General Walkthrough Notes

Level Walkthroughs
All the level walkthroughs are only suggested routes. They are certainly not the only route, just one of many possibilities. Using the provided maps will help you find a route which you can become familiar with. Knowing your preferred route inside out will greatly improve your chances of scoring a Grandmaster ranking. Not a lot of time is spent in the actual walkthrough content explaining how to kill your enemies. It is assumed you have a reasonable knowledge of how to kill enemies. More difficult scenarios may offer some suggestions, but a broad outline of techniques for killing enemies is given below. In general the terms “patrolling” refer to enemies who move around a set path and “guarding” is solely for enemies who rotate in a fixed position.

Killing Enemies
As you may be aware your ninja performs different stealth kills depending on their position in relation to yours. If you are a beginner I would recommend only attacking enemies from behind. Hence for patrolling enemies you go for the kill when they are moving away from you and for the guarding enemies, when they turn their back on you. As you become more familiar with the controls you can then develop your skills for going for more elaborate kills.

Sleeping Enemies
The enemies are not always as alert as you may expect. Through the levels you may find sleeping ninja. The most effective way of dealing with such enemies is by using a crouching attack. By using a standard attack you risk awaking them. A crouching attack when enemies are asleep still counts as an undetected kill.

Multi-Enemy Areas
For multi-enemy areas there are several tactics. The easiest by far is to use the Blow Gun item. If this is unavailable to you then there are two options. One is to use a rolling retreat. Ensure neither guard can view you. Go for one kill and then immediately roll away. The other enemy in the area is very likely to become alerted and enter !? mode. Wait for him to return to ? mode and then take him out. However an expert can normally take out both enemies without having to retreat. This involves making sure you perform a quick kill on the first enemy. A quick kill is performed by attacking an enemy from a bit further away. Not performing a stealth kill still usually counts as an undetected kill but it gives you more time to go for the second enemy.

Bosses and Items
Often you will find the items that you take with you will most often depend on the ability of the boss. If a boss proves too tough there are certain items I generally take. A mixture of any of the following can greatly help: Ninja Armor, Smoke Bombs, Grenades, Shuriken and Healing Potions. The standard method for defeating any enemy is to become familiar with their attack pattern. Once they have completed their move you have the opportunity to attack with your combo. If you are still struggling and dying often use the following tactics:

  • Don’t be afraid to retreat and use a healing potion.
  • A few throwing knives are handy. Each does 7 damage.
  • Throw a grenade for more severe damage.
  • A smoke bomb disorientates your opponent leaving him open to hits.
  • If you have unlocked the Ninja Armor wear it – it reduces all attacks by half.