Ranking System

At the conclusion of each mission your ninja techniques are reviewed. Your score and rank will depend on how many enemies you killed and under what circumstances. If you score a high rank some of your ninja items will be increased. Score the highest rank, Grand Master, and you will be rewarded with Grand Master items. A break down of the scoring system and ranking for Tenchu 2 is given below:

Task: Breakdown: Points:
Undetected Kills Undetected kills +20 (for each)
Detected kills Detected kills +5 (for each)
Not spotted Finishing mission +300
Spotted -30 (for each)
Innocents Innocent kills -150 (for each)


Unlike the original Tenchu there is no obvious correlation between score and rank. To achieve a Grand Master ranking on levels where the total number of enemies is less than or equal to 16 will require your ninja not to be seen. In general, for levels with 17 enemies and over a score greater than 600 will give you a Grand Master rating. Once can therefore hypothesize that for missions with more than 16 enemies the rankings follow the approximate pattern:

Score: Rank: Items:
 < 100 Novice 3 of acquired items (at random)
101 <  < 200 Apprentice 4 of acquired items (at random)
201 <  < 300 Thug 5 of acquired items (at random)
301 <  < 400 Ninja 6 of acquired items (at random)
401 <  < 500 Expert Ninja 1 of each acquired
501 <  < 600 Master Ninja 2 of each acquired
 > 600 Grand Master 3 of each acquired


Original author Chris B. Edited by the Tenchu Checkpoint Team for site relaunch.