Little Big Tenchu

Shadow Assassin created some Tenchu missions with the Little Big Planet editor. Here are three videos for you to check out.

The petition for a new Tenchu game has more than 1000 signatures. Great job everyone!

Tenchu Petition Reaches 800 Signatures

As of today our petition for a new Tenchu game has more than 800 supporters. Thank you!

E3 is ended without an announcement regarding a new Tenchu title.The next big chance to hear about a new Tenchu game is the Tokyo Game Show in September, so let’s keep collecting signatures.

E3 Starts Tomorrow

It is time for the annual E3 game show in Los Angeles. From Monday to Friday all major publishers and developers will give the public a peak at what is coming next. Possibly even a Tenchu related announcement? Let’s hope for the best and have a close look at the gaming press.

The petition for a new Tenchu game has gained more than 750 signatures so far. Not long until a 1000.

Petition for a new Tenchu game reaches 400 signatures

Our petition for a new Tenchu game has broken the 400 signature milestone! In the last two days, there has been a high increase of Tenchu fans from Poland joining the cause. Wondering if any major gaming site in Poland picked up on our petition…

Keep on spreading the word, we are steadily moving on to the 500 mark!

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