge and remain crouched. Now take a look at the area here.

There are two guards a little down the way and another two across the bridge. Highlight your invisibility spell and wait for the guard above you to turn and then quickly do it, jump up and Stealth Kill him. Cancel the animation and run to the two guards and Double Stealth Kill them before the invisibility spell wears off. Highlight your blowgun and kill the stationary guard across the bridge with your second shot. (Aim slightly higher than him to avoid falling the dart from short.) Run to the far right and grab the flash bomb in the Red Item Box tucked away in the corner. Return to the bridge and drop down to the lower ledge on the right side and grapple and hang from the lower rope. Now shimmy across and then drop down onto the lower ledge there. Grapple and hang from the bridge ledge and now observe the patrol pattern of the guard atop the steps on your right. When he walks away, climb up and go lean up against the wall on the left side of the steps and wait for him to return. As soon as he turns to walk away, run up and Stealth Kill him as well. Now head up and then crouch and move down the steps and stop just short of the little bridge as you observe the stationary guard ahead. Also look up from here to the second level and wait until you see the head of the patrolling guard above. Now focus on the guard ahead and as soon as he begins to turn his back, quickly run up and Stealth Kill him. Drag his body towards the wall to avoid alarming the other guard and then head back to the little bridge and grapple up and hang from the ledge right beside it. Wait for the guard to walk towards the left and then climb up and roll to the foot of his ledge. When he walks away again, jump up and Stealth Kill him. Now grab th