TGS Recap

Life, well particularly work, has been very busy these past 4 weeks. In September I attended Tokyo Game Show to present Tengami, the game I am working on, at Sense of Wonder Night. Just a week later I traveled to Culver City in the US to present Tengami at IndieCade, an independent game’s festival. I had a great time, but the constant on the road life-style left me with no time to report back to you earlier.

As most of you probably already know by now, FromSoftware did not make any Tenchu related announcements at the TokyoGameShow. I did some digging, asking my friends at Acquire and other friends in the Japanese game industry, if they had heard anything about a Tenchu game being in development. From what I have heard it appears that FromSoftware are currently not working on a new Tenchu game. Of course a new Tenchu game might be FromSoftware’s best kept secret at this point, but I would not get my hopes up. I wish I had better news for you, guess we just need to keep waiting and enjoy the other games out there. On Twitter a lot of people mentioned ‘Mark of the Ninja’ as a good 2D stealth game on XBLA. I have not had the chance to play it myself though.

Tokyo Game Show 2012

It is less than a month until Tokyo Game Show. Possibly FromSoftware will announce or at least hint at the possibility of a new Tenchu. Tokyo Game Show takes place from September 20th to 23rd. I have plans to attend, though for non Tenchu related purposes, but I will certainly look out for any Tenchu related news and rumours.

There was a minor problem with the site earlier today. It should be fixed now, but if you encounter any parts of the site not working correctly, let me know at selenia (at) tenchu dot de



Little Big Tenchu

Shadow Assassin created some Tenchu missions with the Little Big Planet editor. Here are three videos for you to check out.

The petition for a new Tenchu game has more than 1000 signatures. Great job everyone!

Tenchu Petition Reaches 800 Signatures

As of today our petition for a new Tenchu game has more than 800 supporters. Thank you!

E3 is ended without an announcement regarding a new Tenchu title.The next big chance to hear about a new Tenchu game is the Tokyo Game Show in September, so let’s keep collecting signatures.

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