Tenchu Checkpoint on YouTube

Rin wants to see you on YouTube You might have already seen the ‘YouTube‘ link at the top?! Well, this is because I signed us up 🙂 In the old times we used to host all videos ourselves, which produced quite a lot of download traffic and was very expensive. So this time we are doing it the smart way and host all movies on YouTube for free. A lot of the videos are by nowadays standards ‘low resolution’, so for now I have chosen only a few movies to upload. Movies that I think should be conserved for the time to come, as they have not been uploaded to YouTube yet. Truth be told this is a little difficult to verify as there are a lot of Tenchu videos on YouTube. I will add more movies of interest as I go through my archives or stumble upon them on the internet.

If you have movie or playlist suggestions for our YouTube channel let me know. Either get in touch on YouTube, comment here or email me selenia (at) tenchu . de

The channel name is TenchuCheckpointTV. TenchuCheckpoint was already taken by someone else, though it does not seem to be in use at all. If by any chance you took that channel name, consider signing it over to us please.

Tenchu 2 Custom Mission Archive

Tenchu 2 Peter S. has collected 300+ missions that were created by our members with the Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins mission editor. All of them work with the UK version and can be downloaded here.
Unfortunately most of the custom missions we used to host were lost during the site hacking accident. If you happen to have some of them on your computer, no matter which country format, consider emailing them to me. Hopefully this way we can restore all the 500+ missions originally on this site.

Submit custom missions to restore (at) tenchu . de

Tenchu Sections Restored

By Reimaru Right for the new year I managed to restore the missing pages and sections. So all content related to the Tenchu game sections is restored to what was online before the site hacking. So that is Shinobi Hyakusen, Stealth Assassins, Birth of the Stealth Assassins, Wrath of Heaven, Return From Darkness and Fatal Shadows restored. I decided against putting some specific content online again (for example magazine articles), to avoid possible copyright issues.

Next I will be focusing on restoring the Azuma Ninja Clan section which contained Fan Art, Fan Comics, Cosplay photos etc. I decided to not restore every single Fan Art piece, but only the ones who were rated the highest by the members. I will keep you up-to-date on the progress.

By the way I am still looking for people who want to write articles about the more recently released Tenchu games.

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